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Advice for FO poe mage build

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6/27/2020 7:52:23   

So I've been working on a new character, still early stages (35 at the mo)

ID: 87731587

Going for a FO poelala mage build but it's a bit all over the place at the moment, using a few random things off other characters to fill gaps as I'm still levelling.
Just wondering if anyone can offer some guidance as to what equipment to aim for and my stat spread, given that charisma is more impactful for poelala now.

Current build is as follows:

(lvl35 X-Guardian)

Stats: 115 int
(all I've invested in so far, I was thinking my goal should be max int/luck, maybe some investment into charisma due to the recent balancing of booster pets)

Subrace: (will be) vampire

Hydromancer bloodblade
Healing branch and solar flair staff for the utility/healing pet and compression of light/fire
The rest is mostly what I had in storage or what I could pick up easily.

Armors: (also have tinkerer in storage possibly useful for fire/energy)
Hydromancer bloodmage
Generalist robes
Couple other wizard robes (just placeholders really)
Torontosaurous rex - placeholder
Beasts cunning Z (probably gonna store this later, just handy as I level)

Shields: Nothing of note yet, kindred shield again as a temp measure and the mp recovery is handy)

Spells: (these really need some work, mostly placeholders)
Invisible blast
Deadly icicle
Gatekeepers seal (scaled)
Call mana bat
Destruction burst
Jaaina's orb of power
Summon poelala

Pets: (mostly placeholders, as ill be using poelala mostly I was thinking a bunch of utility pets)
Fairy godmother G
Guardian firewere
Ice were pup
Thunder troll
Fairy godfather G
Vampire bat

Misc: Essence orb of course besides that, nothing of note yet

Temp slots: I'll pick up Awe(!!!) Staff and probably Ultra(!!!) guardian armor/shield when I get round to grinding crossroads again

My main question is what to work towards equipment wise, as you can see its kind of all over the place at the mo.

I don't mind delving into some more gift boxes or token packages, although probably not the really expensive ones unless there's something significantly worth it.
Arcane amplification will likely be my next investment - any others worth looking into?

Any advice/input would be much appreciated!

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AQ DF  Post #: 1
6/27/2020 9:25:52   
Primate Murder

With the changes to CIT the meta has changed rather significantly (at least for FO mages), and hasn't quite settled down - but I'll see what I can do.

First of all, the meta mage still uses 250 Int/Dex/Luck. Even 250 Cha would give about 15% damage boost (7.5% for spells) via double Poes at top level. Not really worth a change.


All the best energy weapons are currently rare, so I suggest making Energy your no-drop. Align Awe special to PWD to retain a 3% chance of insta-kill.

Blazing Bloodzerker Blade makes your D-Burst spell (and eventually Blood Pyre) deal +10% damage.

For water, you have two good options. Aqua Pen gives a multiplicative 18% damage boost to your water spells, but is a 100-proc, so sucks for direct attacks. Kindred sword (from lvl 45) has a chargable autohit - could come in useful against high-MRM mobs.

Switch your class title to Mage or Wizard and grab a Magestave for wind to get a little extra damage from your Warmaster's Burst / Artic Tornado.

Arctic Athame gives +18.75% damage bonus to your ice spells, with the bonus doubled against monsters with Int>0.

Terra Bloodzerker sword gives +10% damage bonus to earth spells and is BiS for normal armor attacks. It also has a small FSB damage bonus when used with Terra Bloodzerker armor.

Occult Morningstar Cross (lvl 45+) is fairly unexceptional by itself, but you can click on it for a 2x damage attack - and that synergizes very nicely with Bloodzerker armor toggles or Vamp's Evolved form.

Voidsplinter Tether or Sunderer give you a source of harm damage.


At lower levels the elemental wizard robes (especially with Imbue toggled) give you a really op damage bonus to spells. Once you outlevel them, Bloodmages are the next best thing, with a high-elecomp compressed spell and a 50% spell damage bonus paid via hp. We currently have Bloodmages for Water, Ice and Light. Pyromancer Bloodmage will become available via a Void challenge in a few weeks.

Terra Bloodzerker pays a small hp cost for 20% bonus damage and has a toggle to lock you to armor element 2x damage. This gives you a powerful earth nuke, especially when combined with Morningstar Cross' skill. There's also a Blazing Bloodzerker, if you want a powerful fire nuke until Pyromancer comes back.

The armor with the strongest wind nuke is compressed in a premium weapon. A weaker option would be the Grenwog Rider in UR GGBs. It toggles between wind and earth form and has skills for both of those elements. Wind skill in wind form GR has a high elecomp and counts as a spell (so benefits from the Magestave).

Starting lvl 45, you can use the Taladosian armor. It's old standard, so its skill has a really powerful elecomp bonus to damage.

Your darkness slot should be covered by your no-drop Vampire Transformation.


Shield of Agony's Blood gives your enemy a negative bth lean - meaning they'll hit harder, but less often, which is nice since the shield does a bit of damage to the monster when it misses. On the other side, the Overlord set shield damages the monster when they do hit you.

