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Theoretical LUKy Strike only damage

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8/29/2020 17:33:54   

Does anyone know how much damage relatively an armor can do if it deals 0 damage on a non-lucky strike and instead does all of it's damage on a lucky strike?

Would it be 1,000% [Standard Attack]? So 0% damage 90% of the time, 1,000% damage 10% of the time?

If so, assuming a max level character with 250 STR/DEX/LUK, about how much damage would that hit do (neutral armor for simplicity's sake) in terms of Melee damage?
AQ AQW  Post #: 1
8/29/2020 18:07:08   
Legendary Ash

For A(x)+ B(y) = C. C is 100% chance, A and B are desired values of chance, x and y are desired values of damage
Assume A is 90%, B is 10%, x = 0, solve for y.
Convert to decimals and plug in values: .9(0)+.1(y) = 1
Isolate unknown and solve: .1(y) = 1 -> y = 1/.1 -> y = 10, convert to chance -> y= 1000%.
AQ  Post #: 2
8/29/2020 19:58:48   

Yeah just wanted to make sure. I'm sure a 1,000% [Standard attack] 10% of the time and 0% of the time wouldn't be so bad hah
AQ AQW  Post #: 3
8/30/2020 13:24:07   
Mr. Roguish

I'm actually very interested in this concept.

So from my calcs a does 25% damage 75% of the time allows for a 325% damage 25% of the time?

This is with 250 LUK? Where in the equation is this represented?
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8/30/2020 13:53:35   

That is correct. So long as the weighted average is equal to 100%, the math works out. This is the same reasoning behind weapon proc damage being inversely proportional to proc rate. Stats have nothing to do with all this, as this is just the standard of the game. All items are balanced to do on average 100% damage before modifications, irrespective of stats.
Post #: 5
8/30/2020 14:11:28   
Mr. Roguish

so assuming the 325% damage 25% of the time when the lucky strike hits with a LUK of 250; assumin ranged weapon since he mentioned STR and DEX (STR/10 + DEX/40 + LUK*3/80) it would be:
(250/10)+(250/40)+(250*3/80)= 325%+40.625%?

That seems a little low, am I missing something?
Post #: 6
8/30/2020 14:39:16   
Legendary Ash

You made the error of adding melee% with Core stat damage, which doesn't make logical sense.
After dividing Stat points by its formulas, they multiply with Stat%, which gives direct damage values, not melee%.
melee% is the sum of base damage (base*base%+random*random%) and stat damage (statpoints*stat%/formula) that is represented as a percent.

< Message edited by Legendary Ash -- 8/30/2020 16:27:21 >
AQ  Post #: 7
8/30/2020 15:40:13   
Mr. Roguish

@Legendary Ash

I don't get it, like what multiplication are you talking about? LUK*3/80?
Post #: 8
8/30/2020 15:59:52   
Legendary Ash

The 325% is the melee%, 250 is Stat points, 40.625 is Core stat damage it doesn't get converted to percent like you had it above.
I recommend reading [15] in Master List of Game Formulae to learn the terminology and see how damage is calculated.
AQ  Post #: 9
8/30/2020 16:23:12   
Mr. Roguish

I'm not understanding; you mention that:

The 325% is the melee%, 250 is Stat points, 40.625 is Core stat damage it doesn't get converted to percent like you had it above.
But had said:

You made the error of multiplying melee% with Stat, which doesn't make logical sense.
After dividing Stat by its formulas, they multiply with Stat%, which gives direct damage values, not melee%.
melee% is the sum of base damage (base*base%+random*random%) and stat damage (stat*stat%/formula) that is represented as a percent.

I've read through the game formula and I have my own question thread trying to figure all this out (which no one seems to want to respond to) as well as I didn't see anything that distinguishes between stat%, stat damage, or core stat damage.

