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RE: What Special Offer items would you like to see return?

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8/21/2021 20:32:15   
OG Ranger


For sure it should be at the same level as those other pets. However, I'd prefer it to keep its flavor. A toggle between its current blind(but more potent) and perhaps extra damage like glass cannon to make use of the blind would be sufficient.
AQ  Post #: 76
8/22/2021 13:35:00   


Maybe make griffin pet the wind booster?

Just wait for Windy McMoglin to get released, we could have it as an actually good Blind pet too.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 77
8/22/2021 18:52:42   


As for Griffinrider itself, it needs an MC added to the very least. Even a +5% damage MC would do for that.

IIRC, both Griffinrider and Graverider were created during a time where an elecomp-locked normal attack was treated as an MC bonus, which changed within the past two years or so
AQ  Post #: 78
8/25/2021 20:12:35   

Server Caps.

I wasnt playing at the time. I desire this.....greatly.

Too bad "trading" can't be implemented. I'd trade stuff for it ....the one that increases lucky strike damage!
Post #: 79
8/26/2021 22:27:11   

Vidrir's Judgement is just so good, it is a spell that sacrifices hp for auto-hit effect.

Hope this functionality will comes back.
Post #: 80
8/28/2021 13:37:14   
OG Ranger

I would like some aberrant the exiled clones. It's my favorite pet and I would absolutely buy 7 elemental clones of it no matter where you put them.
AQ  Post #: 81
8/30/2021 14:34:21   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

I have edited the title to include *any/all* items you folks would like to see return! Maybe some ideas for Rare Item Hunts?
AQ  Post #: 82
8/30/2021 14:38:27   


I have edited the title to include *any/all* items you folks would like to see return! Maybe some ideas for Rare Item Hunts?

Ive been waiting for my Moglin Sword to return since it went rare! That and Radiant Aegis. Krenos Essence Katana is a very good looking aweapon (which may get updated as it had old MC like Patriot Katana) and Poseidon Edge weapon should be fun if it works with boosters/can be boosted the MP drain attack
AQ  Post #: 83
8/30/2021 15:24:26   

I already mentioned it in an different thread about what functionalities need returned, and IDC if its the same item or a clone but the Server Caps is a must I think.

In fact, earlier in the thread there were several posts talking about weapons that have the 1.5x lucky strike, like the dream rod and zealots.

I think things that affect lucky strike rate, but mostly damage, are HIGHLY desired.

Also on my short list:

1. Many of the best beastmaster items tend to be seasonal rares or simply rare. I dont know why this tends to be, but this should change.
a. Need elemental clones of ancient mother's staff/independence daygur. These weapons are beyond amazing.
b. Foam Finger like weapons, perhaps even in magic.
c. Bleed Pets/Guests
d. CHARISMA weapons.

2. SP Siphon/regen for Mages. I understand SP is a warrior stronghold, but Mages could use more love here.

3. Shieldcake and royal cake pet- These items are fantastic, but I don't think necessarily an absolute clone but different element is necessary. For example, since the new blueberry shieldcake was water, it could have taken a slightly more "Mage" lean and could have had say, an MP heal, maybe a Gandolphin like clone skill, maybe an INT boost instead of charisma. Same with the pet... different elements..but maybe slightly different "boosts" within depending on aesthetics, etc. Not necessarily exact clones, though exact clones isn't a bad thing.

4. Irt of Osiris/Hollow Dragon Amulet/Shattered Horizon- for other elements

5. More backlash armors...shields, miscs, etc

6. Hyperalphean Barbarian- Not necessarily the armor, but the *idea* that you can spend MP to boost stuff. Boost skills, boost weapon attacks, boost things that essentially create a "Skill Caster" playstyle. I have an idea in my personal suggestion thread about a set of weapons thats have MP toggles that cost MP to greatly boost damage of the weapons, we are talking spell-like MP costs.... but that basic idea...
An armor to toggle an MP switch to spend MP for boosted damage, spend MP to inflict a variety of statuses, a misc to toggle on to boost things. And I'm not talking about normal MP upkeep and stuff, I'm talking maybe even spell-like cost to boost your normal attack, spell-like MP cost to inflict strong statuses.... This needs to be implemented like ..years ago.

