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RE: Just came back to the game. Looking for a bit of help

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4/25/2020 2:50:13   
Ryu Draco

You could totally do that for your sub-class of choice, depending on your build. Best case scenario you get all the resistances covered with only 3 additional armors. Personally I have a few characters like that for fluff reasons, but I prefer the variety of other interesting choices, even if they aren't technically 'the best choice'.
AQ  Post #: 26
4/25/2020 7:16:06   

The subrace armors have a lot of things going for them. They have ten skills, which is essentially the same as having 10 MCs. That makes them the most powerful and versatile armors in the game. While not all the skills are practical, the most important ones are very useful. The QC skills, stat toggles, and Evolved skill are all some of the most powerful skills in the game. Also, the default advanced version takes up the ninth (or zeroth depending on your view) slot, which frees up a key inventory slot for a utility armor. Some builds almost exclusively use the subrace armors because they are superior to all or almost all alternatives in the game.

That said, certain armors are superior to the subrace armors in raw damage, which makes them preferable for builds optimizing for that. Bloodzerker is better due to having a slighty stronger version of the Evolved skill albeit with an element lock. Old-lean armors have the strongest skills in the game if one has either no boosters like you or a booster for the wrong attack type like many Dunamis warriors who don't want to get Thernda.

Horo-Show Void Vigilante is indeed weaker overall compared to White Howler. However, because pure damage is often prioritized in offensive builds above almost everything else, it is usually recommended for offensive builds. It is your choice if you wish to use only subrace armors for their respective elements for the greater overall versatility. Some people do recommend that. Werewolf can cover 4, 7, or 8 elements, depending on how many Z-tokens you have and how willing you are to give up a couple percent of elemental resistance. Some do view using the same armors for every situation as rather boring, as Ryu Draco mentioned. AQ's a game, ultimately, so it's really a matter of what you find fun. Do you like to optimize everything to steamroll everything at mach speed, or do you prefer safety and sustainability while crushing everything at "only" transonic speed?
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4/25/2020 10:13:40   

okay , assume i'm a bit on the ddumber side here , and explain to me how exactly does one replaces his normal werewolf transformation with an advanced form ? Edit : nvm , i didn't realized the basic armor actually increases with you completing werewolf quests. Whats the point of the advanced earth werewolf form then ?

Also , the thing with horo show , and a lot of other armors with a skil , is that it usually uses the element of the armor rather then the equiped wepon. If im fighting an ice monster , ill definetly use horo show rather then torontosaur rider. And trying to burst with the same element as the monster is usually not that great. Sure , you can use celerity , burst in the first round , and then defend the next one i guess , but that require a bit more setup usually.

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AQ  Post #: 28
4/25/2020 10:48:20   

Advanced Subrace armor is for Adventurers since they don't get the ninth slot.

People usually do so much damage in the proper setup that taking damage doesn't matter. Without setting up, I can do around 3k damage in a turn. With full setup, I can do anywhere from 6k to 10k damage per turn of Celerity on 100% resistances. Nothing can survive that for the couple of turns we get with Celerity and Control. However, no one's saying that this is the only way to play. If you prefer playing the game as you have, there is nothing stopping you.
Post #: 29
4/25/2020 10:49:56   
Primate Murder

The advanced form is for adventurers who don't get the transformation.

As for nukes... AQWiki has a full explanation with all potentially useful items, but in short, the basic idea of the meta is to stun-lock the monster, cast a bunch of buffs and debuffs, use purple rain to regain sp/mp spent and nuke the guy in 1-2 turns. Also allows you to use stuff like CIT, dealing *1.5 damage for basically free. Maximum damage for minimum expenditure - though it does require some set-up.

Another popular method of using ele-locked skills is with Imbues - qc spells that change the element of your next attack. White Knight Z + Terror Fist, Horo Show +Fire Dragon Talon, etc.

Edit: Ninja'd!

