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RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions

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5/19/2022 1:52:00   

Build Saves

I'd like to be see a way to save weapons/classes/armor/etc. to specific builds, much like in DragonFable. I know this isn't something everyone would want to see implemented but, it has always annoyed me that I had to take a minute to swap weapons/classes/armor/etc. if I want to change up my play style. I'd love to see a save system that allows players to set and save specific builds/cosmetics and allow a quick and easy way to swap between them.
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6/18/2022 16:39:03   

Emote Revamp: Swordplay
The current /swordplay emote has characters using a rapier in their off-hand. Instead, I suggest mirroring the main-hand weapon, and shading it out (leaving main-hand unarmed).
AQW  Post #: 52
7/15/2022 8:37:55   
Jiminez Burial

Change the 'go down' button in the Bank screen to only ever scroll down a single page worth of items.
Or allow us to filter the bank by 'sword', 'dagger', 'polearm', 'axe' etc

I'm at the stage where the only way to go through all my weapons is to search 'a', 'ab', 'ac', 'ad', etc etc.
I know this is a really 'privileged' problem, but it sucks so much. I'm probably just going to sell the stuff I'll most likely never use and move the clutter over to the 'buy back' page.

< Message edited by Jiminez Burial -- 7/15/2022 8:40:31 >
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8/10/2022 22:00:45   

I would like to see a change to how reputation is gained so that the grind for new classes isn't as unbearable. I think by either increases the amount of rep gained through quests and rep or decrease the amount needed to rank up. Seeing how you would have to do over 600 quests in order to get to rank ten for a faction is a bit absurd and kills any motivation to keep playing because we're stuck doing the same quests over and over. There should be a balance with how much rep is gained so that you still have to work a bit for the class but get a feeling of satisfaction instead of dread being washed away because its "finally over".
Post #: 54
8/25/2022 17:47:16   
Crimson King

Sheath/hide weapon similar to the one in DragonFable, legends only;

Merge /cry and /cry2 emotes and make /stem emote last indefinitely;

More emotes for legends. Some suggestions: gangam style dance, praying, kneeling in defeat, levitating, blowing kiss, sitting on the floor;

Letting the player set an emote to play when it goes afk would be fun I think (if possible).

Post #: 55
9/7/2022 19:56:48   


I would like to suggest a quality of life improvement for the Merge Shops. It gets really tedious to merge items one-by-one when you are exchanging items. My idea is to improve a slider bar so we can choose how many items we would like to merge (and obviously meet the quota of said merge). Just like deleting items but instead, providing the player with the amount they want to input just like the following picture:

AQW  Post #: 56
9/7/2022 20:13:32   

Reform the Bank System

So, how many items are there in AdventureQuest Worlds? More than 10,000 items, this game boasts a lot of them but the problem is in the inventory and bank system. Sure, we have this exorbitant amount of items but where do we get to store them? I understand that nobody will be able to get them all but with the continuous development of the game, more stuff is developed and implemented into the game and the space remains the same. I suggest the bank system to increase the storage size to that of at least 2000 items so we can store our favorite cosmetics without having the arduous decision of deleting one of them because we ran out of inventory space.

The current inventory does not need to change if deemed necessary, but I would really like to improve the storage space the bank currently has. This might sound crazy but for the biggest hoarders out there it would be an improvement to it, please consider it.


AQW  Post #: 57
9/29/2022 22:08:01   

Arsenal (stores up to 8 weapons and 12 armors / classes for easy access, does not count against inventory or bank)

Tonics and Elixirs persist through death and logout like boosts

Resource changes

Diamonds of Nulgath should stack to 100,000
Unidentified 13’s should stack to 1,000
Emblems of Gravelyn should stack to 500
500k Au Vouchers should stack to 2,000
Each metal from “Minecrafting” and “Hardcore Metals” should stack to 100
Legion Tokens should stack to 1 million

Epic Quest Line
To be picked up at Cysero’s Forge

Quest 1

Level 100
Legion Revenant (Rank 10)
Lord of Order (Rank 10)
Archpaladin (Rank 10) – Sacred Magic Eden (not AC shortcut)
Lightcaster (Rank 10)
Stonecrusher (Rank 10) – Merge (not AC shortcut)
Infinity Titan (Rank 10)
Frostval Barbarian (Rank 10) – Unleash the Frostval Barbarian (not AC shortcut)
Chaos Avenger (Rank 10)
Dragon of Time (Rank 10)
Max rep in all factions
All Cysero’s forge enhancements completed

Doom Heart
2,000 500k Au Vouchers
7,500 Void Aura
1,000 Tainted Gems
1,000 Dark Crystal Shards
100 Bloodgems of Nulgath
100 Totems of Nulgath
300 Gemstones of Nulgath

+20% innate Haste and +25% both innate magic and physical damage

Quest 2:

