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advice for an elder

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5/12/2020 1:40:31   

so I'm pretty old around here, within the first million players, almost within the first 500k. I play casually, but lately I've been wanting to be a bit more competitive.

any advice on that front would be appreciated, but I do have a specific question, for the void war that just took place I was looking at the character pages for the top placers to get some ideas from that. I was wondering if most players have 'war loadouts' and 'normal loadouts'? because if so the character pages I pulled up for inspiration would be less useful obviously.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
5/12/2020 2:24:50   

Wow, some nearly as ancient as me.

I can't speak to others, but my setup was a bit of both. I'm only newly returned myself though, so...

I used my basic gear, but added a Giga Dragon Buster to add a little hurt.

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AQ DF  Post #: 2
5/12/2020 2:36:54   

yeah I switched the various dragon blades and busters i'd been collecting into active for the war, which is part of why I asked.

but my question was more specifically referring to armors, misc items, shields, ETC. for example I keep the CIT in my inventory normally, however I only ever actually use it in wars where I don't have to worry about the ability to block, or resist elements as much. for the war I never switched out of the barbarian armor, and the CIT once I hit 100 momentum to try to maximize the damage I was outputting. I was trying to get to 1000 kills for the war, didn''t quite make it, but I did break my war record.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
5/12/2020 12:02:00   

For warring I usually wait till my momentum is up fairly high then I switch to a ele-locked armor like Algern's Carapace or Svadilfari's Oath with Zealot's Wrath and Iron thorn. I use Legendary Shadow Crystal V1 on Mino day or Minotaur's Pride for a misc. I used this setup against void dragons and various armor skills against the others. A lot of folks just use armor skills for everything. They go down pretty fast this way and I don't have to spend as much time refueling SP. I should note that I don't really try to compete for top spots on the war list. Another thing I do is get the initiative potion from lucreta and turn off the "ready inventory before battle" option. This saves battle time as well. My warring inventory will typically look very different from my generic daily inventory as I stack it up to optimize it for whatever the war/quest calls for.

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AQ  Post #: 4
5/12/2020 13:19:14   

I'm not the most prolific warmonger, though I did manage 19th place in this war, so I like to think I'm qualified for answering this question.

The key to warring is efficiency. This leads to spending gold on stuff like the Ambush Potion, as xDeathlordx mentioned, for an initiative bonus and turning off Ready Inventory before Battles to save time. This isn't a general strategy since switching items before battles is usually very important, especially against bosses. Simply put, warring involves unconventional strategies for greater efficiency.

There are two trains of thought with regards to efficiency: efficiency in turns taken and efficiency in resources used.
The former involves dealing as much damage as possible to prevent monsters taking a turn since the latter animations can take up precious time. This involves QC skills like Buffalot's Beach Bod/Arcane Amplification and nukes. The issue is that this takes setup time and requires spam-clicking Essence Orb to replenish resources. This is the route I take in warring.
The latter involves dealing as much damage as possible while using as few resources as possible. This is the idea behind xDeathlordx's strategy. Since elelocked armors get massive elecomp on their normal attacks, their normal attacks do a lot more damage, almost up to armor skill levels of damage. This is a normal attack, so SP and MP aren't required. There is no need for spam-clicking. The issue is that without setup or nukes, this is obviously weaker than the former strategy. Stronger monsters will absolutely take their own turns, which can take up time.
Regardless, both strategies aim to reduce the time needed to kill monsters as much as possible since the real limiting factor in warring is time. With sufficient time, one can massively extend one's caps far beyond what is expected. That is, in fact, how many of the top ten placers got so many kills. They set a really low gold limit and fled from all monsters that give more gold than that. This does make generating momentum impossible, so BtH and damage will be lower than for normal players. This means they take even more time for battles than normal beside just finding monsters to fight. Time is the limiting factor.

As to how my personal setup changes between warring and normal questing: I take out my armor imbues and Purple Rain since those take up time. Normal optimal play for me involves using imbues and Purple Rain to maximize damage and resource efficiency, but that takes time that I need during wars. Otherwise, my build doesn't really change since I nuke in normal play as well.
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5/14/2020 21:14:21   

awesome input!

what are some good options for equipment to replace what i'm currently running? I need to unlock the special potions still. I just fixed my stats for optimization. what I would love is some easy to obtain misc items that help with elemental resistance for survivability in generalized play. and misc items to maximize damage output potential for wars. I only have one element locked capable armor I can think of, the unmounted version of the paragon fiend mount. so also suggestions for good element locked armors. is element locked better than bloodzerker? that's what most of the melee builds have had when I've been looking over their equipment. I'll need to build up some UR's to get them. I spent all mine rare hunting for the cross-game event.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
5/14/2020 22:44:22   

Here isthe recommendations I was give. Others can give you more specifics, but this should help since you seem to be running a FO Warrior too.
AQ DF  Post #: 7
5/14/2020 23:04:08   

Primate Murder's suggestions were made for a warrior with neither Dunamis nor Thernda. There are a few things that need to be changed for one with dual Dunamis but not dual Thernda. Namely, old-lean armors are worthless without Thernda for a Dunamis warrior. Also, Gauntlet of Xano just came back, and it completely surpasses Zabura's Hammer and Morningstar Cross, so pick that up instead. Finally, we've gotten a pretty good energy/harm compression weapon in the form of Royal Voidrender, so wind may be a better no-drop. A replacement for Lorekeeper's Oath in the suggestions is Blazing Bloodzerker's Sword from the R GGBs. Everything else, Primate Murder's suggestions are completely fine. Do note that you should switch your subrace to werewolf, as dracopyre is completely outdated. Primate Murder's suggestion assumes that one is a werewolf. Nevertheless, you have some rares that may be worth using. Unlike Demistic, who has been gone for a very long time, you have picked up quite a few items that are still worth using. It might be a good idea to ask for a character rating yourself.

Now, I'll answer your question about elelocked armors. Elelocked armors like Svadilfari's Oath and Algern's Carapace boost normal attack damage by a certain amount due to being locked to an element. The main benefit is the huge damage increase for 0 SP or MP cost. Bloodzerkers do something similar, but their shtick is doubling weapon damage and paying HP for +20% damage. This makes them stronger than elelocked armors, but you'll need to pay some SP and HP for it. The one that is better depends on what you value more: greater damage or greater resource efficiency. Bloodzerkers can further boost skills like that of Gauntlet of Xano. Together, this is one of the strongest nukes in the game.
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