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AQ DF  Post #: 30
4/25/2020 12:19:24   

Honestly , assuming i use essence of carnage , lepre-chan (on a 100% light monster) , use purple rain loop to give myself celerity and more dex , use chieftain iron thorn - then i will probably hit around 3-3.5k per kindred skill. So around 6-7k at best , and that would require me setting up for the kindred strikes before hand. Without setup , i'd probably use bloodzerker armor with sword and cit. And even so , i'll at best hit around 2-2.5k per attack , so at most 5k per round. Could use the interactiong between bloodzerker and zabura's hammer , and hit somewhere near the kindred skill as well i guess , but still nowhere near 5k per shot i think

How are you guys hitting 10k+ is over me....

As for stun locking , i legitimatly dunno what im doing wrong honestly.... As i see it , the werewolf transform has a chance of fearing. 3 of my pets have chance of paralyze and some wepons also have chance to paralyze , but there is no way to make this consistent. How are you guys doing it ?

edit : also , i upgraded on a whim , so i''m not restricted to adventurer stuff only

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AQ  Post #: 31
4/25/2020 15:27:38   

Well, a lot of us have a couple items that help us boost the damage quite a bit further. We have booster pets and guests, which are stronger than Essence of Carnage; Arcane Amplification/Buffalot's Beach Bod to push our main stats even higher to maximize stat damage and boosts; Blood Contract/Warlic's Oblivion Orb/Grakma's Harbinger as the best boosting miscs; New Year's Surprise Spell/Helm of Frostval Past to maximize BtH; and rares like Z-finity Gauntlet: Power and the Weapons of Frostval Past to inflict huge amounts of elemental vulnerability. Essentially, we have premium/rare items that are just better at boosting damage than what you are using. We're also at max level, which helps when using items that don't scale to one's level.

Love Potion is what you're missing. It allows you to cast a QC 100% control (that is currently bugged to stack on itself), so we get free turns by combining it and Shadowfeeder Pendant. Love Potion will come back when Valentine's Day comes, so you'll unfortunately have to wait until next year to pick it up. Also, most players are mages, so we use Vampire's Mesmerize to basically do the same thing as Love Potion. It's the vampire equivalent to Snarl and has a much stronger effect at the cost of using Cha instead of Main Stat for its roll. As a warrior, you don't really have access to that unless you want to give up build synergy, but fear stacking can be just as strong if not even stronger if you pick up Terror Eater.
Post #: 32
4/25/2020 15:49:54   

honestly , i should just respec to mage , considering i got a poelala by mistake from an ultrare gift box. But i dont particulary like mages.

Still , i find it kinda crappy how the game balance is tho. Mages for example have way more versatility ,especially in equipment.

Mages can play in defensive armors (therefore getting hit a lot less or get hit for less damage) , and still do a lot more damage then warriors can , while warriors have to run offensive armors , and offensive shields and still do less. On top of that , they can also take the FO armors as well , and perform better as well.

If we were to trully roleplay here , mage armor/robes should all have **** defenses and resistances. The problem is that the game doesn't lock you into a single class to restrict what you get to wear. Personally , i'd make items have stat requirements to balance the game in a way. Make warriors get the best avaible armors/wepons , and give the mages the better misc/spells. It would actually balance the classes a bit better , and actually differentiate equipment for both , making a lot more items relevant when not everyone has to wear the same thing. As it stands , mages can pretty much play the same way as warrior can with magic wepons/swords , and use the same armors , while also having access to casting huge burst spells.

Like....you could legitimatly put a mage in a fully bloodzerker armor with a bloodzerker sword , change the attack to magic , and only do slighty less damage then a warrior would do in the same equipment , which is kinda bullcrap.

