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=AQ= Necromancer Class Skills 16-20, Back To School Daily Prizes and more

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8/30/2021 11:40:41   
Bu Kek Siansu

Homepage: https://www.battleon.com/

Monday, August 30, 2021


Summer Z-Token Package Bonus
Receive up to 30% more bonus Z-Tokens!


Necromancer Class Skills 16-20:
As you approach mastery of your new powers, the plot to dismantle the Mysterious Necromancers approaches its conclusion. Although this conspiracy has proceeded smoothly so far, the sinister revelations that await you will shake more than just your plans...


Back To School Daily Prizes - September 2nd thru October 6th:
Login daily for your chance to win 7 amazing rewards, 1 for every day of the week! Just by logging in and playing AQ you will qualify for 50 prizes being given away daily. The more characters you play with the better your chances of winning. As an added perk, all Guardians gain an extra 50% chance of winning! Here are the 7 Water variant prizes along with the day of the week they are being given away:
  • Sunday - Scroll Knight Helms
  • Monday - Dodgeball Z Spell
  • Tuesday - School Uniform Color-Custom Armor
  • Wednesday - Savage Schoolbook Pet
  • Thursday - Paperclip Pencil Bow
  • Friday - School Bell Bulwark
  • Saturday - Ruler Buster Blade

12K Z-Token Package - Superior Knowledge Spells Return:
Summon forth a school of magical books to overwhelm your foes with arcane knowledge, in both Wind and Water versions! Foes that lack enough magical aptitude will be overwhelmed and take greater damage from this spell.

Labor Day Holiday Boosts:
September 2nd-7th, receive an extra 25% Gold and XP from battles!


Tag'd ~Hollow

< Message edited by The Hollow -- 8/30/2021 13:58:22 >
Post #: 1
8/30/2021 14:54:10   

Not that I ever win, but Does "login daily" mean you have to login or as long as you say, win 1 battle per day? I tend to stay logged in for a few days due to items with charges...until my chromebook prompts for software updates ..which is crazy often .

Anyone know?
Post #: 2
8/30/2021 21:55:47   

Yes. You have to login and win 1 battler per day with each character you have to maximize the chance of winning
AQ  Post #: 3
8/31/2021 6:17:26   

Do the Elite Necromancer Armors come with the Level 16-20 skills or is that a separate update? So excited
Post #: 4
8/31/2021 10:56:49   


The advanced armors are a separate update, with their own unlocking quest.
Post #: 5
9/1/2021 19:04:38   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

Labor Day Holiday boosts are now live so until September 7th you will receive an extra 25% Gold and XP from battles! Plus the 12K Superior Knowledge and 6K Spirit of Change Z-Token package bonuses have returned!

< Message edited by The Hollow -- 9/1/2021 19:09:29 >
AQ  Post #: 6
9/2/2021 10:53:36   

Was there never an official info subs for the superior knowledge spell? I cant seem to find one. I guess it just does extra damage versus foes with either a stat or no stat..some certain stat...I need to go re-read the description on the home page...bleh
Post #: 7
9/2/2021 14:04:56   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

^If the info subs haven't been posted, we'll get them up today.


Was it ever explained why people could receive the back to school raffle items on a warpforce character.

Since WF is an expansion and not a stand-alone game, it shares the database with AQ. That issue has now been fixed!

This is looking like another Friday or even Saturday release folks! The Back-To-School daily prizes will still be arriving to the winners beginning today.

< Message edited by The Hollow -- 9/2/2021 14:32:46 >
AQ  Post #: 8
9/2/2021 14:38:19   
Sir Cloud

^Thanks Hollow! Glad to hear that while we wait on the rest of the release.
AQ  Post #: 9
9/3/2021 12:14:16   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

Kam has the info subs for the Superior Knowledge spells posted. We still have a decent chunk to finish and then getting everything tested, so this will be a Saturday release. Here is a preview of Necromancer's final skill: Deathless Legion

Alright Necromancers, it is time to master all of your your powers in the completely overhauled Necromancer Class! The next update to the class will be the advanced versions of the class armor. "Necromancer Cavalry" armors will be coming in October.

