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RE: Golden Giftbox Cross-game Extravaganza

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2/12/2021 23:05:28   


About the niche for Lust's healing suppression seeming minor, bear in mind that it also affects MP and SP heals - Effectively halving enemy SP regen per turn.
Post #: 51
2/12/2021 23:15:16   

im happy to have anything soulweaver related so lust is just fine in my book, altho i share everyones suprise i was thinkin backlash as well. but the fire boost she gives is powerful
AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 52
2/13/2021 0:01:59   

@Cray: Oh sweet! Didn't realize SP Regen was affected too. Only thing is that Underwyrmling has a better niche if you really want to Target SP. But it affecting MP too does make it more useful. More ammunition to use against those pesky BunBits (Bun Bozo, you are done-zo :D)

Baby Eternal Dragon is so adorable. And the attack animation is great! Just a bit surprised it's the same animation for both modes though.


The first mode is Chrono Lock, which basically just attempts to Paralyse the mob, for this the pet pays MC and half pet damage (so total of 22% Melee) for a (37 x MobLightRes x Hits / 2)% chance to attempt a 1 turn Paralyse. The second mode is Chrono Acceleration, which basically is temporarily aging the monster to make them weaker, inflicting a -(43.5 x MobLightRes x Hits / 2)% damage dealt Choke on the foe for 1 turn.
1) So it looks like Baby EDoT has a (37*Res*Hits/2)% chance for paralysis. The pet has a 3 hit attack, so is it intentional that the formula only accounts for (hits/2)? Because if so, assuming standard 85% accuracy, Baby EDoT deals (37*Res*(3*.85)/2)% paralysis, ending at 47.175%? Also, why does that have a different value than Baby Egg if they both sacrifice 50% damage + MC for the status? Is there a difference to their saves?

2) Does the second hit not have a damage penalty associated with it? It doesn't mention it in the info subs.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 53
2/13/2021 3:29:50   
Bao Zi

uhm Since the Dragonhide and Carnafex armor are back. Can we also have the Gaunlet of Xano back? Don't want to be asking too much but just suggesting.
AQ  Post #: 54
2/13/2021 4:00:21   

I agree, really want Gaunlet of Xano, still waiting when it comes back.
Post #: 55
2/13/2021 4:54:02   

You do know it did come back a few months back, in the form of "Twisted Gauntlet of Xano" or something?
AQ  Post #: 56
2/13/2021 11:50:03   
Bao Zi

Dragon hide armor is also in a form of twisted in the shop now.
AQ  Post #: 57
2/13/2021 12:37:44   

To be honest i also expected Lust to have a Fire Backlash effect in one of its modes but it wasnt


Lust - Ultra Rare

MC Fire pet. Click to toggle between:
Pet attacks, one hit, +10 BTH lean. The monster takes +50% Heal Resistance (so healing effects on it are halved) until the start of the pet's next turn. The monster can resist with a save at a +0 bonus (inflict with CHA/LUK, resist with CHA/LUK). This is treated as a Control effect for the purposes of the save.

The problem however is we got this Heal thingy mode which is already 99% niche and when you would want to use it ... like versus Bosses the effect counts as a Control which means Boss Boost and more importantly FREEDOM would make this effect not work at all and using Underwyrmling for SP would be way better since no roll. Same fate happens with Warlic's Oblivion Sphere for MP-lock because the effect is treated as a Sleep effect even though we did got an updated effect with Silk Screamer weapon called Mindlock which works against Freedom monsters.

Dev Patch Notes only state that Player SP regen gets modified by your Heal res, nothing was said about monster's SP regen being also affected.

I cannot say how impractical this mode is and would have wanted it changed to Fire Backlash for example (being more thematic with DF) if i had to vote.

The LS mode however does feel very good but also seems to follow a different balance standard since it should be half of Dragonguard as boost but its only Fire and does not seem to get any compensation for it being only 1 element not ALL (like Dragonguard) and also not *1.4 as well since it only boosts Player LS chance and while is a Pet also trades its LS chance for boosting ours, this doesnt happen with Dragonguard as it boosts both Player and Pet LS chance since its a spell.

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AQ  Post #: 58
2/13/2021 14:24:43   

Considering how many enemies are weak to fire, Fire Backlash would be great.

Exalted Unity Info Sub is out!

WOW, that is quite the weapon.

< Message edited by J9408 -- 2/13/2021 16:11:01 >
Post #: 59
2/13/2021 15:03:13   

Im curious about the lust pet do you only get a the LS boost for as long as shes boostin u or do u only need to apply it once? Havin a hard time telling on my own.
AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 60
2/13/2021 16:45:55   

would you guys recommend using it over Zealot's Wrath?
Post #: 61
2/13/2021 17:11:47   

I love that the weapon changes appearance as you gain charges. And now I know why the weapon isn't the final tier Exalted Apotheosis (which is the appearance of the weapon with full charges).


would you guys recommend using it over Zealot's Wrath?