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AQ  Post #: 33
4/25/2020 16:14:56   

The topic of mages vs warriors is a contentious and highly controversial one that would be better explored in another thread with players who understand the game far better than I. However, I will note that the difference between the two for most is so negligible that you should have no issue with switching to a mage. My mage main only casts supplementary spells like Moonwalker's Grace and QC damage spells like Spectral Chains. Otherwise, it plays almost identically to a warrior.
Post #: 34
4/25/2020 16:56:01   

which is kinda the point here. Mages have the option of playing exactly like a warrior , in FO warrior armors and using int like str pretty much. Which is kinda dumb , but whatever. Other then that , i dunno.
AQ  Post #: 35
4/25/2020 19:14:22   
Legendary Ash

Warrior/Ranger/Mage/Hybrid can play Defensive Lean equally, as of last year's release there are Spell slot Sp skills one of each element with a 5% damage MC that assume Neutral lean damage like Spell slot Spells.

Defensive Lean Mage/Hybrid typically don't get to use both Sp and Mp skills/spells that assume Neutral lean as that would require 16 slots due to most skills/spells costing a single type of resource, equipment such as Armors with built-in skills/spells that are locked to an element receive Elecomp that assumes Defensive lean, there are only five elements of such armors available in game, the most recent being Grenwog 2020's Werebunny Form update, note that Wind/Ice/Dark has none.

Defensive Lean Beastmaster is most ideal due to its relatively higher output in Neutral lean than any other build as there is a 10% melee decompression bonus on Guests and Pet receives stat damage from Cha to add onto the base of 20% melee only assumed for other build types.

Werepyre subrace splits costs evenly between Sp and Mp, this means it gets double the amount of casts that could be paired with its Elecomp skills, the level 10 skill toggles the armor from Neutral to Offensive lean.

Offensive lean Mages and Beastmasters have equipment such as Armors with built-in skills/spells be it Sp or Mp that are locked to an element receive Elecomp of a Neutral lean for spell-type or divides spell-type Elecomp by Armor lean for weapon-type due to it being multiplicative with Armor Lean.

For now Offensive Mages unlike Defensive will have to contend with half their Sp or Mp skills/spells being in Spell slot that assume Neutral lean. The popular choice are the Offensive lean Bloodmage armors with Elecomp Mp spells with three available one rare or other armors with Elecomp Sp skills with at least one for each element.

Offensive Beastmasters will have to select Pet/Guest with immobility themed status conditions that indirectly scale to the player's Armor lean due to actively increasing the ratio of player output relative to Pet/Guest, there are only six elements of such guests available. Note that Wind has none, Lolosia's Pub for a quest-free temporary Light guest and Energy element had the only four that went rare, a limited time Token Package, a rare Void Takeover Challenge, but with the announcement of a rotation for mobs in The Void, it has a possibility of returning due to lack of specification to seasonal or intended to be rare Void Takeovers.

To search the mentioned available equipment, browse from my equipment listing guides in pending guides with respect to equipment categories by elements and other identifications.

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AQ  Post #: 36
4/28/2020 14:32:49   

I am in the same boat as OP, i have no idea what im doing but ill follow as many of the suggestions as i can. Right now im trying to get my luck up but i simply cant tank or overheal Nuberon the Mage enough to win except by... luck lol. Also, did they nerf the NerfKitten? I am not 100% sure but i feel like when it nerfed the enemy monster before it brought the monsters elemental resistances up?
AQ  Post #: 37
4/28/2020 15:36:49   


I am in the same boat as OP, i have no idea what im doing but ill follow as many of the suggestions as i can. Right now im trying to get my luck up but i simply cant tank or overheal Nuberon the Mage enough to win except by... luck lol. Also, did they nerf the NerfKitten? I am not 100% sure but i feel like when it nerfed the enemy monster before it brought the monsters elemental resistances up?

Yes, the Nerfkitten pet was nerfed years ago. It's still a decent pet, but it's not as good as it used to be.
Read through this guide to get a better understanding of the game: https://adventurequestwiki.fandom.com/wiki/AdventureQuestWiki_Wiki
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