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11/19/2020 21:02:45   

The Idea Pond: Where The Ideas are Pondered

The balancing is probably off, but numbers look cool and the equations can give insight that would otherwise be hard to explain.

Formatting pending to change upon feedback - current priority is communicating the unique concepts, and the mindset behind their creation.

Suggestions are also probably going to be connected by some thread to their adjacent ideas as I follow my train of thought, and a large portion of the suggestions are likely to be in support of strategies that are currently non-optimal. My personal build style is to have "win the battle" be secondary to "get stronger throughout the battle" so my initial ideas strongly reflect the Controller/Long-Game priority and most or all of the subsequent ideas will likely take into account whether they can make a long fight interesting.

Bad Infinitum
Spell/Skill/Misc Active

Note: "Adjustable Status" below refers to any status that has both a duration and a number representing its strength (such as power for burn/poison/etc, or a modifier for eleVuln/choke/etc.) Duration when used below is how many rounds remain for that effect, and Power when used below is the number representing the status' strength.

Overview: For one random adjustable status on the enemy, reduce the power of that status greatly but extend its duration to last the entire battle. If the status already lasts a long time (20+ turns), increase the power of that status.

Details: For one random adjustable status on the enemy, let X = MIN(Duration, 20)/20 and let Units = 0.05 for any status that deals with small numbers such as Poison, but 1 in any other case. Set the status' power to Power*(X+(1/9998)/5)+5*Units, then set its duration to 9999 rounds.


Choke, -30% damage for 1 rounds -> -6.5% damage for 9999 rounds -> -12.8% -> -20.36%
Posion, 2 Power for 2 rounds -> 0.45 power for 9999 rounds -> 0.79 -> 1.198

- Support the strategy of playing defensively and stacking effects on enemies, for the power fantasy of maximizing defense while inevitable doom encroaches on the enemy
- Allow diversity in the above strategy, where one could reasonably use any adjustable status for stacking and potentially multiple at once

- I'm proud of the potential that the item has without having to make a complicated effect, though I do feel it asks things of the status system that would be tough to handle currently.

Rad Infinitum
The same thing as Bad Infinitum, but for effects the player has on themselves


Lucky, +50 LUK for 1 round -> +7.5 LUK for 9999 rounds -> 14 -> 21.8
Baby Egg Damage Reduction, -28 damage for 1 round -> -6.4 for 9999 rounds -> 12.68 -> 20.21
Geocastellum x14, -100% damage for 9 rounds -> -50% damage for 9999 rounds -> -65% -> -83%

Oversoul Overcharge
Tome/Spell/Armor Skill

Overview: Choose between Accumulate and Eradicate - Accumulate gathers more Soul Charge each time it's used, and Eradicate releases Soul Charges for bonus damage.

Details: Choose between Accumulate and Eradicate:
- Accumulate gives 1 Soul Charge per time it's been cast during the battle.
- Eradicate consumes all Soul Charges, dealing 85% damage plus 20% per Soul Charge spent.

- Accumulate 19 rounds (190 charges gained), then Eradicate = 3885% damage (average 194.25% per round, all applied on round 20)
- Accumulate 9 rounds (45 charges gained), then Eradicate = 985% damage (average 98.5% per round, all applied on round 10)
- Accumulate-then-Eradicate alternating: Round n (n/2 charges) = 85% + 10n% damage = 1950% damage by round 20 (scaling up from average 52.5% per round on round 2, up to average 97.5% per round on round 20)
- Accumulate once, then Eradicate only: 105% round 2, 85% every round after (average 52.5% damage by round 2, scaling down toward average 42.5% damage over time)

- Support the strategy of playing defensively and stacking effects on enemies, for the power fantasy of maximizing defense while inevitable doom encroaches on the enemy
- Emulate my favorite Oversoul mechanic of spending a turn to gain resources and gaining more resources each time you do it

- I feel like the balance on this was pretty hard to do without knowing where to find everything about AQ balancing, I wasn't certain what assumptions to make: If battles are assumed to be 10 rounds then it's a below-average spell, if they're assumed to be 20 then its strongest case is very strong but the numbers can be changed to 95% + 10% per Charge to put the numbers back in place.
- The 19-round-Accumulate case assumes that Accumulate costs a small enough amount that it can be done 19 times in a row, if it's thought of as a Mastercraft spell/skill then it spends 100% of its damage to reduce the cost by 100% and uses the 5% Mastercraft bonus to store Soul Charges for Eradicate to spend.

