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7/27/2020 0:32:11   

Of course I bent the knee to Empress Anhala. I had helped her grandfather forge his empire at the turn of the millennium, and back then I was still fond of earthly attachments.”


The vermin leapt backwards, throwing up its cloak to break Micol’s line of sight - fitting for the pious warrior who wore faith as a shield. Equally fitting was the ethereal blade that passed right through that defense, gliding through fabric harmlessly but leaving its unseen mark upon the believer’s body. Your goddess only delivers you from the damnation you create. A following defined the terms of salvation, not the deity who offered it. Believers chose to see what they painted before them and elected to ignore any fallacies in the design. After all, one truly protected by the divine had no need for skull helms and armored plates.

And if the divine cared not to protect the believer, then what worth was their faith?

Micol landed with a splash just short of aer fallen spear. With the cloak still billowing in the air, ae pulled upon the invisible thread forging the believer to Wane. The ebony sai tore itself free from aer side and plunged headlong towards the dark mantle. Micol's legs coiled beneath aer to spring into action and keep aer momentum going. A leap followed by a push upon the spear was the natural progression. Yet instead ae found aerself hesitating.

Where was the spark, the fire? Micol’s brow furrowed and a frown tugged at aer lips. Within the tavern, ae had felt it. The woesong had promised it. A championship where whatever deities ruled this land gathered to watch their followers contend for their favor. Not prayers whispered to deaf ears, not rituals performed for uncaring eyes, but a true tournament to bridge the gap between mortality and divinity in the manifestation of a single wish. Micol had felt aer blood burn and heart flutter when but near that inspiring combatant and her song. It had been true…

...hadn’t it?

A war cry broke through Micol’s stupor. Ae launched aerself diagonally, aiming to hurtle past the vermin’s left shoulder. A step too late for even as Wane sunk into that dark veil separating the two combatants, a thin blade sprouted from the fabric. Micol exerted aer grasp, commanding the spear and the believer to fall towards one another. Yet even with the interference of Burden of Heaven pulling upon its target, the steel struck true. The vermin's estoc caught Micol on the side, ripping open a gash above aer hip. The wound burned hot but the pale figure only felt cold amidst the aroma of brine and decay. The sole acknowledgment it received was a solitary twitch of aer ebony eye. Where is the promise of grandeur?

Across the arena babbled the alchemist with twin spheres already whistling through the air. Nothing new, nothing provocative. Even the allure of fresh arcane ingenuity lost its novelty with repetition. Micol pushed against Burden of Heaven to extend aer flight past the vermin. Ae twirled in the air, keeping the center of aer body facing the other two combatants. No hint of emotion crossed aer pale visage. In spite of the wound bleeding at aer side, in spite of the tattered robes clawing at aer seared and blistering skin, Micol touched down with nary a sound. Ae breathed in and in that moment the youthful exuberance dissolved away. Gone was the liveliness. Gone was the innocence. All that remained were two tired eyes staring far beyond the reaches of the arena.

“I suppose I should not have expected any better,” Micol sighed. Aer fingers relaxed their grip on Beneath the Shadow’s Mask, the blade distorting what little light reached it. The sword fell into an open stance offering neither threat nor defense. Ae glanced over at the believer and exerted aer grasp between it and Wax. The forgotten Arm of Eternity rumbled to life as it surged forwards to obey its master. Prove me wrong.
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7/27/2020 7:06:46   

As she closed in on her target, the girl seemed to suddenly take notice of her approach, spinning to face her. The girl did something and her shield began to change, morphing shapes until it held the form of a cannon and Sledaristan grinned. That’s definitely far flashier than anything Thief would do, but it certainly proves that she’s no pushover! The cannon let loose a ‘shot’, a great orange orb that bore down on her legs. Due to Tekkon Skil, she was unable to dodge and it slammed into her.

Suddenly Sledaristan was assaulted by a great and resounding BOOM that disoriented her and muffled the variant noises throughout the arena that she hadn’t been paying any attention anyway. A couple long steps and she was close enough to the girl, so she swung Styoio Kar to its full extent, but her stance was wobbly and the swing went high. Focusing her sight, she found that her little target had rid herself of the cannon and now held an odd spear that was pointed at one end and bulbous at the other.

She brought her axe back the other way and the girl planted her spear into the ground and grabbed hold of the other end, pirouetting into the air directly away from Sledaristan. Her equilibrium had not yet fully returned to her and her axe deviated down, which, while it still struck the girl’s staff, merely uprooted the object, before biting into the coral floor. Taking a step forward, Sledaristan swung her axe back up, as her minute adversary pointed the bulbous end towards her. Axe collided with spear and there was a sudden flash and she cried out as her vision exploded into white.

So many pretty stars… she blinked several times to try and clear her vision when she felt an impact against her gut. Vision returned and she saw a look of shock on her compact aggressor, gazing at the pointed end of her spear failing to pierce flesh. She began to bring her axe down and shock shifted to alarm on her petite victim, who threw her spear aside and rolled out of the way, the axe cracking into coral. She shifted her gaze over to where the girl had scrambled after her spear, but was now holding a shield again, although it seemed smaller now.
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7/27/2020 23:27:00   

Navigator of

Abbi's shield has lost approximately 15% of its overall size now after several axe blows, limiting the arsenal she can draw upon. "Not enough for a scythe, I don't think..." Abbi looks at the reduced shield, trying to quickly think of a new plan. Before she can decide however, her opponent's axe is coming down on her yet again. "Is this all you can offer?" Abbi shouts, using her shield to block the attack as several more shards of illumite 'splinter'. "There goes the cannon..." Abbi sighs.

This realization is imperative, however. Through battle, Abbi seems to have figured out the mammoths' capabilities; aside from her obvious size, brute strength, and seemingly impenetrable flesh, her movements are slow, and entirely predictable, and is defenseless against blinds and deafening spells; the only remaining variable was just how impenetrable she was. "Nobody's invincible... let's try this on for size," Abbi thinks as she reforges her shield once again into a sword imbued with a brilliant blue. Abbi relies on her agility to navigate around the base of the mountain of a woman, using her clawed illumite gauntlet and illumite shield—or whatever weapon she has reforged—to defend against any glancing blows.