< Message edited by The Hollow -- 9/4/2021 15:44:44 >
AQ  Post #: 10
9/4/2021 19:13:17   

I admit, it was a bit of a shock to go from being able to use whatever armor I wanted to being seemingly forced into using the Necromancer Cloak for one of the boss fights without warning. Had to redo the final mission because of it. Still, I was able to get it done, eventually.
AQ  Post #: 11
9/4/2021 22:37:56   

Playing the latest release, and the skills look like a pretty great way to close out the class, although I think people will still trying to be figuring out "how" to play the class given its complexity and numerous interactions. Since the armor isn't at full power yet I'll wait until the final release when we can get the full power levels that I'll be able to complete my thoughts.

Great ending to the story though! Everything is made (mostly) right by the conclusion of the class quest saga. Looking forward to seeing any tie-ups that'll happen with the advanced tier of the class.
AQ MQ  Post #: 12
9/4/2021 23:04:45   

Skills are great! I think my mages are going to enjoy necro considerably. Excited to try them out at level 150 when we get advanced armors.

If I could make a suggestion, I think the token version of the advanced armors should be completely/mostly CC - I personally would prefer that, and I think a lot of people would like being able to pick their color rather than just having "necro, but red!" or what not.

Necromancer cavalry sounds cool! Lots of options there - undead dragon, or maybe a flying bird/animal, or of course undead horse, or an undead abomination thing. Can't wait!

EDIT: I just remembered that the advanced necromancer armor will also probably get a different color, like paladin! My thought is "white necromancer" since we are, of course, "good" necromancers, but could also see something more purplish/blue.

< Message edited by GwenMay -- 9/4/2021 23:28:11 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 13
9/4/2021 23:20:04   

I have some reservations about the skills, I might do a longer post but I will probably wait till 150 before sharing my thoughts here. Some skills are very problematic. Anyways.


If I could make a suggestion, I think the token version of the advanced armors should be completely/mostly CC - I personally would prefer that, and I think a lot of people would like being able to pick their color rather than just having "necro, but red!" or what not.

Yes! I was very disappointed in the crimson Paladin not being CC, I feel like if you are paying full token price for an item that is identical stat wise to the regular class the least that item should be able to let us do is change the colors. What if I want a white robed necromancer? I would like to see the simple change of these token variants to move towards full CC like the guardian plate, for both paladin and necromancer.
AQ  Post #: 14
9/4/2021 23:49:14   

I really like the look of the new skills, but if I were to be honest (and I know this will be a very controversial opinion), I feel like Necromancer is almost too powerful now. I think its current nuking prowess will completely overshadow the slow and steady status beastmaster that we've had so far.
Post #: 15
9/5/2021 2:04:08   

To be fair, Necromancer is a beastmaster and a mage. It'd be odd if it wasn't able to nuke
DF AQW  Post #: 16
9/5/2021 4:46:31   
Primate Murder


The grand finale!

I loved that look into the head of a Scythe Mantle necromancer. It's both sad and ironic the way he's trapped by the bargain made years ago, without truly understanding, and the way he rejected any help, dismissed even the possibility of redemption, was masterfully done.

On the rest, I have to admit I'm actually a little disappointed. We came in, defeated a bunch of nameless, faceless mooks, and... that's it? Kaley retreats back to the Sanctum, and we leave the Orcus Archive in the hands of another group of nameless, faceless mooks? What happens to the remaining members of the Mantles? What about necromancers who disagree with the new order of things? What's stopping the Shadowscythe from starting a new Mantle? We've just seen how easily they entrap the young and the ignorant! It all felt very... unsatisfying.