Learning Leech
Darkness Spell/Skill

Overview: Deal damage to the enemy and heal for the damage dealt, with increasing damage on every use.

Appearance: Red/purple energy swirls slowly around the enemy and collects into a mass, then swiftly flies to the player and disperses into them.

Description: This (living?) spell/skill drains health from your enemies - it also learns their weak spots, becoming stronger with each use!

Details: Deal 35% damage plus 10% per time the spell was cast in this battle, and heal your HP for that much.

- Cast 1: 35% Dealt+Healed = 70%
- Cast 2: 45% Dealt+Healed = 90%
- Cast 3: 55% Dealt+Healed = 110%

- Support the strategy of playing defensively and stacking effects on enemies, for the power fantasy of maximizing defense while inevitable doom encroaches on the enemy
- Support the Lich fantasy of stealing HP

- For balancing this is similar to Tenacious Dracolich Claws, but that spell caps at +25% damage so I reduced the initial combined damage+healing of this one by 15% to move the break-even point one round further.
- For extra "oh neat" reaction, the spell's stat scaling could be END to reflect the spell's strong connection to healing and to support a tank-caster niche.

Doubt: «X», «Y» Rounds

Overview: The afflicted character begins to doubt their skills, and tunnel-visions on landing hits at the expense of damage.

Details: For Y rounds the character's attacks, skills, and spells all have a BtH lean of +X (they get +X to hit, but deal *85/(85+X) damage). Applying the status again sets the duration to the longer of the two (between current duration and the duration of the new status) and increases sets X to MAX((CurrentX+NewX)/2, CurrentX)*MIN(CurrentDuration/NewDuration, 1).

Explanation of the equation for new power: If the duration is increased by the new status, then it reduces the power increase to scale inversely to the increase in duration.


Doubt 15, 5 rounds: Character has +15 BtH, and deals 85% damage.
Doubt 85, 3 rounds: Character has +85 BtH, and deals 50% damage.
Doubt 8415, 1 round: Character has +8415 BtH, and deals 1% damage.

Doubt 15, 5 rounds, character applies Doubt 15, 6 rounds: Enemy is now afflicted by Doubt 27.5, 6 rounds (75.55% damage)
Doubt 15, 3 rounds, character applies Doubt 85, 1 round: Enemy is now afflicted by Doubt 50, 3 rounds (63% damage)

- Make a status that can be stacked arbitrarily high without quickly becoming overwhelming (such as with Panic)

- I feel like this status can be interesting when applied to a player, as it could be an effect they choose to apply to themselves to make certain attacks/skills/spells more accurate and being willing to reduce damage for it - even if an enemy applied it to the player, they can still try to leverage the effect's accuracy boost for their own benefit.
- I like that the effect is written like it's a fairly equal trade but takes advantage of the fact that going above 100% chance to hit has no impact, making it a status that's technically neutral at first but becomes negative when too much is applied.

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5/20/2021 22:00:38   
Mr. Roguish

I don't know about the math, but I do like the concept about a particular way to effectively increase the duration of effects by a decent length that you can just set it and forget it efficiently without the specific intention of trying to obtain some god mode.
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12/2/2021 13:11:45   

Looming Doomblade/Doomspear/Doomstaff
Dark Melee/Ranged/Magic Sword/Spear/Staff

Overview: 10-proc weapons; consecutive non-proc hits sacrifice damage to increase the damage and chance of its next special, which sacrifices damage to make the enemy more vulnerable to damage. Has a toggle to become 0-proc (IE stores power/proc-rate without "accidentally" spending it).

