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Starting a new character! need some help!

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3/14/2020 5:45:45   

Hi! I recently got back to AQ and enjoyed playing with my main character
but somehow i wanted to start things all over and made a new character

my main character is hybrid and the character page link is here : https://guardian.battleon.com/game/flash/charview?temp=16629186

new character build im thinking is a range beastmaster!
and i found out that you can share items between characters, so i thought why not share some of my UR armors!

which items should i put in the shared vault to share with my range beastmaster character?
and i havent played in a while so if you have any suggestions please dont hesitate

and one more! even if i have my main character as guardian account, do i still need one more guardian account to proceed the game?

thanks alot!
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3/14/2020 9:45:01   
Primate Murder

Welcome back!

Each character need to be guardianized separately, though every payment after the first is at half price ($10 instead of $20).

Should I give a rating presuming you'll guardianize your beastranger?

Edit: Just to make sure, you're making a 100-proc FD beastranger with the end goal of 250 Str/Dex/Cha, correct?
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3/14/2020 10:40:47   

oh i did not know you can get half the price for guardianizing!! thank you

and yes i will guardianize my character so please give me advice :D

is FD fully defensive?

im not really sure what build is good for beastmaster ranger :(
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3/14/2020 12:27:33   
Primate Murder


At the moment we do not have a 100-proc no-drop, so you'll have to make do with a Spear of Awe. Set the element to ice (since we don't have a lot of good 100-proc ice weapons). You can play around with different special alignments, but most people tend to settle down with PWD.

There are several good fire weapons. Quester's VBG deals very high fire damage - though at a chance to harm the player. Bow of Hearts deals +7.5% damage against monsters with 0 Cha (so pretty much everyone). Black Spot has a chance to inflict EleVuln, giving it great synergy with the Warmaster's Burst SPell. When Grenwog comes around, you can pick up Survivor's Blazing Rifle that deals bonus damage for an hp cost. Finally, there's the option of Foam Finger, which is not 100-proc, but has a toggle to increase the damage of your pet and guest.

If you want to fit in Steampunk Lovebow, a harm bow from Rare GGBs, Typhoon Weather Remote compresses water/wind. Otherwise, you can choose from Cephalauncher (blind toggle for a dodge build), X-Etcher (the Burn has great synergy with Neko armors), and starting lvl 45 Kindred bow that can gather charges to autohit.

If you're not compressing Wind, you have the choice between pure damage Winds of Time bow and Gas Rat Grenades that inflict CHoke, lowering monster damage.

Earth is a great element for rangers. If you have the tokens, Meduso Bow can petrify the monster (great synergy with Fu Dog pet), allowing you to deal high damage with a wind nuke, such as Warmaster's Burst. Frag Rat Grenades allow you tostack Bleed, which has great synergy with lvl 8 Neko passive. The recently released Sneakbore Crossbow has no particular synergies, but is a great standalone poison-inflicting weapon with a toggle to increase its power and duration. Finally, Blarney has an earth variant of the Survivor's Rifle, dealing extra damage for a blood cost.

Stun Bow (z-token) has a pretty high chance to stun the monster. Bow of Judgement is currently bugged to deal 2x damage,

At lvl 45, you'll want to pick up Morningstar Cross, which has a 2x damage skill. Until then, you'll have to use either Flashbang Rat Grenades (inflict a strong Blind) or a simple damage gun like Crusader's Repeater.

Bow of Agony's Wrath inflicts a mild burn for neko synergy.


Sol Neko should cover pretty much all of your needs. When you reach a level when resists start to matter, you can also grab 3 of its variants to cover every element.

Some time around Frostval, we usually get a Bard of War variant. Make sure to grab it for a chance to give your pet and guest celerity.


Beastmasters get a good ice shield in Pies (Cha drive), so you'll want to get Darkovian Bulwark to compress darkness and earth.

Snuggle Hearts gives +20 Burn potency, which is great for a neko build.

