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Frostval '19

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1/24/2020 15:14:00   
Bu Kek Siansu

Battleon Tree Decoration!

Location: Frostval '19: A Song of Ice & Thunder Painting » Decorate the Battleon Tree

«Scene: Battleon. Snow has descended on Battleon!»

Robina: «You»! So good to see you!
«You»: Hi Robina! What happened to the fountain that was in the town's square?
Robina: Yulgar had to remove it due to the frigid weather, something about pipes freezing and bursting. He said it made the town look empty so he replaced it with a tree!
Robina: He has such an eye for those type of things.
«You»: Huh, it seems a little... plain doesn't it? I bet with a little hunting I could really spruce it up!
Robina: Hunting? I love hunting! I bet some Zard pelts and Behemoth teeth would look really nice, «You»!
«You»: What..? Ew, no! I mean we could look around, I'm sure there are some spare decorations left lying about.
Robina: Ohhh yeah, that's a great idea! I'll put together a list for us, this will be so much fun! I love this time of year!

«A list of items to hunt for pops up.»

Decorate the Battleon Tree!
  • A star burning bright
  • Some fluff to keep it warm
  • Strings of lights to shine in the night
  • Orbs of decorating power
    • Hunt with Robina's help
      Robina the Hood will now battle by your side!
    • Hunt by yourself
    «Once you select one of the two options above:»

    Robina: Click on the name of an ingredient to go hunting for it! Stay wary of the creatures that lurk around these snowy lands!

    «Each item to be collected on the list can now be clicked on. The option to request for Robina's help is also available. For each item in the list you search for, you go through the following battles.»

    2 Battles from Monster Pool
    Full Heal

    Luck Check!
    The snow is deeper than you thought! It's going to take some luck to find the decorations buried under all this snow!
    Difficulty: 100
    Stat Used: Luck

  • Roll!

      If you fail the roll
      • Defy It!
        By an effort of will you can spend «value» SP to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?

        • Yes
          You evade the two snowballs that roll down the mountain

        • No

      • Next

        If you selected No, Next or lack the SP to defy it.
        «You return to the list of items to select again which item to hunt for.»
      If you win in the roll.
      «You found a shiny star / pile of fluff / powerful lights / the orbs of decorating power
    Item Found
  • You found a shiny star!
  • You found a pile of fluff!
  • You found powerful lights!
  • You found the orbs of decorating power!

    Clicking on checked item
  • The star you've already found shines like a beacon in the night!
  • You've already unburied the fluff!
  • You've already located the lights!
  • You've already obtained the orbs of decorating power!

    «Once you obtain all the items in the list, you return to the tree, which is now beautifully decorated!»

    «Robina walks in from the right to stands on the snow a distance away from the decorated tree and You walk to stand on the left of it between the Inn, Aria's and Warlic's shops»
    Robina: A beautiful tree once again, «You». Thank you for hanging out and helping with decorations.
    «You»: It's been an intense year. Now that we're finally winding down, it's nice to get to slow down and appreciate the nice little moments.
    Robina: It is! I'm not one for routine, but it does make me feel a little cozy to keep these little traditions alive leading up to the big season.
    Robina: So, let's appreciate good memories and good company for about a minute or less. Before something interrupts us with the latest in an unexpected yet disturbingly regular string of coincidences.
    «You»: ...What?
    Robina: C'mon, no one's around to watch you not being a goofball. You've noticed how someone always makes trouble about now. Something's at play here.
    «You»: Well, yes. But how do you figure it's a mystery hidden behind years of coincidences?
    Robina: I'm a Ranger. Tracking's the name of the game, so pattern recognition is kind of my thing. Frostval troubles usually have an odd, repeated rhythm to them.
    «You»: Huh. Yeah, you do make it sound like every time there's some mastermind trying to move armies and play the long game.
    «You»: But if you look at it from a warring point of view, it makes sense for anyone trying to mess with us.
    «You»: It's right after the harvest season, so anyone coming after us has probably been preparing their supplies. They also know that we've usually lost a lot of work time at the fields, even if the crops get restored.
    RobinaRobina: So stirring up trouble now means they can aim to make us chew through our own supplies and leave us in trouble when the harshest part of winter hits.
    «You»: Exactly. Well, that and Zorbak is one grumpy pile of trouble. I still think you're onto something, though.
    Robina: Well, maybe not this time. We've been talking for a while and-