Abbi slashes at the giant's legs with her sword several times, but fails to make much more of an impact than the spear did earlier. One dodge from a leftward swing and one defend from a rightward swing of the axe later, Abbi tries another tactic; her dagger. As the blue light from her sword fades back into her illumite shield—now approximately 75% of its original size—she quickly weaves between the giant's legs as her shield reforges once more and throws the dagger square at the back of the mountainous woman; much to her disappointment however, the dagger simply bounces off as if it were made of rubber rather than one of the world's hardest natural substances, illumite. "What in the world..." Abbi chokes down a curse as she retreats temporarily in order to retrieve her dagger and reforge her shield, which has become tangled in a nearby mound of kelp.

Whether too stubborn, or perhaps aware of something Abbi wasn't, the giant focuses on her target—Abbi—once more. To be fair, while she hasn't managed to injure Abbi yet, she was at least making progress on Abbi's illumite shield, which is now at approximately 70% of its original size after being deflected by whatever unseen armor Abbi's adversary was equipped with. Meanwhile, although Abbi knew she could dodge the majority of her assailant's attacks, her shield wouldn't last forever, and she still hadn't discovered how to deal any real damage to her.

"The blast from the cannon... the spell from the spearstaff..." Abbi thinks to herself, "These are the abilities that had the most impact. Melee combat... not so effective. I need another spell... a powerful one..."

That's when it hit her. "Ultraviolet!"

In a fraction of a second, Abbi focuses her light magic internally, her amethyst eye glowing brightly for just a moment. Abbi aligns her shield and gauntlet directly at the giant, focusing on her left leg, which has already been slashed a number of times rather ineffectively by her sword. "Let's see how tough you really are!" Abbi cries as she unleashes a single bullet of ultraviolet light at her target, watching with equal amounts of joy and surprise as it actually strikes through whatever plating is covering this woman.

"It— it worked!" Abbi prepares to fire another shot, this time at the giant's gut where her spear had failed to impale before as her victim unleashes a mighty battlecry. Abbi's second blast is yet another success, causing major burns at the cost of some of Abbi's shield. As she prepares to fire a third ultraviolet blast however, a wicked grin manifests upon the mammoth's mug as if she was enjoying this all just a fraction too much.

Abbi snaps back from her Ultraviolet state and directly into her Infrared state, her ruby eye glowing for a fraction of a second, in order to examine her opponent more clearly; she watches in awe, and a little bit of confusion, as the woman's "plating" appears to soften... was this a result of her blasts, or at the giant's wishes? If so, there would have to be some kind of trade off...

And there it was.

"Uh oh..." Abbi acknowledges the answer as her once avoidable adversary begins bounding towards her with far greater speed than before, swinging her enormous axe in a single hand.

"Remember what mother taught you," Abbi returns to her fundamental state and focuses all of her being into her most defensive stance, preparing to take on the full might of this upgraded adversary.

"Mistakes are nothing but an opportunity to learn."
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7/27/2020 23:50:11   

"I've met several dragonborn, but never one with wings...are you here for a good battle?"

She smiled, despite herself. The childlike glee of her would-be opponent charmed her past her defenses. The scent of saltwater assailed her, and she swayed around, searching for its source.

"Yes, young one," she said, pulling herself to her feet. "Indeed, I am here to pay homage to the Wind in combat." She pulled her censer up, clutching it in both hands, and readied herself. "Let us do battle."

Immediately, Agiara heard the tell-tale sloshing of water, and turned, following the sound. Her arms raised, she readied herself for an incoming blow. A squirt, a strip, something was headed her way; it raked across her chest, slipping under her arms, searching for a vital and finding only bunched silk and chain rings. Instinct kicked in. She slashed out with her left claw, meeting only air, then swung the heavy censer with her right. Nothing. Her foot-claws scratched the coral, searching for hidden obstacles. Water slid before and behind her, and she heard a splash like a footstep - there! The momentum of the heavy marble swung, and this time connected. To her surprise, it continued. Despite having met with her opponent with some form of thudding splash, the censer moved directly through her opponent and came out the other side, robbed greatly of its speed.

I...hit him? He must be made of water. Her eyes widened. Then-

A roaring sound, like the rain from the North, struck just as she realized she was under attack. He...it...was striking directly for her head. She dropped her censer with a heavy thud, fell to a crouch, and raised her arms desperately. One, two cracks, as the opal was near-sawn through by some sort of moving blade. With a roar, she sprang to her feet, thrusting out with both arms to ward off her assailant. A splashing sound seemed to confirm that her opponent was off balance.

I must act now! she thought, as the fierce growl on her lips grew into a full snarl. Her claws clasped, and she raised her arms. No slash will harm a being of water, but perhaps a strong blow can disperse it. We shall see how it reacts. And with that, she brought her arms down fierce, fast, like the falling hammer of the forge-god whose name she dare not invoke.
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7/28/2020 14:49:38   
Eternal Wanderer

His unseen opponent gave no answer - verbally. But her reply flickered out from under the hem of his castoff cloak, flipping it up in passing. It was... A key? Who has a key that large? The alabaster projectile pinwheeled end over end - swifter than the stunned Hirii could dodge. It hammered into an armored plate, wrenching a gasp from him as it drove the disc into his gut.

A key, and an answer. His right paw flailed off the estoc's blade and into the folds of the falling mantle, clutching reflexively at the fabric. He shouldn't have been surprised. Some keys were dangerous; the book certainly was. It had told him of Bren, of a focal point of time, space, and fate: a locus where everything came together. And at that confluence, impossibility could become reality. What better key could there be for a lock of hate, of loss. What stranger door to open than one that led into the past?

What if, Chen Han had once told him, was the most dangerous question of all.

The Hirii Zen struggled to keep his thrust in line, half-formed thoughts like millstones on his back. What if he hadn't assassinated my mother? What if the Butcher simply... hadn't been at all? Lunas fought to breathe - quickstepping, snarling - and staggered forward as the ground roiled like the crumbling cliffs in his nightmares. What if the past isn't written in stone? Impact shivered up the estoc and into his left hand as a reward for his effort.

What if... What if it could be changed?

Glass shattered across his helm-protected muzzle in dazzling starlight bursts. Ravel sighed and shook his head as the febrile illumination flickered across him. "Crusades get people killed, lohik." Perhaps that was true, but how could the Koira have accepted it? How could he have stood next to that... that creature as if he couldn't see the blood pooling at its feet?

