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Backlash University

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8/8/2021 13:33:54   

So got the Earth-Based Doomlight package and , just to go over for those that don't know,

~Adds +25% from all backlash effects
~Turn on backlash from the armor itself

Can be used with essence of carnage, dread fiend of nulgath, and angra Linnorm pets, and the dragonsblood charm (only works vs dragons)

The combined effect is crazy.

Backlash requires END for successful save, and you'd want END for more HP. You dont want to block, dont want damage reducers, etc. In fact, the doomlight weapons increase damage done to yourself...and thus higher backlash.

These are the basics.

Maybe some of you play backlash style. Maybe some are interested in trying.

What I want to know, and discuss, is

What items come in handy? What strategies come in handy?

I know this is kind of in it's infancy of sorts, and you wouldnt be able to even come close to a full set of gear to play this way.

So other than END, what's the best build? Is charisma necessary? Is it better to be a warrior or a mage with backlash?

And based on that answer, what other supplementary items plays nicely with said build?

As for some things bouncing around in my head as I test:


1. If I were to get dragonsblood charm, I could dracomorgrify everything and gain an additional 500 backlash damage versus everything

2. 250 End = MORE SP, because of essence orb. SO, a high end build is kind of a SKILLMASTER of sort, using skills much more often than others.

3. Lack of secondary BTH help from dex/luk, is this offset by using auto-hit? Ectoplasm, Thunder weapons, etc
What's some other auto hit weapons..since you'll have the SP...

4. Would A warrior variant be better... SP regen from dragonlord weapons also, SP cost for essence of carnage, can use SP version of dread fiend, also melee buffs from essence of carnage and angra linnorm ...just would be hard to dracomorgrify.

5. Unless you quadforced INT, celerity, land twice, now you fight a "dragon" everytime.

6. Usage of berserk items (like grakma misc) with auto hit... These also increase monster damage, thus increasing backlash

7. Goggernaut Helm- Since you lack bth, this gives it to you. Since you want to be hit, it makes them hit you more often, too. Win-win.

What heal spells would be great here?

What have you tried, or what are your thoughts? Too risky of a playstyle?

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8/8/2021 20:52:50   

Prime Chaos Orb can be useful. The increase damage makes it ideal for Backlash builds.

Just be careful with the equipment lock.
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8/8/2021 22:12:14   
Ebrithil 89

Not sure if you're in one of the AQ discords, but the backlashers there are pretty much all 250 INT/END/CHA or some slight variation of that, since INT gives you an entire extra bar of resources and gives you access to all the spells in the game. The Dragonlord weapons require the player to hit the enemy to regen SP, so there's a bit of anti-synergy there, and the only other thing being a warrior gives you for backlash (auto-hit weapons) can be used by mages as well (Thunder Lord's Staff, Exalted Unity), has spell options as well (Sizzler's Splosion and Vidrir's Judgment) and generally just doesn't matter, if you spend your player turns doing stuff other than hitting the normal attack button (using PCO, healing yourself, casting elemental shields etc.).
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8/9/2021 8:58:51   

Hi, i have a Backlasher which i really love to play on even though sometimes the monsters causes bugs to the playstyle (including doom sheeps recently).
The best Backlash build is 250 INT/CHA/END. This is because you dont care about your weapon damage but only the Backlash damage which youll want to maximise with your Doomlight gear and INT gives you more Mana to cast useful spells notably auto-hit spells like Vidrir Judgement (BiS) or even Healing spells(Pumpkin Patch because costs MP and uses your END for the stats).

You do want some sources of Elemental Shield/Choke because sometimes the monsters are very glass cannon and you need to be efficient with your HP so you dont die. Backlash is all about HP efficiency to take enough damage as needed per monster in order to take him down, dont waste HP.

Prime Chaos Orb is a really good misc and core in Backlash builds because if you take little damge you can speed up the fights and is a good damage control tool. Yes Backlash is all about damage control.

While Angra Linnorm is a nice F2P Backlash Pet i recommend getting Fenris Pup which is tokens but gives you passive END (57 at max level with CHA). It boosts your Doomlight END rolls, your Healing spells and even your Healing Potions!

The Ice version of Doomlight was better to farm Alpha WereDragon whenever it comes to Void for Gold (Best farming portrait besides Frostvalverse!).

Essence of Carnage is really nice and deals increased Backlash damage to lower level monsters which is my go-to guest when doing outdated content!

This is how i play my Backlash character and to give you some insight upon the build.

Dont take Dragonsblood Charm its not worth to cast Dragomorgriy for some extra potential Backlash damage you are better off casting Pumpkin Patch with Fenris Pup out for extra END stat damage.