There is probably some strategy with this weapon but in terms of practicality, no set up damage Zealot's Wrath should still be better I think.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 62
2/13/2021 18:12:44   

Depends. I'm sure Zealot does more damage but this one provides flexibility with Darkness Imbue, Empowerment, and Auto hit which are all useful in different situations. I'm sure people can appreciate Imbues from different items. Ooh this could be a great improvement vs. neutral mobs if you have some Shadow weapons that deal both Light and Dark damage
AQ AQW  Post #: 63
2/13/2021 19:17:16   


Lust's heal suppression is now tagged as Mindlock.
Post #: 64
2/14/2021 7:57:50   

was quite skeptical of exalted unity at first, thought it wouldnt do much apart from look good. but the skills built within are useful and really good. definitely dont regret the UR. i think this is the first imbue to come from a weapon? very cool.
AQ  Post #: 65
2/14/2021 8:00:28   

@ Cray

Does this mean it is unaffected by freedom?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 66
2/14/2021 8:04:56   


I'll need to check if boss boost still affects the roll, but Freedom should be irrelevant to it now.
Post #: 67
2/14/2021 8:08:15   

Well boss boost on the roll would be imho understandable, so thank you for this! :D

Thats SP-suppresion surely will come in handy!
This way it actually competes with the bth-nerf from the patriot-griffon. Nice.

< Message edited by sunblaze -- 2/14/2021 8:11:29 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 68
2/14/2021 13:19:30   
Bao Zi

Does the buffs from Exalted Unity stay when you switch weapon?
AQ  Post #: 69
2/14/2021 13:51:31   

the imbue and the empower yes, I m not sure about the autohit
Post #: 70
2/14/2021 13:56:07   
Bao Zi

Cool! well, just tested auto hit doesn't stay.

< Message edited by Bao Zi -- 2/14/2021 14:52:46 >
AQ  Post #: 71
2/19/2021 12:39:33   

I really like the concept of the Werepyre Slayer armor, especially the aesthetic, but I'm a bit sad that it's likely not going to be used at all due to the abundance of powerful darkness armors that are already available. (Including the Morningstar armor, which fills the dual Earth/Darkness resistance niche while being more broadly useful.)

If I had to change one thing about it, I'd maybe give it a -3 blocking penalty, but in return give it an ability similar to the Paladin's level 9 ability, with the "weak" resistance effect used against Vampires and Werewolves, and the "strong" resistance effect used against Werepyres. (E.g., against Vampires and Werewolves, you use [armor Dark Res]*2/3 + [armor element res]*1/3, and against Werepyres you use armor Dark resist.]

Granted, I don't know if that would make it too complex for a Rare GGB, but I feel that would actually make it very solid choice against Vampires and Werewolves, especially in warring.
AQ  Post #: 72
2/23/2021 20:10:11   

Is something wrong with the Neko Doll misc.? I can't seem to get it to do any even with 25 charges.
Post #: 73
5/4/2021 13:00:35   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

Here is the list of the GGB prizes leaving next week, when we will be releasing around 15 twisted prizes!

Ultimate Dragon Scythe
Gilded Dread Scythe
Frost Destroyer
Fiend of Vergill Armor
Titan's Triumph
Call Blood Hawk P
Randor Pet
Silas Pet
Azrael's Reaper Pet
General of Cerberus Striker/Defender Armors
General of Cerberus Axe
Chaos Slayer Cleric Armor (8 elemental versions)
Maw of Chaos
Infernal Legion Minion
Pallachilly Pet
ShadowScythe Floater Guest
Steampunk Love Bow
Eternity Key
Crusader's Shining Repeater
Prismatic Iridescence
Human Fisher Armor
Quester's Heavy Dragon Gunner Armor
Infernal Android
Caden's Wraith
Galactic Void Katana
General of Cerberus Shield
Dread Fiend of Nulgath Guest
Infinita Staff
Ultra Elemental Axe
Epoc Spell
Riftwalker Pet
Bonesmasher Pet
Dark Asgardian Scythe
Dark Mjollnir
Dark Asgardian Shield
Legion Overfiend Blade Pet
Werepyre Slayer Armor
Baby Eternal Dragon of Time Pet
Dorky Derpmachine Spell
Call/Summon Female Shinobi
Yarek's Staff
Exalted Unity
Graves End Blade/Axe/Dagger
Dragon Blade of Nulgath
Void Awakening Form
Void Awakening Wall
Void Awakening M/F faces
Call/Summon Void Awakening Skull Spells
Called/Summoned Void Awakening Skull Pets

AQ  Post #: 74
5/4/2021 14:17:53   

The Chaos Orb remains. Nice.
Post #: 75
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