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RE: What Special Offer items would you like to see return?

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10/14/2021 0:54:19   

Not exactly an item but I would like to see some return of old faces like the retro skull and devil face for a limited time. I know most ppl may not like the retro faces but it would be very nostalgic for old timey players
Post #: 101
10/20/2021 16:12:31   
Jue Viole Grace

Big Dictionary plz just once dodge builds have almost nothing
AQ DF  Post #: 102
10/20/2021 16:49:32   

Can we get the Doomlight Shadowspark packages to return? I bought the armor package but not the armaments package sadly and the armor is basically useless without the fsb from the weapon and shield
AQ  Post #: 103
10/21/2021 6:54:40   

Ebil Corp Logo please
Post #: 104
11/20/2021 0:50:05   


Maybe some ideas for Rare Item Hunts?

Golden Quindent
Captain's Rhublade
Golden Scurvy Blade
Midnight Dragon Blade
Ornate Energy Dragon Blade
Ornate Light Dragon Blade
Ornate Wind Dragon Blade
Moglin Sword
Kreno's Essence Katana (updated to be just like an Energy version of Patriot Katana I guess?)
AQ  Post #: 105
11/20/2021 1:33:17   

Frostval rares and old Giftbox items. I second DIZZLE's suggestion as well. Energy doomlight ftw
Post #: 106
11/20/2021 8:19:30   

I disagree with the idea of the doomlight sets already released which are dark, energy, ice and earth to come back AT LEAST UNTIL all the other missing elemental clones of doomlight sets has been released which are fire, water, wind and light.

I do hope that all or more of the other missing elemental clones of doomlight sets gets released next year.
Post #: 107
11/20/2021 14:46:21   

Disagree. Each doomlight set have strong secondary and tertiary resistances. I own the earth and ice versions, and out of 2 armors, 6 elements range from 39-42%. Having played backlash very much, it is of my opinion that 39-42% is the PERFECT range to KEEP your resistance. Due to having max END, and a 50 end misc, it's 6300 HP. This elemental range is enough damage to create massive backlash, but not high enough to risk being defeated. Having 3 these resistances that low in part, is paid for by low blocking.

The energy doomlight would be resistant to energy, light, and (i would need to look up the 3rd)

3 Armors covers you. No need to have an elemental variant to all, because you dont try and push resistance down.
Post #: 108
11/20/2021 17:29:44   
OG Ranger

I would empty my bank account for a fire clone of the cherub armor. It would have so much synergy for FD users and other snugglefest items. Someone already mentioned this but clones of shieldcake. It's nice to pick a specific cake for a particular inventory setup. I personally want energy/Earth. Glass Cannon Clones too of Ice/Energy.

< Message edited by OG Ranger -- 11/23/2021 19:00:59 >
AQ  Post #: 109
11/20/2021 20:34:32   

Yes, I do know that each doomlight has main and secondary resistances. Since you own earth and ice versions, you are covered in earth, fire, darkness, ice, wind and water elements with elemental modifiers lower than 43%.

While energy doomlight can cover the lacking elemental coverage of energy and light which you are lacking of, light doomlight can cover light and energy as well (so why not fight for light doomlight?).

Releasing of missing elemental clones of doomlights not only will satisfy those players who just got into backlash and looking for doomlight sets (being newer and returning players) and it also satisfy those who are missing in certain elemental coverage from doomlight sets (like you) and it is also satisfy those who are collecting all elemental clones of doomlight sets (yes, doomlight collectors exist). Basically, it satisfy everyone.
Post #: 110
12/3/2021 19:14:09   

Eye of the Underworld & Seraph Calamity
Post #: 111
12/4/2021 14:43:05   

^^ I'm all for a Light Doomlight. Works for me.
Post #: 112
12/20/2021 16:34:09   
King Darxonic

- Max Level Clone
- Sleestak
- Original Reflecting Plate
- Max Level Chocobunny
- Opposcythe
- Dragonfire Sword (Always liked that weapon)
- Ice Guardian Dragon Jr? (From the frostval giftboxes a while ago, forgot to grab before they opened)
~ The old animation back on the Asgardian (Megingjoro) Plate
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 113
12/20/2021 23:36:19   
Dreiko Shadrack

Bring back every single unique mechanic that is only ever present in a single item that went rare. Not the item itself, just the mechanics.

Tall, nondescript order, I know. But it bears repeating.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 114
1/6/2022 19:34:47   

Full Metal Santa + Cutting Edge Guard leveled up to 150

Candy Golem House Guard (All levels)

AQ  Post #: 115
1/7/2022 5:38:04   

Honestly I would prefer much more that the ongoing current seasonal event would get updated. And after 2022 is over at least all the seasonall stuff is updated!
Sure some special offer stuff is great I agree. And there were plenty of great suggestions here to spice it up!

But so many stuff that we regain at least once a year is still on very old standarts.
AQ  Post #: 116
1/10/2022 1:43:16   
Mr. Roguish

Ninja Form lol I just want it, updated graphics or not
Post #: 117
1/10/2022 10:23:43   
Aura Knight

The original werepyre armor you got from fighting Wolfwing. Very simple and rather iconic. 2 hits plus the heal after 2nd hit. The thing that sucks with items going away or being updated with new looks is missing out on the older art.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 118
1/12/2022 22:11:28   

First few things that came into my mind are
Dragonfire sword
Heatwave spadroon
(Bringing back the old animation of the asgardian armor)

So I just saw the message that rare item hunt can be considered so:
Moglin sword
Twig's fishsword
Honed Vorpal edge

< Message edited by JhyShy -- 1/12/2022 22:18:56 >
Post #: 119
1/13/2022 0:23:25   

Festive Bard of War or the OG Bard of War would be great
Post #: 120
1/13/2022 6:59:33   
Dr Disrespect

All the Bard of Wars variants as permanent items in the GGBs would be even greater.
Post #: 121
2/1/2022 12:14:48   

Classic Lycan and Vamp Armors. I loved those, the unexpected transformation were very pleasant to have, a release with leveled variants is my dream.

About the Hunt. A Item Hunt with a Vampire Hunter theme in our favorite forest for slay creatures of the night. Bat Broad Blade from AQ Worlds as reward along with Vampire Slayers Faces with that cool hat.
Post #: 122
2/1/2022 23:54:02   

Since the staff have expressed interest in this thread. I'll list some items I'd like to return:
Veywild shield
status ward of energy
ebilcorp logo
moglin sword
no vote
bludrunt blade
necrostaff elite
krieger blade (original, not ultra)
Post #: 123
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