You said I:
You made the error of multiplying melee% with Stat
1. Stat what? stat point, stat %, stat damage? I added melee%=325% to stat damage=40.625 not multiplied.
2. based off of what I can tell the melee percentage should be converted to decimal and multiplied to stat damage? 3.25*40.625= 132.03?

Still seems kinda low
Post #: 10
8/30/2020 16:32:05   
Legendary Ash

I have updated the Post 7 to be more clear on the error, try reading it again to better understand Post 9 and see if it answers your #2.
AQ  Post #: 11
8/30/2020 16:55:04   
Mr. Roguish

So then the question is, what is the stat%? I keep seeing it reference in the game formula but nothing says what it is or how it's calculated.

Also what do you mean dividing by its formulas? 250/formulas*stat%.

What us direct damage value, from what you're describing it sounds like core stat damage. But core stat damage doesn't account for the weapon and armor BR
Post #: 12
8/30/2020 17:42:21   
Legendary Ash

Stat% is a modifier to Core stat damage like how BR% is a modifier to a piece of equipment's base and random.

BRS% modifiers serve the purpose of introducing a progression from one's leveling up unlocking stat points that results in output being composed of mainly base+random and a smaller portion from stat damage, towards 50% BR and another 50% from stat damage 38.5% from Mainstat and 11.5% from Luk as of 200 stat points, these three percentages added up to 100%, which is known as melee%.

Stat%'s importance is to maintain consistent growth curve in damage once the character hits the stat cap for a primary stat (Str/Dex/Int/Cha), otherwise damage would grow at a much slower rate.
Stat% can be found on the info subs of weapons special, armor, skill/spell, pet and guest.

Direct damage is what appears above an enemy when the character lands a blow, it is deducted from their Hp.
AQ  Post #: 13
8/30/2020 19:42:15   
Mr. Roguish

So essentially stat% is how much the character's stats (core stat damage) buff the armor's ability (BR%) to buff the weapon's BR?

Melee% is the probability distribution of damage (I assume based off of the 10 turn model) that dictates whether an armor will do alot of its damage all at once but rarely, little damage often, or more or less even distribution throughout all attacks and turns? But if lucky strikes already have a cap of 10% chance regardless of LUK (unless LUK stat is 0 or lucky strike frequency modifying gear), how can there potentially be an armor that (assuming it only does one hit) does 255% damage 75% of the time and therefore 75% damage 25% of the time? Or is this impossible?

So to increase damage of a lucky strike you can either increase the LUK itself or increase the stat%, or both? And if you wanted an armor that did very weak attacks but nuke-like direct damage from lucky strikes going off of a weapon with the base of 15, an armor's BR% being low like 200 (to focus on the effects of LUK), therefore making the weapon's base 30, and the monster's elemental resistance 100%. Once would need:

stat% low (100%)-->39,000 LUK minimum
stat% mid? (23,000)-->aprox. 1,200 LUK
stat% high (45,000%)-->250 LUK minimum
Post #: 14
8/30/2020 20:26:28   
Legendary Ash

Any distribution of power (armor BRS%) that includes status conditions/combat effects are balanced as long as it totals 1000% in 10 turns, which is the minimum turn model, the standard being the 20 turn model.

Its not a good idea to directly modify standard equipment BRS% values since other equipment types may expect a value and will result in imbalance when that assumption is thrown off.
This is the case with the Server caps on multiplicative LS rate boost standards, additive LS rate boosts are relatively weaker (blue cap) and stronger (red cap).

Luk stat, additive LS damage and rate should be the only variables allowed to change if designing such equipment.

AQ  Post #: 15
8/31/2020 8:07:19   
Mr. Roguish

What would be the most effective and/or efficient way to maximize the direct damage of a lucky strike that incorporates and more than just boosting Stat points?
Post #: 16
9/1/2020 8:41:29   

Lost in Vanity Faire AdventureQuest


Alright, the thread has drifted towards discussion on calculations that isn't exactly on-topic anymore. As such, thread will have to be locked.

AQ  Post #: 17
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