As an FO mage, there's no better water shield for you than Celtic Wheel (lvl 45+). An Int drive increases your damage, accuracy and gives you a little extra mp.

Fujin set shield has a Dexdrive, increasing your accuracy.

Pies has a Cha drive - giving you a little extra damage via Poes and increasing your chances of Mesmerizing the monster.

Golem Guard has a toggle to reduce the damage you take.

When you have high enough Luck, you may want to pick up Golden Dragon Head for a boost to your LS rate. Until then, Ethereal Shield has a toggle for a chance to reduce damage taken.

Lantern of Souls has a small chance of giving you a guaranteed block.


Destruction Burst remains the strongest spell for both fire and darkness. There are also variants for the other six elements ( Arctic Tornado, Creation Burst and Cysero's Explosive Teleport Booth), but they're all premium. The only other burst spell is Warmaster's Burst, covering wind.

Sizzler 'Splosion sacrifices some damage, but autohits - useful against high MRM wind mobs.

Archmage Research (lvl 75+) does harm damage. Until then, Runic Binding fills the slot, dealing harm damage and increasing the damage you do for the next few rounds.

There's no real reason to use any normal spells - the nukes compressed in your armors would do a lot more damage. For the elements that don't have nukes, Evolved Form (from Vamp no-drop) does nearly as much damage with weapon attacks, at a lower cost and with some lifesteal.

Keep Poelala, it remains one of the best boosts for your magical attacks and spells.

Purple Rain is incredibly useful for the meta. It acts as a save point - cast it once to save your current sp/mp/hp, then cast all your buffs (like Moonwalker's Grace) and debuffs (like Mesmerize), then cast Purple Rain again to return your sp/mp/hp back.

Moonwalker's Grace is a qc Dex boost, providing some extra accuracy.

Arcane Amplification mentioned in your post is one of the best investments for a mage, giving you a qc Int boost.

Some of the other spells that may be worth a look:

- Knife to Meat You is a qc earth spell, dealing damage without costing a turn. Comes back at Mogloween.

- Edoc Imanok. A qc MRM booster, good for PR loop if you couldn't stun the monster.

- Arms of the Dragonguard make your next attack an automatic Lucky Strike. Not qc.

- Angry Trobble. Can be clicked on for a bth boost. Not qc.


No real reason to use anything except Poelala, though if you're running Kindred sword/armor/shield, the Kindred pet can spend the turn gathering charges.


Keep Essence Orb for sp.

Goggernaut Helm gives +10 bth to every attack on the field, without the usual /2 for spells.

There's quite a few miscs that boost your damage. Premium Blood Contract gives you nearly 30% damage boost (10% for spells) and has no upkeep cost (though you do take increased damage). Warlic's Oblivion Orb gives Int and Luck. Eye of Osiris gives Int and bth. Power Shard: Dr. Boom gives Int and an energy spell.

Taladosian Pendant gives Mental Potency, which increases your chances of inflicting Mesmerize.

When Snugglefest comes back, buy Love Potion. Stackable quickcast control.

On lvl 101, pick up Rejuvenating Necklace - heals your mp based on damage dealt.

At lvl 105, grab SFP. By clicking on it, you can get qc celerity.

Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respectively.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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AQ DF  Post #: 2
6/27/2020 11:22:13   

Thanks so much for the writeup, incredibly helpful!

Yes I thought the recent changes might mix things up a bit, got my second poe just before it happened so it had me a little worried haha - as long as they're still good it's fair enough to tone them down a bit.
I'll stick to int/dex/luck for now then, if I was to stack cha it would only really be for poe/vamp, doesn't seem worth worrying about for that purpose alone.

Didn't know active class title mattered, not something I've ever paid attention to on any of my characters - good to know!

Never considered bloodzerker as I assumed it was the melee equivalent of bloodmage, but if they benefit mages I have terrazerker + sword on my ranger, along with airenal's lance - I could transfer them over.
If that's the case, would WKZ and Horro-Show benefit mage also? (have them on other chars/storage) If so they'd potentially be decent placeholders if I'm unlucky with the boxes for lumi/cryo bloodmages.

Finally - is it worth swapping out hydro bloodblade for aqua pen? Considering fsb with hydromancer.

Thanks again!
AQ DF  Post #: 3
6/27/2020 13:36:18   
Primate Murder

Lumenomancer and Cryomancer Bloodmages are slightly stronger (now that CIT's been nerfed), but WKZ and Horo Show are the next best thing for their respective elements.

The Bloodblade (FSB included) gives a 15% damage boost and it's additive, which means no extra interaction with Bloodmage's hp-costing boost or Poes. Aqua Pen gives 18% boost and is multiplicative. Basically, the difference is not that significant, but it is there.
AQ DF  Post #: 4
6/27/2020 18:24:39   

Brilliant, got lucky on the boxes and managed to grab the remaining bloodmage armors, so all set now!

Thanks again for the tips
AQ DF  Post #: 5
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