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Awakened Depths (All Versions), The

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7/23/2021 22:00:24   

ArchKnight DragonFable

The Awakened Depths - Rose Faction

Access Point: Dragonsgrasp (Book 3) -> Right
Level/Quest/Items required: Join the Rose Faction in The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction, Completion of Of Duty and Dragons
Release Date: July 23rd, 2021

Zones Accessible
Tyndur's Depths
Dragesvard's Shore

Quests Available
Speaker and Slayer
The Descent
The Great One
Reasons to Fight
Into the Unknown

G. M. Hansa



  • Quests! - opens the scroll.
    Grand Magus Hansa

    <Character>: Hello, Grand Magus.
    G. M. Hansa: <Character>. It's a relief to see you well.
    <Character>: Is it? I wasn't aware my well-being concerned you so much.
    G. M. Hansa: This... land... is suffused with magic. To you, perhaps, it looks the same as anywhere else.
    G. M. Hansa: But for me, I cannot take a step without being blinded by the sheer amount of mana.
    G. M. Hansa: It's stifling.
    G. M. Hansa: The DragonLords have made their displeasure with The Rose presence quite clear, as well.
    G. M. Hansa: So yes, a familiar soul is most welcome.
    <Character>: Is there anything I can do to help?
    G. M. Hansa: Perhaps... perhaps some familiar conversation.
    G. M. Hansa: I believe I promised to tell you about the Ruins of Hawkscry?
    <Character>: You did! I... don't think I've ever heard of them.
    G. M. Hansa: Few people have these days. The Hawkscry Academy is long lost to legend and whispers.
    G. M. Hansa: Most mages in Greenguard over the past couple thousand years are either self-taught, or trained as apprentices.
    G. M. Hansa: But this was not always the case.
    G. M. Hansa: There existed, south past Kaer Sierra, a school for mages. The Hawkscry Academy.
    G. M. Hansa: Well, I call it a school, but from what we, that is, The Rose, has learned, it was more akin to a city, larger even than Swordhaven.
    <Character>: ...South of Kaer Sierra? Isn't that where the Fissure is?
    G. M. Hansa: Have you ever wondered how the Fissure came to be? The Rose certainly has.
    G. M. Hansa: From examinations of what little records remain, we can only assume that something devastating happened to Hawkscry Academy.
    G. M. Hansa: Something so devastating, that it created the fissure...
    G. M. Hansa: ...and erased most traces of the Academy off of Lore, apart from the few remaining ruins.
    <Character>: Wouldn't a disaster so incredibly powerful be felt all over Greenguard? All over Lore?
    G. M. Hansa: Certainly. And we have found many myths and legends from that time that correspond with such a calamity.
    <Character>: Wow.
    G. M. Hansa: As a result of the presumed disaster, most of Greenguard's magical knowledge was lost and forgotten.
    G. M. Hansa: Minds such as Jaania's are exceedingly rare. Even rarer for one to receive proper tutelage in this region.
    G. M. Hansa: Untrained mages have a tendency to... overestimate their abilities, to unfortunate effect.
    G. M. Hansa: And if our theories about the Ruins of Hawkscry are true, even the most trained mages can overstep their limits.
    <Character>: So what about Jaania? You don't think what she's trying to do would have the potential for disaster?
    G. M. Hansa: Jaania truly is the most brilliant contemporary researcher of magic in all of Greenguard.
    G. M. Hansa: She is at the forefront of the field, and she has the tenacity to see her goals through. I have full trust in her capacity as a mage.
    G. M. Hansa: It's just a shame that her obsession with her goals...
    <Character>: She's blinded to the effects of her actions. Direct and indirect.
    G. M. Hansa: That is a very blunt way of putting it. But truthful in part.
    G. M. Hansa: Here and now, given the so very warm reception I have received from the DragonLords...
    G. M. Hansa: It is easy to dismiss the rumblings of a resistance as troublemakers, or unfortunate inevitabilities.
    G. M. Hansa: The actions of The Rose have their effects on people. Ordinary people. And not always for the better.
    <Character>: That's what I've been trying to- what the Vind has been trying to say!
    G. M. Hansa: ...
    G. M. Hansa: ...Thank you for your company, <Character>. I apologize, but I would ask for some time with my thoughts.
    <Character>: Any time.