Which may be the tone Cray was going for, and in that case feel free to ignore me, but it felt like we didn't actually resolve anything. Unless we create some kind of a framework, both for new necromancers and for the old, things are just going to go back to the way they were. A bunch of loose cannons messing with stuff they do not understand and making things worse for everybody around them.

The foreshadowing about the new big bad also seemed to come out of nowhere. There were no hints about it anywhere in the questline, and while I understand that it's meant to make the bad guy seem more impressive, it just feels contrived.

Sorry if it feels like I'm complaining, and I generally like Cray's writing, but I really think this could have been so much... more.

Now, on to other topics!

Boss monsters:


The Dragonbone Phylactery seems like an interesting idea that was not very well implemented. Increasing damage and accuracy means that you need to either kill it very quickly or Fear it - and +30 Boss Boost makes fear infliction rather difficult. Just a little weird that the necromancer class boss requires heavy nuking.

P.S. A 'battery' monster having a USB effect made me smile.

The Ritualist. A simpler boss, but one that relies heavily on healing. I didn't have Lust or any Disease items in my inventory when doing the quest, but I appreciate the staff making them more relevant.

New skills:

Pet summoning is amazing, no ifs or buts about it. Cray, Cray, Hooray!

Mana Quickening provides a more immediate source of mp, always a good thing for mages.

Agressive Anima Ward seems like a very interesting idea, though weirdly counterintuitive for a class specializing in status effects.

Deathless Abomination inflicts a lengthy Fragile status, which is pretty neat.

Summon Legion provides another nuke. Not strictly necessary, but looks cool.

Rend Mana (from Grasp Essence) seems like another great addition for beast-focused builds, consuming your turn for an omni-elemental 3-turn EleShield.

Also, Unravel Blood works wonders with double Undead Beast. Bleed them up, then finish off with a skill that restores your entire mp bar. Any chance we could get a misc or (non-melee) weapon with Bleed potence?
AQ DF  Post #: 17
9/5/2021 6:50:43   

Unravel Blood is hilarious. I stacked Power 5.7 bleed on CPT and each hit was doing 8k damage. I'm not sure how I'll be able to apply this in normal battles though, since bleed gets a save every turn

This class is just so amazing

< Message edited by Veleqwii_Fox -- 9/5/2021 6:55:54 >
Post #: 18
9/5/2021 8:59:14   

@Primate Murder we already have Fracture Point spear that can be toggled for 20 bleed potence. A deadly combo is to combine the lowest level Frature Point (for that neglectable sp upkeep) with Sol Neko while skipping your turn using clever disguise and watch as the bleeding stacks to a ridiculous degree
AQ  Post #: 19
9/5/2021 10:40:14   



The story is very much not done, as there's still the Advanced Gear quest coming. So rest assured, the story isn't truncated with a premature conclusion. Kaley and the Chosen aren't ditching the Archive, but continuing to operate from outside of it to err on the side of caution.

That the Scythe Mantle Necromancer is convinced there is another conspirator is concerning, but the fact that there have been no hints of another plot is very deliberately written and lampshaded.

Surely you would have already turned up evidence of another, different conspiracy taking place within the Orcus Archive by now. Kaley has been thorough enough to feel confident in making students out of those who need guidance, after all. As she's neither abandoning those nor going back on her word for those that simply want out, this calls for such a fine comb approach that she logically should've caught at least one sign of anyone staging a takeover or working against her. No such plan could've gone undisrupted by throwing every Mantle into disarray.

Can there be another Big Bad within the Orcus Archive, then? The next quest will, among other things, resolve why your rival was convinced of it. In the mean time, Kaley isn't fully moving in just yet.

As of what's stopping the ShadowScythe from making another Mantle? Excellent question. The War Between Shadows should have a satisfying answer in store.
Post #: 20
9/5/2021 12:38:34   

The class's optimal build is the same as backlashers....250 int/end/char. A few skills use these for stats. Deathwalker is enhanced with End. So it's high damage, low accuracy. You will need BTH enhancers or defloss or entangle handy.