Appearance: Sword and spear each have a sphere of dark energy that seems to be gathering energy and is levitating at the end of the hilt/handle, with a blade levitating on the other side of it. Staff has an arch that curves around the sphere. Clicking on the sphere toggles no-proc mode.

Description: This sword/spear/staff siphons power from each of your attacks, and grows unstable until it erupts with a blast that leaves enemies vulnerable! Click the sphere to stabilize it, preventing the power from being able to erupt until you click it again.

- Normal attacks with the weapon deal -X% damage, and increase the damage of the special by a portion of that while the rest goes into increasing the rate of the special. The increases stack, but all increases are lost when the special occurs and when battle ends.
- The weapon can toggle into no-proc mode, which is the same effect but can't trigger the special (allowing the wielder to charge the weapon as much as they'd like).
- The special spends the majority of its damage (including the bonus damage gained from the normal effect) to apply two turns of Elemental Vulnerability (Either weapon element or all elements) at the appropriate rate. Save is -10, [STR/DEX/INT]/LUK vs END/LUK.

- If the normal attack spends 25% melee to improve the special, with 10% going to the rate and 15% going to the damage, then after 3 attacks the special's odds of occurring are increased by 30% melee and the damage is increased by 45% melee. If the special is normally 150% melee and spends 50% of its damage on the status, if it triggers after those 3 normal attacks it has 195% melee and spends 97.5% melee on the Elemental Vulnerability instead of the normal 75%.

- Support the idea of 10-proc weapons that feel like their normal attacks are still making progress toward the game plan
- Allow the player to interact with the proc rate, giving room for a small amount of choice in when the impactful special occurs without letting it function as a skill

- I think variable proc rates could be worth looking into, and I feel that there could be some merit to having normal attacks contribute to the special's power as a way to help players feel less bad if they don't get a special to trigger for a long time.
- I like the idea of the status actually increasing enemy element modifiers by a X (IE able to increase a negative modifier to a positive), but I figure that's harder to implement so I went with the safer and currently existing EleVuln status.

Ice Ranged/Magic Spear/Staff

Overview: Variable-proc weapons that trigger their special more often against enemies with high blocking; the special reduces enemy MRM, and normal attacks deal high damage with low accuracy.

Appearance: Spear is a halberd with a head of a Pzycho Sabre but blue & white, staff is similar but with the Sabre in a decorative position (facing backward, for example). Spear/staff poles are wooden, with some ice creeping onto them from the Sabres.

Description: This spear/staff was designed to punish those that move too quickly, and it slowly freezes them in place!

- The weapon's proc-rate is equal to the enemy's average MRM (max 100) - for example, an MRM of 40/50/60 would mean a 50% proc rate.
- The weapon's special sacrifices damage to attempt to reduce the enemy's MRM by an amount (3-5 probably).
- The weapon's normal attacks have a strongly inaccurate lean.

- None here, this weapon is pretty simple - it tries to reduce enemy MRM, and tries less often as their MRM goes down.

- Support Full-Defense builds that sacrifice accuracy in favor of survivability by giving a way to wear down enemy defenses

- Continuing with X-proc weapon suggestions, this one is inspired by the Pzycho Sabres because I feel that MRM reductions like it has are underrepresented (the Necromancer class used to have a skill for guaranteed MRM reduction, but it was removed during the class rework which left only the Pzycho Sabre and a few pets that can't reduce MRM by more than 30 per battle).

Burning Question
Fire Spell/Skill

Overview: Spell/skill that implants a weak Spiritual Seed on the enemy - subsequent casts increase the seed's strength, while casting a different spell/skill increases the seed's delay.

Appearance: A small wisp of fire swirls around the enemy, then condenses into a ball and embeds itself inside the enemy.

Description: Plant two questions in the mind of your enemy: 1) When will this spell explode? And 2) How painful will it be? Other spells/skills delay the explosion, and re-casting this one make it stronger!

