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=DF= January 25th Design Notes: Six Heroes: Darkheart

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1/24/2020 23:40:53   



This week, ring in the Lunar New Year with the latest installment of Six Heroes!

Last time we checked in with Falwynn, Faust, and Sophie, you were all reminiscing about the past, and how Faust and Sophie met.

But now... Falwynn awakens to her friends missing, and forest burning around her. What has happened?

Talk to Ash in Book 3 Falconreach to play this week's release: Six Heroes: Darkheart!

However, there is something that we would like to address:

Real World vs Videogame Worlds: Australia's Wildfires + How You Can Help
The story for this weekend's update -- which includes a forest fire as part of the plot -- was written well in advance. With the severe wildfires raging throughout Australia, the team debated changing our plans for tonight's release. We wouldn't want to come across as insensitive, or for you all to think we were capitalizing on the very real emergencies faced by the people and wildlife there.

We had three real options:
  • Change the actual plot of the story
  • Leave the plot as is, but revise the release date to a point in the future
  • Call attention to what's happening, use this as a starting point for discussion, and let you know how you can help

The choice was clear. Our game stories don't always reflect the real world, but this time, it has, and we want to use that opportunity to educate players about what's happening in the real world and environment.

How the fires have impacted Australia
  • Estimated 1 billion (with a b) animals may have been killed (due to the fires, dehydration, starvation, and habitat loss)
  • Millions of acres have been burned
  • Thousands of homes destroyed and people evacuated
  • More than two dozen lives have been lost

If you'd like to help, we've checked out the following charities, and they are legit.

This is a global emergency, and it will impact more than Australia. We don't usually get quite so serious in our game design notes posts, but this is one of those times where you can be a hero in our videogames AND in the real world.

Finally, we have some fixes and changes for Epoch and DragonFable

  • Fixed issue where some DoT effects would do NaN type damage.
  • Fixed Underworld Epoch issue where legs would display incorrectly.
  • Fixed Underworld Epoch issue where Timeshift cooldown was working incorrectly.
  • Fixed Underworld Epoch issue where Ultra Boost/Hex could be used on the first turn of timeshift.
  • Fixed Underworld Epoch issue where when you could use timeshifted double turns was unclear.
    • You only get double turns (timeshift) when your turn starts with 4 or more Momentum.
    • You will not get a double turn if your Momentum drops below 4 on your first turn of a Timeshift.

More graphical issues will be fixed in the future. Eraglass specific Momentum bar, as well as other class adjustments will be coming soon too! We've heard your feedback about differentiating this version from Eternal Epoch, and that will be something that will be coming soon as well.

Have theories about the story? Have feedback about today's release, or the game? Having trouble with any fights? Want to discuss all things DragonFable?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

Want to play DragonFable without using an internet browser?

Check out the Artix Games Launcher!

Follow us on Twitter for sneak peeks and updates (and feel free to tweet us your fan art and feedback too!)

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DF  Post #: 1
1/25/2020 0:14:29   


I can't believe Lysander is the Joker
DF  Post #: 2
1/25/2020 0:55:58   

Really great release this week, Lysander's proper introduction has made me infinitely more invested in the storyline and I cant wait to see more of him and his exploits. Information and explinations of different types of magic is some nice worldbuilding I always want to see more of as well which made it even more enjoyable. As an Australian I really appreciate the bonus awareness to the fires we've been having here. Thanks Dove, Verly and Aeon for the QUALITY release.

< Message edited by Cronomancer Callum -- 1/25/2020 0:57:33 >
DF  Post #: 3
1/25/2020 2:28:45   

Very enjoyable release indeed. I liked the quest a lot and how Lysander is in play now. Really looking forward now to Six Heroes saga, similarily to Thorns saga, it gets better the more it goes on.
DF  Post #: 4
1/25/2020 3:23:25   


The correct term is Aeromancy, not Auralmancy...

Great release nontheless. I just with there would've been a bossfight so we could see more of Falwynn's and Faust's abilities in use- I didn't get to use Dawn or The Bargain.


His followers called him Mahasamatman, and claimed he was a god.
He never claimed to be a god, but then, he never claimed not to be a god.
Circumstances being what they were, neither admission could be of any benefit.
Silence, though, could.
DF  Post #: 5
1/25/2020 9:21:22   

I really respect you guys for taking this as an opportunity to spread awareness about the bush fires. That decision wouldn't have been easy to make, I'm sure.

Concerning the release...

So that's his game. He's an arms dealer that profits off of war. *ptooie* I'm looking forward to wiping that smug look off his face then.

Also, I have some queries as to where all this sits on the timeline. Lysander's dialogue and the Hero mentioning the Magisterium makes me think this is all going on during the Proclamations, or least shortly after the Song of the Ateala War. But (correct me if I'm wrong) it's my understanding that The Apprentice, The Bargain, Reminiscence, and Darkheart all seem to take place within the same day and the following night... So we may have a problem.

I know I've brought up issues with this questline regarding the timeline of everything before, and I hate to be a nuisance or a downer when everyone on the team have all been working so hard to deliver all of this great content. I just really care about this story, and I'd hate to see its otherwise seamless chronology falter. I hope I don't come across as aggressive or snarky about it.

Thanks again for all of your efforts, team!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
1/25/2020 12:35:37   

Nice release DF team!

It seems the blue ones are always the mad ones... Zorbak, Kathool, Jaania, Akanthus, ascended Roirr, Remthalas, and now this Lysander.

Hmm... I see a pattern here.

Anyway, I'm happy to see you mentioning and supporting relief efforts towards the Australian bushfire crisis. With the Australian fire fighters having helped out on the US west coast, its only fair we don't forget about them. In terms of plot finagling, it would be be a shame to change this questline for public relations reasons and remember the change as a cover-up. Rather, I'd encourage spreading awareness of the problem. See how well the community can come together like it did for the Black Winter War.
DF  Post #: 7
1/25/2020 17:49:25   

The reward bracer says it makes you feel wiser but doesn't give you any WIS. So I am guessing it is for a future merge.

Anyone identify the people that appear around Falwynn during her skill, and the person who told her to wake up at the beginning? The speech bubble seemed almost doom/shadowscythe like.

< Message edited by Kurtz96 -- 1/25/2020 17:51:45 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 8
1/25/2020 17:54:04   

Kurtz, it gives +2 WIS. It's the classic bug where you have to reload the game after gaining an item that gives to WIS.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
1/27/2020 8:45:08   


Damn, I'm getting really sick of smug blue dickheads who snap their fingers to instantly immobilize us. Remthalas and Lysander would probably get along well.

In other news, Falwynn continues to be adorable, and Faust continues to be badass. Love pretty much every member of the Six Heroes cast.
Post #: 10
1/29/2020 3:52:10   
Lord Alsvinich

We had to leave our house yesterday because of the fires and I haven't actually had an opportunity to try the release, but I am glad to see you guys being attention to something very imminent to me.
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