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    7/23/2021 22:01:05   

    ArchKnight DragonFable

    The Awakened Depths - Golden Hand Faction

    Access Point: Dragonsgrasp (Book 3) -> Right
    Level/Quest/Items required: Join the Golden Hand Faction in The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction, Completion of Of Duty and Dragons
    Release Date: July 23rd, 2021

    Zones Accessible
    Tyndur's Depths
    Dragesvard's Shore

    Quests Available
    Speaker and Slayer
    The Descent
    The Great One
    Reasons to Fight
    Into the Unknown




  • Quests! - opens the scroll.
    Vseslava and Ostromir

    <Character>: Hello, Ostromir, Vseslava. No portable dome this time?
    Vseslava: Due to... current circumstances, we now know that we have limited reserves of mana.
    Vseslava: We cannot afford to expend it on frivolous comforts, however much Ostromir may protest.
    Ostromir: There was an insect in my bedding last night! An insect!
    <Character>: Aren't you protected by your containment suit?
    Ostromir: It is the principle of the matter.
    Vseslava: He will survive.
    <Character>: It's good to see you both in such high spirits.
    Vseslava: Oh, no, we are still entirely at a loss and worried and confused, and filtering all sorts of emotions.
    Ostromir: ...
    Ostromir: But there is nothing we can reasonably do about the situation.
    Ostromir: It eats away at me inside. The grief burns like nothing I have ever felt.
    Ostromir: Shapeless preserve me, if I only had the combat ability you and <Dragon> possess...
    <Character>: I'm sorry. This can't be easy for you two.
    Vseslava: This is more painful for Ostromir than I. He had- has family and friends back in the Empire.
    Vseslava: But let us turn to more interesting topics.
    Ostromir: Yes. Please. You know, Vseslava, now that the Magesterium is, as far as we know, no more...
    Vseslava: Really, Ostromir.
    Ostromir: It would help me feel better!
    Vseslava: Fine.
    <Character>: What?
    Ostromir: Vseslava has graciously allowed me to provide some explanation regarding the Proclamation Rifts!
    <Character>: Dare I hope for answers?
    Ostromir: As you may have surmised, the rifts do indeed lead to the Elemental Wastes.
    Vseslava: Ostromir has spent some time there himself in his capacity as Golden Hand.
    Ostromir: I have! Although, I imagine the current gate in the Magesterium has closed.
    <Character>: You had a... gate to the Elemental Wastes in the Magesterium?
    Ostromir: Yes! Top secret, of course, and powered by the Shapeless' gift.
    Ostromir: The Magesterium has had quite a number of expeditions into the Wastes, in fact. Even since far before my time.
    <Character>: That explains how you know so much about the rifts, then.
    Ostromir: It does!
    Vseslava: Ostromir is very proud of his research.
    Ostromir: What the heathens here call the "Elemental Planes", are such an outdated model of the system.
    Ostromir: The Planes are indeed sections of the Wastes. Sections stabilized by the Elemental Lords, or Avatars, I believe you call them.
    <Character>: I thought they were separate... planes entirely.
    Ostromir: With how relatively stable they are compared to the rest of the Wastes...
    Ostromir: ...they could very well be interpreted as such to those with limited information.
    <Character>: But if the Planes are just... parts of the Wastes, then why do the Avatars worry about the elemental balance of the Planes?
    Ostromir: Our theory is that the Elemental Lords struggle to maintain balance between themselves.
    Ostromir: The Planes therefore act as... external wells of power from which to draw from.
    Ostromir: It is certainly better than using Lore as a battleground!
    <Character>: ...Yeah... it certainly would be...
    Ostromir: Now, if you are interested, we ran the most interesting experiments in the Wastes outpost designated–
    Vseslava: Ostromir! I gave you permission to provide our hero with some information, not the deepest secrets of Magesterium research!
    Ostromir: Ah, yes, I suppose I did get carried away.
    <Character>: Aw, I was looking forward to learning more.
    Ostromir: I am sure there will be time for it later. And I can maybe discuss with Vseslava more about what may be... appropriate to share.
    Vseslava: That would be for the best. Thank you for paying us a visit, <Character>.
    <Character>: Of course! If you ever need anything, don't be afraid to come find me.
    Ostromir: Thank you, <Character>.

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    7/23/2021 22:01:31   

    ArchKnight DragonFable

    The Awakened Depths - Vind Faction

    Access Point: Dragonsgrasp (Book 3) -> Right
    Level/Quest/Items required: Join the Vind Faction in The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction, Completion of Of Duty and Dragons
    Release Date: July 23rd, 2021

    Zones Accessible
    Tyndur's Depths
    Dragesvard's Shore

    Quests Available
    Speaker and Slayer
    The Descent
    The Great One
    Reasons to Fight
    Into the Unknown

    Kara SuLema



  • Quests! - opens the scroll.