Details: Efficient spell/skill that spends all of its damage to inflict Spiritual Seed of Fire (3 rounds). If cast on an enemy that already has that Spiritual Seed, it makes the seed stronger without increasing the number of rounds. Each time the player casts a spell/skill other than this one, the number of rounds on the Spiritual Seed increase by 2.

- First cast: Seed planted, power X and remaining turns 3
- Potential Usage 1: Continue recasting the spell to have it hit a power of 3X before it detonates
- Potential Usage 2: Alternate between recasting and casting other spells/skills, using the other spells/skills as a means to prevent the seed from triggering so that its power can be stacked further.

- Create a spell that allows for choices to be made beyond just when to cast it (which spells/skills to have on hand for extending the Seed, when to extend it and when to empower it)

- Quick-cast spells/skills would likely need a special case with this spell, but I think the simple way would be to have the Spiritual Seed check if the player cast a spell during their turn instead of having the spell cast itself trigger the Seed duration increase. Alternatively, it could be only spells that cost a turn that extend the Seed as particularly spammable spells/skills would allow the player to increase the Seed's duration without much effort.

FD Water Armor

Overview: Armor that trades potion healing for stat boosts, and that can conjure potions.

Appearance: A set of robes with a collection of belts and pouches that hold the components required to magically conjure potions - ingredients, a pestle and mortar, and potentially some materials that can be used to conjure more potion-making components.

Description: The Alchemancer specializes in getting the most from their potions, and replenishing their supply in a pinch!

- FD Armor with Water primary (potions are wet) and Magic > Melee = Ranged blocking.
- Skill #1, Create Health Potion, spends 100% melee to add a health potion to the player's inventory, if they have room.
- Skill #2, Create Mana Potion, spends 100% melee to add a mana potion to the player's inventory, if they have room.
- Effect: Drinking a potion while in this armor reduces its healing by 50% melee, and gives 50% melee in the form of a stat boost for the rest of the battle - Health Potions have a 50% chance to give Strength, Mana Potions have a 50% chance to give Intellect, and both have their other 50% give one of Dexterity, Endurance, Charisma, or Luck chosen at random (so 50% MainStat, 12.5% for each of the minor stats).

- At level 150, reduce Health Potion healing by ~174 (50% melee in HP) to grant an increase of ~29 to a stat for the rest of battle (Assuming the 10 round battle standard plus using Celtic Wheel as a reference where 340 SP = +50 INT for the battle, so 174 HP = 195.75 SP = +28.79 for the battle)

- Create an armor that can interact with potions, building upon the (usually) under-utilized mechanic to make an interesting resource system without having to create a resource.

- If using potions is an issue due to them being stockpile-able prior to a quest/battle, the armor can still work in different ways, such as only having a single skill that gives the stat boost or having a skill that stores an HP/MP heal charge and can expend that charge to get the small heal + stat boost

Overflowing Aquablade/Aquaspear/Aquastaff
Water Sword/Spear/Staff

Overview: 0-proc weapons that attempt to apply Offbalanced to the enemy when you miss.

Appearance: Sword and Spear blades, as well as the "gem" at the end of the staff, are made of water and there's clearly too much - there's always a bulge at some part, constantly shifting around and trying to even out but there's no way for that amount of water to fit in the shape and size it's trying to be.

Description: This sword/spear/staff has too much water! Even if an enemy dodges your attacks, the splashing can get into their boots and throw off their balance!

- -5 BtH lean, so *90/85 damage
- Spends 20% melee (or 15% and MC bonus, if there's an MC bonus) to attempt to apply Offbalanced after each attack if at least one hit attempt was a miss. Duration is 9999 rounds (so all battle), save is 50%, reduction is [Hits Missed]/[Hits Attempted]/0.4*[20% Melee as 1-round Offbalanced]/10/0.5
- Flavor effect: Click on the water to put the weapon into "Spilling everywhere" mode. In this mode, all player attacks with the weapon miss.