Lunas squinted, turning away from his uncle's disapproval and trying to refocus his swimming vision. His arm moved in a swift, tight circle, flicking the damaged fabric up and around his limb like a makeshift vambrace. None of them could understand. None of them could see it wasn’t just the Seekers the Butcher had betrayed. Ravel, Chen Han, Surlissa, they spoke - when they thought Lunas couldn't hear - of the months the five Seekers had spent together. How they had worked to see Ihmiset freed from the tyranny of the Second Nightmare. Only for a new monster to take its place: a Butcher who razed Willow Knot, Antler's Bend, Canyon Rise, a dozen other nameless nowheres that were ash in the wind.

The young man could feel that grit in his fur - stinging, burning - as he pivoted to face his pale foe once more. Dust swirled around him as he charged the feathered woman, baring his fangs anew at her mockery. Dismissal, sarcasm - how like Sootfeather goading him on - and that unguarded stance... The Hirii was young, but he was not so innocent as he had once been.

Jinking to one side, the Etsija plucked the two remaining orbs from his belt and swept the estoc out in a parry. Metal hummed against stone as he battered a dark dagger from the air and flicked an orb back at her in reply. “You shouldn’t.”

His hand clenched around the remaining sphere as he surged forward again, cracking its ceramic shell. Incendiary specks spilled out between his fingers, scattering in the wind to join the tendrils reaching out for his opponent. A moment later Lunas’ tail swept around his side in an ascending arc, whipping his dagger up to meet the estoc’s return. Sparks flared like dying stars in the salt-soaked air, swiftly guttering out… except where they found the motes and sprang to crackling life in a hungry wave of advancing flame. “I was a fool once too. I assumed the meeting was just a chance to say goodbye.”
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7/29/2020 14:13:30   

"Do not be silly, Myriada."

Mother stood there in an expense of white, a hallway made of ivory and stained glass windows. There were curtains, gently dancing in slight breeze, letting the sunlight disperse.

"There is no such thing as borrowing Light."

But Mia saw none of it. Behind Mother, the corridor was endless, like if she was standing in the middle of a freshly snowed field. There suddenly were hundreds of the windows. The light yellow like weathered bone.
Mother was smiling sweetly, but it was the sweet of candy left under the sun, of wasps swarming.

"The light comes from us.* That is who we are. Brixillantes. You are not any different from the rest of your family."

She raised her snowy fingers
"No, please! Please, please, I promise, I can't, I can't, I-"

"Do not be silly. Of course you can. We just need to find it. Danger is the best at bringing out our inner gifts."

Her fingertips shone until they were too bright to see. Mother's golden eyes were the only point, the hallway dissapearing in white. They were cold, and stern.

"Do not move."

Ignored. Mia's brows furrowed. No, none of that. If she was to die at a competition to appease a god, and alsoin a fight with a mouse and a fish, she at least wanted to be seen. And put on a good show.

Deciding to use her time of being ignored to make the others pay, she reached into a pocket with her other hand.

What she pulled off was dark, brown glass, and yet, it emanated warm, orange, pulsing light. Mia almost closed her eyes feeling its warmth. She couldn't help but smile fondly.

That night, it was storming.

There was no lightning, just endless dark clouds, looming over her family's prestigious estate. Callum never had enough time for her, and Asklepia chose to not have enough. Nobody would be looking.
She sat near the windosill, waiting for it to arrive. Like she always did. But the light of lightning was fast and powerful, and so she never quite had enough time to catch it.

But it soothed her, and she liked to spill her soul to it, the enormous halves of her room's window open. It was like having a friend.

A flask flew through the air, dividing the fighters. It broke upon the crash onto a coral. A bubble of pleasant, warm light expanded from it, dousing the flames and washing over the two.


She winked at the rat.

"-mouse, and"

And Micol.

"Gentleperson. Glad you kept a spot for me here."

Her voice would still be too sweet. If it also wasn't saltier than the arena.
Before finishing the sentence, her other hand tossed a Reflection flask at Lunas, its contents speckles blinking in and out.

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

But today, she was determined to do it. To catch it in a bottle and give it to Mother and Father, or die trying.

But there was no lightning this time. She was waiting, like always, but she was silent. The heave in her chest grew as she realized that the lightning has chosen not to come.

It knew, as good friends often do.

She cried.

Lots and lots of tears welling up in her throat, her crying and wailing barely heard over the wind.

She couldn't take any of this anymore.

And as she climbed on the windosill in desperation, tears barely dried, she realized.

She couldn't be here anymore.

The wind was screaming. The clear stained glass doors of her window fluttered in the storm like the wings of a clearwinged insect.
She looked down into the briny depths. To the deep brown, craggy, sharp rocks. Drenched by the same salty spray that reached her all the way up here.

And down in the depths, something glinted. Something shone. Something moved just behind the surface. Stars, thousands of them. And two, deep eyes staring right back at her.

Myriada stared back.

She had to go.

Without a single look back, Mia let go, and took a step into nothing.
And flew.
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7/30/2020 12:04:44   
  San Robin

Rocky watched as the dragonborn got to her feet, proclaiming she was here to battle. “Sweet!” Rocky thought to himself, “she looks strong, so this will be fun!”. The second she drew her… weapon? Rocky charged in, all bubbly and hyped up for a good battle, getting closer to her, until he was 10 feet away, WATER WHIP!

It connected! But did not the effect he had hoped for... Rocky saw the dragonborn swipe and flail her weapon at nothing. He was sure now: she was blind. However she still fought like the best of them! Knowing that his whip didn’t do much, he took a step in her direction for another attack when just as sudden she turned, stepped and swung her weapon right at him SPLASH! “Oh my Kamadeus! That’s SUCH an uncomfortable feeling!” Rocky thought to himself as the weapon passed through him.

Rocky retaliated by summoning his RIP AND TIDE! Swinging at her with all he had! But even still she managed to block the attack with her bracers! The fact that she cannot see, didn’t make her less of a formidable opponent! Rocky bubbled. With a quick movement she caught him off-balance and struck with her claws!

A ripple went through his body as he saw the claws go right for his rocky body, Rocky let go of his Rip and Tide and condensed salt in the place of impact, lessening the blow for a bit but cracking the hastily build shield and continuing straight through, albeit with lesser power. in a spur of the moment Rocky moved his rocky body to another place in his water prison barely avoiding impact with the dragonborn’s claws.

