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19. Going Kukoo

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12/15/2019 16:25:24   
Bu Kek Siansu


Today's Event or BattleOn - Main Town » Travel Map » Chessmaster Saga » 19. Going Kukoo

«You can skip the cutscene at any time.»

«Scene: A hologram of Warlic's head appears in a room with brown, turquoise, blue, magneta and violet books and blue, red, green violet potions on a book shelf where Kamui, Lord Barrius, Zephyros, Radagast, Kalanyr and Aelthai are gathered»
Zephyros: Loco is focusing on Battleon, then?
Warlic: It's not surprising, really. At this point I imagine that it's habit as much as anything else. I'll keep working on a solution on my end.

«The hologram fades and You walk in from the left»
«You»: I came as soon as I heard. What's happening?
Radagast: Well, for starters, Loco's loose - not my fault, by the way - and he's... well, being Loco.

«Pans to the right at Loco wearing a top hat levitating behind a wooden podium on the edge of the grassy cliff overlooking Battleon»
Loco: My fellow Lorians. More score than I care to think about years ago, my kin put forth upon my existence, a great prison...
Loco: But enough stuffy stuff. I'm out, and now the fun begins.

«A pie flies across the inside of the Inn from the right and lands on Hans face»
Hans: GAH!

«Returns to the room where the Knights of Order are gathered»
Kalanyr: Unfortunately Loco's just a symptom of a greater problem.
«You»: Oh so that's the good news then.
Lord Barrius: Well, it is competing with the complete unravelling of Lore's magiphysics.
«You»: What?
Kamui: It's complicated. Existence is reliant on a series of constants, rules that don't change. To use a macroscopic analogy, two plus three will always equal five.
Zephyros: To spare you the lecture, when something messes with any of those constants, and - all else being equal - two plus three suddenly equals four hundred and twelve, everything based on that fact starts to break.
«You»: And something messed with those "constants"? What?
Everyone: Ku.
«You»: That's what those things do?
Kalanyr: In that they mess up the laws of nature and magic? Yes. That said, it's usually minor tweaks with little impact. This Ku is apparently...exceptionally ambitious.
Kalanyr: The simple fact that it escaped our notice for so long also has disturbing implications.
«You»: ...This is the part where you tell me it's going to get worse, isn't it?

«A hologram of Warlic's head appears»
Radagast: No, this is the part where Warlic says "it just got worse".
Warlic: Things just took a turn for the worse. Death just showed up on my doorstep. Apparently the 'residents' of Nowhere just broke loose.
Zephyros: Alright, things are going downhill fast. We have to get moving.
Kalanyr: Right. Aelthai, Kamui? You're with me.
Kamui: Hotfix contingencies, got it. I'll handle the physics issues.
Aelthai: I'll work on the elemental framework.
Kalanyr: That leaves metamagical overlay for me. Zephyros, Barrius?
Zephyros: Cross reference artifact enchantments to identify failing systems, I know.
Lord Barrius: Reinforcement of planar boundaries. You don't have to tell me.
Kalanyr: Shii, Radagast?
Shii: Yes?
Shii: Yes?
Kalanyr: Start hunting.
Radagast: *big grin*
Shii: *big grin*

«The Knights of Order leave except Kalanyr»
«You»: And what am I doing, then?
Kalanyr: I imagine that you've got your hands full without us adding to your workload.
«You»: Meaning?
Kalanyr: Meaning that with all of Nowhere breaking loose, Battleon is going to need you.

«Kalanyr walks towards the screen and right, leaving the hologram of Warlic's head and You»
Warlic: He's right, «You», there's more than a few escapees with a grudge against this town, and you. We need you here.
«You»: ...Want to bet that the Ku responsible is also joining in?
Warlic: That certainly seems likely, if past experience is anything to go by.

«The hologram of Warlic's head fades, Karuna falls down from above and stands up»
«You»: Karuna
Karuna: NOT NOW, «YOU»! I need to have some words with that friend of yours. The security system he installed has been going off constantly, and it's scaring my little Mara!
«You»: ...I'll explain on the way to Battleon.

War camp


Things are going wrong. While you have
secured five of the Prime Orbs, the
mysterious Numbered Beasts have taken
tree for their purposes. But with Loco
and other all-too-familiar foes running
amok, however, things are quickly going
from bad to worse. The rules as you know
them seem to be breaking and you need
to hold the line until they are fixed.


«You walk in as Karuna falls down from above and stands up, Radagast and Shii turn around from the right in a grassy area next to a forest»
Radagast: «You»! Fancy meeting you here.
«You»: Wait, why are you two here? I thought you were looking for the Ku?
Radagast: We were. And then we found them. And they're here.
«You»: "Them"? There's more than one?
Radagast: Well...

«A flying Ku on the left faces a Ku with wyvern wings and a Ku D'envoi on the right»
Ku #1: Ku?
Ku #2: Ku
Ku #3: Kuchoo!
Ku #2: Ku ku!

«Returns to You, Karuna, Radagast and Shii»
Radagast: So, there's a bit of good news and bad news there.
Shii: The fun news is that we don't have to share our toys ^_^
Radagast: Close enough. We should each be able to handle one. Then it's just a matter of cleanup.
Karuna: And the bad news?
Radagast: Well, same as before. Things are probably going to get worse before they get better if those things keep undoing the rules.