    «A Frost Effigy flies with a parchment towards You and releases it next to the decorated tree»
    Robina: Ha! I've still got it.
    «You»: And here I was looking smart. Alright, let's see what the season's beatings will be...

    A red arrow with a gold trim points down at the parchment, Take the note! Click arrow to continue.


    War approaches your land. Frost Giants march
    westward, avoiding the open tundra. If they seek
    the long path around the mountains, your lands
    are in grave danger from the northwestern front.
    Make preparations for a committed defense.

    Make no mistake: This is not a migration, but an
    invasion. The fractured fiefdoms of Jotenhom
    have rallied behind their most warlike khanate. I
    have not seen such coordination and certainty
    from them in centuries.

    It pains me to be unable to offer aid when I have
    asked you to be ready to lend yours, but trust
    that I will handle the northern passes and keep
    isolated raiders at bay. May we walk again and
    meet in victory.


  • Continue

    Robina: That's... Oof, now I feel like I was tempting fate.
    «You»: Whole armies of Frost Giants... If they're going around the mountains to avoid the walls, then Frostvale is right in their path.
    Robina: Those poor Moglins can't catch a break. I'll spread the word that we need defenders immediately.
    «You»: I'll make the trip right now. We won't let them get trampled, especially not on this of all seasons.

    Coming next Week:

    Chosen-ismal - Ballad of the Chosen

    «Frostval Tree Decoration shop opens.»

    Frostval Tree Decoration

  • Festive Mallet (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G) <= Info Subs
  • Snowflake Wand (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G) <= Info Subs
  • Snownic Screwdriver (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G) <= Info Subs
  • Cold Sore (Lvl 7, 27, 67, 87, 107, 127)
  • Cold Sore Z (Lvl 107Z)
  • Cold Sore G (Lvl 47G,147G)
  • Rock Thrower (Lvl 7, 27, 67, 87, 107, 127)
  • Rock Thrower Z (Lvl 107Z)
  • Rock Thrower G (Lv 47G, 147G)
  • Wreath Wrath (Lvl 7, 19G, 27, 47, 67, 77Z, 87, 107, 117Z, 127, 147G)
  • Spearmint (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 51G, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
  • Zpearmint (Lvl 85Z, 143Z)
  • Coal Maul (Lvl 7, 27, 42G, 67, 87, 107, 127, 147G)
  • Coal Maul Z (Lvl 77Z, 140Z)
  • Frigid Lance (Lvl 7, 27, 42G, 47, 67, 87, 107, 127, 147G)
  • Frigid Lance Z (Lvl 77Z, 140Z)
  • Shivsicle (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
  • Mighty Sleighlelagh (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
  • Mystic Sleighlelagh (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
  • Sleighledao (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
  • Thundersplitter (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G) <= Info Subs
  • Thunder Lord's Spear (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G) <= Info Subs
  • Thunder Lord's Staff (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G) <= Info Subs

  • Broken Ornament (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 51G, 55, 75, 85Z, 95, 115, 135, 143Z, 150G)
    The lvl 140Z needs to be fixed to 143Z.

  • Spells:
  • Frostbite (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    The current lvl needs to be updated.
  • Frostbite G (Lvl 28G 150G)
    The current lvl needs to be updated.
  • Frostbite Z (Lvl 85Z, 135Z)
    The current lvl needs to be updated.

  • Exit

    «Once you exit the shop.»

