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Unorthodox Build question/help

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3/17/2020 1:09:27   


Im currently running an adventurer Sol Neko Bow Beastmaster. i know the stats aren't optimized right now but I can manage just fine with the low strength and above average END. That is kinda what i'm running for, a tanky bow ranger BM. hahaha

so my question is, could i further reduce my STR and ramp up my DEX and CHA to 250 each? what would such an adjustment require, like what equipment should i be running in that setup?
AQ DF  Post #: 1
3/17/2020 4:57:19   
Primate Murder

If you make your pets and guests the main source of the character's damage and focus your weapon attacks on effects and beast-boosting, it'a a viable build. As a matter of fact, after you max out Dex and Cha, I'd even suggest shifting your remaining points from Str to Int - not to cast spells, but to support mp-exclusive guests such as Doomquake Minions and Memet.


Accept that you're not going to have a full elemental coverage - embrace the fact and freely use Prime Chaos Orb to shift monster's resists to whatever is convenient for you. Furthermore, you have access to Neko Claw - a 2x damage skill that uses Cha as Mainstat and seeks between 2 elements. Pair it with the Orb and the only remaining reason to use weapons is for nifty effects or resource preservation.

Moglin Fan from the Murderator Challenge uses Cha as MainStat instead of Str or Int. It's random element and sacrifices a notable portion of damage to inflict either Control or Prismatic Burn.

Fresh Astracenae, the only other Cha-based weapon I know of, sacrifices damage to make your guest attacks deal +15% damage.

Your Foam Finger has a toggle to make your pets and guests deal +25% damage - great synergy with BoW.

Lance of Rose's thorn uses Dex to inflict a powerful bleed.

Stun Bow has a toggle to sacrifice 50% damage for a chance to inflict paralysis. Pair it with Frostgale's Remorse misc, and you get a pretty nice set-up.

Zardwards Wand has ImperiOW - an attack that sacrifices all your damage to inflict the monster with Control.

Any tome can be used for its mp regen function.


Aside from Nekos, BoWs and Lord of Thunder, I can only suggest War's Legacy armor, specifically for the Panic skill. It uses your turn (at no sp cost) to inflict the monster with a 4 turn stun chance, using Cha as MainStat.


Since you will have no real need of the CIT, you can replace it with Pies for the Cha drive.

Kindred shield has a chargable qc sp/mp regen, making it a better choice than Fruitcake.

Scarab Shell has a toggle to lower monster MRM, increasing the accuracy of not just yourself, but your pets and guests as well.


Since the main damage infliction of the build shifts to your guests, you may want to focus on that. As with weapons, there's no real need to cover every element - Chaos Orb takes care of that. Instead, focus on the few elements that really have powerful guests:

- Mogsterio is slightly better than Cherub on the acount of being MC'd.

- Grimlord deals double damage.

- Doomquake Minions - the first reason to run Int, a guest that deals 2x damage for 2x mp upkeep.

- Memet - the other reason to run Int, the only harm guest in the game.

- Shadowscythe Floater deals 3x damage during first turn. Use it, then switch resists using Prime Chaos Orb.

- Dread Fiend of Nulgath is great for niche backlash builds - SleepyQrowKhaiin is currently warring with that set-up.

There's also the options of Hedgemog (token), Shogun&Ansatsu (premium) and Pyre Rat (seasonal), but they feel like a lot of expense for a minor benefit.

Otherwise, just get a healing spell (like Your Body Heals at the Speed of Light or Sisters of Mercy), effect spells like Moonwalker's Grace or Thorns, and Cha-based damage spells like Scarab Swarm and Moglord War Party.


As with other sources of damage, you don't really need to cover every element, just get the ones that complement your guests:

- Gilded Deatharrows Cat works great with Mogsterio and any light nuke you use.

- Model 294 does the same for Grimlord and your darkness Claw.

- Morningstar pet can inflict DefLossor EleVuln, fulfilling the same function for Minions.