Being close to Rocky and pretty defenseless with her claws inside his water prison, Rocky felt the joy of a good battle flow through him and condensed salt to his fist to punch her, right in the stomach! An unsatisfying clank as the punch hit chainmail, cracking some of the salt but doubling over the fierce dragon born…
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7/31/2020 0:30:25   

“You are mistaken to say I wasted one generation too many. After centuries of rituals, prayers, and conquests with neither answer nor end in sight, I realized I had wasted them all. And while Anhala had been at fault in demanding my allegiance, it was her great-great-great-great-grandson who paid the price. The first time I let familiarity take advantage of me, but far from the last.


The vermin hurled an orb of its own at the pale figure before it. Micol stepped to the side, staggering as the motion caused a blossom of pain to flare in aer side. Ae clenched aer teeth and watched the ceramic orb fall to the coral floor. It burst upon impact, scattering a cloud of dark flakes into the air. More alchemy…was this the new age of warfare? Both of Micol’s enemies had outfitted themselves with variations of its weaponry. Light and easy to use with plenty of destructive power disproportionate to its size. As iron had purged the land of bronze, perhaps alchemy and these explosive orbs would blaze their way into the hands of every soldier in every army. How far they have come since sharpening their sticks. Micol’s eyes trailed the swirling motes as they unfurled across the ground and around aer legs. Mortal ingenuity never failed to surprise aer.

A smirk tugged at the corner of aer lips. If only Micol could say the same about aer foes.

These warriors...they did not deserve divine favor. Ae raised the tip of Beneath the Shadow’s Mask out from the churning cloud that threatened to envelope it. Across the ages Micol had witnessed those with far greater strength, passion, and wit. They did not impress aer. How could they think to impress a god?

Breaking the shackles of the ethereal brand, Micol willed the return of Blooming Crescent. The white stone burgeoned back into being, its immaculate crescent muted by the gloom of Fountain. The sword’s point leveled at the encroaching vermin. Within its grasp it held a second orb, identical to the first. The rat cracked this one in its clutches. Specks of dark dust drifted toward the floor and snaked their way forward to merge with the mysterious powder scattered about the pale figure. Above, a dagger glinted in the dim light at the tip of the foe’s tail. The vermin then spoke, each word a struggle. “You shouldn’t.”

Of course Micol shouldn’t. There were many things ae should not have done and many more lessons ae would have to learn. But none would be found amidst a battlefield of pretenders and hopeless aspirants.

Sparks danced as the vermin dragged steel along steel. Not waiting to see the outcome, Micol launched aerself forward, Blooming Crescent raised high. Ae chuckled even as the scattered motes gave life to a raging inferno. To think one would try to lecture the greatest fool alive. Ae smiled in the face of flames rolling over themselves to devour all in their path. Micol pulled upon the waters above a hair too late, the fires lashing out with their many tongues. Even without making contact, the heat alone was enough to reignite aer burns. Ae bit the inside of aer lip until the taste of iron coated aer tongue. Just a little more…

Something small and glowing flashed into Micol’s vision. It disappeared into the jaws of flame and unleashed a shimmering blaze of light before coalescing into a brilliant wall. The inferno crashed and raged against the barrier but found no purchase as they died. From the side chimed in the alchemist’s voice, dripping with the same mockery she had yet to shed since her debut. Micol spared neither thanks nor spite - words were wasted on those who spoke but could not listen. Instead, ae brought the ivory blade crashing down as if wielding a hammer. Blooming Crescent bit into the glowing barrier which shattered in a cascade of sparks but not before providing Micol the leverage ae needed. The brief resistance was enough to halt the swing’s momentum and catapult Micol up and over the light and flames in a tumbling somersault. As aer face approached the water, the pale twin emerged from the abyss once more. The playfulness in its mismatched eyes were gone, replaced by a primal hunger. It could not speak but Micol could feel the words lingering on its dark lips. Not for nothing.

“Never for nothing,” ae replied.

The twins shared a smile before the shadow sunk back down into those impenetrable depths. Once more, as always. Micol tore away from the waters and back down to the battlefield below. “To think oneself a fool once and never more,” Micol began as ae exerted the Grasp of Empyrean Glimmer. The ocean above flung aer at the vermin amidst the dying flames. It was a mistake to charge in headlong with the alchemist still loose, but Micol was young today and mistakes belonged to the youthful. “Is the surest sign of foolishness.” Blooming Crescent shrieked through the air as it came hunting for the warrior’s head. “What gods would suffer a fool such as you?”
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7/31/2020 8:25:51   

Sledaristan was grinning wider and wider, enjoying herself all the more as time went on. Now THIS is fun! A proper exchange of give and take! The girl had found a way to pierce through Tekkon Skil and her excitement pushed her out of that state and into another: Stalos Kyie. Her body lost its protective enhancement and grew limber once more, her nervous system regressing and all sensation shutting down, as adrenaline coursed through her body. She rushed forth, swinging her axe with but the one hand now.

The girl brought her shield to bear, the stalwart guardian standing strong against the force that sought its master, though a chunk slewed off and Sledaristan brought her other fist raging in, catching the girl full in the face and sending her sprawling backwards, end over end. She hung back, giving the girl time to get back to her feet and change her shield, once more into its odd spear shape and pointed its bulb end at Sledaristan and her vision exploded into white once more.

She cried out and swung her free arm wildly in front of her until her vision returned and saw the girl clinging to her arm with a gauntlet that looked like the same material as her shield and weapons. Her ever-present grin faded a little. They always try this. Get inside my range and there’s little I can do, they all think. I learned to deal with this long ago. With the ease of practise, she loosened her grip on her axe, causing it to slide down. open hand… wait… and close hand. her grip tightened again just below the axe head. Alarm spread like wildfire across the girl’s face as Sledaristan brought the axe down heavily.

The girl brought her legs up, kicking off her stomach, getting her away from the axe barely in time, but landing sprawling on the ground. Sledaristan slammed the shaft of the axe into the ground and slid her hand back down it, while she waited for the girl to stand up again. Come on, come on! No fun if I just beat you while you’re lying down! The girl rose shakily to her feet, changing her item, which was once more a shield, into a sword. Sledaristan made a beckoning signal with her hand, her grin once more unfaltered.