7. doomlight sets from December-energy and darkness ones

8. More tome-wand hybrids like zardwarts

That's my short list =)

< Message edited by SapphireCatalyst2021 -- 8/31/2021 0:39:28 >
Post #: 84
8/30/2021 17:32:36   

I would like to see spells that conjure items into slots like Conjure Shadow (pets, weapons, armors, shields with MP upkeep), and while the item didn't really "leave", I would very much appreciate seeing Glacial Short Staff "return" in updated form. When Battleon was getting items updated left and right I was hopeful, but we never got to it. Juicy Fruit's GGB version and Big Dictionary are also on my wishlist. For armors, Golem Summoner's Robe is definitely unique and I would like to see a similar armor in the future. And finally, the Sign miscs that summoned a weapon if you had all of them from Ballyhoo were a really cool set of items back in the day. I think more could be done with a mechanic like that, spending equipment slots for power.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 85
8/30/2021 21:50:48   

Putting in a vote for Hippocampus armor.
Reflective armor or some variation.

I've been out-of-the-look, but if no items like Mindlock Orb and Crucible of Fire exist for the masses, those are quite fun.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 86
8/31/2021 7:48:35   

I agree on Red Server Cap returning but we already have a better clone of Blue Server Cap in the form of Concentrated Clover Essence from Blarney.
Items like EbilCorp Logo and Mindlock Orb are really fun indeed though i doubt EbilCorp Logo would return as it already has a portrait.

What i would also love is Full Metal Santa to return in a different art/armor that has an Ice Freeze skill on monsters. It is also only level 135.
AQ  Post #: 87
8/31/2021 7:57:40   
Doomknight Arakos

I'd like to see Fallen King and/or the Hollowborn sets return. They look neat.
AQ  Post #: 88
8/31/2021 15:45:31   
.*. .*. .*.
Pfft hahaha!

Personally I wouldn't mind a twisted version of Discount Mogloween Candy Bag.
Post #: 89
9/2/2021 10:57:08   

Another for me.... I would love to see more of what they did on the wolfking and safiria board weapons, where they replaced luck with END and CHAR respectively, for bth, and lucky strikes.

I think these items are quite excellent for certain builds. MOAR! 8-)
Post #: 90
9/4/2021 14:43:38   
Aura Knight

More elemental variants of the porcelain teapot misc and not just because I regret missing out on it except on one of 14 characters. It's a pretty powerful item for any strategy that uses effects.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 91
9/6/2021 14:27:50   

I have the teapot and I find it to be pretty darn good. I hadnt really used it until recently when I started trying an END build. I'm glad I grabbed it.

I also want to see other "dual" guests like doomquake minions. I love the idea and implementation of it. Hate SP upkeep, so keep MP upkeep!
Post #: 92
9/14/2021 19:05:26   

Master Blaster, Kaiju Killer, Titans and Skullcrusher Armors would be some nice armors to come back

< Message edited by PD -- 9/15/2021 2:51:25 >
AQ MQ  Post #: 93
9/15/2021 5:04:47   

Still waiting Gauntlet of Xano.

Also please add "Bank" from AQWorlds to AQ.
Can be house item called Cellar. Upgrade costs "x" amount resources + x amount z-tokens and every level increases item slots.

Post #: 94
9/15/2021 13:21:28   

We already have a better Blue Server Cap in Concentrated Clover Essence . The effect of the Red Server Cap shouldn't be nerfed given this.
Post #: 95
9/15/2021 18:46:28   
OG Ranger


I have edited the title to include *any/all* items you folks would like to see return! Maybe some ideas for Rare Item Hunts?

I've been waiting on a cutting edge guard like shield for a long time now. If a shield like that comes out. I will buy it no matter what.

Also Bard of War. An earth version.

< Message edited by OG Ranger -- 9/16/2021 10:14:55 >
AQ  Post #: 96
9/20/2021 7:58:57   

Hey guys, I will be deleting this thread soon seeing that there is another similar thread in the forums.

Do transfer all of your suggestions into the thread titled "=AQ= Which items would you like to see return?" as soon as possible.

~ Don't worry, I merged the two threads. DiscussOn. ~Anim

< Message edited by AnimalKing -- 9/20/2021 8:54:39 >
Post #: 97
9/27/2021 12:14:46   

I remember once having the "Sleestak" pet from a very old Dragon War event. It was notable in that it was the first pet in the game (IIRC) to deal harm damage. To give you an idea of how old it was, this was back when Harm and Void were the same thing and were both called "Element X"

Anyway I think it'd be cool to see that one return someday with modern standards.
AQ  Post #: 98
10/10/2021 19:17:40   
OG Ranger

The Dark BoW would be a nice return for Mogloween.


< Message edited by OG Ranger -- 10/14/2021 13:39:07 >
AQ  Post #: 99
10/12/2021 18:45:45   

^^^^ Iíll second that
AQ  Post #: 100
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