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April 2021

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4/1/2021 11:12:36   
Beshin Adin

April 1 April Seasonal Set returns
National Garden Month celebration! No joke!

April 2 New farming rewards for National Garden Month
New upgrade package

April 9 Grenwog and Earth Day return
Adam1a1's birthday quests (AQ3D graphic designer)

April 16 HeroSmash zone: The Trials of Super Death
Featured Gear Shop

April 23 Blade of Awe quests
Introducing... Fabyo Loso, designer to the NPC STAAAAAARS

April 30 Into the Realm of Monsters, Part 1
AQ AQW  Post #: 1
4/1/2021 13:15:10   

Didn't we hear about the Realm of Monsters somewhere before?
AQ  Post #: 2
4/1/2021 13:33:06   

Yeah, it's where Drakath went in the finale if I recall correctly.
On an unrelated note: Chateau map is still open.
AQW  Post #: 3
4/1/2021 17:45:03   
Beshin Adin

Is the Realm of Monsters and Plane of Monsters the same thing?
AQ AQW  Post #: 4
4/2/2021 9:02:53   


Is the Realm of Monsters and Plane of Monsters the same thing?

Do you expect AE to have consistency?
i mean it's not the first time AE named something else that had a different name
their probably one and the same thing knowing AE

< Message edited by Icetex -- 4/2/2021 9:05:10 >
AQW  Post #: 5
4/2/2021 13:00:39   

Who knows if they are the same thing?

The Vegiyan release that is occuring is another one of AQW's spoofs of the "Dragon Ball" franchise.
AQ  Post #: 6
4/2/2021 13:44:48   
Beshin Adin

Unlike other farming, I had a lot of fun with GardenQuest
AQ AQW  Post #: 7
4/2/2021 23:12:52   

I loved GardenQuest, too bad the wiki's search is still a bit broken.

Never actually did any other April Fool's event when they were in season so it's time to explore them.


I relate to the dancing mushroom I saw years ago in DragonFable's design notes, right after Nythera blasted Warlic.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
4/3/2021 13:38:22   

Most of the years are just art except for one which they couldn't come out with the art from.

The other releases involved the Hal 9000 spoof, the Ubear and Limft, and this year's GardenQuest Worlds.

The fighters in GardenQuest Worlds are vegetable spoofs of the characters from the "Dragon Ball" franchise. We just dealt with another "Dragon Ball" spoof. It's like someone did a DNA splice of human DNA and vegetable DNA. Right?
AQ  Post #: 9
4/3/2021 15:07:27   
Beshin Adin

Who's next? Buu-berry? or maybe Cell-ulose?
AQ AQW  Post #: 10
4/4/2021 13:31:54   

Have no idea. That will depend on if they do another GardenQuest Worlds.
AQ  Post #: 11
4/9/2021 19:38:28   
Beshin Adin

I tend to favor Earth Day over Grenwog, so a shame theres no new Earth Day
AQ AQW  Post #: 12
4/10/2021 12:38:42   

They keep changing up the Grenwog designs every year.

As for Commodore Core, he appears to be a spoof of the Toxic Avengers' alternate reality counterpart the Noxious Offender. Right?
AQ  Post #: 13
4/10/2021 19:04:51   
Beshin Adin

I kinda thought that, if Captain Lore was a Captain Planet knockoff, the Earth Day baddies would be knockoffs of Captain Planet villains

< Message edited by Beshin Adin -- 4/10/2021 19:06:50 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 14
4/11/2021 11:00:19   

General Pollution and Totengeld don't seem to be based off anyone.
AQ  Post #: 15
4/16/2021 19:31:40   
Beshin Adin

I love the new Featured Gear
AQ AQW  Post #: 16
4/17/2021 12:54:28   

A lot of characters from last night's Hero Smash event came from "Hero Smash". Arctikiller claimed that "Hero Smash" is set on Earth. Any objections?
AQ  Post #: 17
4/18/2021 10:52:30   
Beshin Adin

Is anything AE does Earth-like?
AQ AQW  Post #: 18
4/18/2021 14:07:47   

The AQW Team have spoofed some locations. As I mentioned in some earlier posts, the remnants of the Armies of Chaos taking refuge in Northpointe is similar to the remnants of the Nazis fleeing to Argentina after World War II which has a German neighborhood there.
AQ  Post #: 19
4/23/2021 19:12:30   
Beshin Adin

Fabyo's quests are fun. I missed fun in the Sandsea
AQ AQW  Post #: 20
4/24/2021 6:14:07   

I'm not sure why only the weapon gives a 40% All-Out boost in the new set, and just in general. If the other items could do that I might consider the farm... maybe.

EDIT: No, actually I wouldn't. I'm tired of this new meta of 'padded farms for pointless boosters' instead of releasing something with substance. Nothing is going to overthrow the 51% of NSoD anyway, so they can only scrape things close to it or wiggle around it with a 'tagged monsters only' type boost.

< Message edited by Lukrecia -- 4/24/2021 6:19:45 >
AQW  Post #: 21
4/24/2021 15:48:57   

The Artifact Hunter quest wants us to give up our Blade of Awe. I heard that they can be available in the Buy Back Store. Good thing I started looking for the pieces again....especially since they raises the percentage of the Runes dropped by the Lords of Chaos.

One of the quests revealed that the dragons that are different from the Dragons of Lore built the Dragonoid which was known as Kratos the Crystal Dragonoid in "MechQuest".

Is Fabyo supposed to be a parody of Fabio or someone?
AQ  Post #: 22
4/25/2021 6:10:55   

Guys whats the direction and the future of this game?? Whats AE doing? Its obvious that less players are online than years ago. One thing i personally dislike is the number of classes available and that some of them are OP in PvP. What is the solution to get players back in the game? IMO releasing tons of classes is a "double edge sword" because ruins the charm having fewer and real classes like the classic/vintage ones.
Post #: 23
4/25/2021 11:37:14   

Returning to this game after a few months, I must ask, is Swordhaven still a mess from all of its heirs dying or disappearing? If so, and if it didn't happen yet, when will the Shadowscythe Empire march into Swordhaven's streets to restore peace and order?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 24
4/25/2021 12:36:51   
Beshin Adin

I think Fabyo Loso's name is simply a pun of 'fabulous'

Swordhaven's still disputed. Malgor put succession on hold
AQ AQW  Post #: 25
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