    Mritha: Never thought I'd be back here... Ugh.
    <Character>: Hey there, Mritha.
    Mritha: Hi, <Character>. I suppose it's been fine for you, considering your status. And <Dragon>'s status.
    <Character>: What's it like being back?
    Mritha: I'm glad to be back because I can finally make these... these cowards get off their tails and start doing something.
    <Character>: I keep hearing about how you left in spectacular fashion. What exactly happened?
    Mritha: Oh... it was glorious!
    <Character>: Do share.
    Mritha: Odgne and I may have burnt a few buildings.
    <Character>: Wow.
    Mritha: While shouting Moglinberry juice fueled profanities.
    <Character>: Really...
    Mritha: And singlehandedly fought off the DragonLords who tried to restrain us.
    <Character>: Well, that you should be proud of!
    Mritha: Haha, you know it! But yes, it was not a most... graceful departure. It certainly left a lasting impression on everyone.
    <Character>: That really wasn't as bad as I was expecting.
    Mritha: DragonLords put a lot by appearances and tradition and honor. Believe me, it shook a lot of those sleepy, content fools, wide awake.
    Mritha: And now we're back. The DragonLords won't know what hit them.
    <Character>: I think they'll recognize you and Odgne.
    Mritha: You know what I mean, <Character>.

    Kara SuLema

    Kara SuLema: I was just looking for you, <Character>!
    <Character>: Is something wrong? Did <Dragon> eat another strange mushroom?
    Kara SuLema: Nothing of the sort, thankfully. I was hoping I could share more of The Rose and the Vind's history.
    <Character>: We've got a city to de-fungus, and a giant rift to close, so sure, now's as good a time as any.
    Kara SuLema: Wonderful!
    Kara SuLema: I believe I left off with my appointment as ambassador to Greenguard, and my time spent with Jaania.
    <Character>: Yes. You mentioned that over time she started to grow distant.
    Kara SuLema: ...Yes. Unfortunately- ironically, maybe- we couldn't foresee how giving Jaania the Mirror would end up.
    Kara SuLema: Even during that time, there was a resistance against her. Word had spread of Jaania's planned actions, and many were opposed.
    Kara SuLema: And Jaania... She withdrew. Looked to the Mirror for guidance. Lost herself in it, and became obsessed.
    Kara SuLema: She began making excuses to cut our time together short, or avoid meetings entirely.
    Kara SuLema: I asked, of course, if she needed anything. Any help. But she always refused.
    Kara SuLema: And then one day... she cut me off. No responses.
    <Character>: That... must have been painful.
    Kara SuLema: It was. But I knew that she was suffering too. Or at least, I thought so.
    Kara SuLema: Shortly after my position as "Ambassador" was forgotten, so to speak, King Alteon announced Swordhaven's support of The Rose.
    Kara SuLema: Jaania made fewer and fewer public appearances, while her generals and underlings took control.
    Kara SuLema: It was around this time, as The Rose grew with Swordhaven's support, that the Sanctuary was formed.
    <Character>: I've heard of that! That was the precursor to the Vind, wasn't it?
    Kara SuLema: Indeed. The Sanctuary formed in response to The Rose's anti-magic decree.
    Kara SuLema: You've seen for yourself how mages and magical creatures have been treated under The Rose.
    Kara SuLema: Many practitioners of magic joined together to oppose The Rose.
    Kara SuLema: It would be a lie to say they had peaceful intentions.
    Kara SuLema: Their very beings, their existences, were becoming outlawed. So they fought back.
    <Character>: I take it they didn't succeed.
    Kara SuLema: They had a few successes. I paid them some visits, offered what support I could.
    Kara SuLema: But then General Akanthus came knocking.
    <Character>: Him again...
    Kara SuLema: The Sanctuary wasn't exactly secret, as Sulen'Eska is. The Rose knew where to look.
    Kara SuLema: And they brought their full power down upon it.
    Kara SuLema: Many were lost or captured, and many fled.
    Kara SuLema: But that was the end of that. I tried to seek an audience with Jaania...
    Kara SuLema: ...but by then, were I to show up in Swordhaven, I'd be chained and thrown into Espina Rosa.
    Kara SuLema: Falconreach remained, by blessing of King Alteon, but for how long, we couldn't say.
    Kara SuLema: So I gathered what few survivors I could find...
    <Character>: And that's how the Vind was formed!
    Kara SuLema: Indeed, <Character>! We founded Sulen'Eska deep in Betrubung Swamp, and there we hid, trying to recollect ourselves... until one day...
    Kara SuLema: A hero from the past showed up, dragon in tow, to change the course of history.
    <Character>: And we will. Just as we've done before.
    Kara SuLema: That we will, <Character>. That we will.

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