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One item to Rule Them All!

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8/23/2021 14:44:30   



Discuss (ie choose) ...
With all the play-styles, build types, etc many items in the game tend to cater to the various builds and play-styles.

But, name the ONE item that no matter what build, no matter what other gear you use, etc that you would call *THE* item that is a MUST. This item improves your character more than all others...and maybe it's build independent

The item has to be available, whether free, tokens, GGB, or package...as long as its not rare.

I have one chosen, but I want to give it more thought before I throw it down here.

So what's your item that you think is the One Item to Rule Them All? (LOTR play)

Discuss! (Humor me via posting..I need something to do atm ;-) )
Post #: 1
8/23/2021 14:55:38   

Battle Muse/Quest Muse. Both music to the rather dull and quiet gameplay, providing a much better sense of immersion and tension to the world. No other item in the game can replicate what these items accomplish, and are thus inferior.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
8/23/2021 22:07:20   

^This game has sounds and music?
AQ AQW  Post #: 3
8/23/2021 22:46:00   


But, name the ONE item that no matter what build, no matter what other gear you use, etc that you would call *THE* item that is a MUST.

I could honestly just say "Essence Orb" and the thread could end here
AQ  Post #: 4
8/23/2021 23:26:07   

Yeah its one of a couple I think are my finalists. The thing that keeps me a little bit away from automatically selecting it, though perhaps a bad argument, is the dragonlord weapons for warriors. I also have Plush Mort I utilize and sometimes if Im bored I'll switch to Werepyre and use the SP regen toggle on the guests if I dont want to eat my HP in the process, but for sure it has to be in the running.

The other item I am finding I use MORE than essence orb is Prime Chaos Orb, and it's my other finalist, and I am leaning towards it.

This one item has essentially removed the idea you need to cover all or most elements. I know I poke at the game's players who what I call "min-mod" to death, and try to optimize all gear and all scenarios.. but honestly I tend to do this too sometimes and I am finding that if there is an element, or two, or three that have sort of a perfect storm of things I like to use, PCO can get you there, especially if there's more than 1 element in the scenario.

Example 1- I Like to MOW down mobs in Sol Neko, wielding independence daygur or ancient mother's staff, with a guest and/or pet of the same element (fire/earth) that also inflict Ele Vuln because Doomquake Minions and even the Grakma Guest are so utterly strong.
So every battle, PCO to gain a better fire or earth resist, and clever disguise spam and who gives a flying ...... about SP...it's going to regen to 395 or whatever the next beginning of the battle. 99% of all monsters disposed within 3 turns, usually 1-2.

Another example- If you like to take full advantage of lucky strikes, you'll need Atrea dream rod and Zealot's Wrath (there are others) that have a stronger lucky strike. So PCO to get those elements, and gain crit, and bombs away.

It has completely removed the need to have the best of the best in all elements. You can now just literally compare a darkness weapon..or pet...or spell...or guest to items from other elements. It's no longer about a comparison within the same element.

If the "best" fire weapon is better than the "best" energy weapon, then who cares just change the element to fire.

The damage increased to you is nothing.

I feel like essence orb just became slightly weaker and falls in 2nd place in my opinion, due to the new SP heal at the start of the battle.

But yeah it's still a must have for everybody, but for me, it's not the item to rule them all. For me, PCO is

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Post #: 5
8/24/2021 0:41:59   

^Same here. I have the item for my characters, and will buy more for future characters.

The Prime Chaos Orb is probably the greatest item the AQ staff have ever designed in my opinion.

That item makes playing as single element specialize characters possible.
Post #: 6
8/24/2021 5:46:15   

Yes. Imagine this..

Just want to use mostly darkness element...