«Karuna emits an !»
Karuna: I have to get back home!

«Karuna dashes to the left, leaving the scene»
Radagast: ...Kids?
«You»: Kids.
Radagast: Fair enough.
«You»: And he's being serious again...The weirdness continues.


«A white diagonal slash is made on a black screen, a flying Ku disappears in defeat in front of Shii»
Shii: I win ^_^

«You walk in from the left and Shii turns around from the right»
«You»: Shii? What are you doing here?
Shii: Killing Ku.

«A bright red orange glow emitted from an explosion occurs on the right»
«You»: What was that?
Shii: The blast? Probably Radagast.
«You»: ...Are you sure he's ok?
Shii: *shrug* He's good at dodging. He'll be fine.

«Radagast stands on the left facing a Ku with wyvern wings»
Radagast: Huh. Missed. You're a nimble one.
Ku: Ku Ku!
Radagast: Am not!
Radagast: ...Well, ok maybe a little.

«A grey oval shadow moves in from the southeast»
Radagast: Well, not that it hasn't been a blast, but it's time to end this.

«Radagast walks forwards swinging his sword, the Ku rears up, the scene becomes black and from the left a blast of fire occurs»

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      1000 Individual Kills
      [link=URL]Antarctic Athame[/link]
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  • Secret Mission!

  • Back to Town

    Once the war meter reaches 100%

    4 Battles from Monster Pool
    Full heal after #2 and 4# battles.

    «You»: Wait...is that?

    «A Ku with wyvern wings crawls from the right and stop in front of the Inn»
    Ku: Ku!
    «You»: If this is the last of them, I can end it now.

    «A large fiery blue blast emits from the ground, Akriloth and Awethur stand beside the Ku»
    «You»: ...You just can't make it easy for me, can you, gods?

    Battle: Akriloth
    Full Heal

    Battle: Awethur
    Full Heal

    Battle: [link=URL]Ku-dur-agon[/link]
    Full Heal

    «You»: Alright! That should be the last of them.
    Kamui: Alright. We're rolling out a hotfix right now to restore the lost constants.

    «Five of Loco's clown markings spring from the ground in front of the Inn and Loco appears in a puff of smoke»
    Loco: «You»! So good to see you again. And now, there's nothing to get in the way of my revenge!
    Kamui: And...we're live!

    «Loco flashes a black tint briefly»
    Loco: You will rule the... wait... No! Come on! Now of all time-

    «Loco shrinks horizontally, turns a white tint and disappears»
    «You»: You know, I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.
    «You»: So everything's fixed?
    Kamui: Eh, we have a few minor fluctuation, but nothing serious anymore. Running scans...
    Kamui: Huh. That's interesting.
    «You»: ...Dare I ask?
    Kamui: Got some interference while tracking Rad. Hold on a second, let me just... Ah... that could be trouble.
    «You»: Again, dare I ask?
    Kamui: Well... I recognize the interference... Hold on, I think I can pull up a visual...

    «A blue tinted Radagast has his hand on the metal bars of a prison cell while a black tinted sphere covers the center of the screen»
    Radagast: Ow, my head...

    «Radagast looks to the right and up at the ceiling, then looks back to the left»
    Radagast: You know, I'm not sure I deserve this.

    «A pair of triangular red eyes appear in the black tinted sphere»
    Chessmaster: Oh, I disagree. Through both action and inaction, you and that order of yours have a lot to answer for.

    «The black tinted sphere disappears, revealing Ku-dur-agon, Karuna, Crypt Fiend and Thunder Stalker next to a levitating dagger in a cyan glow above a table with a cyan circular rune on the left of the stone walled prison cell»
    Karuna: Isn't that right, Knight of The'Galin?

    Chessmaster: Going Kukoo

  • [link=URL]Arctic Athame[/link] (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
  • [link=URL]High Noon[/link] (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
  • [link=URL]Dracolich Devastator[/link] (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

  • Kukoo Clock (Lvl 5, 10 wins)
  • Kukoo (Lvl 10, 30 wins)
  • Kukoo Bird (Lvl 15, 80 wins)
  • Kukoolander (Lvl 25, 200 wins)
  • Lights are on but Nowhere's home (Lvl 35, 450 wins)
  • One flew over the Kukoo's nest (Lvl 50, 1000 wins)

  • Exit

  • Play again!
  • Re-Open Shop
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

  • Adolescent Salamander
  • Big Salamander
  • Blazing Phoenix
  • Earth Dragon
  • Energy Dragon
  • Enormous Salamander
  • Fiery Phoenix
  • Fire Dragon
  • Flame Dragon
  • Flame-kissed Phoenix
  • Huge Salamander
  • Humongous Salamander
  • InfernoZard
  • Large Salamander
  • Left Arm of Carnax
  • Phoenix
  • Phoenix Defender
  • [link=URL]Phoenix Empress[/link]
  • Phoenix Hatchling
  • Phoenix Mother
  • Phoenix Queen
  • Right Arm of Carnax
  • Salamander
  • Salamander Hatchling
  • Salamander Runt
  • Tail of Carnax
  • Undead Archer
  • Undead Knight
  • Undead Mage
  • Young Phoenix


    July 27, 2018: The quest was released.

    Write Up, Monster Pool and correction thanks to Legendary Ash. Release date thanks to AKs.

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