The girl came forward, though she did so with caution. But as it turned out, she needn’t have bothered. When the girl got near, Zperan apparated off to the side, charging in at Sledaristan. Her instincts kicked in, regarding a man she’d known all her life and who knew her strengths and weaknesses a bigger threat than the girl in front of her. She swung her axe at him, but as he was naught but phantasm, it passed through without issue. ”Pharak yunai kekolk Sledaristan faraf. Jyer kines taralt lolp kerek. (It’s because of you Sledaristan is dead. I’m finishing what you started.)”

Sledaristan clicked her tongue in exasperation. Having one’s instincts used against you is such a dirty, unfun way of fighting… but the girl before her was unaware of any other goings-on and from the corner of her eye, Sledaristan saw her tossing caution aside and rushing in, leaping up and slashing high with her sword across her gut and chest. She was sure the girl had made contact, but she felt nothing. She brought her free hand in, fingers outstretched, her grasp seeking the tiny woman before her.

The girl’s sword flew valiantly to ward off the groping appendage but Sledaristan got a hold of her arm and with a savage yank, threw her in the direction of the vortex. She did not fall into the yawning maelstrom, however, falling short a few feet. Sledaristan stalked over, her axe’s shaft resting on one shoulder as she moved. ”Myakef ten nirai. Skol maf neran. Perin morkal kenda nizas ohol hel. plakars tirjet netam, kyoroz magalt pankai. (We told you it was a trap. But you didn’t listen. Just wanted to run off and have your fun. If you’d been with us, we might’ve stood a chance.)” Sledaristan paid Zperan no mind. Idiot… if I’d been with you all, I’d be dead too.
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8/1/2020 9:46:30   

One night, she dreamed in color.

It was so bright, it stung her eyes, burning like salt in a gaping wound. She blinked, a few times, clearing the tears from her eyes.

Before her was an empty plain of swaying grass, waves whistling in the breeze. Above her, white and black swirled together to a bright point, then spiraled down to the ground in front of her. She felt the heavy wings on her back spread, as if controlled by another person, and beat heavily through the wild air. She saw herself lifting, pulled towards the roaring tornado, and then everything went black.

Undignified. That's all she could think, as her opponent's fist met chain-mail-covered scale. Breath escaped her lungs in a loud, "OOF," and her sodden arms reflexively cradled her chest. One foot-claw slid out behind her, then ground into the rough coral. I cannot allow myself to lose my poise, my stance. Agiara Storm-Eyes spread her wings, reflexively, then withdrew them on instinct as one wingtip caught a gush of falling water. Her silken robes crinkled as the water slid down behind her back, and she shivered in spite of herself. Find balance.

Agiara crouched, pulling away from her opponent, and slid her palm across the coral. It met nothing. Her tongue flickered, catching salty notes, and she pivoted on her heel. Behind her, her viciously spiked tail lashed out, seeking to sweep the feet - or whatever they were - out from under her liquid opponent. Even as it swung, her hands crept about on the coral, hunting for her censer. She would need it. This entity MUST have a weakness. I just need to find it. Her powerful legs coiled beneath her, firmly planted on the ground and ready to spring. Her claw hooked around marble links.

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8/1/2020 16:02:10   
Eternal Wanderer

Lunas charged into the nascent blaze, heat washing over him and blunting the damp chill of the arena. Embers sizzled along his cloak-wrapped arm, kindling fabric and nipping at fur, but the Hirii was unfazed by the flames. He drew the estoc back to thrust, tracking his pale foe's ascent with a quiet growl. A running start, a leap, and then a lunging stab...

Intent on his target, he never saw the wall until he collided with it.

He grunted, more in shock than pain, arrested for a moment by the feel of stone under his hand. The wall was constructed of unmortared field stones, fitted precisely together with a care that belied its patchwork appearance. But that was... This fence encircled the field near the tanner's vats, where his uncle-

Stone screeched against stone as the wing-cursed woman slammed her weapon down on the fence - Lunas jerked his tail away reflexively, and far too late had it been her target - and used it as a fulcrum to thrust herself higher. Fitful flames piled against the barrier and danced up around him, licking hungrily at the cascading feathers.

“You’re certain of this?” Surlissa asked him gently, falling auburn pinions muffling the iridescent reflections off her scales.

“I… I have to do it,” he replied, squinting against the maelstrom of mottled plumage.

“Even with all the pieces in place, the picture can still look wrong.”

The young man struggled to ignore Ravel as he dragged in a breath of briny air. His helmet felt too small, and it only grew tighter with each frantic glance into the cloud. Where was she? “I only wanted… I only wanted to be worthy of her.”

“You’re certain of this?”

“Focus. Come on, think.” He had to move, but where? Feathers fluttered down like sheets of rain, spinning nauseously in the harsh wind of his breath. Lunas couldn't spot the pallid woman, but she had to be up there - just one more arrow atop its flaming arc, ready to descend upon the village below. The Etsija shook his head, jaw working as he tried to spit, to clear the ashy residue from his mouth. It was the same tactic she had used against the lightcaster. He had to hurry. Everything was burning. The villagers were dying. The Butcher had been waiting for him in Willow Knot.

“You’re certain of this?”

No, that wasn’t right. Willow Knot had been put to the sword weeks before his arrival, and the village was nowhere near Bren… He had checked and rechecked the slender volume. His timing had to be right. There would only be one chance.

“You can’t be everything you want to be. No one can, son.” Sootfeather… Sootfeather had never been Sootfeather. He had been a mask. A Stranger. And the Butcher... had been another.

He wheezed as the words splintered and rocked him back, gagged as they spattered along his fur in a chattering crystal hail. No. The Hirii reeled, fumbling for the estoc's hilt with a nerveless paw. A shudder wracked his frame, dagger cast aside as his tail curled fearfully around his leg. She wouldn't have... He was choking on feathers and cinders, head pounding, hands clawing at the restraint binding his right arm. Off. Take it off. Get away. Let me go! Fabric ripped, rending into burning tatters; the fragments scattered on the wind, but beneath... beneath was no fur, only flame-scorched feathers. “No… No, no, that’s… We’re not the same!”

“You’re certain of this?”

