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=DF= November 20th Design Notes: The Maleurous: Myalos

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11/20/2020 22:19:19   
Wolf Rider


The Maleurous: Myalos

Hey there, heroes!

This week, The Maleurous storyline continues! Last week, on Friday the 13th, Myalos, one of the Maleurous, became active, controlling an ancient construct long thought lost and buried.

At the behest of the Avatars, you and Uaanta, their champions, were sent to investigate what was happening, only to be intercepted by none other than the enigmatic Lock and Key.

After a tense encounter and an unexpected visitor, it's time to head into this mysterious construct.

Delve into the now-stirring ruins of ancient history in search of Myalos, and answers! ("Remnants at Rest has been added to Uaanta's quests in Book 3 Falconreach).

Hey everyone, Verlyrus here.

I wanted to address why we decided against having a war event with this Maleurous encounter. While we certainly could have forced a war into the story at a couple points, we ultimately decided against it.

In this case, we felt that the with the Angel of Azaveyr war in August, it would be too soon to release another war with similar themes. This also let us focus more on the story of these characters more than if we had to contend with producing a war at the same time.

"But", you may say, "The next Friday the 13th isn't until August 2021!"

"Do we have to wait that long for the next Maleurous update?"

Fear not. As we did with the Angel of Azaveyr event, we're okay with... tweaking nearby dates to fit our purposes.

Besides, unpredictability is quite thematic to the Maleurous.

As we get closer to the end of this storyline, we will have more quests and more story. But we definitely won't forget about wars.

On another note, we have a special end-of-the-year Dragon Coin special running from today until January 6th, 2021!

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< Message edited by Gingkage -- 11/20/2020 22:24:51 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
11/20/2020 22:50:40   

The quest here was amaizng well done, and don't worry we have other ways of getting defender medals so we be fine without, anyways can't wait to see the next part us the hero having to explain what happend to the avatars or why we went against tham and finnaly maybe they will listen to the hero xD
Post #: 2
11/21/2020 1:58:15   

Now that the thanksgiving storybook is back, are there any items worth getting?

On this week's release, I always like references to Mechquest. Too bad the game is dead :(
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
11/21/2020 3:14:37   


Not sure whether an AI in this setting pondering freedom and heroes is cause for concern especially after it just recently dealt with an evil force from the dawn of time.

Also, now all Malerous are finally accounted for, and judging by the looks of it the last one was definitely responsible for taking out Sinnocence. Although I'm curious as to what they'll be as any time I look to the lower part of their body it looks like there are tentacles coming out of them and I'm not sure if that's supposed to be apart of them or the design is apart of their robes. Also, something about the effect of their abilities looks strangely familiar, beyond the Sinnocence event, but I cannot recall from where.

And I can just imagine the response from the Avatars is probably not going to be pleasant especially since Uaanta won't be awake for a chance, even if small, to back us up on not notifying them about Lock and Key.
DF  Post #: 4
11/21/2020 4:01:06   

The monsters and the boss are way too powerful. The seed can insta kill me or a quest character within a few turns while hiding behind a super blocker.
Post #: 5
11/21/2020 4:53:24   

A very well done quest, surprisingly lengthy. But I did really like those MechQuest nods and it was kinda nostalgic for me, I got a lot of Kordana -vibes.

I'm actually okay there wasn't a war this week. We've had 3 wars in a year (if counting from this date) so I don't think there really was a need for a fourth one. It is much nicer to have more understanding of Malerious now than beat up some Remthalas' minions. Even though I would be happy to do so.
DF  Post #: 6
11/21/2020 5:05:36   
Primate Murder


Lol, the Avatars found us slongside two Malerous, after helping another Malerous and allowing two more to escape.

I'm not sure 'I can explain' will be sufficient ;)
AQ DF  Post #: 7
11/21/2020 6:25:10   

Aaaah… those Shadow E3 styled brawlers brought me back so many memories…

I used to love that mecha in Mechquest, even though it was just a single skill mech.

