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=AQ= Summer Season of Gifting Contest - Frostwyrm Rider Set

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6/28/2021 12:31:14   
Bu Kek Siansu

Homepage: http://www.battleon.com/


Summer Z-Token Package Bonus
Receive up to 30% more bonus Z-Tokens!

Summer Season of Gifting Contest - Frostwyrm Rider Set:
Tibbles the Merry Elf returns to spread cheer with a new Summer Season of Gifting Contest! This year Tibbles has a Frostwyrm Rider Set for generous players to win. With 8 amazing prizes this is one set sure to make everyone's Summer brighter!

Every Z-Token donated is randomly gifted to another player, so now is a great time to be enjoying AQ - as you could receive gifts up to 5K Z-Tokens just for playing! You will find Tibbles randomly throughout the game or by visiting him directly from the Event Page.

This contest will begin July 1st (around release time) and ends September 5th 11:59PM EST!

Limited-Time Shop:
Find TONS of new and returning holiday rares in the Limited-Time Shop as we celebrate the American and Canadian Independence Days!

Shinyaro and Uncle Krenos:
After being defeated by Katshiro, Shintaro returns to the Void - his Southern Paw stronger than ever! Uncle Krenos has been spotted during random adventures all over Lore. Hunt down this fiery beast and defeat him in battle to claim your own Patriot Katana.

Tag'd ~Hollow

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Post #: 1
6/28/2021 12:36:15   

And so it begins…
AQ MQ  Post #: 2
6/28/2021 13:03:07   

Honestly I could picture the set being FD. Thematically speaking in the past Wyrms and their riders tend to emphasize defense (although they do have a sizable burst attack too) If anyone remembers the Wyrm rider war from not too long ago (or replaying it for potion quests) I dislike fiercely how hard they were to deal with because of their high defensive stats and abilities

On second thought maybe not. I couldn’t see the image in the homepage before but looking at it now the head looks too big to be fully defensive. It looks like a standard dragon head which I think it will probably be fully offensive yet again.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 3
6/28/2021 16:33:16   

We've had rider armors that switch between FD and FO before. It's not impossible for the Frostwyrm Rider Set to do both. Veywild Rider had different skills for its mounted and dismounted, so it could be possible for the FD mounted form to have a spell-like skill and for the FO dismounted form to have a weapon-based skill to take full advantage of those leans. I'm not sure if that would be all that popular, however, since it's a very niche effect, and it'd be a compromise that I imagine would appease neither side.

We do have precedent for incredibly defensive ice dragons. The Platinum Dragons come to mind, and the colors of the Frost Wyrm are very similar to the colors of those dragons.
Post #: 4
6/28/2021 18:51:33   

More barbarian armours are cool, but I sadly don't have a lot of Z-tokens to donate (plus contests where its a battle to the top aren't my thing). So... I'm a bit sad since I can't get this one.
AQ AQW  Post #: 5
6/29/2021 15:31:12   


Contest Begins July 1, 2021 and ends September 5, 2021

Source: https://www.battleon.com/aq-elftokens.asp

So, what's it gonna be? August or September?
AQ  Post #: 6
6/29/2021 15:33:03   

I would prefer it end Aug 5 instead of Sept 5. The years that had a 2 month donation period didn't see a lot of donations during the middle few weeks, so it really just unnecessarily stretches out the event.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 7
6/29/2021 15:59:17   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

The contest will end September 5th. I had many players over the years asking if we could extend the contests because they missed out, so that is why contests went from 1 month to 2. This year it was originally going to begin in June but I had to reschedule and still had August listed as the end date.
AQ  Post #: 8
6/29/2021 17:47:21   

Thanks for clearing that up!
AQ  Post #: 9
6/30/2021 20:59:17   

Just 1 small note, but maybe it is implied? Tomorrow is July 1st so Spirit of Freedom should be made available tonight in the 6000 Z-Tokens category. Will be on the lookout tonight. Typically the packages always arrive a few days earlier than their corresponding months but hope that it gets released on time.

EDIT: Checked back here at the server time, it looks like Spirit of Freedom isn't in the package list. Hopefully Hollow and Team can squeeze it in for the release.