His eyes - eyes Chen Han had once said reminded the Vastaa so much of Lunas' father - burned, tears tracking unseen down his face behind a facade of implacable bone. “Get them off. Get them off; they’re not mine!” He raked at the plumage, ripping it out in ragged clumps. Sparks hissed and snapped around him, kindling off twisting puffs of dust to devour the bloody offerings. The effort was useless. Each handful only cleared a path for the next, the feathers molting through his skin in whispering mockery as his shoulders cramped fiercely.

“Lunas… Every son is born in the shadow of his father. I only… I only wanted to give you a chance.” And behind the Strangers… A man. One man.

Pain. Ripping, howling pain blazed into his temple, drove him back. He was falling, spiraling slowly, almost gracefully, as the floor buckled into a yawning abyss below him. Sootfeather - the Butcher - stared back at him with his own golden eyes as wings spread in derisive majesty from the young man’s back. The Etsija could feel their weight dragging him down through the cerulean light. Salt air stung his lacerated arms as he sobbed, still scratching, tearing vainly at his flesh. “Please… please it can’t be true!”

“You’re certain of this?”

"I made her a promise, Lunas. I wasn't... But I wasn't enough to keep it alone."
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8/1/2020 22:45:46   

Navigator of

With little time to think, Abbi takes a defensive stance as her ameliorated adversary approaches. Although she successfully blocks the blow from the axe with her shield—causing it to splinter further—the giant performs a sucker punch to Abbi's face, sending her tumbling backwards. It takes Abbi what feels like an age to get up, but realistically could've been no longer than a few moments, otherwise she'd surely be easy prey for any of the potential champions.

Looming in the distance, axe in hand, chaotic determination sprawled across her face, the giant appears to be giving Abbi a chance to collect herself. "Eye? Black. Nose? Fractured, most likely. ...Mouth?" Abbi spits out a tooth in the direction of the whirlpool. It's going to be tougher than before to get to the giant, but assuming the impenetrable flesh is no longer a variable she has to consider, if she does manage to get close enough, it should be an interesting battle.

Abbi takes just a moment to collect her thoughts. "Quick resource recap," Abbi thinks—or, more accurately, allows her inner light magic to communicate to her,—"You've entered four Prismatic states and three Infraultra states, consuming 55% mana." Abbi looks at her shield, which she figures to be between 50-60% of its original size after her stunt with the Ultraviolet bullets, and her adversary's improved assault. "I can work with this," Abbi flaunts her newly toothless grin as she marches toward the mountainous woman once more.

Abbi uses almost the entirety of her shield to reforge her spearstaff one last time, blinding her foe with its golden, orbed end. "Spearstaff combo!" Abbi cries as she sprints to her target, aiming for her gut once more. Unexpectedly, due to the minor concussion from the previous assault, and the giant's flailing, the spear impales arm instead of body, causing Abbi to be elevated off the coral and onto her adversary, establishing her grip with her clawed illumite gauntlet. This does little but cause her opponent to change the position of her hold on the axe, seemingly unbothered by the prospect of injuring herself in the process. Abbi retracts her clawed illumite gauntlet and spearstaff, kicking off the giant's lower abdomen, meeting the ground all too soon with a nasty thud and rolling before she can be struck. Splintering on impact with the ground, the spearstaff automatically reforges back into a shield from losing too much of its mass.

While still attempting to disregard her previous injuries, Abbi knows there is something else wrong... was it her shoulder? No, her collarbone. It didn't matter, at least not right now. Piercing through the pain, Abbi rises once more and reforges what is left of her shield—rapidly approaching 40%—into her sapphire sword. The giant appears to beckon her to approach now. "Forever underestimated," Abbi shakes her head. This provides her with the fuel she needs to return to battle.

Prepared for anything, Abbi approaches her adversary again, albeit with less agility and more attentiveness. When she gets near, as expected, the giant swings her axe and... misses entirely? Abbi's blind had surely long worn off by now. No, she almost seems... distracted? But all of the other combatants are preoccupied with their own endeavours. Not one to squander an opportunity, Abbi shrugs it off and jumps, slashing at her foe's gut and chest with a swift movement. Snapping out of whatever daze she was in, the colossal contender reaches to Abbi with her arm once more; not to punch this time, but rather to grasp. Fruitlessly slashing with her sword, Abbi feels the giant's grip tighten around her arm, causing a lapse in focus which returns her sword to its shield state, and catapulting her towards the vortex.


While set to land several feet from the mighty maelstrom, Abbi flashes back to when she first entered the arena and calculated the proximity of which she could safely approach; assuming she would roll a few feet further upon impact with the ground, this would almost certainly push Abbi into her personal "red zone", based on her mass and the vortex's pull. Abbi lands on her shield, skidding ever closer to the whirlpool. As quick as her magic will allow, Abbi reforges her shield into her emerald dagger, impaling the ground with it in order to anchor herself. While mostly successful, the incident did cause Abbi's left illumite powder encrusted boot to loosen and fall victim to the vortex's vacuum.

Abbi's stunt may have saved her life, but her resources are few—her shield approaching 30% and mana at 15%—and her injuries are many. The giant—showing signs of injury only on her body, not her face—once again appears to be giving Abbi the chance to recover, bellowing something she can't quite understand, but assumes is an invitation to an imminent injurious incident. However, Abbi has other plans. While she still has enough of her shield to maintain her dagger, she prepares for something greater than mundane melee or reductive ranged combat. Abbi returns to the defense, finally adjusting to her opponent's newfound agility, which while now closer to Abbi's own, the mammoth's size still proves a natural disadvantage in this particular sense.

Abbi's new, learned technique allows her to block each mighty blow from each leftward axe swing with her shield, and dodge the rightward attempts as she swiftly retrieves the illumite splinters from the previous attack, binding them with her illumite pendant. Block, dodge, retrieve... block, dodge, retrieve. Battleworn and focused, the giant would likely consider this practice of collecting illumite illogical when she could be attempting to strike instead; but it was crucial for Abbi's penultimate plan.

Once an additional 10% or more of her shield has been splintered, the collected fragments spiralling along her illumite pendant around her neck, Abbi makes her move. With the momentary glow of her amethyst eye, Abbi enters her Ultraviolet state. "Remember me?" Abbi boasts, firing one bullet of ultraviolet light directly into her adversary's abdomen, and another at her axe-wielding hand. The blasts not only injure the beast of a woman, but splinters an additional 4% off of her shield. "Just enough," Abbi grins.

