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Does anyone else miss CIT? Also, what's the best build to replace CIT fun with?

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All Forums >> [Artix Entertainment Games] >> [AdventureQuest] >> AdventureQuest Q&A >> Does anyone else miss CIT? Also, what's the best build to replace CIT fun with?
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11/2/2020 17:18:17   

I'm currently a mage and the quickest/most efficient way to dispatch weak monsters is using the bloodmage skills. Ever since the nerf of CIT, the game has become pretty bland for me. I would use armors to attack but seeing me deal less than 1,000 damage a turn seems boring now. I enjoyed the the time when I was able to use skills, armor attacks and spells and have them all be fun and almost equally efficient. Using imbue to change skill elements was so fun to nuke monsters and my armor inventory was very diverse. Especially since it's a single player game and I like to relax and set up for big numbers.

This leaves me wishing for a CIT alternative that would give equal damage boost BUT would have the proper penalties which would satiate CIT builds and people that would like a challenge. Imagine a CIT-type shield that boosts the damage you recieve too or haves you skip a turn when turning on the boost? It could even be a 2 turn boost. Have 2 turns 1.5x boost damage but the monster also deals 1.5x damage. Maybe the boost can take up a turn? I'm not begging. It's just something I had to get off my chest since I've been playing for 14 years and really miss it. I just don't get excited for new armors or spells because I know the blood armors are better.

You can always nerf them but the fun of nuking isn't there anymore. It's just my play style. There are other ways to play like using pets, bleed effects, etc. But what happens when those who love nuking don't have that anymore and don't like the alternative style of gameplay? Is there no place for us?

I just feel that since it's single player, it should have an option to use a CIT-like shield since I believe the game should appeal to every player. It isn't a PvP or competetive game other than wars but one can choose to use it or not. It doesn't effect anyone's play-style if it stays but it does if it never comes back.

I'm just hoping for a CIT alternative but in the mean time, I'd like to know which current build is funnest in terms of numbers, gameplay and efficiency?


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AQ Epic  Post #: 1
11/2/2020 18:20:58   


We understand that it's frustrating to see a preferred build undergo a nerf, nuking as a style has not gone away. Those who love the build have not been left with no comparable alternative. Far from it, it remains the most popular playstyle by far in terms of community recommendations, second only to the somewhat recent surge in popularity for the backlash style.

In addition, creating an alternative to Chieftain's Ironthorn would reintroduce the majority of the problem that the original item posed. Not only would there be no penalties that could not be trivialized by other gear, but some would even be a net gain to specific builds. The resulting item would break design standards for shields, exceed the value of any reasonable amounts of MC for one, retroactively invalidate spell-like skills (Including much of Paladin) and once again make it so that no other shield is worth using. Inventory diversity would objectively suffering by virtue of the extreme advantage weapon-based old lean skills would have over everything else. In short, there is a long list of reasons why such a shield should never be introduced.

During the discussion thread made about the initial change, it was explained that the single player nature of the game does not create an exception to the importance of balance. The choices one player makes do not impact the experiences of another, but development choices have an impact beyond what a single specific player will directly experience. The full explanation given at the time was as follows:


The single player nature of the game does not remove the importance of balance. That the gameplay choices of any given player do not directly impact the gameplay experiences of others does not alter the fact that development choices affect the experience of all players. Consistent balance is essential to the continuation of the game, for reasons including, but far from limited to:

  • The value of all player experiences. Arbitrary choices and exceptions made for the sake of the preferences of a few detract from the experiences of the others and curtail future development.
  • The integrity of our word as developers. Contradictory standards and arbitrary exceptions invalidate all reasons we may give for future adjustments. Players could (And rightly, one might add) point at any decisions we take and consider them moot on the grounds of inconsistency with other arbitrary choices. Balance is not something one takes piecemeal, especially only where it's easy or non-controversial to implement.
  • The range of possibilities for future development. The existence of overpowered items inherently curtails the development of all future items that may be measured against them. In contrast, underpowered items are inherently unsatisfying, especially when not every individual item can be so elaborate as to have appeal beyond its primary use. %melee costs for effects increase the more than an item has going for it, making hedging the value of items that would measure up to arbitrary exceptions an exercise in spending additional effort for something that players are likely to be turned away by the drawbacks of.

    Consider this last reason in particular, even though CiT exemplified all of these problems. This item was beyond unbalanced since its inception, and extremely overtuned by current standards. It warped the balance so badly that armor and weapon design were impacted by it. Any modern items that might compete with it would be obsolete on deployment if it remained - Given the feeling of an underpowered item by the presence of this single sore thumb. Especially with Paladin about to deploy, it could not be allowed to continue curtailing future ideas.

    While we understand the frustration of combat slowing down, we have accounted for the ripple effects and have already planned future items that will address any build identity issues that this change only leaves half-fixed. The rebalancing of CIT, however, will not be reverted.

  • Post #: 2
    11/3/2020 10:52:58   


    I'm just hoping for a CIT alternative but in the mean time, I'd like to know which current build is funnest in terms of numbers, gameplay and efficiency?

    Numbers: Double Poelala magi with burst spells or anything with stacking the Prime Chaos Orb.
    Gameplay: This is very subjective but I like a status effect based build with my Pets and Guests. The key is finding synergy between your setups
    Efficiency: Double Poelala magi with burst spells and INT boost.
    AQ AQW  Post #: 3
    11/3/2020 11:20:08   

    That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. I guess it would affect more people if it comes back.

    I figured the puremage would be the way to go for the most part
    AQ Epic  Post #: 4
    11/4/2020 18:09:53   

    I've been away for a few months. What was the change to the shield CIT? I have it on my active inventory Lol
    AQ DF  Post #: 5
    11/4/2020 18:24:52   


    I've been away for a few months. What was the change to the shield CIT? I have it on my active inventory Lol

    CIT no longer makes you do *1.5 damage.
    It now functions as a "STR drive". You can toggle it to give you STR by paying some SP.
    AQ  Post #: 6
    11/4/2020 18:33:38   


    WHAT? Ohhhhhhh man.

    Well....time to get that shield out of my inventory then Lol

    AQ DF  Post #: 7
    11/5/2020 19:59:05   
    lifetime dreamer

    Legenderio--A great nuking warrior build which still works is the Fear Eater strategy. If you get a high enough fear quotient stacked on the monster you can do 5-figure damage if the stats allow it.
    AQ  Post #: 8
    11/10/2020 0:01:02   

    yea im kinda wondering to, i play a burst warrior sort of build, im debating keeping ironthorne in the inventory just because the extra str is still useful and it also feeds into Dunamis as well, so in that sense not really sure what else i could possibly even use.
    AQ  Post #: 9
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