- This one is pretty straightforward - if the player lands 1/2 their attacks and the enemy fails 1/2 the saves, the enemy gets a stacking 1/4 of the weapon's Offbalance application (so 0.5% melee per turn for the rest of battle, per round).

- Create a weapon that allows the player to wear down the Dexterity of an enemy, but without requiring the player to be hitting them in the first place (as with Pzycho Sabre, Legion Pumpkin Slayer, Nerfit, etc).

- The Offbalance numbers are: [Misses]/[Attempts] as the usual modifier for how much of the attack met the requirements, /0.4 because the weapon can assume the player isn't putting points into accuracy which means 35% miss rate (65% hit rate) without the lean and 40% miss rate after, *20% Melee as 1-round Offbalanced because the % Melee has to be converted into what it's applied as, /10 because the effect lasts all battle which gets assumed to be 10 rounds, /0.5 because it's a 50% save.
- The flavor effect is left underpowered on purpose, I think it's important that it has the effect so that players don't feel "punished" for having their accuracy too high but I didn't want to treat it as if it were a full downside since there are theoretical cases where a player would want to miss and apply the status more - if the balance allows a buff to be added then great, but if not then I think the flavor is cute and don't think it would make anyone feel like the weapon is sub-par just because they don't use the flavor effect to auto-miss.

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Call/Summon Display Case
Guest Spell

Overview: Spell that conjures a guest whose attacks count as the player attacking with their weapon.

Appearance: A large glass cabinet holding a small replica of (or a painting of) the player's active weapon. It "attacks" by having a text box pop up like an advertisement ("Limited Edition"/"Very Cool"/etc) and then flinging that popup at the enemy so you know they read how special your weapon is.

Description: For when you want to really show off what your weapon can do.

- Costs 60% melee as normal
- Attack is 1 hit, +5 BtH lean
- The guest's attacks count as 60%-damage player attacks using their active weapon: They follow your weapon’s element (*0.9 damage for that) in addition to counting as an attack for effects associated with player attacks such as on the weapon itself (with appropriate damage modifiers for that).
- Mastercraft Bonus: Copies the weapon’s bonus.

- Your active weapon is dark and deals /2 damage but heals you for the damage you deal: Display Case deals 27% melee (60%/2*0.9) dark damage and heals you for the damage it deals.
- Your active weapon is harm (*0.9 damage) and its Mastercraft bonus applies a 5/1.4% chance stun if every hit lands: Display Case deals 48.6% melee (60%*0.9*0.9) harm damage and applies a 5/1.4% chance stun if it hits.

- Create a guest that allows the player to utilize weapon effects without requiring Celerity or the reliance on damage-based effects like Alchemical Unity being paired with damage boosting effects.

- This concept assumes that player weapon attacks are possible to emulate outside of the player's actual attack. If the weapon can't be used as a guest's effect, a similar effect for the guest would be to grant the player celerity but apply the 60% damage multiplier and lock them out of anything other than attacks during that celerity turn.

Resilience [X%] (Freedom Alternative)

Overview: A monster with Resilience [X%] can spend SP to get a turn that would otherwise be lost (such as from Daze or Control).

Description: Breaks free from action-preventing statuses, with [100-X]% cost.

- A monster (or player) that would have its turn skipped can instead pay SP to have the turn not be skipped.
- The SP cost is X% of one turn, so X*1.4% for a monster and X% for a player.
- If not enough SP is available, it instead costs all of current SP and reduces outgoing damage for the turn by the percentage of SP missing.

- A monster that's been stunned for 3 turns at 100% rate that has Resilience 0% can spend 140% melee in SP on each of those 3 turns to act. If it only has 70% melee in SP on the 3rd turn, it deals 50% damage that turn (70%/140%)
- A monster that has Resilience 50% can ignore turn skips by spending 70% melee instead of 140% - if it only has 7% melee, its output for that turn becomes 10% instead of 5% (7%/70% instead of 7%/150%)
- A monster with Resilience 100% can always act at no SP cost

- Update the Freedom status to allow statuses to remain valid combat styles against bosses, without making bosses easy to lock out of turns.