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

  • Dirty Snowman
  • Frost Berserker
  • Frost Colossus
  • Frost Giant
  • Frost Goliath
  • Frost Herculean
  • Frost Samsonian
  • Frost Titan
  • Frost Trooper
  • IceCat
  • Ice Cweam
  • Ice Golem
  • Ice Snayl
  • Jotun Combatant
  • Jotun Commander
  • Jotun Executioner
  • Jotun Fighter
  • Jotun Hero
  • Jotun Knight
  • Jotun Leader
  • Jotun Marauder
  • Jotun Raider
  • Jotun Warrior
  • [link=URL]Pere NoFlesh[/link]
  • Tree Slugger
  • Two-Bear
  • WolfRider


    December 5, 2020: The quest was released.
    ... ??, 2020: The quest became rare.

    Write Up and Monster Pool thanks to Legendary Ash.

    Chosen-ismal - Ballad of the Chosen

    Location: Frostval '19: A Song of Ice & Thunder Painting » Ballad of the Chosen

    «You walk in from the left to face Chilly in blue beanie and blue sweater and three UltraGuardians on the right in Frostvale with a red and purple gradient sky illuminated by the yellow sun that's half way up the horizon»
    «You»: ...That's all I know. The first of us to get here sent some scouts ahead, but everyone wanted me defending Frostvale while you all arrived, so I didn't catch their report yet. Has anyone heard back from them?
    Yaheem: I just got their report. We're setting up some temporary stables south of the village; the scouts that returned are resting there.
    «You»: What news did they bring?
    Yaheem: The weather in the mountains is extremely hostile right now. Some elite Guardians pressed ahead, mostly the rangers with experience patrolling the ice walls.
    Yaheem: Visibility is low, so they've been unable to make out enemy numbers.
    Yaheem: But there are traces of fire well ahead of where they suspect the main force is advancing. So while we've got time...
    «You»: ...The Frost Giants already sent scouts of their own. And we just missed them.
    Yaheem: Scouts, advance forces, or maybe the usual pillagers. Definitely low in number, but they could be here any day now.
    Chilly: Or... Oh, no, what if those are already here? What can we do?
    Yaheem: We're still receiving reinforcements from all over, so the fine details might change.
    Yaheem: Our best bet against unknown numbers is to hold them off at the pass while preparing a solid defense here at Frostvale in case the worst happens.
    «You»: Removing the advantage of a wider front is a great tactic, but we'd better make sure whatever got past us doesn't threaten the rearguard. Can you spare some people to help me comb the area while you get that post started?
    ???: Hoho, what a clever hero. I think I would like to take up that job.

    «Chilly turns around to face a dark red cloaked figure with a white beard the right»
    «You»: Hello there. Who might you be?
    ???: Just an old warrior from the south. The years may be getting heavy, but I should like to think I've got at least one more great battle in me.
    Chilly: Ginnarr! It's so good to see you again! «You», Frostvale is filled with heroes from all over thanks to Ginnarr spreading the word!
    «You»: Much appreciated, Ginnarr. And I'm glad to hear we're getting so much help so quickly.
    Ginnarr: Indeed! It's a pity the Vartai are too harried to spread any thinner, but you should have seen the bandits fleeing the roads at the sight of so many different heroes.
    Ginnarr: Why, even a number of adepts from Eridani - Ah, but I'm about to turn into the old man telling stories at inopportune times.
    «You»: Well, I won't turn down your help. With how well traveled you seem, it should be anything but boring.

