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Annihilator Hybrid

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3/14/2020 5:38:52   

Char Page: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=18197019
Awe element alignment: Energy
Custom Weapon: Earth

I would appreciate new idea for current equipment setup for stunlock meta. Thinking about changing my subrace to werewolf for the fear effect. Also thought about changing some misc items such as the Z-token Seal series due to the OmniOath ice weapon for another better ice weapon and having slots for better misc in stunlock meta. What Z-token items should I get for the current meta - weapon, armor, spell, misc? Are the elemental imbued spell worth getting? Thinking about using imbued spell to cover other armor with weaker pure offensive SP skills or just use Kindred armor to save slots for other items. Any items in GGBs worth getting aside from booster guests?

Current playstyle for questing is using SP skills for dealing damage and then MP spells on next round, using FO armor to finish off surviving enemy from MP spells. Planning to use stat boosting items such as Helm of Frostval Past, Moonwalker's Grace, Buffalot Beach Bod, Arcane Amplification and Arms of DragonGuard, thinking about swapping 50 stat points from DEX to LUK. Would this provide a better damage potential or should I keep it as it is?

Going for a whale/p2win setup, any tokens/package equipment option are welcomed.

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3/14/2020 9:37:16   
Primate Murder

I'd be glad to provide a full rating, but I'd like to clarify a single detail first:

The stat cap has been raised to 250. A fully optimized character can thus have only 3 stats fully trained. Are you planning on a 250 Str/Dex/Int classic hybrid set-up?
AQ DF  Post #: 2
3/14/2020 13:14:26   

I am aware of the raised stat cap, however I am planning on using stat boosting items to compensate for that, since I prefer having str, dex, int and luk and the flexibility in playstyle of my character rather than being fully optimized. Just wondering if I should just swap 50 points of Dex into Luk for higher damage potential for spell and better chance at inflicting status effect since I will be using other items that boost my BtH.

My current build does not have much issues with void and boss challenge, other than requiring a few more extra turns compared to pure builds when fighting against certain enemies. Don't really like the idea of 250 Str/Dex/Int or Str/Int/Luk since I want the damage potential from lucky strikes, and the flexibility of equipment choices rather than being stuck in Werepyre armors.
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3/14/2020 20:29:49   

I think the best advice is going to depend on how you want to play and whether you want to use certain items. Either way, go ahead and check out the Wiki if you haven't already, as there's tons of helpful info on equipment setup.

If you want a standard stun/nuke setup, spells are going to be outclassed by armor skills, so I would save spell slots for the booster spells (arcane, buffalot, etc.) and imbue spells. If you just want to keep doing what you're doing, then investing in the spell token packages is going to be best for damage.

Airenal's lance is certainly an awesome weapon to have, but you won't be able to make the best use of it if you train down DEX further (not to mention you'll want to grab Thernda pet/guest for full damage output, which requires a token package AND an UR GGB).

The Seal misc items are certainly good as well, but if you want a more meta approach, they aren't all that useful compared to other options.

Whatever you decide, the booster pets should probably be your top priority. Since you're a hybrid, you'll want to be clear on what your gameplan is before committing to which ones you get. Double Poelala is the easiest to obtain, as you won't have to spend real money. However, if you're going to stick with melee/ranged weapons, double Thernda will probably be a priority over Dunamis, as armor skills convert to ranged.

Since you have the Helm of Frostval Past, you can get away with a 0 DEX build if you really wanted (outside werepyre armors), especially if you pick up the New Year's Surprise at some point. Even at 0 DEX, Buffalot + Arcane + Moonwalker's + New Year's + Helm + another BTH misc will give you enough accuracy even against the toughest bosses. Just an option.

If you are really opposed to Werepyre, switching to Vampire is going to be best, unless you're going to pick up the Terror Eater to abuse with Werewolf's afraid. Werepyre does have the strongest transform skill, though.
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3/15/2020 4:21:20   
Primate Murder


You can get great weapons for every element, so what you choose as your no-drop is pretty fluid. I'd say go for earth, as it lacks exceptional shields. Also, most FO builds tend to align their Awe special to PWD, since it doesn't get the benefits of the armor lean.

