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=DF= April 30th Design Notes: Book 3: Reimagined: The Siege of Haven

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5/1/2021 9:08:33   

DragonFable & MechQuest


Book 3: Reimagined: The Siege of Haven

Hey there, heroes!

For this week's Reimagined release, we return to the dravir settlement of Haven! With The Rose and a flock of dragons both bearing down on Haven, the dravir have reluctantly accepted the aid of The Vind. Now, all you can do is prepare... for war!

This mini war rerun has a maximum wave counter of 2000 waves, and a total of one million waves!

Regardless of its completion, the finale will be released with either next Friday's release, or when the war (and the quest) is finished, whichever comes first. (Note that the as of yet not reimagined quest "After the War" will be locked until the conclusion of the Siege of Haven)

Rewards have also been updated to level 90!

Head over to Sulen'Eska to take on the reimagined Siege of Haven!

Also this week, the previous main story quest "Spark of the Soul" has had its ending updated to better portray the direction of certain motives.

There have also been a few other updates and fixes!
  • The book "The Last Stand of Ehr'Ishin" has been updated and edited with minor adjustments.
  • The True Mortal saga quest "Origins" now has potion boxes scattered throughout. The hidden passageway is now more obvious, and gives a notification when used.
  • The True Mortal saga quest "Forest Gate" no longer selects from a random pool of quests.
  • The Skip button to skip the Final Lock puzzle in Archive E-189-L is now visible even before completing the quest.
  • In the Fire War quest "The Search" (Listed as North), sa couple of dirt patches have been added to clarify alternate paths.
  • Fixed a bug where death resistance could fail if the damage done was equal to the health remaining.
  • Adjusted some tooltips regarding DEX, updating them to match DEX's current functionality.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for stuns to fail against 0 Immobility resistance.
Finally, as a forewarning, Chaosweaver armor will no longer be available to purchase for characters under level 50 with next week's release. Characters that already own the armor will still be able to use it regardless of level. And that's all for this week!

In the meantime, Dracelix is working on new pirate and ninja customization options! Here's an in-progress preview of ninja!

Having trouble with any fights? Have feedback about recent releases? Have any crazy theories or ideas? Want to discuss all things DragonFable?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

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DF AQW  Post #: 1
5/1/2021 14:02:02   

Top of the hour wave count 2 PM Server Time

We have cleared 334,713 waves since the war started, and 17,704 waves since the last update around 1 hour ago.
Our current speed is 295 wpm, which is 11 wpm slower than the last update.
At this speed, it will take us 1 day, 13 hours, 35 minutes, 13 seconds to defeat the remaining 665,287 waves.

We are currently at 33.47%. At our current speed, we will reach 34% in 17 minutes, 55 seconds

Our highest recorded speed for this war is 429 wpm.
DF  Post #: 2
5/1/2021 15:01:26   

Top of the hour wave count 3 PM Server Time
We have cleared 354,269 waves since the war started, and 19,556 waves since the last update around 1 hour ago.
Our current speed is 326 wpm, which is 31 wpm faster than the last update.
At this speed, it will take us 1 day, 9 hours, 46 seconds to defeat the remaining 645,731 waves.

We are currently at 35.42%. At our current speed, we will reach 36% in 17 minutes, 35 seconds

Our highest recorded speed for this war is 429 wpm.
DF  Post #: 3
5/1/2021 16:46:58   

It's worth noting that each wave drops more exp than a Voltabolt run; if anyone has a character who isn't level capped, this is a great chance to train up

< Message edited by TFS -- 5/1/2021 16:48:22 >
DF  Post #: 4
5/2/2021 6:36:16   

Having this mini-war was a very nice way to end this month. And having finally answers to "what happened to Dragonlords in Dragonsgrasp" was something I've been waiting for a while.
DF  Post #: 5
5/2/2021 23:35:24   

Nice. We finished it before the weekend ended. What a contrast to AQ's Blarney War.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
5/2/2021 23:55:15   

not bad for my first war(ish) too bad i had to skip a day, next thing i know meter got to 81% in a flash.
Post #: 7
5/3/2021 0:20:29   

What happened to Nikki and Mithra's skills?
Post #: 8
5/3/2021 17:26:41   
DragonFable Boxcat

The finale: "A Decisive Blow" is now live! Enjoy!
AQ MQ  Post #: 9
5/3/2021 18:46:28   
Laeon val Observis


Great finale. Definitely more depth and mystery as to whom the masked man is. As for the battle, might be a bit tricky for first timers but nowhere near Dragonbond shenanigans.

