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List of nagging bugs that should be addressed

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6/9/2020 4:47:44   

Here are some bugs that I have found or learned about in the past months that have yet to be addressed. I realize that some bugs are often not made a priority due to poor cost-benefit tradeoff between time spent fixing and the impact of the bug on the game's health. That is perfectly understandable. Here, I think 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 are more urgent, relatively speaking.

1. Infernal Surge and Infernal Fortitude in Kraggor's shop are still primary cores. This was first noticed over a month ago and I have no reason to believe that it was intentional. If you use them in a battle and then attempt to use the pre-equipped armor versions of the cores in the same battle, the game lags. On another note, Plasma Fly is marked Limited Rare when it is not.

2. Festive seasonal weapons are still beng sold in Torgan's shop. I'm sure that they should have been removed along with the other December seasonals.

3. When multi skills are used against two players, they only register certain skill efects for the player in the top position. For example, if the top player has Husk Shield (lowers damage against Iron Husk) equipped but the bottom player does not, Iron Husk's multi attacks will deal damage as if both players have Husk Shield. Conversely, if the top player doesn't have Husk Shield but the bottom player does, Iron Husk's multi attacks will deal damage as if neither player has Husk Shield. I strongly suspect that this is the same bug that causes skills like Nanotech Armor to not work in some cases against multi attacks.

4. Feast of Flesh is not working properly. An attempt to describe this bug was first made here, four months ago. Although I have not looked into the issue extensively, I have been able to gather some details that seem to paint a far more straightforward picture of the bug than what was suggested by Valencia's report. I am not sure that it exlusively affects technology and support skills. What I have found is that it seems to only affect Cyber Hunters, and only when the Cyber Hunter has at least one point invested in Gene Augment. It would appear that Gene Augment, which applies an effect that is identical to one of Feast of Flesh's effects, must be overriding Feast of Flesh. If this is actually an intended feature, I am highly dissappointed. To be clear, when applying Feast of Flesh, a skill's power will increase when looking at the skill description, but in reality it does the same as if there was no buff. This is proveable with Static Charge. On another note, the energy and physical staff versions of Azrael's Evolution are not consistent with each other; the physical version remains closed when in battle, which I assume was not intended.

5. When using Infinity Power Strike, it instantly fills the opponent's Rage Bar by 50% more than it should. Obviously, this does a huge disservice to the user and is suicidal in many cases. Players report that the core has been bugged since the day of its release.

6. The art on the Nanosteel Armor and Hardened Armor cores are inconsistent. When Nanotech Shield was added to Cyber Hunters, these cores gained a pink, glowing background the same as Nanotech Shield. Probably, the art on the cores and this skill were linked in some way due to reusing art. This was recently fixed, intentionally or not, but any copies of the cores purchased before retained the pink background. If the fix was intentional and the inconsistencies are un-fixable, that is understandable, but I bring this up in case it was not.

7. As reported a week ago by CactusChan, Nightmare Kartherax is currently unchallengable by any player. After both players attempt to click into the battle, the game will be stuck at three players and eventually kick you. You cannot attempt to exit the battle. If one player leaves, the other player's screen will show that only two players have been found. My intuition is that this has to do with the fact that the normal Kartherax requires you to partner with Gamma Guard. It is possible that the Nightmare version is still programmed to require Gamma Guard in order to start the battle but because this does not happen, the battle fails to start. It is unclear why this bug is present now since Nightmare Kartherax was evidently challengable when it was first released.

8. Since its implementation, Maelstrom does not grant Rage to either the user or the target, as mentioned in a recent report by Katakuri. I feel that this should not be intentional. No other ultimate skill, or any skill in the game for that matter, behaves this way and it is rather silly in my opinion. An issue with Super Charge not granting the target Rage was recently fixed but I have heard no confirmation regarding the percularities of Maelstrom--whether intentional or a bug.

9. This is a minor issue. When hovering over some of the recently added skills such as Terrify, Precision Strike, and Adaptive Offense on a character stat page, the skill description box is not in the same position as it is for the other skills on the skill tree. Also, Defense in Legendary Mode is slightly misaligned; it is shifted a bit to the left.

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6/11/2020 20:55:39   

Further to #7 that I didn't mention in my original post: I have reason to suspect that the reason Nightmare Kartherax (NM Karth) doesn't work currently is due to the introduction of Nightmare Black Abyss Spider (NM BAS). As far as I know, NM Karth always worked before NM BAS was introduced, and became bugged after that point. There's also the fact that until NM BAS came along, NM Karth was the only 2v1 boss (with a non-NPC ally) in the game with non-standard attacks; all others (e.g. Merged Dragonoid, Void King, etc.) have normal attacks and skills that real players can use.
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