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RE: =AQW= Weapon Suggestions

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12/26/2021 7:08:10   

my suggestion item for Nulgath Birthday hope you like it

Oblivion Bloodletter
AQW  Post #: 26
1/5/2022 6:54:53   

My suggestion for a weapon for Nulgaths Bday! The Sword of the Highlord.


Hope you like it :)
AQW  Post #: 27
1/12/2022 9:13:57   
Fragozo 2

Hi Friends
Post #: 28
1/13/2022 6:18:26   
killing noobs

I've commissioned a weapon by Tyronious with my concept of a transforming sausage into a chainsaw, it was originally for when kickstarter comes but I think it would be perfect for april fools! link: Chainsausage
AQW  Post #: 29
3/31/2022 6:19:44   


I've had this problem with AQWorld for a long time where we have to change our weapon to the boosted weapons everytime we farm something.
I hate it for the fact that I have a really good set with a weapon, and if I farm with it, it slows down my progress in farming because it is not boosted and so I am FORCED to change it.
And there are times I hate looking at my set where it does not fit with the boosted weapons.

And I am pretty sure I am not the only one who is annoyed changing to NSoD, BLoD, BBoA, and etc just to farm something.


For items such as the hard farmed NSoD, BLoD and the likes, I suggest that it should be broken down into a new item to be put to the other weapons. Something like a crystal where we can enchant it on a weapon, and unenchant it to transfer it to another weapon but it would cost a lot of gold, maybe atleast 30m, 50m or even 80m.

It would make the gold pretty useful.

and to keep the "crystal" item from duplicating, make it as a one-time quest.

There, players can still keep the original boosted weapon and get 1 crystal item for each player.



Sincerely yours,
Post #: 30
5/14/2022 10:35:22   

RARE and AFK signs

Possible Anniversary drops?

Post #: 31
5/14/2022 10:50:32   

BAN Hammer

Post #: 32
6/22/2022 1:25:47   

Suggestion for Elemental Warrior Class set, an only Ice & only Fire versions of the Ultra Elemental Axe


Post #: 33
6/30/2022 3:39:07   

It's been quite a while since Bloodletter of Nulgath has been available in AQWorlds. With the recent addition of the Ultra Nulgath weekly quest there was an incident where a sword version of the bloodletter of nulgath was available to obtain. This of course was not intended as stated by Yoshino and Alina. However I believe suggesting a single version of the bloodletter of nulgath would be a solid addition in the near future!
Post #: 34
8/8/2022 2:28:18   

Original Pinky Blade by Kureme my suggestion for next Hero Heart event hope you guys like it
AQW  Post #: 35
11/5/2022 14:52:10   

Make Weapon class matter

Today we have Axes, Bows, Daggers, Gauntlets, HandGuns, Maces, Polearms, Rifles, Staffs, Swords, Wands and Whips
as the wiki says, but they all work the same way, in this post I'm going to brainstorm some ways that they could act differently from each other:

Magic weapons:
Stafs: Grants small mana regen.
Wands: Increase haste for caster classes by 20%

Melee weapons:
Swords: Base damage, hit 25% faster
Axes: Increase crit damage by 25% or 50% but hit 20% slower
Daggers: Deal 50% weapon damage per hit, but hits twice per auto attack
Pole arms: Deal 25% or 50% more damage, hit 20% slower
Maces: Base damage, Increase target damage taken each hit by 1% up to 15% (Armor break)

Ranged Weapons: every ranged weapon can target monsters outside the melee reach
Bows: First hit always crits
HandGuns: base damage, attacks 25% faster
Rifles: 200% damage, attacks 50% slower
(some guns that exist in the game won't feel natural with these changes, like the atlas-gatling-gun, new weapon-classes for those could be added)

Niche weapons:
Whips: increase damage from classes that use pets (Necromancer, Horc Evader etc..)
Gauntlets: if used with physical class, increase target damage taken by 15%, if used by magic class, increase haste and damage by 15%

Post #: 36
11/7/2022 20:29:01   

I'm a long time fan of Dragonfable and have been super stoked about the changes Spider has brought to AQW's weapon placements. This particular post is for the Soulweaver theme, which I was kind of disappointed when I found out the elemental armaments were placed like any other dual weapons. Is it possible to attempt a hotfix on this matter and correct the daggers formation like the Woven Knot Gauntlets? If so, that would be a such huge compliment to the original game design.

Below are the weapons brought to attention:
All elemental daggers from the Twilight Rewards in Ravenloss
Omni Elemental Daggers
Soul Weaver's Daggers
AQW Epic  Post #: 37
11/15/2022 16:07:51   

I suggest the following for the Void Auras and the new Necrotic Blade of Doom. This would probably benefit other players more than me unless other rewards involving void auras are added to the game, as I need fewer than 300 for the new Necrotic Blade of Doom and I possess everything else that requires void auras.