General of Cerberus is an ok-ish shield, giving you a little extra sp (especially since nekos always keep the monster burning). At lvl 45 you'll wantot switch it to Kindred which stores charges for a qc sp regen.

Rooted Flora shieldgives you Choke resistance. At lvl 45 switch it for the Fujin shield (Dex drive).

Umazen Aspis has paralysis potency, which is very nice for stun shenanigans.

Moonfang Omen heals sp when you block a hit.


For the most part, you'll want to fill these slots with guest summons to take advantage of your Cha. Still, there are a few spells that may be worth a slot, but I'll let you judge which ones are worth replacing a guest:

- Moonwalker's Grace. Qc Dex booster.

- Warmaster's Burst. Sp-costing fire and wind nukes that deal *1.5 damage for an hp cost.

- Your Body Heals at the Speedof Light. A healing SPell that uses monster's light resistance for numbers.

- Imanok Edoc. Qc MRM booster.

- Burning Question. Sacrifices damage to inflict a Burn that also damage s monster sp.

Shadowscythe Floater deals 3x damage on first turn. It then goes into cooldown, but you can just replace it with another guest. If you're willing to buy premium packages, Shogun&Ansatsu is a fire/wind compression guest that also deals increased damage for a gold cost.

Underworld Legion Minion inflicts Burn, which has great synergy with Neko.

Skeeter has an hp upkeep, allowing you to conserve sp for nukes.

Nezujimbo has a chance to inflict Freeze - great synergy with Frost Effigy.

Twilly toggles between earth damage and healing. When Mogloween comes back, you may want to replace it with Sugar Gobbler - petrification inflicting guest that has great synergy with Fu Dog pet and Warmaster's Burst.

Hedgemog deals increased damage for a gold cost. When Mogloween comes around, you can replace it with PikaTwilly, which toggles between damage and healing.

Mogsterio and Grimlord are light and dark guests that pay an hp cost to deal 2x damage.


Fire has several great pets. Flame Bot deals +50% damage for an sp cost. Rose Doll inflicts Burn for Neko synergy. Underwyrmling is theonly pet in the game that can harm monster sp.

AquaBot is a water copy ofthe Flame Bot. The only other real option is Cephalopod, which inflicts Blind if you like dodge builds.

Not a lot of options for wind. I suggest waiting until Grenwog and getting the Bun-Bowman for a chance to paralyze.

Frost Effigy is great. Not only does it have a chance to inflict Freeze,it also has a Freeze potency, increasing nezu's chances of freezing the monster as well. Until you reach lvl 45 though, Nerfkitten is a pretty reasonable option.

There are two exceptional choices for earth. WoolZard from your main can inflict either Sleep or EleVuln, which is amazing. Then there's Fu Dog. Like Effigy, it has a chance to petrify the monster and gives +20 potency to petrification effects, increasing the effectiveness of Meduso Bow and Sugar Gobbler.

Hedgemog pet, like the guest, deals increased damage for a gold cost. PikaZard has a chance to stun the monster.

The newly released Gilded Deatharrows Cat inflicts EleVUln, to increase the damage of your Morningstar Cross and Mogsterio.

Al lvl 45, get Model 294 for dark EleVuln. Until then, the SkeleBrain from your main should work.


Essence Orb for sp.

Love Potion to stun strong monsters.

Prime Chaos Orb is ridiculously efficient for FD builds, increasing the damage of yourself, your pet and you guest at the expense of taking only 8.8% more damage per click - and that's not mentioningits function as a qc raygun.

Miscs don't give much damage at low levels, but Goggernaut Helm is worth getting for +10 bth to your attacks, your pet, your guest and even your SPells.

Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respsectively.

Taladosian Pendant gives a little potency to mental effects like Woolzard's Sleep.

Troofle Fur increases the damage of your pet and guest and has a small chance to grant celerity.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
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