So weapons carry-

Atrea Dream Rod-Lucky Strikes
Eclipsed Dragonlord's Insight-MP Heals
Terror Eater-Fear Eating
Safiria's Kneeboard- Charisma replaces Luck, so it kind of works like the Dream Rod since you can buff Charisma far greater than luck..for lucky charisma-y strikes

Model 294/deatharrows cat- Ele Vuln
Plush Mort-SP Heals/darkness attacks
Paralyze darkness pet, daze darkness pet, etc etc

Dread Fiend of Nulgath-backlash/darkness attack
Necromoglin-darkness boost
Grimlord-powerful darkness plus paralyze
Sunless undead hydra-daze

absolute darkness-blind plus overcharged
destruction burst-overcharged damage

Necromancer's Cloak- Fear;grasp essence
A few darkness locked w/ ele comp armors

If you did this with each element you could load up a lot of a single element... or maybe 2-3 elements only...depending on the play-style, stacks, etc and all because PCO is the bomb
Post #: 7
8/24/2021 15:31:39   

I have a few... I will just call them No-drop... can't get rid of them
AQ  Post #: 8
8/24/2021 18:05:10   


Shhh. Don't mention getting rid of no-drops. The code didn't like it when there was an attempt to move those. Sometimes it still threatens us not to try again on pain of turning our kidneys into cheese.
Post #: 9
8/24/2021 18:28:52   

PCO (Prime Chaos Orb)by far
AQ  Post #: 10
8/24/2021 19:18:03   

PCO is probably the most powerful single misc in the game and does a ton for too many builds to count. I'd say Quadforce also deserves a mention even though it's rare just because it truly does make the niche builds that were killed by the 250 stat update viable again.

No-drops aren't all bad. I happen to use Insightful Armor of Awe a lot against more challenging bosses. The rest just need a revamp to give them more utility. Also, 100-proc weapons, please!
Post #: 11
8/24/2021 20:18:49   

I havnt used a no drop (outside the ones you get with the subrace selection) in forever. They need a major refresh using some more modern ideas. I have an entire suggestion on it someplace. (Armor of awe)

I also think armors, especially no drops, need to be given built-in statuses. The Tempest armor has this idea...the initiative. Many monsters have had this...

It's time to get away from bland status quo stuff and start trying to differentiate stuff with armors that have built in statuses. The alternate elements, blocking differences, skills, etc are not enough. This is why you see new stuff come out with new ideas. Staff is working hard to come up with desireable gear for sure and should be applauded for it. But as time goes, and as more gear is available....how many "FO fire armors" can you make that are all kind of the same before it becomes stale?

If you had a blind potency, daze potency, etc and could go on forever... then it might be another factor for a player to choose which armor they desire.

Sorry,on a tangent.

On topic-> The PCO opens up so many fun ideas. I often think about the following-> A PCO Full-Offense armor using, but Full-Defense misc/shield using playstyle. So, all of your shields and miscs are pushing the boundaries of getting to max defense to an element or blocking, but in an FO armor and spam clicking PCO to boost damage to crazy levels...so you're shielding yourself from the monster damage by blocking or getting your elements to 3-4%, but your damage is increased greatly so no need to use offensive anything else
Post #: 12
8/24/2021 20:59:34   

PCO is definitely nuts and I abuse it too but I donít think Iíd go so far as to say itís an absolute must haveÖ I might get flamed for saying this but I think PR is probably the absolute best thing you can have in your active inventory. I completely understand why a lot of people donít like it and donít use it just because itís so broken. But you can literally become invincible with the PR loop thanks to EO and all the qc buffs and shields. Itís just insane. But obviously the staff and most of the players know this. Once it gets nerfed, then I think PCO might take the cake for the most useful and most versatile item. Until then PR stays on top imo

Edit : I feel like I should add that I also donít think PR is a must have either. Thereís so many different viable ways to play the game thanks to all the items weíve gotten from the weekly releases for the last (almost) 20 years. But, in terms of usefulness, I still think PR>PCO

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AQ  Post #: 13
8/24/2021 21:58:57   

IMO the best item is Purple Rain. There are other ways to regain SP other than EO (like Soul Gauntlet or Kindred Shield), but PR (and to a lesser extent the father time shields) is essentially a free hp, mp, and sp bar, and that is invaluable. To put it another way, EO is efficient resource shifting while PR is free resources, and I think free resources tops efficient resource shifting. PCO is strong too, but at least there are costs (increased incoming damage) and randomness associated with it, unlike PR which is basically guaranteed to work for free due to how you only pay for the last attempt.

As an aside, I have 10 level 150 guardians and the only items I use on all 10 are PR, EO, and PCO.

Also OP is obviously a plant and this thread is staff's attempt to find our most broken items/combos stay away from my zombie hunter armor

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 14
8/24/2021 23:42:01   


Dont nerf this stuff!