Unaffected as ever, even by the Ultraviolet bullets, the formidable fighter charges at Abbi; little does she know what she's heading into.


"Iridescent Replenishment!" Abbi utters through gritted teeth—well, what teeth she has left, that is—focusing all of her pain, all of her experience, and all of her light magic on this single spell, which she is only able to use as a result of entering seven Prismatic states and four Ultraviolet states, consuming 90% of her mana, and having her shield reduced to 20% of its original size. What remains of her illumite shield, as well as the 10% of illumite crystals she retrieved and bound to her pendant, now surround Abbi in a swirling, high-speed barrier, glistening with color, cycling between them in the order she refracted with them—red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet, red, yellow, blue, green, and violet—before combining into a brilliant white light, impenetrable by direct attacks. Abbi's own illumite vortex manages to attract half of the remaining 70% of illumite splinters scattered around the arena, strengthening her iridescent barrier.

The resultant barrier produces an "explosion" of refracted, highly concentrated light at different, random angles, presumably inflicting small, laser-like burns upon and blinding the approaching giant for a few moments. This doesn't stop Abbi's adversary from attempting to eradicate her, however; ever persistent, the blinded behemoth bounds towards the barrier, swinging her axe to little avail as the light-fuelled illumite shards almost reforge themselves, curving around the axe's blade mid-swing in order to protect their light source; Abbi.

Inside the swirling mass of illumite crystals, Abbi levitates off the coral ground below and feels the refracted light replenish her; she no longer feels pain in her face or collarbone, however that tooth will have to be sorted out later, perhaps with an illumite alternative. As well as her health, Abbi's mana is replenished by 65% (50% base + 35% Prismatic - 20% Infraultra), totalling 75% with her remaining 10% mana. Abbi returns to the ground, as the spiralling illumite barrier that surrounds her subsides and reforges back into her shield, also at a healthy 65% (20% shield + 10% pendant + 35% attracted) of its original size.

Feeling rejuvenated, and restored to approximately two thirds of the state she originally entered the arena–more or less—Abbi stomps with her one remaining illumite powder encrusted boot, inviting the attention of the entire battlefield.

"Come into the light!"
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8/2/2020 12:40:35   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

Amidst the implacable scraping of dead coral, wind stilled. Light, green and ghastly, poured out from every pockmarked hole and crevice in the walls. The will-o’-wisps alit upon the vortex - hanging motionless for but a single moment. And then the ceiling fell.

Water gushed downwards in an indomitable wall, driving each and every competitor to their knees. It filled their senses, pressing in on all sides until naught could be seen, could be heard, could be felt but the embrace of the sea.

Just as suddenly, the water vanished, leaving those in the arena gasping and dripping in the unfiltered sunlight streaming in from above. Air, sweet and clean, flooded in to drive out the stench of death and decay. But such relief was not for everyone, as several competitors had vanished from the Fountain in the deluge.

Vanished to be taken to their final battle. The Paragons were chosen. The fight for Champion was at hand.
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  San Robin

The Dragonborn fell down, sweeping for Rocky’s watery legs and reaching for her weapon. Rocky prepared for impact and summoned his water whip again, ready to grab and throw the dragonborn! When suddenly…

The ceiling seemed to collapse! Water pouring down on all contestants quickly enveloping everyone. Rocky attempted to use his control over water to stay on top of the water, but it was for naught. Slowly he felt himself sink deeper and deeper… away from the other fighters, into the hole in the middle of the arena.

Not again…

Not the ocean….




Joe? Elyssa? Zel? Tzan? Tome? Kamadeus?


Help me.

Hours later, Rocky came to. Still in his body of water, and not on the ocean floor but rather on an unfamiliar beach. He looked around, was this part of the trial? Was he still fighting for that voice? can he still return to Joe!?

“Your battle is over, you did well but the tides turned on you. Another of my chosen ones became my new paragon.” The mysterious voice was back. Chosen ones? Paragon? What does all that mean? Rocky was just told to fight and if he won he would see Joe again!

But… if that cannot happen anymore? What could he do now? In an unfamiliar world, with his one chance to go back to Joe, washed away like footprints on a shore. “While I ensured you could leave the arena unscathed, I can no longer guide you home. My paragon requires my focus. I however will let you keep the gift I granted you. The body you call your ‘prison’” said the voice. Rocky’s body rippled as anger flowed through him. So that’s what he got out of this? An eternal prison sentence?!

“I know you’re upset. But I also know you’re strong” echoed the voice “In this world there’s many powerful sources of magic. Perhaps one of those can lead you back home. Back to your friends. If there is, I’m sure this body will aid you in your search.” The voice paused. “Your will is solid as… well, solid as a rock. I know you’ll get to your goal! Now go forth and carve your way to your goal, like the river carves its way through land!” with that, the voice disappeared and Rocky was once again alone.

He didn’t want to admit it, but the voice was right.

If you want something done.

You have to do it yourself.
Rocky stood up, looked around and left.

I’ll sea you again, Joe. I’ll make shore of it.
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Before she could re-engage the girl, the world fell. Ocean kept suspended above collapsed to the totality of time, forcing even Seldaristan to her knees. The ocean passed and the sun baked down and she felt it deep down in her core; I wasn’t chosen. Between the dejection she felt suddenly and the interruption of water making her forget her battle, she calmed down and her nervous system reasserted itself. Pain exploded throughout her body, making her suddenly aware of all the damage she’d taken.

Her axe fell to the ground as her burned hand could not handle holding all that weight and stinging wounds flared up, exasperated by water exposure. She settled down onto her knees, bowed her head and exhaled, all air leaving her lungs. Her body grew pale and she was still for a few minutes. Over that short time, her wounds healed at a superficial level. Sudden inhalation and her body regained its colour as her eyes fluttered open. She stood up and grabbed her axe in both hands, then ran out of the Arena, favouring her left leg as she went.

They were on her almost immediately as she emerged from the hallway. Garbed in varieties of gear, multitudes of weapons held in their four grey arms but she swept them aside with the flat of her axe and fled into the city. Before ducking into its alleyways. A grin once more graced her face as she recalled days ago chasing a mysterious fin down the canal ways. She found herself more or less retracing those steps as she took the most obtuse route she could, winding up back in those snaking alleyways where she had met the shark.

