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Balance changes recently

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3/8/2020 4:31:13   
.Lord Ginger.

There are many things that have changed recently, especially with the recent changes to basically just cyber hunter.

Cyber has basically become a one build class - just that annoying 5 focus build with memory leak. There's no more CH with a Sword, or the strength/support cyber.

Cyber needs its diversity back, EMP back, it's a shame that some moves that CH had were changed because new skills messed up the balance.

Adding in memory leak hurt TLM especially since when CH memory leak became a good skill, many people flocked to it. Taking away EMP grenade hurt focus builds because now CH can't take energy.
Taking out defense matrix hurt CHs defenses because now they can't defend as well against the likes of BH as well.

Strength builds were shattered with the strength nerf, and I only see strength BM, and I don't think I've lost to one yet, which is good, but it's sad that strength was killed that bad, and I'd like it back lol.

The omega frost weapon was bad at 1 usage, then when it was changed to 2, it ended up getting nerfed back to 1, with also getting a % cap, making it even more useless, so having the multiple turns come back woudl be nice.

Cyber shark is still useless after the initial nerf which is weird. I find it weird how you can bring in a robot, then nerf it and be okay with it just being dead forever. It's like the infernal promotional package that we don't really talk about because all the weapons are so bad that no one uses them.

I'm mainly here to say that it's sad that we had variety, then killed it with changing CH to be a one dimensional build and killing strength builds to where it's just focus builds and then an annoying support merc build.
AQW Epic  Post #: 1
3/8/2020 9:13:16   

Agree with everything except Defense Matrix - I prefer level 5 Nanotech against BH, because it can't be debuffed and works in a wider variety of situations.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 2
3/8/2020 12:56:53   

The reason it is getting nerfed is because it was previously and currently is a contender for being the best class in the entire game. Most CH being, but not reduced to the exact same build of Focus 5, Infernal Android, Malf, Poison. This build works too well in 1v1 PvP combined with free energy for heals every single 3 turns, 2 passive buffs, and 2 powerful debuffs.

Cyber Hunters were literally the number 1 class in the entire game and unbeatable for months due to EMP Grenade. That was just a month or 2 ago. I believe there are videos on YouTube showing this. Cyber Hunters Memory Leak deserved a nerf due to Energy Spam debuffs by Cyber Hunters. It is incredibly hard to get over it even if you heal through it as they will use the 2nd debuff available and regain all the Energy used after that for another Memory Leak.

I notice the majority of 1v1ers I battle are Cyber Hunters, because it is the best Focus 5 class in the entire game. Support/Strength stat abusers started to increase dramatically when Cyber Hunters had EMP Grenade and were the #1 class in the game for months. As you had to kill them quickly otherwise you were trapped in their heal loop and lost the game automatically. Not to mention most of them had 3 Core heals available and were mostly Varium users. The other players switched to Cyber Hunter immediately, and I had a friend who even explained to me how broken the class was and how he won all his games doing the same maneuvers over and over again. The only issue he had was with other Cyber Hunters, as it made the game much longer, but usually the same result. (This was before EMP got removed.)

EMP combined with 2 more powerful forms of Energy Manipulation caused them to literally break the game. So the next time you lose to a Strength/Support build, just know that your class was the reason why so many of them were created. And the Cyber Hunter heal loop is the reason why so many of them still exist now.

To continue to say Cyber Hunters should get EMP without removing Static Charge should be a bannable offense. Cyber Hunters at least have the option of diversity, unlike other classes.

Off topic comments removed, please stay on topic. Check your PM's.

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3/8/2020 16:03:23   
.Lord Ginger.

I said literally nothing about CH not being an extremely good class, so get your facts straight. Iím not asking for buffs, Iím asking for changes to get more variety, because having one focus build that needs memory leak isnít variety.

CH has like no option of build that will be viable besides memory leak. CH str support is mediocre after the defense matrix deletion.

This post is more than just about cyber, so please think about the other ideas presented as well instead of copying your post from the Cyber Hunter thread.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 4
3/8/2020 18:18:01   

I admit I was wrong for not providing help to them being more unique. However the #1 thing you need to understand before reading the rest of this post is that Cyber Hunters WILL NEVER GET EMP AND STATIC CHARGE TOGETHER AGAIN. It is too op.

Actually think about it, these skills, as proven by the recent update aren't necessary to be together in Cyber Hunter class to still top. Having a way to take Energy on top of gaining a % of it after regaining your own energy FOR FREE EVERY SINGLE 3 TURNS is way too powerful. I apologize, but I honestly thought you were trolling when you suggested this. Why do you think all of the classes with Reroute CAN'T take alot of Energy and gain it back ( Or literally cannot regain Energy by any other ways), like Atom Smash. And Reroute is WORSE than Static Charge in 1v1 PvP....

My personal suggestion to help Cyber Hunters is change what the Skills scales with. I have seen a few Cyber Hunter use Support+Strength and win with Massacre more often as of recently. But the best way to get what you want isn't by asking for more broken things(Like EMP+Static), its to ask for different ways to use what you already have/Trading any powerful Skills you have in 1 area now for another.

I'm not sure if you figured this out already, but classes with armor passives are usually better if they utilize those armor passives. Meaning most Cyber Hunters choose the Tech Focus 5 to not waste that Passives. You should ask the Developers to remove Armor Passives on Cyber Hunter for Support Skills, or Strength Skills, or Dex Skills. Or ask them to remove Gene Augment or Nanotech for what you feel is missing from them. You cannot have both powerful passives and be a decent variety class. All armor passive classes in the game were made to tank hard, except TLM. And even they are limited to Support or Strength to be as viable as any Meta.

I personally suggest the removal of the CH Armor passive and give them bludgeon, or a Plasma Bolt for Support, or an attack that scales with Dex they don't already have. That is if you really want Cyber Hunter to be a more unique class all around. But this might cause the class to be even more powerful due to the fact they already have 3 Debuffs. So it would have to be Dex scaling to not be abused by Strength/Tech/Support CH that already exist.
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