#1. Have another new daily quest for both members and free players alike that possess the Necrotic Sword of Doom in their inventory. Have it give 200 Void Auras. Have it involve the slaying of Nightmare Carnax seven times from Dark Carnax.

#2. Have a new member-only repeatable quest for players that possess the Hollowborn Doom Knight, Hollowborn Sword of Doom, and Hollowborn Sepulchure’s Helm in their inventory. Have it give 25 Void Auras upon turn-in. Have it involve the slaying of Ultra Sepulchure once from Sepulchure Battle.

#3. Make the Necrotic Blade of Doom upgradeable! Add the following upgrades:
Empowered Necrotic Blade of Doom (AC tagged)
+60% to all monsters
Requires: 7,500 Void Aura, 180 Ultra Avatar Tyndarius Insignias, 65 Champion Drakath Insignias, 65 Ultra King Drago Insignias, 65 Dage the Evil Insignias, 65 Ultra Nulgath Insignias, 65 Ultra Darkon Insignias,
Ultimate Necrotic Blade of Doom (AC tagged, Member / Legend only)
+65% to all monsters
Requirements: Completion of A Dark Knight Returns, Completion of The Post Summoning, Completion of Lumina Elementi
Requires: 7,500 Void Aura, 300 Doom Fragment
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 38
11/28/2022 9:21:05   
Yomino Hatake

I would like to suggest my blade of paw and my younger brother's creation https://mobile.twitter.com/Yomino_hatake09/status/1588511991895035905 I wish this will add to the game
Post #: 39
12/31/2022 16:26:47   

Empowered Forsaken Sword of thanatos

51% more damage to all monsters when equipped

Quest: 20K Legion Token
25 Dage the Evil Insignia

Requeriments: Evolved Thanatos
Forsaken Sword of Thanatos
Legion Revenant Armor
Post #: 40
7/3/2023 18:40:52   

Regarding the Platinum Axe of Destiny

As it stands this item can be converted into either an Enchanted or Dual version. However the Original Axe is not AC tagged meaning that if either option is chosen the other will be permanently locked out with no way to retrieve the original axe. I believe this is an oversight and should probably be amended. I'd love to convert mine into the Dual version but I do not want to lose the single one. Giving an AC tag to the original Platinum Axe of Destiny would remedy this.

It is also holding the "Weird" rarity, which seems odd given its actual rarity but that doesn't really cause an issue like the lack of an AC tag does.

Not exactly sure which thread is the correct one to post this, but thanks for listening regardless!
Post #: 41
8/27/2023 9:11:25   

As a solo player, there should be a way to farm for insignias (needed for 51% weapon boost) without killing ultra bosses similar to getting Legion Revenant class.
Post #: 42
10/26/2023 17:24:52   

A Gold version of Half-Dragon's Havoc


There is an original version and a black version, but there is no Gold version.
AQW  Post #: 43
11/6/2023 4:03:17   

My suggestions for Frostval new version of FrostReaver.



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AQW  Post #: 44
11/10/2023 23:17:50   

I made it for Art Challenge since many people like it so I suggestions "Day & night Sand Weapon".
AQW  Post #: 45
2/21/2024 17:07:07   

2 weapons/duel wield. Really just hoping for the spear to be added. Spear is called Gáe Bolg/Bulg/Bolga/Bulga. Made by Miltonius: https://imgur.com/wkvCa7s https://imgur.com/a/bVPLwJu

Got a version with the tip of spear shown.

< Message edited by TecnicStudios -- 3/16/2024 13:13:11 >
AQW  Post #: 46
4/30/2024 4:29:00   

Make a wholly celestial/ light/ good themed shield or gauntlet that does 51% more damage and is offered by Aranx in Artists Ally or infernalarena that symbolizes holiness and good. there is a 50% celestial and 50% infernal 51% damage boost sword, and 51% NS/B oD (and others) but there are no wholly celestial weapons for the lesser majority of us striving for the lighter sets in game. There is providence, but that is a staff and is more used by magi and is rather neutral in affiliation. If you make it a weapon, that's OK too, but a shield would be better because good people shouldn't be offensive, rather defensive.
Post #: 47
4/30/2024 4:37:20   

A whole plethera of CELESTIAL weapons! Northern star reavers, holy swords of destiny! Shields of eternal protection! Shield of faith! Reavers of heaven! Chakram of the new dawn! Golden auras of vindication! Here's a challenge, MAKE A RING! (A wedding ring)? Make nunchucks of holy desire! Make daggers of valliance! The sword of the truthful pledge! Positive radiation (a golden orb) Bracers of divinity! Godly reavers! Disc of Celestial protection! ANYTHING BUT ALL OF THE DEPRESSING ITEMS THAT ARE MAKING THE WORLD AN EVEN DARKER PLACE!!!!
Post #: 48
6/5/2024 19:00:32   

Would it be possible to Kiwi's Dagger and Shield as a weapon ? http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/kiwi-the-sneevil-mercenary
Post #: 49
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