Hollowborn Sword of Doom
Necrotic Blade of the Underworld
Dual Exalted Apotheosis
Sin of the Abyss
Hollowborn Shadow of Fate
Sanctified Light of Destiny
Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny
Obsidian Light of Destiny
Polished Blinding Light of Destiny
Cyber Void Light of Destiny
Ascended Light of Destiny
Void Light of Destiny
Blinding Light of Destiny
Legion Dragon Blade of Nulgath
Dragon Blade of Nulgath
Dragon Blade
Dark Dragon Slayer's Halberd
Empowered Blade of Chaos
Empowered Chaos Avenger's Greatsword
Infernal Flame Khopesh
Dual Darkon's Debris 2
Prince Darkon's Poleaxe

Doom Heart
2,000 500k Au Vouchers
1 Unidentified Gemstone of Nulgath
500 Emblems of Nulgath
500 Emblems of Dage
500 Emblems of Gravelyn
300 Diamond Badges of Nulgath
300 Diamond Tokens of Dage
300 Diamond Tokens of Gravelyn
300 Fire Avatar’s Favor
180 Ultra Tyndarius Insignias

Quest 3

Empowered Bonfire Altar
Empowered Forge Spawn
Archfiend Doomlord
Infernal Flame Pyromancer
Empowered Darkon’s Debris 1
Classic Hollowborn Paladin
Bright Knight

Doom Heart
2,000 500k Au Vouchers
1 million Legion Tokens
100,000 Diamonds of Nulgath
65 Champion Drakath Insignia
65 King Drago Insignias
65 Dage the Evil Insignia
65 Nulgath Insignia

Empowered Exalted Apotheosis (weapon, 75% to all monsters)
Dragon Scythe of Elementals (weapon, 100% to human, undead, dragon, chaos, and elemental monsters)
Empowered Infernal Flame Pyromancer (armor, 50% to all monsters, EXP, Au, Rep, and Class)

Quest 4

Doomfire Warrior
Jade Dragon Mage
Doomknight Shadowmage
Connected Doom Knight from Dragonfable
Connected X-guardian from AQ Classic

Doom Heart
7 Unidentified 35’s
300 Doom Fragments
65 Darkon Insignias

Ultimate Exalted Apotheosis (weapon, 85% to all monsters)
Ultimate Dragon Scythe of Elementals (weapon, 120% to human, undead, dragon, chaos, and elemental monsters)
Ultimate Infernal Flame Pyromancer (armor, 65% to all monsters, EXP, Au, Rep, and Class)
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 58
10/1/2022 2:19:23   

Separate the accept and decline button from custom drops UI because they are too close to each other. I do not play the launcher on full screen mode I only play it on mini screen mode to reduce lag so they are even more close and tiny on mini screen mode. And also increase the max stack of malignant essence and empower essence for void aura its frustrating to hop rooms to rooms. Thanks
Post #: 59
11/15/2022 15:54:16   

I suggest the following for the Void Auras and the new Necrotic Blade of Doom. This would probably benefit other players more than me unless other rewards involving void auras are added to the game, as I need fewer than 300 for the new Necrotic Blade of Doom and I possess everything else that requires void auras.

#1. Have another new daily quest for both members and free players alike that possess the Necrotic Sword of Doom in their inventory. Have it give 200 Void Auras. Have it involve the slaying of Nightmare Carnax seven times from Dark Carnax.

#2. Have a new member-only repeatable quest for players that possess the Hollowborn Doom Knight, Hollowborn Sword of Doom, and Hollowborn Sepulchure’s Helm in their inventory. Have it give 25 Void Auras upon turn-in. Have it involve the slaying of Ultra Sepulchure once from Sepulchure Battle.

#3. Make the Necrotic Blade of Doom upgradeable! Add the following upgrades:
Empowered Necrotic Blade of Doom (AC tagged)
+60% to all monsters
Requires: 7,500 Void Aura, 180 Ultra Avatar Tyndarius Insignias, 65 Champion Drakath Insignias, 65 Ultra King Drago Insignias, 65 Dage the Evil Insignias, 65 Ultra Nulgath Insignias, 65 Ultra Darkon Insignias,
Ultimate Necrotic Blade of Doom (AC tagged, Member / Legend only)
+65% to all monsters
Requirements: Completion of A Dark Knight Returns, Completion of The Post Summoning, Completion of Lumina Elementi
Requires: 7,500 Void Aura, 300 Doom Fragment
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 60
11/20/2022 1:45:59   

This is just a random thought after seeing monsters with Stars,

I was thinking if once we hit level 100 we could "Ascend" to 1-Star Level 1 and have to farm all the way back to level 100 to Ascend to 2-Star and onwards to whatever cap you'd make.

I was thinking Ascending could give extra features/unlocks for the effort and time required to grind Star Ranks.

For Example;
100m gold cap increased to 150 or 200m,
Extra Damage,
Damage Taken Reduced from lower level monsters (not including bosses),
Extra inventory slots,
More HP.
Increased EXP required to level up to 1-Star Level 100, 2-Star Level 100, etc

and maybe Star required zones if possible, maybe Star Quests, classes (a stretch), Armor's and storylines.

I think this would be interesting.
AQW  Post #: 61
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