- My Tiny Void Pwny is a harm pet.

- Underwyrmling has great utility, being the only pet that can harm sp.


Essence Orb gives resources for nukes and guest upkeep.

Goggernaut Helm is still great, giving +10 bth to spells, pets and guests.

Prime Chaos Orb allows you to switch around monster resists and boosts the damage of your spells,pets and guests to a pretty noticable degree.

Shadowfeeder Pendant is very useful for every element not covered by BoW.

Murderator Gauntlet gives Int for extra mp, Cha for bonus accuracy and damage, and a chance to inflict control.

Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respsectively.

Frostgale's Remorse gives paralysis potence (pairs great with Stun Bow), or you can go for Taladosian Pendant to increase effect chances of your wand's Imperiow or War's Panic. Then there's generic Cha-boosting miscs like Yasakani Jewel or Waffle Cone.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
AQ DF  Post #: 2
3/17/2020 5:44:53   

wow thanks for that comprehensive review PM!! i won't be able to fully implement all of these yet, coz i don't want to lose momentum in the current war, but will definitely check some of these options out!

questions will follow once i get to check the equipment. :)
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3/17/2020 8:59:06   

Heya, I run an even more unorthodox build than yours and I would like to say that it's completely possible to run a beastmaster with 250 end build. This build is really fun and (surprisingly) powerful. Plus, its survivalbility and
Sp sustainability are both off the roof. Here's a few points to take note of:

Sol Neko for armors
Self-explained, yes?

A cheap and strong source of damage
You will very rarely click the attack button. This is not only because your party is here to do the heavy lifting but also because your strongest attack comes in the form of a spell: Your Soul Burns Bright as a Beacon. This spell is greatly underrated since it damage is based on your end. However, that 250 end of yours is going to effectively unlock the spell's full potential!

No needs for fancy weapons
You will find yourself equiping the Foam Finger (Lv 5 ONLY) almost every time from now on. Remember, you have 0 str for this build so it's completely pointless to use the max version. A lv 5 Foam Finger only demands a small Sp upkeep to get that sweet pet/guest damage boost and combine with the misc Paladin's Oath (gives bonus cha and boost your light damage) will make your overall damage output much higher than that of a pure warrior!

Get Lance of the Rose's Thorn and Elven Sniper Assist. They are really strong nukes, especially the later one. A beast master with a party that can petrify + Elven Assist boosted by Sol Neko's Cataclysm = gg for any enemies. More pets/guests will be able to inflict statuses like Frozen/Soaked/Spiritual Rend/... in the future, so things will only get better!

Worried that you can't use the Beacon spell against all enemies? Never fear, for we have the Rainbow Raygun to deal with that: Cast Purple Rain then simply use Raygun until the foe's resistances are suitable (This is also why I dump my remaining stats into dex, getting more bth for all party members and your own attacks is never redundant)

Huge Hp pool, huge benefits
250 end -> Essence Orb to maintain Sp for guests/miscs/nukes.... nonstop. Simple yet effective, a shame that people haven't realized this.
250 end -> Most enemies won't be able to kill you before you kill them + No needs for a healing spell.
250 end -> Potions heal even more Hp, making you even harder to kill.

The above is the main meat and potatoe of this build. If you want a detailed list of equipments, you can take a look at my char's page: https://guardian.battleon.com/game/flash/charview?temp=87531640
Have fun!

Important note: The only GGB weapon worth buying is Arcane Cutlass of Radiance, though it is now rare. Aside from that, DO NOT USE GGB TO BUY CHA WEAPONS! I saw a lot of people recommending weapons like Fresh Asteraceae, which is a serious waste of golden giftbox since you won't click the attack button in the first place. Buy spells that call powerful guests instead. Some miscs like Prime Chaos Orb are also worth picking up.

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3/17/2020 23:05:56   

wow really nice insights! builds like these are a great way to break the FO monopoly of stun-nukes-repeat. nice to see another player with a build like this!
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