EDIT: After doing a round two for cutscene one, I can confirm that the battle button is unnaturally delayed and that the dialogue that triggers it repeats.

< Message edited by Laeon val Observis -- 5/3/2021 18:50:17 >
DF AQW  Post #: 10
5/3/2021 19:03:28   
Alm Nullamors

I have to admit, that boss fight caught me off guard. The agent was starting to unload some rather disconcerting numbers on my 50 All PDL by the time he dropped, which was definitely a delayed process since he negated plenty of hits by using the dragon as a meatshield. I wouldn't have expected that dragon to be the lesser threat of the duo and even then it took a maxed Dragon's Patience plus a stun to put this damage sponge down and clear the quest. Satisfying to pull off, yet tougher than I'd thought...

I ain't gonna call myself the greatest DF player in the world but I'm concerned that the war boss right now may be a little too hardcore for this point in the questline. I could see this being the thing that blocks some newer characters from later Sulen'Eska content until they pick up heavy offensive or defensive capabilities. ChW going Lv50+ next week kinda elevates this worry.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
5/3/2021 19:09:18   
Laeon val Observis

@above while I did CW the daylights out of the pair, I can easily visualize those two being trounced by techno and ninja. The latter is defensive and has a bit of sniping (can be improved by slotting dragonblade), so power plays are not really necessary here unless you are in a rush.
DF AQW  Post #: 12
5/3/2021 22:52:29   

Interesting boss mechanic for sure. I've noticed that many of these bosses try to limit the power of multi-hit classes or people who bring lots of pets/guests.

As for how I bet it, just used DEX focused Necromancer/Necro Paragon and that does the trick. Was a bit of a grind, thanks to the Dragon's heal but otherwise wasn't too bad.
Post #: 13
5/4/2021 0:51:49   

The boss was surprisingly challenging for a main story fight, but I managed to get through it with Necromancer as well.


Also, kinda cool to see the Rose Agent get some actual spotlight this time around than when compared to the original version.
Post #: 14
5/4/2021 1:22:18   

What a fantastic revamp!

As Dratomos has said, we get some insight from Mritha into the Dragonlords' response (or lack thereof, rather) to the Rose and we get nice some foreshadowing around that Rose Agent when we next see him in A New Discovery. We also got an early look at Odgne too! One last convo with Srazhenie gets us some good closure that I don't recall getting last time, either. Overall just really good stuff. I clearly remember the DragonRose War being the first war I properly participated in, getting over 100 waves for the first time. It's really nice to see it getting the reboot it deserved. :D

And concerning the change made to Jaania's part of Spark of the Soul, I can't exactly fathom how her new theories will affect her plan, but by the look of those trapped souls in those jars and her analogy of what happened with Crest... it can't be good. I'll have to read The Last Stand of Ehr'Ishin again when I get the chance to see what I can put together.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 15
5/4/2021 5:36:13   

It was a great bossfight. I repeatedly beat them with Chaosweaver, Technomancer, Riftwalker, and Deathknight.
Post #: 16
5/4/2021 6:25:57   

For those having difficulty with the duo boss fight:


mischief + assistance dragon will make the fight easier

Technomancer. Use Horizon to remove the dragon's resist to stun.
stun the dragon with your own pet dragon.
then stun lock once again with your Sonic, then Drill.

That should bring the dragon to about half HP. Use dragon scout to counter their shields. Once the enemy dragon is down, you could just grind down the Rose Agent.


Time is of the Essence--- except for us.

AQ DF  Post #: 17
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