And it eats SP like it's breathing air. You'll need to extra HP to siphon SP with essence orb to keep up.

I would find bleed outside the class to help, and the pet/guest damage increase sp toggle may be unecessary.

Some synergies-> Werepyre subrace-> It's guests do defloss, SP regen, and elevuln. Also, werepyre has strongest bleed skill in the game. Also, while a hybrid is likely optimal for werepyre, a tank mage using werepyre is actually very good too.

Absolute darkness spell- enhanced darkness damage
Porcelain teapot misc-bleed, and uses END for stats..and technically a spell, so an anima barrier after too.
Maybe have destruction burst too

And I would pick up Safiria's Kneeboard. It's like having a 4th stat, luck.

PCO orb everything to darkness. Just use that, and maybe necromancer's apprentice if you can fight enough paladins or armored monsters. Your damage with the werepyre guest, absolute darkness, the weapons i suggested, and the built in darkness stuff will wreak havoc on monsters.

< Message edited by SapphireCatalyst2021 -- 9/5/2021 13:47:51 >
Post #: 21
9/5/2021 13:48:29   

The Spellcaster lean toggle is easily what makes this class so potent, since I believe it stacks with the skills' existing elecomp. Pair it with Unravel Blood and you get a free spell that not only deals respectable damage, but also restores your MP.

Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if Necromancer is just a bit too powerful, given what it's capable of even before the advanced armors are out.
AQ  Post #: 22
9/5/2021 14:05:25   


Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if Necromancer is just a bit too powerful, given what it's capable of even before the advanced armors are out.

What weaknesses do this class have? I know one of it is Paladin enemies but they are not common.

There must be something to balance everything.

< Message edited by J9408 -- 9/5/2021 14:08:34 >
Post #: 23
9/5/2021 14:17:45   

It is extremely strong. L120 Plvl and L150+ mobs are being mowed down.

I think the weakness might be i guess, you're supposed to use it versus darkness monsters, but with PCO, this makes that trivial.
Post #: 24
9/5/2021 14:33:32   

Now that I have had the time to digest Necro's skills, here is my constructive feedback for Necromancer

Undead Giant – This skill feels really out of place in Necro’s arsenal. Especially as it’s weapon-based, it goes against spell caster lean making it most optimal to cast in neutral.

Anima Ward – I still feel like this skill is too weak. Not to mention the barrier it gives you is on a random roll. Sometimes it can be 180, or sometimes it can be 300+.

Anima Manifestation
(Guest) – Completely outclassed by the guest we got last week. Trying to inflict 3 different statuses for a measly +15% damage per status is simply not worth the effort. It just feels like the staff were not sure what to do with this guest. I would prefer if it did something more unique that takes advantage of Necro’s innate potency.

DeathWalker – Feedback has already been relayed.

Spellcaster Lean – I have no issues with this barring the ice boost. The only ice spell in Necro’s arsenal is from DeathWalker. It would have a lot more synergy if the Ice boost was changed to Harm.

Aggressive Anima Ward – I’m not sure what else to say other than it feels too weak. Especially for a Lv 18 skill. I know it’s a free passive but it is just underwhelming.

Summon Legion – Whilst extremely powerful, it simply competes with the other skills and doesn’t stand out at all. Moreover, the damage boost it receives goes against the entirety of Necro’s arsenal. With fear, regen, and barriers at Necro’s disposal, it’s highly unlikely you will reach the low HP necessary to really take advantage of the damage boost. I would very much like to see this skill have a completely different effect that just being a simple damage nuke. For example, a status nuke? It could inflict a massive fear, burn, bleed on the enemy all at the same time. This would synergize with the innate potency boost and work in tandem with the other skills/guests.

< Message edited by Cupquake -- 9/5/2021 14:44:36 >
Post #: 25
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