If I'm a plant, lock me in a dark closet without water and never come back
Post #: 15
8/25/2021 1:08:57   

I'll throw a doozy out here. Regardless of your setup, if you really want to elevate your farming game on that having Spirit of X miscs is essential. It in general has an incredible amount of value because:

1. It increases your gold per battle, reaching your certain number faster (although not the absolute cap since that works multiplicative). This is especially useful if you're buying MC items that can quickly eat at your gold earned. A standard 1 MC armor costs nearly half your earnable gold per day, and buying 1 MC set altogether will cost all the gold you can earn that day which if you want to buy anything else you're out of luck because you can actually run out of gold if you're not careful.

2. It increases your daily cap so you can rack up gold storage miscs faster. The higher your cap, the fewer days required to get to the absolute max earnable gold (1.2 bil).

3. It's useful for warring and racking up more kills than you should normally do and is probably the easiest way to stuff wins without losing momentum or having to goldline. Alternatively, if you're having bad luck this also is good for Z-token farming since you can also use this to extend your normal play time and increase the amount of chances to earn and cap out Z-tokens for the day.

4. It only gets stronger on its specific month, and if you have enough of the X's you can have permanently 1.95x gold rewards per battle since they stack together. Otherwise 1.8x max. Either way it's almost double the gold. And of course, this also stacks with X-Guardian's 10% Gold boost so if you had all 8 X's AND it's an X month AND X-Guardian you have 2.05x gold rewards per battle.

5. With the current interaction to reset your caps by paying the lowest package ($2.5), the X misc ($19.95) can beat this out in the long term in terms of gold gained overall (although it's worth noting the real use for resets is wars, not gold farming).

5.1. Addendum to the above, also the fact that since this is an actual item, it can be used by other characters on your account. So you're not getting just 25% on your 1 character, but 25% on every character (250% net gold in total if you max out on all 10 slots). With resets you only get to reset for that 1 character.

6. The thing about farming (or just accumulating gold in general) is that if you want to do it effectively you don't want set up items/abilities because that slows you down and your goal is to end fights as fast as possible. The miscs actually go a long way in doing that since their bonus is passive.

Realistically though, it's expensive to buy multiples. But the value of the X-miscs lies in them being a long-term investment.

Otherwise in terms of items with the greatest amount of utility I'd have to put on a shortlist:

1. Essence of Carnage (damage boost, backlash, MP regen). Basically does things many builds need.

2. Zardade/Cyclops Eye (universal defensive misc + stats). Some quests and monsters are sufficiently hard enough where you have to actually play defense once in a while and this misc saves a considerable amount of slots.

3. Celerity-granting items. In any turn-based RPG game having extra turns is probably the biggest advantage you can have over the opponent.

4. Cracked Ornament / Taladosian Pendant. Enables everything else you can possibly do. In a balance system where saves are essential to most effects getting around them is king and currency.

5. Shieldcakes + Royal Cake (cheating on this one but really Royal Cake is just Shieldcake without the bonuses of being in the shield slot). Sheer versatility that every build in the game can utilize.

6. Resource generating items. DL weapons, Essence Orb, Pixel Ether, you name it. SP is the tree of which all other strategies branch out of. That being said this one faucet is widely acknowledged to be problematic and is due to be adjusted any day now. Possibly once done still important to have some of these items but won't be as essential anymore.

I would have put compression as a short list item mainly due to my experiences of re-playing the game as a low-level + F2P though it's more of a design flaw that AQ needs to address than something to be praised. I think a lot of people have forgotten how scarce and valuable having open slots are.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 16
8/25/2021 5:53:00   

I think Gwenmay made a very good argument for Purple Rain. It *is* free resources.

It's basicly the thing that puts you in an advantageous state versus those monsters (bosses) that will be a struggle, especially without the free boosts it provides.

I only use it sometimes, as for me it's too time consuming to consistently go that route, but it's crazy overpowered.

I also think I wanted to touch a bit on something PD alluded to... He mentioned the shieldcake stuff, but honestly, all gear with "charge" systems are far far far far more powerful than anything that utilizes standard "costs" of HP/MP/SP

This is one reason I feel the Neko subrace is the single most powerful subrace. I do think that depends on your gear to go along with it. But that doesn't mean it's overpowered and needs nerfed...you wasted turns to gain the power they can unleash, for the most part. But once you have it, they're extremely powerful. I welcome more items with this idea.