    4 Battles from Monster Pool
    Full Heal after #2 and #4 battles.

    «Ginnarr walks in from the left and stand next to You in a mirrored reflection of Screen 1»
    Ginnarr: Not bad, Chosen. Why, you could have taught me a few tricks when I was your age.
    «You»: Thanks, but I'm sure you're not just here to flatter me.
    Ginnarr: Point. Still, item seems accounts of your folly were greatly... outdated. You've hardly been feeding that particular impression of late.
    «You»: The cat has been out of the bag for years, Ginnarr. There's not much use in pretense when everyone has seen through it by now.
    Ginnarr: I would not be so certain about that... Say, how about we make some light entertainment out of this mission? Keep a tally, let's see how well these old bones can keep up with today's heroes.
    «You»: I hesitate to underestimate an old warrior, but that might be a little unfair. I'm always having to-
    Ginnarr: Don't be a spoilsport. Come on, how many have you got so far?
    «You»: Four.
    Ginnarr: Ah. Just the one so far here. Well, I'm only starting to warm up. Let's keep going.

    4 Battles from Monster Pool
    Full Heal after #2 and #4 battles.

    «Ginnarr walks in from the right to face You in Screen 2»
    «You»: They sure are restless around here... I'm counting eight so far, by the way.
    Ginnarr: *huff* Three. It's a good thing that it's just the two of us out here, I wouldn't want all of those young adventurers to start thinking that the monsters are making me work for it...
    «You»: Still warming up, I take it. Haven't broken a sweat?
    Ginnarr: Not a drop.
    «You»: Right. Wasn't your eyepatch on the other side?
    Ginnarr: ...Just keep counting, kiddo.

    1 Battle from Monster Pool

    Battle: Frostval Giant
    Full Heal

    Several hours later...

    «You»: Just one giant, no signs of a camp or cave, not even carrying a message... Could be one of the usual raiders, but... alone? I don't like this.
    «You»: But I've got an idea. Ginnarr, let's... Wait. Ginnarr? Where are you?

    «Ice element sounds»
    «Ginnarr»: Oi, Chosen! What's your count?
    «You»: Where'd you even go - Count? Uh, around eighteen?
    Ginnarr: HA! Not bad for a young whippersnapper!

    «You walk in from the left to face Ginnarr standing on a pile of defeated monsters, a Frost Giant, Two-Bear and a BlizZard in Screen 3»
    Ginnarr: I myself am standing on a tidy thirty!
    «You»: *twitch*
    Ginnarr: What's the matter, kiddo? Axe got your tongue?
    «You»: Light entertainment my pinky toenail. Come on, we've got some Frost Giants to track...
    Ginnarr: Oho! Found some already?
    «You»: Just one, but I'm not eager to dismiss this as a random overextending raider. Let's leave the clearing to the others and go specifically look for giants.
    Ginnarr: Solid thinking, priority targets first. Alright, lead the way! Where do you think a group of Frost Giants might hide?

    «On the right half of Screen 3 a cave emits white light»
    Ginnarr: Well, they'd certainly fit here. Good tracking, «You». Now then, shall we charge in and corner them?
    «You»: No. I've got a plan. The tracks make it look like they've been going in and out of this cave. They're clearly hostile, but we've only had issues with giants when WE found THEM.
    Ginnarr: An incomplete observation, but you're getting there. What do you think they're up to?
    «You»: If they're only hiding here and patrolling, they could be sappers waiting for us to set up, or scouts who were sent far enough in advance that we wouldn't know to expect them until they were already through.
    Ginnarr: Good theory. And what would you do about it?
    «You»: We could just barge in, casting and smashing away, but the freshest sets of tracks leads OUT. I say we hide and wait, get them as they come back.
    «You»: Once we're sure they won't suddenly show up behind us, we lure them out and give them the old one-two-fourty three.
    Ginnarr: Now that's the Chosen I've been hearing about. Your wit might just be worth matching after all!
    «You»: That's some seriously backhanded praise. What do you mean?
    Ginnarr: Well, this ambush could take quite a while. We're experienced enough to pay attention while we chat, so why not pass the time?
    Ginnarr: I'd often play this game around the last time I was fighting the giants. Let's take turns asking each other questions. Whoever gets the most answers right wins!
    «You»: That seems harmless enough.
    Ginnarr: As well it should. Now, for honor's sake, we can only ask questions that we know the answers to.
    Ginnarr: Don't even think about lying to an old warrior, kiddo. I've seen more lies than you've fought wars. I can see them coming before they're done being put to words.
    «You»: That won't be a problem. Would you like to start?
    «You»: Alright then...
    Ginnarr: When was the last time the Elemental Lords and their realms were at war?
    1000 or 2500 ago, according to the Drakel records of The'Galin's coming.
    Never. That was a lie spread by Xilar of the Silari to cause disunity.
    Around twenty years ago, when survivors say the West was torn apart.