She rested her back against the alley wall, wincing that the wound her opponent had dealt against her chest opened up again. She exhaled, once more entering that state to heal. She couldn’t have had more than a few moments before being shaken out by noise nearby. Her eyes fluttered open and she saw… “Shinjri.” she winced, having not had enough time for the wound to reclose. “Shkanal jimat henag tirelt kelaf zaran? Onmert lefrald kezash. (Could you please give me a few moments? I need to close this wound.)”

She entered the Deathsleep again, the wound once more healing over in the course of a minute or so. Once she arose she regarded the Shark before her with a grin. “Kata mak refral. (It’s good to see you)” Shinjri returned that sentiment, causing her grin to widen. Then, a buried sense of worry in his request, he questioned what had happened to her, specifically her wound. She laughed, “Plaraz minoi Yherzazhran, nik noi. Shkal ken mey. (I entered the Championships, didn’t win. All there is to it.)”

Shinjri consoled her and she couldn’t help but burst into laughter at the absurdity of the image. “Mikkel, Shinjri. Marat teffel jinet kirez natel kafai. (Thank you, Shinjri. I haven’t had a real good laugh in a long time.)” the creature laughed with her, which seemed strange to her. Then he asked where she’d go next. She sighed, her grin fading. “Kyen mez grief letrai jagal noz Shtaratahn porl les triket ken Helketshool jil megan liset porlot. Frenkai… Myaralt. Bren parlaz lital min juyal, kedal. (First of all I need to get away from the Shtaratahn and find somewhere secluded to enter the Deathsleep for a few hours to recover my wounds fully. From there… I don’t know. Bren was my last chance for peace, I think.)”

The shark professed sympathy for her and she couldn’t help but wonder what had occurred to him in the past few days; he seemed different now. He asked if she remembered how they met and she nodded, her grin reasserting itself. “Kyaz hikrai? Wanfra jimag befrel palt kin maltai ja Bren. (How could I forget? I chased your fin across what must have been half of Bren.)” Shinjri was still for a few moments, before he flooded her with thoughts as he had the last time they had met. But this time, there was no story of bloodshed and war, but the warmth of gratitude.

So Sorceress was right… he’d never even considered peace before I brought it up to him. And now he’s thanking daft old me. Sudden shouting nearby grabbed her attention and she jerked her head to the side, thinking she saw someone duck out of sight. “Shinjri, sketem nirai. Payaz lendai makeal kyeralt nokos? Rigrein peral munuff keral Shtaratahn. (Shinjri, you should go. Don’t you still have business to attend to here? And I’ve got to deal with the Shtaratahn.)”

Shinjri seemed reluctant, but he acquiesced, bidding her farewell and diving back into the canal. Sledaristan allowed herself a small smile, then turned to glance at Stafa. She knew what was wanted and she proffered the words needed. “Come out.” she called. She knew the person she’d glimpsed briefly was not Shtaratahn, because they’d have let up a great cry to call all the others and engaged her, shark or no shark. Cautiously, a pale man with white hair stepped out, his hands raised in a sign of peace.

She turned to Stafa and quickly muttered the words she wanted translated, which were swiftly returned in the common language. “You’re hunting my friend.” There was no question in her words, which suffered no improper enunciation. The man pretended ignorance, parroting back the last two words as a question. A brief exchange with Stafa, then; “Shinjri’shakraphrjat’shu’Sinaken, the Shark.” The man tried to deflect, Stafa translating his request to know what Shinjri was doing here.

Sledaristan snorted, then conversed with Stafa for the words she needed. “This is Bren. There is only ever one reason to come here. The Championships.” She shifted her stance slightly, tightening her grip on her axe. “If you keep being cagey, I think it might be best to just be rid of you here and now.” The man raised his hands again, clearly not wanting to fight her. Which was fine by her, she didn’t want to engage an unknown variable while she had the Shtaratahn bearing down on her.

Stafa translated his words and her eyebrow twitched, carefully considering the man before her. Another brief consultation and then; “There’s quite a difference between hunting and just following… I don’t peg you for the kind of man who simply follows a creature like Shinjri.” the man responded, finally admitting the words she had wanted to hear from him, but his continuation gave her pause. “What, then, is your primary objective now, oh ex-Hunter?”

The man launched into a tirade of Shinjri’s past actions, little knowing that the shark had shown her such images a mere week past. Or maybe he did know, for he brought up that if the two were friends, she’d already know that. She smiled slightly and nodded. “He told me. All his history. How the war between his and yours erupted and the cycle of hatred that followed. I think I was the first person he’d ever met to not hate and fear him. He didn’t know what to make of me at first.”

She turned and glanced at the canal, the surface calm once again. “And just now? He thanked me for showing him the possibility of making peace where once there was only hate.” She turned back and regarded the man, scanning his face for his reaction. The man was literally taken aback, as he massaged old wounds. He felt the need to inform her that Shinjri had reached the Championships, as if she was not fully aware. “So then Hunter. Ex-Hunter. What will you do now?”

He spoke, abandoning his charade of being a hunter no longer, speaking to the possibilities the future held, his initial assessment fatalistic, before speaking of what would happen if Shinjri could not win. But his last words revealed the vein of hope that existed for her friend. The shouting, the Staratahn grew ever nearer. She regarded the man one last time. “Shinjri stikei prat makalar, pyufent kyilei cerel kolkai. Moilo foref likan catara, pedrel kinzas haralt junkel yundart. (If Shinjri succeeds and peace reigns, then we shall never see each other again. Should he fail and you hunt him, I will come to his aid and your life shall be over.)”

She turned away from the man and walked away without another word. She peered out of the alley and saw several Shtaratahn wandering around looking for her. Then a thought came to her. If they can fit a creature as big as Shinjri, then they’ll fit me just as well. She exhaled all her breath, entering the beginning stage of the Deathsleep where she no longer needed to breathe, then slipped quietly under the water.

She made her way out of Bren beneath the view of her enemies and found a small, quiet cave a short distance from the city. She leaned her axe against the cave’s wall and settled down onto her knees. “Hakatekko, hetarai ko fenarei, ladralt ko nyetrar. Shtal net Helketshool, madrai jures. (Mother Earth, shield me and protect me, nourish me and nurture me. I enter the Deathsleep, beholden to your will.)”
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