Tangent-> SP regen (essence orb, etc) I am seeing is on the docket for adjustment. That's likely needed, because it makes other items overpowered (Quadforce, anyone?)

But I really think SP, the implementation of it, and how it works in today's game needs a tweak. SP max, regen amount...need to be enhanced *slightly* based on STRENGTH stat. Just enhance the regen so that perhaps at 250 str in 5 turns you get an extra 100% Melee regenerated more than currently. Or maybe in 10 turns...something.

And essence orb...a simple fix is make it clickable once per turn, get rid of the HP cost. Maybe you could add in a passive 10% more SP regen if you decide to leave it equipped during the turn. Maybe then a "cost" is a small HP loss. Anyway something to that effect.

Some very good selections though. I understand the idea of gold boosting items. But the argument was utilizing all of the spirits...kind of against the idea of one item.
Post #: 17
8/25/2021 14:00:57   

I don't find that PCO that amazing. Sure can get some stupid high damage with stupid attacks. But the scramble can be done with spells and weapons already.

On my 30 chars I don't have an item that all of them use.

If I should chose one I would probably go for Beleqwaya's Gift - The Diamond of Body.
I know on today standards the misc is no good, but I really like it.

< Message edited by Yozai -- 8/25/2021 14:04:51 >
AQ  Post #: 18
8/25/2021 14:38:37   

^I don't think there are any other items that scramble resistances the same way PCO does.

The closest thing we have is the Rainbow Ray Gun which requires one turn for 1 Scramble and it can miss.

PCO is unique because you can scramble multiple times until your misc is locked, and it rarely, if ever, fails.

Not to mention the CHA and LUK boost which will help with the save.

< Message edited by J9408 -- 8/25/2021 18:42:27 >
Post #: 19
8/25/2021 20:51:44   

Essence Orb

/End thread.
AQ  Post #: 20
8/26/2021 22:53:31   

now i wanna see a storyline where the hero seeks the Essence Orb, while the villain seeks the Prime Chaos Orb, and battle it out to settle this thread hahaha
AQ DF  Post #: 21
8/30/2021 15:38:07   

PCO is useful for every build and every playstyle. And it enables the ability to just carry specific elements...elements that have the perfect synergy, elements that have the best of the best in any category.
I dont know what the absolute best Guest is, but my favorite by far is Doomquake minions. If this guest has the highest damage (idk if it does), then you can always PCO Earth element to be more favorable for you. If your light weapon is much better than your water weapon, you can PCO orb to light. If youre combined weapon + pet + guest + misc works the best in energy element, PCO to energy. This functionality transcends all other items, and increases your damage per click until you get there.

Yes, there is a downside. The monster damage increases too. Yes, you can essentially lose a turn. I think the misc isn't necessarily overpowered, but it IS very very good.

And it has even less downside if you're a beastmaster. Already being in a FD armor lessens the monster's increased damage, and your pets/guests dont lose a turn ever even if you do. It's a MUST HAVE for beastmasters.

I feel like essence orb, while strong, tends to make other things stronger and thats why its in essential and also up for a strong debate here. Nobody can argue that.

But there *are* other means to SP regen, whereas what PCO does or can do, it stands alone.
Post #: 22
8/30/2021 17:51:45   
Doomknight Arakos

I find it hard to label one item as the most ultimate, but here are a few of my personal favorites:

1. Mana Trap
2. Marks of the Pantheon
3. Legendary Shadow Crystal V2
AQ  Post #: 23
9/7/2021 10:35:52   


Alt accounts with guardian status outscales Spirit of X misc items. Only benefit is warring because of higher cap.

Most dominant item/items in my opinion is bloodzerker and bloodmage armors because they are useful on large scale. Instead of specific situations.

Example: Essence orb is not dominant item itself. It is just good to make other items amazing and boost them.
In this theard we talk about items what is used very often vs dominant items.
Post #: 24
9/8/2021 7:31:19   

The doll- Agreed it's bad. I asked if the charges would roll forward but no reply. Even if it did do that, its just alright. It's basically intended to be like an extra pet or guest attack. It's not the worst item in the game. It might be the worst UR GGB for sure...

Charge items are not garbage.
Post #: 25
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