    If you selected Never
      «You»: Actually, they never really fought. There have been wars with agents FROM the realms, but the Lords themselves never called such a war.
      «You»: Silari, first communicant of The'Galin, spread that lie to sow disunity and expose the corruption of the temples that the Lords weren't seeing.
      Ginnarr: I see someone is well read, or well connected. This is pleasing. Your turn.
    If you selected 1000 or 2500 ago or twenty years ago
    Ginnarr: Is that your answer? I'm afraid you'll have to try again, because it's WRONG.
    «You»: Gah! Keep your voice down, you'll give us away! Oh great, there's one of them.

    Battle: Frostval Giant«You»: Alright... What was the last will of Carnax?


    Ginnarr: Ooh, clever. I almost missed out on that one. The last desire of Carnax was to split into the hearts of Talados, that he may become unreachable.
    Ginnarr: The last of that generation of the Alpha... Such plans as theirs never go well, and never truly end. Not as long as there are those willing to co-opt them, and those willing to begin anew.

    Full Heal

    Ginnarr: For my second question: What was the source of the first generation of lycanthropy?
  • Vandar
  • Deren
  • Darkovia

    If you selected Vandar
      «You»: Their place of ORIGIN would be Darkovia, though it was Luminovia back when Erebus and Drageth Slugwrath created lycanthropy. But the SOURCE was a Vandarian Drakel experiment.
      «You»: Their experiments on wolfweres mutated into an extremely virulent outbreak. Erebus experimented on that to create the werewolf curse and be able to control it.
      Ginnarr: Rather learned... Should I have asked about vampirism? Perhaps we should be moving on to deeper truths. What's your second question?
    If you selected Deren or Darkovia
      Ginnarr: Close, very close. But WRONG!
      «You»: Stop giving us away like that!

      Battle: Frostval Giant
    «You»: What is the connection between Creation and Uncreation?


    Ginnarr: ...You don't waste time. And here I dared to mention deeper truths. You humble me, Chosen, but I do know the answer. Or answers, rather.
    Ginnarr: Creator and Uncreator are more than wife and husband, more than maker and consort. But Creation and Uncreation are closer still, two sides of the same coin.
    Ginnarr: There is little difference between what could have been and what never was, and this power deals in the movement between potential and reality.
    Ginnarr: A creator is more often than not concerned with the where, while an uncreator must inevitably think of WHEN, but they move hand in hand.
    «You»: ...You've kept some interesting company yourself. At the very least, we've got certain Drakel friends in common.

    Full Heal

    Ginnarr: Now, for question number three... What do mid-western orcs call their home?
  • Ulgathi
  • Gulgin Daar
  • Ug Dimargi

    If you selected Gulgin Daar
    «You»: Falerin taught me this one, actually. Gulgin Daar is the Orcish name of a village in Greenguard, as well as the forest itself.
    «You»: I hope they're doing better, after everything that's been going on. I should... Nevermind.
    Ginnarr: Hmm, and here I thought linguistics would trip you up. This is getting fun. Come on, next question.If you selected Ulgathi or Ug Dimargi
      Ginnarr: *Inhale*
      «You»: Don't you dare.
      Ginnarr: WROOONG!
      «You»: WHY are you like this?!

      Battle: Frostval Giant

      Full Heal
    «You»: Alright, just a few more. Where was the Wind Orb hidden during the penultimate Manifestation?