Any chance of us getting it as an armor customization option? Or possibly an optional class? It clearly has potential for color customization.

The design as well looks like it would have room for more than two types of weapons


My comment is usually a joke, serious or wish full

Some times even i dont know wich one it is XD
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 8
11/21/2020 6:47:19   

@Primate Murder It does sound quite bad when you put it that way... .___.

But boy did I love these quests!


Fighting those old Shadowscythe mecha gave me all the nostalgia! The name of the reward seems to reinforce that Myalos themselves was indeed a Dragonoid, in the process of being corrupted by Shadowscythe tech. It's interesting to see how every one of the Malerous (all that we got to learn about anyway... rip Mr. Nameless) is tied to Doom/the Shadowscythe. Makes me all the more curious as to who/what this final entity is and what their connection is. As Vaalirus has said, they are likely what vapourised Sinnocence, so they definitely have power to match their rhetoric.

Superb work as usual, Team!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
11/21/2020 11:21:31   

@dragonanime: Yes The Seed is tough, but if you use your skills appropriately it can be done.

I noticed after I completed Myalos quest, when I went to Uaanta to look at the Maleorous quest chain that the past two weeks were on one side of the screen, and on the other side was "To Be Continued". Is there more before we deal with the final Maleorous?

Finally Nice to see that Atrix Entertainment has plans for post Flash world.
AQ DF  Post #: 10
11/21/2020 12:24:36   

Trying to keep guests alive before the boss is a challenge, turrets do huge dmg on them. Turrets kill my Artix guest before the boss. For non da players, paladin class is a strat to use on boss.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
11/21/2020 13:50:26   
Chaosweaver Amon

I love the Maleurous storyline so much. I'm not sure if I trust Myalos...but at the same time, I don't completely trust the Avatars either. The hero being forced into these tougher ethical and moral dilemmas is a huge aspect of Book 3 that I enjoy. It definitely makes you think, and for me that makes the story even more enjoyable.

I also found the boss to be pretty difficult. I just barely managed to beat it on my first time using Chaosweaver and a lot of luck.

As always, a great job by the DF team.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 12
11/21/2020 13:59:47   

@Chaosweaver Amon: I found it wasn't too difficult. All I did was bring Rolith, Uaanta and the pet dragon and stun the Seed as much as possible.

Then again, the one time I won, I somehow managed to not get nuked by its big attack, and managed to get it stunned again a few turns later. If that hadn't happened, I probably would've had a much harder time.

Bottom line, if you can keep it stunned, that'll do the trick. In all honesty, Evolved Pumpkinlord might be ideal along with the setup I had going. That way, you might get a 5 turn stun plus any subsequent stuns from guests and pets.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
11/21/2020 18:46:52   

Okay. I am unable to beat this with Chaosweaver. I managed to get it down to 4k when i ran out of potions. This and this insane heal sealed my fate (Why dont we regenerate Potions after the fight anyway? I ran back to the rematch without checking, no way i can stand a chance now.)

Better change the class and get some guests, Seems like i dont have any luck with chaosweaver

EDIT: I finally made it. With Artix, IBR and Uaanta (Wich didnt even survived the defenses) It was a close call, but thanks to the ice debuff and a defensive playstyle, i made it

< Message edited by docblade -- 11/21/2020 19:38:43 >
DF MQ  Post #: 14
11/21/2020 20:39:26   
The Jop

Best of luck to any free players working on this quest! I struggled to complete it with Kathool Adept (mostly because I ran out of mana) and that's my best class. Anyway, things are clearly going to get very complicated with the hero and the avatars now...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
11/21/2020 21:43:00   

I beat the boss first try with Master Soulweaver and no guests and no potions, though admittedly I did touch the healing orb for a full heal before the fight. Personally I think the boss not having any immobility resistance does balance it out from being too difficult. Though I do hate fighting any boss with a 3 turn shield as it basically leaves with no real options and just prolongs the fight for 3 extra turns.