- The X value of the status might be difficult to balance for players, though I think it can be valuable in making the status flexible for bosses.

Create Opening

Overview: Spell/Skill that temporarily overwrites the enemy's sub-X% resistances with X%.

Appearance: A large circle hovers around the enemy, then quickly shrinks to "lock on" to a particular location.

Description: This Spell/Skill allows you to damage your enemies with elements they normally wouldn't take damage from!

- At battle start, X is 10%. After each use of the spell/skill, increase by 5.
- For 2 rounds, each of the target's elemental resistances (only the main 8 - no harm, heal, void, etc) that are below X are set to X.

- An enemy has -50% Dark modifier; for 2 rounds, its modifier is 10% instead. On your next turn, you can cast it again - the modifier is overwritten (going from 10% to 15%) and the durations are added together to make 3 rounds.

- Create a way for non-imbueable element-specific effects to be applicable to enemies with negative resists, without making nukes stronger.

- Temporarily overwriting resistances would be ideal for effects that scale with enemy resists (such as Absolute Darkness blinding for 7×[Dark Resist]) would be ideal to properly support the concept, but I imagine that the majority of its functionality can still exist by just modifying the incoming damage in the same manner as the Paladin armor does plus potentially temporarily removing the monster's elemental alignment for effects that won't work on monsters of a particular element.

Metaphysical Prism

Overview: Shield with a skill to overwrite enemy incoming damage with a random element.

Appearance: A glass prism spinning inside a circular shield - occasionally it disappears into the void (10% of its total animation is spent in the void).

Description: This shield warps the elements, changing the damage you take from monsters! Click on the shield to activate a skill that randomizes the damage you take.

- Magic > Melee == Ranged Blocking (It's doing magical things, so it might as well block the magic while it's there)
- Resists all elements equally (-14% at level 150)
- Clicking the Shield attempts to scramble the monster's attacking element(s) with a save of END/LUK vs END/LUK +20 (so 30% infliction chance) - quickcast, but can only be attempted once per turn.
- If the monster fails the save, it gets a status called Distorted Element: [Element Name]. As long as it has that status, all damage it deals to the player is that element. The element is chosen at random from among the main 8 elements, plus Harm and Void.
- If the monster fails the save, the shield also scrambles its own resistances - it has a 50% chance to resist the monster's attacking element, a 10% chance to resist all elements equally, and a 40% chance to pick a random element from among the main 8 and resist that element.

- An enemy Ice Snayl has its attacking element randomized - its element becomes set to Dark. The shield randomizes its elemental resistances, and now grants -26% Dark resist.
- An enemy Salamander has its attacking element randomized - its element becomes set to Fire (bad luck there). The shield randomizes its elemental resistances, and now grants -26% Earth resist (better luck next time).
- An enemy Gogg has its attacking element randomized - its element becomes set to Void, meaning all hits from its multi-elemental attack deal Void damage instead of wind/water/etc. The shield randomizes its elemental resistances, and now grants -13% to all elements. The newly-minted Void Gogg probably eats the player if they don't do something to win the fight that turn.

- Create a shield that can interact with enemy elements in a fun way, trading the consistency of "just use the shield that matches the monster's element" for a game of trying to create an alignment between the shield you WANT to wield and the element that it defends against.

- I'm unsure of the balance cost of randomizing elements, so I was conservative - the roll is difficult, there's a 20% chance the monster's element becomes Harm or even Void, and the shield itself has an effectively 60% chance to defend against the new element (50% to match, and 1/8 shot to randomly hit the right element in the 80% chance that the random element is one of the main 8) which makes it common that the player interacts with their shield inventory multiple times in a single battle.
- I think the shield counts as a sort of compression item for how it should be treated, since a very basic use would be to switch the enemy's element until it matches the equipment that the player wants to be using (though the switch still has the low infliction chance and 20% chance to be basically a straight buff to the enemy)

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