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time feature & species/class

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8/1/2020 8:06:43   

Adventure Quest 3D


These are my thoughts for the the developers, and how you could expand the zones by adding a morning, afternoon, and evening feature or a time feature and why that already makes sense, and the benefits of this.

The Time Feature

In a world like Battleon, its many lands (and map that suggests a world) we find that each zone rather than feeling like a world, with countries (towns and villages usually) – it feels more like a portal world, in this type of world there is no need for a map, as each world appears to exist as a separate universe, but because there is a map it suggests a geological landscape.

To the north, there is ice, and snow, to the east the sandy desert, to the south, the grass lands and nature, to the west, rocky mountains over shadowed by volcanos, and ash, as such it would make sense to give the presence of time within relevant locations.

The time feature does not have to be like animal crossing (of course it could but I feel that would make it complicated), instead it could work that every few hours its morning, afternoon, evening,
the world Battleon could have its own time zone, and perhaps time is slightly a few hours forward, and backward relative to the zone. ex. Frostvale would have a time difference to say sand sea or green guard and so on.

The locations I feel exists within the earthly aspect of Battleon, and therefore could have a morning, afternoon, and evening (exceptions are areas like caves, and so on):

• Green-guard (Like earth it has a time zone)
• Town of Battleon (same as Green-guard)
• Mysterious Islands (same as Green-guard)
• Dragon Graveyard (same as Green-guard)
• World Tree (Apart from the spirit realm, this place could have time)
• Ashfall (Although it exists within the earthly aspect of Battleon, although there is time, there is no moon or sun visible, due to the pervasive ash clouds)
• Frostvale (has time but its so cold it remains icy despite day and night)
• Darkovia (time zone is permanently evening, night)
• Sandsea (Like Green-guard)

Exists outside of the Earthly aspect of Battleon and could not possibly have a morning afternoon and evening.

• Doom-wood (This place is basically the land of the undead, this cannot have time as it is
• Grim-outlook (Again the same the land of the undead, unearthly, no time)
• Underworld (Is basically Hell, a separate dimension, much like the void)

The Benefit of Time Zones

• Time zones create the feeling of a real world, this is already somewhat there as the seasons in specific zones, ex. Frostvale, Green-guard, like winter and summer.(and you already celebrate Christmas and Halloween in game, seasonal festivals)
• Building on the seasonal elements, there is a world, geology, and northern, eastern, southern, and western zones, and all that's missing is Time.
• With locations that have the presence of time you could expand and offer missions at specific hours, weapons, armour, pets, and all sorts of loot without having to create something like an entirely new zone. Just bring in the presence of time! And you can widen your horizons of what is capable, and achievable in game by players.
• At certain times special loot, epic and rare loot can be found, in certain
locations, from certain monsters or creatures. for ex. vampire visage or other etc.

Further Ideas

My idea for vampires & Lycan's and how that could work relative to this time feature and why it should be a species class.

The species class

• Vampirism and Lycanthropy are not classes, like ranger or warrior or mage, they are diseases a human being contracts when being bitten by either creature.
hence why the kid in dharkovia was bitten by a werewolf, and then a vampire.
• Vampirism or Lycanthrropy should should not be something you learn, and train for, its aninfection that carries benefits, and has its own unique set of skills, and buffs.
• When you contract the disease, which should be made available only at a certain time, doing a certain mission for the vampire queen or something, at midnight *time zones* , once contracted your health slowly decreases and you die but reawaken in the vampire (for werewolves, maybe they don't die but just reawaken in the werewolf castle after the first full moon, and without armour on) castle, you speak to someone with a (!) above there heads, and they send you on some further missions to prove your worth. Then you can earn the exclusive items, and weapons for this class.
• You automatically obtain a bat travel form, and vampire lord has a blood mist travel form. (Werewolf should have either a wolf travel form or a werewolf travel form)

The skills, and BUFFS/DEBUFFS I would not know where to begin. But here are my ideas; I do believe that a Vampire should be affected by sunlight, light spells, and light weapons. (Silver causes more damage against Lycans,Vampires stats get an increase at night, automatic buff.
Lycans cannot transform without a full moon, during the day they have access to the skills but buffs are decreased, and they cannot transform can always transform in areas that are permanently night, with full moon. (full moon gives automatic buff).
Both species/class should have limited access to weapons,armour, and spells that are there “kryptonite”.
There should be a vampire/werewolf hunter class for humans. (when you are either creature, vampire or lycan, you cannot be a hunter)

There should always be the option to cure yourself just as the little boy did or will (still waiting to see what happens there.)
Darkovia, and its Zones should be expanded, as players have been waiting for Darkovia part 5 for a long time.

To summarise, the time feature would add realism to a world which has seasonal celebrations, cardinal directions, a map, a geology (that big thing in arcane grove that distributes Mana (life) all over Battleon), the feature invites further development of missions, and loot. The species class, vampire
& lycan, as well as the human-vampire hunter class, are crucial concepts to Darkovia's success.

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8/6/2020 15:22:30   

I like the idea of having a species class, but i don't know if it should be exclusively a class. ESO (elder scrolls online) did vampire and werewolf quite well. there have passive buffs and debuffs that exist regardless of if you are in the form or not. And you could transform whenever you wanted. as the ability system is significantly different in this game, they would have to make it either a class or a cross skill. they already have skills that change based on what skill you used on the ninja class, so if they made it a cross skill, all they would have to do is tag each class's skills like they did with ninja's skill to allow them to change when the cross skill is used. they could also go one of two ways based on what is needed for the balance of the skills. if they want to make them super OP skills, then the transformation could last for 5-10 seconds, but if they wanted to make them equivalent to other classes' power, they could make it a toggle cross skill like how travel form works.


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