EDIT2: it is in the package list now. Thanks Team!

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AQ MQ  Post #: 10
7/1/2021 13:06:51   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

The Season of Gifting Contest and Independence Day Event are live!
AQ  Post #: 11
7/1/2021 13:33:04   

And here I hoped on a nice dragon pet
AQ  Post #: 12
7/1/2021 19:26:20   

Just FYI, the new Radiant Patriotic Light of Zealotry in the Limited-Time shop is a new contender for the strongest light weapon in the game right now.

It's got the same +15% damage dealt/+10.7% damage taken flavor effect as Zealot's Wrath, but instead of granting a bonus to Lucky Strikes for its MC, it grants a flat +5% damage (for a total of +20%, combined with the flavor effect).

This makes it not only a bit more consistent than Zealot's Wrath, it's also far more powerful for beastwarriors and backlash builds, which typically have low LUK.
AQ  Post #: 13
7/1/2021 22:28:38   

Good luck with the contest everyone. I'll probably start this contest pretty conservatively while I try to accumulate tokens naturally before I decide whether I want to go all-in or not.

Also: Gave 5000 Z-tokens to "Lady V", enjoy. :P
AQ MQ  Post #: 14
7/1/2021 22:43:24   
Macho Man

Question for donations, do you need to be in a clan in order to get donations or does not having a clan automatically put you in Geoto? And can you change/join a clan during the contest or does it not update properly? I forgot to put some of my alts in clans so I'm wondering if they will get anything.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
7/2/2021 2:54:22   

Is there face toggle?
Post #: 16
7/2/2021 8:48:46   

You don't need to be in a clan to get donations
Post #: 17
7/2/2021 14:48:05   

Had something odd happen with a donation I received. It said I received it, but the tokens didn't show up until I logged out and logged back in. Not sure if that's happened to anyone else, so I figured I'd mention it.
AQ  Post #: 18
7/2/2021 15:29:03   
Aura Knight

Noticed that too but entering any shop makes them show. Not sure why it happens.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 19
7/2/2021 18:48:28   

When you enter a shop it usually gets the latest data on your account. That kind of behavior also happens if you for instance buy a Z-token package and you don't log out, or upgrade/downgrade items in the account upgrader. Entering a shop immediately gets the latest data and reflects the current balances of Gold and Z-tokens you have, and it also updates the items you have on your account to reflect any changes you have done. It also explains the magic of how you can if you have 2 AQ windows up receive items without logging out should you vault them between characters.

Also: Thanks to the stranger who gave me 1000 Z's!

EDIT2: Another 5100 Tokens, thanks!

EDIT3: ANOTHER 5100! And another 500!

< Message edited by PD -- 7/2/2021 22:06:49 >
AQ MQ  Post #: 20
7/10/2021 15:42:33   

Are those Frostwyrm Rider Set items worth to fight for and donate lots of tokens? Or they are just cool looking items without any great stats/skills?
Post #: 21
7/10/2021 16:22:23   

That is kind of the thing. We don't know what exactly what will the gear actually do but some players figure they'll want to gun for it anyways in case it ends up being any good. The last time the staff actually asked for input on what the set would do (Veywild) and they implemented it. It's also worth nothing that the top 15 tier will likely require hundreds of thousands of tokens at the very least to qualify. You could probably donate the minimal tiers if you're unsure you want to spend at least that much. Over the duration of the contest you'll undoubtedly get lots of free donated tokens so the minimum tier likely will be something to consider.
AQ MQ  Post #: 22
7/10/2021 17:30:16   

Getting top 15 is not for me. Competition is way too high. Good luck to everyone who can fight for it.
Also, does anyone remember, how many tokens needed for top 100 when veywild was reward?

Post #: 23
7/11/2021 3:55:44   

HI All, im return this game my nickname aat45, i hope you all can play this again.

If someone can gift me Z Token or any gift
AQ  Post #: 24
7/11/2021 9:59:00   
  Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

Welcome back aat45! If you do any battles you have the chance of getting some Z Tokens, only the other day my alt did some of the war and got 5000!

Go get stuck in.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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