    Ginnarr: Oho, now that's a story you should ask of the great avians far to the East... However tragically few remain. They are all but gone.
    Ginnarr: It wasn't hidden in any one place. That Prime Orb was taken from the dragons, broken and scattered. I do not recommend visiting the place where this happened.
    Ginnarr: And not just because of what Rocs might do to you there. Now, I really should break this tie. Let's see... Who rules the Frost Giants?


    «You»: ...Ah, you got me. I have no idea.
    Ginnarr: Tsk tsk. You really should know your enemy. I always make sure to. The Frost Giants haven't had a single ruler in hundreds of years, since the Home of Giants splintered.
    Ginnarr: The central hall of Jotunhom was ruined in a bloody revolt, and Jotunheim broke up into smaller warring factors.
    Ginnarr: They nearly wiped each other and other northerners out, then stabilized into smaller khanates.
    Ginnarr: Few know just what turned their society inside out, but it's really quite a shame. They were proud, inventive, excellent sailors and unmatched navigators.
    Ginnarr: Imagine what trade would look like if they had remained united long enough to form peaceful bonds with the southern cultures.
    «You»: It's a pity to be facing people who could be formidable allies. Regardless, it seems you beat me. Good game.
    Ginnarr: Ah, well... I'm not being entirely honest here. I deliberately asked something you couldn't know. Call it something of a teaching moment. Old habits die hard. One last question?
    «You»: ...I see. You've got quite a good read on me, and you've been poking and prodding to learn more with these questions. Well, two can play that game.
    «You»: What is the identity of War?


    Ginnarr: Why... Nobody- Well, we'd hope nobody... Amazing, «You». You have cornered me completely. I have no choice but to concede defeat.
    «You»: Not an easy victory. We'll have to discuss some things later. For now, though... Eyes to the cave. They're moving.

    Battle: [link=URL]Frost Giant Commander[/link]
    Full Heal

    «You walk in from the left to face Chilly in blue beanie and blue sweater and three UltraGuardians on the right in Frostvale with a green and blue gradient sky illuminated by several small white stars»
    Yaheem: Our foothold in the pass is solid. I had my doubts about the timing, but with the amount of reinforcements pouring in, I'm completely certain we'll have a full defense prepared.
    Yaheem: We've got everything from knights to wizards and even heroes of distant lands.
    Yaheem: We should be able to buy Frostvale as much time as it takes. Perhaps we'll even stop them altogether before losing the narrow advantage.
    «You»: I'm sure we haven't found all of them ourselves, but Ginnarr and I figured out how the scouts operate.
    «You»: It's a shame nobody here speaks their tongue, or we could try to taunt some answers out of them. But at least now the Guardians know how to find and catch the rest.
    Chilly: Yay! Where's Ginnarr now?
    «You»: Huh? He's right ne...vermind. That is one strange old man. Anyways, let's get all these people organized; there are still some major threats in the vicinity.
    ???: How very sure of itself this generation has become. They certainly have the experience to earn it, but outright certitude may be too far.
    ???: Perhaps they should be taught to never take the outcome for granted, defeat or victory. The line between confidence and hubris should be tested.

    Coming next Week:

    The Test of Thunder
    Early Frostval Surprise

    «Frostval Chosen-ismal shop opens.»

    Frostval '19: Chosen-ismal

  • Baleygr's Omen (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G) <= Info Subs

  • Exit

    «Once you exit the shop.»

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

    Frost Berserker
    Ice Snayl
    Jotun Combatant
    Jotun Commander
    Jotun Executioner
    Jotun Fighter
    Jotun Hero
    Jotun Knight
    Jotun Leader
    Jotun Marauder
    Jotun Raider
    Jotun Warrior
  • [link=URL]Pere NoFlesh[/link]
    Tree Slugger


    December 12, 2020: The quest was released.
    ... ??, 2020: The quest became rare.

    Write Up, correction and Monster Pool thanks to Legendary Ash.

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