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RE: =DF= February 7th Design Notes: The Corrupted Seven: Finale!

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2/10/2020 23:10:52   


I thought one shot instakills died back in the Ash era because of the unpossible crawler rework.

No, the Un-possible crawler specifically is just immune to one-shots. Ash both created and left in the one-shots; they were then reworked about a year and a half ago.
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2/11/2020 1:58:11   


I've been refraining from joining in this discussion, but now I feel the need to.


I even point out that it's from my limited perspective, and that, from a development standpoint, my ideas and observations may have no basis (at least, I hope that's what I'm getting across). If the staff reacted as defensive and vitriolic as you are right now, we'd have no influence on the game whatsoever. And that's exactly why these forums exist, to promote discussion and try to influence the development of the game for the better.

Do not suggest anything that comes from a limited viewpoint that has no basis, please. Randomly dropping in and suggesting changes for a game whose schedule's details you don't know much about is not a good idea, and making long posts suggesting major changes to a release schedule that two overworked developers are comfortable with, which you also know little about, is quite disrespectful degrading. These are developers who strive to make the best releases that are humanly possible and are paragons of diligence, and they deserve to be supported in what they do and offered constructive criticism by people who indulge in their content, and not have their morale decreased by someone who doesn't. Very respectfully, I'm requesting you to rethink your ways and try out the content that is being produced before giving your opinion on it, as that will be constructive to the community as well as the developers.


Fourthly, as I'd said already (making me think you skimmed my comment just so you could argue with me, a poor habit you should give up), I know the Verylus and Sans Robin quests are filler (though, it should be noted, the last Verylus was original art, defeating the point you made). In fact, my point was that those quests, which build on existing characters and develop world lore, are great filler. The Inn challenges, though, are an extra week of nothing for new players while end-game players can grind for a new toy. If they could make their filler content from only reused assets and just put some interesting writing to it, I think that would go much farther for the fanbase. After all, that's the formula used for about 30% of Book 1.

The last Verlyrus quest was a simple reskin of the Trithril quest from the Tomix Saga, with the addition of a few gemstones and white cave walls. On the topic of worldbuilding filler, the Inn challenges do that as well! The Exaltia Tower is a reservoir of Exalted Lore about the Alliance between Celestials and Infernals, which is touched upon in the Last Stand of Ehr'Ishin (a book in the Inn at the Edge of Time), if you know where to look for it. Due to the presence of lesser Augahims and a warbeast, Cryohem, in the story, it is evident that Exalted Lore is soon to become relevant to the main story. The Exaltia Tower's unique animations and assets can also be recycled for main story, which frees up developer time to write more for the main story releases. The Corrupted Seven helps in worldbuilding, too! Tomix' journey seems so much cooler now that we've met and fought all of the spirits that he did and it's something I really enjoyed but rarely touched upon!

Oh also, just saying, Book 1 wasn't exactly the best and the quality of the game has increased roughly a thousandfold since then, and a lot of people really enjoy the new Book 3 formula as well, and imo, if the devs are comfortable with this, we should stick with it. After all, they try their best to give us what we want and we should return the favor.


Never assume yourself to be the smartest and most experienced while the other's an idiot, you're sure to make a fool of yourself.

Callum isn't the fool here lol he's actually bringing up several good points, though admittedly in a harsh tone.
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2/11/2020 2:04:03   


but seeing such negativity presented as fact (same with post #44)

The whole post #44 literally repeats over, over, over, over and over again that it is all a personal opinion.
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2/11/2020 2:36:50   

It's still lots of negativity regardless.
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2/11/2020 5:19:13   

Well I tried to be constructive by also giving points about what I think is the good sides of the side stories are and how some other stories in the game handles the same trope or thing better by expanding on the reasons why so.

But yeah, in the end it has negativity because I think that the side stories fail recently and the post was supposed to expand on that. Maybe I shouldn't have just gone brutal honest with what I thought but I felt that it was right *shrug*
Post #: 55
2/11/2020 9:56:58   



Thirdly, the Malerious saga, if you haven't noticed, is a seasonal event. It's the very point of the saga, as it has no bearing on the rest of the story (far less, in fact, than the previous saga with Caitiff in it) and connects only with it's own saga. Even Uuanta, who you'd think as a hero would pitch in for other emergencies happening at the same time, doesn't seem to exist outside of it.

We have only encountered 3 Maleurous so far, Early Calamity had much less bearing on the main story, the story was so little involved/interesting in fact that people were disappointing in it. As you mention the Caitiff part did indeed involve the rest of the world, but that was by over the half-way point. Give it some time, most book 3 side stories involve the larger story at one point.There is no way the Maleurous wont involve the larger story. It involves the Avatars, and the maleurous are seen as a threat similar to the Mysterious Stranger. As Callium hinted at, Remthalas has already hinted about some very grand things about lore, if you pay attention. Also. The Maleurous Saga connects to recent events in book 3, as well as the Exaltia Tower, and might also connect to the First Weaver finale, in regards to some interesting words Roirr speaks.It also has even other pieces of deep lore connected to it.

The reason Uuanta has not appeared yet other places yet, is that the Maleurous events are fairly new, which means they cant put a ton of char's willy nilly in other questlines. They like to add other char's if it serves a purpose, which it has not yet.
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2/11/2020 12:07:09   


Even Uuanta, who you'd think as a hero would pitch in for other emergencies happening at the same time, doesn't seem to exist outside of it.

if you look at the timeline it doesn't show exactly how far the maleurous saga goes into the storyline but currently the line ends even before the gala so untill further clarification is given on it's relation to the main story i think it can be assumed that uaanta finished her role and was sent back to her side of the world-meaning that she wasn't even here when everything in the main story happend
DF  Post #: 57
2/12/2020 3:43:27   


Please wait until they finish like Roirr Saga. The stories being predictable aren't charming, that's why some sagas need to be slow to surprise us later.

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