Blazing Bloodzerker sword deals extra damage for an hp cost, and has an additional 10% damage bonus when paired with Blazing Bloodzerker armor.

Blade of Briar (the magical version) is bugged to deal more damage on the skill than it should, giving it very strong synergy with Bloodzerker armor toggles.

Airenal's Lance compresses an old lean armor with the strongest wind skill, so keep that.

Merry Lance or Mighty Blade of Frostval Past are really strong - 1/battle they can attempt to inflict a qc +60% ice elevuln on the monster - which has ridiculous synergy with nukes like Horo Show.

Your Thundersplitter toggles between Burn-infliction for an hp cost, and autohit (with a penalty), giving it great utility. If you want a pure damage weapon though, Regal Dragon Blade deals +15% damage for an hp cost.

Keep Zealot's Wrath, it remains one of the top options for high Luck builds.

If you plan on switching to werewolf and doing Fear shenanigans,you'll need Terror Eater. Consumes fear for high damage and applies all armor effects, such as Bloodzerkers' FO lean, *2 damage toggle and +20% via hp-cost, as well as all the element-locks and imbues, making a single nuke cover the majority of the elements.


WKZ, Moglord, Horo Show, LotS and Taladosian are old lean armors and have strong CIT-compatible nukes.

Fire and earth are covered by Bloodzerkers, which deal +20% damage for an hp cost and have a toggle that locks your weapon attacks to armor element and doubles their damage - great synergy with Blade of Briar and Terror Eater.

Darkness still doesn't have anything much better than Angel of Souls.


Daylight Savings Time isn't MC'd, meaning it looses 3 MRM for the elemental compression. Cerberus Ward (fire/dark)would be a better choice.

Celtic Wheel has an Int drive.

Fujin has a Dex drive.

Sham's Off-hand Blunderbuss from your storage gives you a little extra damage on LS.

Umazen Aspis is a -26 energy shield.

Golden Dragon Head boosts your LS rate. Alternatively, Scarab Shell has a toggle to lower monster MRM, increasing your accuracy.


Pretty much every damage spell ends up dealing less damage than your armor skills. At most, I'd suggest Archmage Research (as you don't have a harm weapon) and Spectral Chains (qc damage and synergy with Frostval Past weapons).

First of all, you want the boosters - Poelala, Dunamis and Thernda. They use your Int/Str/Dex and provide a noticable boost to damage.

Purple Rain is necessary for 0-End meta builds.

Moonwalker's Grace, Buffalot Beach Bod and Arcane Amplification should give more than enough boosts to your stats.

Imbues are great. Terror Fist is particularly nice for fear shenanigans, allowing you to set-up huge Eat Fear numbers, and Fire Dragon Talon gives +50% damage. Dragonslayer Aura is nice to play around with - pair it with Dracomorgify and you can deal Void element damage.


You only need the boosters, really. I can give you a list of other pets that are still somewhat useful at 0 Cha, but they're all going to fall short of Poe, Dunamis and Thernda.


Essence Orb and Rejuvenating Necklace take care ofyour sp and mp needs.

Shadowfeeder Pendant + Love Potion (from your vault) give you 2 extra turns, for free when used with Purple Rain.

Keep Helm of Frostval Past for a free bth boost.

For damage you'll want Blood Contract for the multiplicative damage boost. Grakma Warhorn would be a better choice for boosting spells - its Berserk status gives you *1.2 multiplicative damage bonus that isn't /2 as is usual for spells (though it does come at the expense of accuracy).

Terror Visagegives +20 to your Fear-inflicting saves.

Finally, Prime Chaos Orb gives you *1.1 qc multiplicative damage boost with each click. 1/turn (2/turn with SFP) is pretty much free, but you can go for several clicks if you're setting up a nuke for the next turn.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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