The final Maleurous guy just screams Shadowscythe.
Post #: 16
11/21/2020 22:21:19   

I farmed the quest with Chaosweaver - as usual, it's by far the best (non v1) class for farming story quests with bosses - and here's the strat I worked out. With standard BiS offensive Gear, an INT/LUK build, and a 200 assist 1 Mischief 200 magic guest dragon, I did:
eGambit + eVengeance + Fumes -> Shred + Overcharge -> Untangle + Nova 

I used Ultimate Destiny Staff, but I realized afterward that Ice Scythe + SF Ice/DDSoE is probably better.

If you don't have 400 points in dragon, you can do this strategy with just 200 point in assist and 1 in mischief:
eGambit + eVengeance + Fumes -> rip + Overcharge -> Shred -> Untangle 

And I'd be surprised if you couldn't get some version of this to work without a fed dragon, if you just brought Aegis instead.

EDIT: Also, the best NDA options for the boss are either Techno (+stunning guests) or Necromancer, whose DoTs go right through the shield.

< Message edited by AstralCodex -- 11/21/2020 22:23:32 >
DF  Post #: 17
11/22/2020 6:37:15   

Since everyone is discussing the boss, I thought it might be alright to share that I was able to beat the boss with LVL75 DragonLord (that's what I typically play on the regular now). I don't know about the other classes, but I know it's possible like that! :D

The Maleurous Saga is absolutely in my Top 5 questlines of DragonFable, and I know we've still got a ways to go with it yet! The storytelling is phenomenal; I love the exploration of the Hero that we're getting from this-- and it's really exciting (and strangely satisfying) because a lot of the Hero's decisions in this questline have been ones that I would've wanted to make! Giving "villains/monsters" a chance, listening to them/hearing them out, even assisting them if we think it's the right thing to do... getting to vent a little of the conflicting feeling and stress the Hero is no doubt under (especially considering where this is at in the Main Storyline).

I just??? Love this game???
Honestly, when I'm very depressed or stressed, and I think there's nothing good coming in the future, I remember (among other things) that this game is still going and I haven't seen the ending yet. I can't give up without seeing all the adventures to come!!
Anyway, it's late at night, I'm currently very sick, but I felt like sharing my burst of good spirits! Happy early holidays everyone! :D

Final thought: I only just realized I've been mentally pronouncing "Maleurous" as "Malur-ee-ous" this entire time. Is it supposed to be pronounced "Mal-eer-ous", "Mal-ee-ur-ous", or some other way?
DF  Post #: 18
11/23/2020 7:18:49   
Alm Nullamors


We're really in trouble now. The Avatars may have given us free rein whenever it comes to how we neutralize a Maleurous, but the one thing they explicitly ordered was to not fraternize with any of them. Which we have effectively done regarding Lock and Key. Without telling any of them (not our fault, but they won't buy that).

500k gold says this is the moment where those eight finally run out of patience and kick the hero off this assignment no matter how this tale gets spun. It's not like the Avatars are strangers to a typical character flaw of deities: Acting most rashly when angered.

< Message edited by Alm Nullamors -- 11/23/2020 7:21:39 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 19
11/23/2020 11:13:06   

Shadow E3 was a 2 skill mech. The super sentog boss (which is a reskin) uses both.

Also since everyone discussing boss tactics. I beat it at lvl 51 as a technomancer with Sir Leon and Aegis as guests and pet dragon equipped. If you time your stuns right you can kill it before it gets a chance to act. Between the 4 of us that's 6 turns of stun.

I had 200 int and 50 wis. The first turn went something like this: Event Horizon->pet dragon attacks(ice element)->Crit->Domain of ice. From there it's just stunning and dealing as much damage as possible.
Post #: 20
11/27/2020 15:19:47   

@docblade I did it as a level 65 ranger with no guests and my dragon as a pet. I simply spaced out my stunning and blocking moves in between the attacks. You can do it, dude!
Post #: 21
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