As far as my misc cathegory goes i recommend getting Pendant of the Galin since its the only true END misc that gives you unmodified extra HP based on your % current HP but you can also die upon unequipping it sometimes so dont do that, the only annoying part sometimes is the random 50% damage reduction when you want to Backlash monster.

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AQ  Post #: 4
8/9/2021 10:03:33   

@ Lupul,

One strategy I tried is using clever disguise and having model 294 pet and dread fiend of nulgath guest.

This causes both to go twice (useless for the guest) but model 294 if all hits land on Ele Vuln mode, gets you 164% vuln to darkness. The backlash from the guest becomes sick.

Sent you a PM, too.

Edit-> Another thing I wondered... The Irt of Osiris misc and I think dragonlord misc might be good for backlashers because they dont cut damage down by half, they heal it. So the full damage *is* being done to you, and thus, you'd think backlash would get max affect, but then you're separately healing the 50%?

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8/28/2021 19:50:52   

Not sure where to put this, but angra and dreadfiend got updated to be officially backlash now and to work with doomlight.

BIG thank you to staff for making this change; it is very welcome.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 6
8/29/2021 9:26:16   


dit-> Another thing I wondered... The Irt of Osiris misc and I think dragonlord misc might be good for backlashers because they dont cut damage down by half, they heal it. So the full damage *is* being done to you, and thus, you'd think backlash would get max affect, but then you're separately healing the 50%?

Yes they do work great with Backlash, also Shattered Horizon misc for Darkness!


Not sure where to put this, but angra and dreadfiend got updated to be officially backlash now and to work with doomlight.

And that is not even all the updates! Angra got also a boost ~50% to its Backlash while Dreadfiend got a +5% Damage MC fueled into the Backlash effect as well!

The updates were massive for Backlash builds,now they can more consistently farm Alpha WereDragon or even Mr Frostvalverse with just 0 turn kills.Enryu managed to OTK Queen Raychel with Dreadfiend as well after taking about 5200 damage from her.
AQ  Post #: 7
8/29/2021 19:11:10   

I had tested Dread Fiend yesterday and it was doing great.

And I hadnt tested Angra yet, was going to today and this is good news. And there's more good news for backlashers...

Can anyone guess?


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9/15/2021 6:32:01   

Can someone name every single item backlashers need? I just started playing this awsome thing and i need to know everything.
(In my opinion, backlash is way cooler than other playstyles, but maybe i played them too much) :D

Thank you all!
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9/15/2021 7:08:21   

The following Inflict Backlash

Armors-Doomlight (Energy, darkness,earth,ice variants) all rare now. Osiris armor, Nemesis testament, new Frostwyrm Rider Armor

Guests-Dread Fiend of Nulgath (best item), Essence of Carnage

Pets-Angra Linnorm, New Frostwyrm Shaman Totem Pet

Shields-All the Doomlight Shields

Miscs-New Frostwyrm Mask (costs HP), dragonsblood charm Z

These help, have synergy with, or enhance the playstyle. Anything with added, END, CHARISMA, BTH, and things like healing, chokes/panics, elemental resists

Pet- There is a pet...that gives 57 END...I forget the name of it..., also Model 294- Darkness elemental vuln mode, partners great with dread fiend

Miscs-Eye of Osiris and Hollow Dragon Amulet- Both give BTH and heal 50% of damage rather than reduce damage by 50%...So your HP's removed on the attack is the same, but the backlash effect is far more. Also there's Shattered Horizon (same shop as Runic Binding, but this is z tpkens) Also heals darkness damage by 50%, but no BTH straight enhancement
Unbound revelation- Great Misc.
Prime Chaos Orb-Move enemy resist to be weak to darkness. The clicks enhance your backlash damage.
Zfinity gauntlet Power-Increases all elemental damage by 25%
Blood Contract- Equipping this, increases damage you take, so it increases backlash.

You could also try anything that inflicts berserk on the monster, though their bth decreases so if you block it would be pointless, but I'd think they'll still hit you

Weapons-There are a few weapons that you take on more damage just by holding them. The doomlight weapons are this way, but there are others like Zealot's and such

Spells-Runic Binding-Increases elemental damage too.
My favorite heal spell is Cherub Protection-heal plus 2 turns of .775 or so of all elem resist..helps mitigate damage which you will need to do at times

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9/15/2021 7:40:08   

Oh my god! Awsome post SapphireCatalyst2021, Thank you so much!

Now i have backlash character in my champion pool.
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