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Returning Player Looking for Some Advice

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9/2/2021 17:15:26   
master of chaos1

Started playing again and began accumulating some of the better items from reading the wiki, still need a bit of help to see if I am going in the right direction. Any suggestions related to my specific build?

Character Link: https://aq.battleon.com/game/flash/charview?temp=31010898
Level & Status: 103 X-Guardian
Build: Warrior Hybrid?
STR 250
DEX 150
INT 50
LUK 65
Subrace: Werepyre
UltraGuardian Element: Wind
Level(s) of Items with Multiple Versions: Everything maxed except spells
Alignment (Good/Evil or Chaos/Unity): Chaos/evil (what is this for?)
Goals: Get on the right track for my level based on new equipment that I have missed the last few years. Going for fully offensive warrior hybrid build (I think)
Gold: 1.5M
Z-Tokens: 9197
Giftboxes: 11 unused common
House: Forest estate mansion with nothing in it

EDIT: Is it worth using tokens and gunning for the ultra rare shop? Heard it is 1 in 33 chance?

EDIT2: Misc items are way over my head and would be great to get some help in this field!

Many thanks

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9/2/2021 23:27:31   
Primate Murder

Welcome back!

Before anything else, I should mention that there are currently two hybrid builds - classic (Str/Dex/Int) and werepyre (Str/Int/Luck). The first one is more versatile, but only uses two thirds of the stats at any given time. The later is more powerful, but has a much more limited arsenal. Spreading your stat points among four stats is generally not recommended.

Which one are you going for?


Is it worth using tokens and gunning for the ultra rare shop? Heard it is 1 in 33 chance?

I would suggest waiting until November to gun for any URs. We usually get a 50% Black Friday sale on all token stuff including the GGBs, so you can get double the boxes for your tokens!
AQ DF  Post #: 2
9/3/2021 7:23:29   
master of chaos1

I was looking at Guardian C under Hybrids on the wiki and was going to try:

But if itís better to just do 0 DEX and 250 LUK Iíll run that.

And thanks for the Black Friday tip, thatís a great discount.
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9/3/2021 11:43:54   

You can do as you wish. If you feel as though you have a good reason to do any build just go for it. For example, if you just really prefer blocking maybe you love dex, but if you really love lucky strikes then do luck. You'll do fine either way.

However, two things.
1. Im not saying dont do this, or do this, but though there are some players that spread stats out, most don't. Most players just max 3 stats. But this is entirely up to you.
I started playing a lot ore often in the past few months, and one thing I have done is test a lot of ideas. And one thing I have personally decided is everything in the game is better via stacking, rather than sprinkling things here and there. I think this applies to stats. I would max 3 stats, then find gear that accentuates them. I have tested daze, fear, bleed, backlash, charisma based things, ele vulns, etc and if you sprinkle in a random fear...it's just eh... sprinkle in a random ele vuln..its just eh... But if you have armors, pets, guests, weapons,and miscs that all say...inflict daze...it gets very very powerful. Same with bleed. If everything you have inflicts bleed, it starts to stack over several turns and starts to do a couple thousand damage per turn. This is related to stats, in that, if you're able...let's say you want to train STR...if you're able to find multiple ways to increase it beyond 250...and if you spend money on items/token packages, etc you can probably get it to push to 500...melee weapon damage becomes crazy good... That's why I personally would recommend doing 3 stats to 250...and trying to accentuate it...making it better and better and better. BUT, there ARE players who like to do 200 in 3 stats an take the 150 leftover and put them in a 4th stat...and its perfectly viable.

2. A bit related, but more specific...I tend to think nowadays your equipment can help push you in certain directions on build. For example, with the invention of "hybrid armors", like Werepyre and MuscleMage, they do not use dext for anything. Dex only plays a role for blocking in those armors. Those armors use half STR and half INT for stats and bth and so dex becomes a stat used only if you wish to block, whereas luck will get you some really strong lucky strikes.

But DEXT is otherwise a powerful all around stat, and the "blocking build" is kind of a thing with so much more blocking focused equipment around now. There are spells, miscs, shields, pets, guests, etc all that just increase blocking in various ways... increasing MRM, inflicting the cold, blind, bth loss, etc. MANY players run this. Its probably most effective versus bosses.

For luck preference players, theres new armor called Tempest with an additional 100 initiative that gives you +50% damage on first turn, and you'll almost never not go first if you have 250 luck. Might be strongest armor in the game. Also there's weapons with more frequent lucky strikes, and other weapons with more powerful lucky strikes.

What I would do is whatever you decide, understand to go get items that make what you've trained..even better...take advantage of the build with items via stacking ideas...whether stacking the stat, stacking thigs that take advantage of the stat, etc...and you'll be happy no matter the decision on training

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9/3/2021 14:33:00   
Primate Murder

There's not a lot of benefit to running 100 Dex. It's too little to give non-hybrid attacks any significant accuracy, and it takes away from the Initiative (the main purpose of Luck). I'd suggest going with Luck for the abovementioned initiative or Dex for a wider variety of armors. Or just End to be unkillable ;)

For the purposes of this rating, I'd assume you went with Luck.


First of all, I'd suggest switching your no-drop element. Energy, perhaps, as it's lacking in good non-rare shields.

When Caecus comes around, you'll want to pick up Pyromancer's Bloodblade, which gives 20% extra damage for a small hp cost. Until then, either your current Samukematsuri weapon or Olymp Axe (extra damage for sp cost) will suffice.

Kindred sword gathers charges to autohit (with Kindred pet, you should gather enough charges every single turn).

Haunted Dragonlord's Might restores sp based on the number of hits made - great synergy with werepyre's 4-hit Evolved Form.

Keep Horo Show to have a source of Harm damage,

Earthen Werepyre Blade uses hybrid stats (Str+Int) regardless of the armor you're using. Nice when you want to use stuff like Tempest armor.

Zealot's Wrath remains one of the strongest light weapons in the game.

Eclipsed Dragonlord's Might is a dark variant of the Haunted one above.


Werepyre armors should be your best friend. They use hybrid stats (don't rely on Dex for accuracy) and have several nifty skills, including Str/Int drive, qc Panic, stun immunity and a lvl 10 Form for 2x damage. Between your no-srop and the three elemental variants, you should have every element covered.

Any other armors are entirely up to your personal preference, and they pretty much lock you into using Werepyre Blade unless you want to deal with accuracy issues. Here are some options:

- Paladin. An endgame class with 20+ skills. A great option for fighting undead.

- Angel of Souls. Its skill costs hp, for the times you don't feel like paying an sp cost.

- Tempest Armor. Between the initiative bonus, the damage you get from that initiative bonus and an elelocked celerity toggle, this one is a real powerhouse.


Keep Samukematsuri for the sp heal and Ironthorn for Str drive.

Celtic Wheel has Int drive, for increased damage and accuracy.

Haunted Dragonlord's Will has a stackable qc Barrier skill. If used when you have a Mana Shield from Gandolphin, raises its efficiency to op levels.

Pies has a Cha toggle for a bit of extra damage via boosters.

Scarab Shell has a toggle to lower monster's defences.

Eclipsed Dragonlord's Will is a dark clone of the Haunted one; their skills stack.


Essence of Carnage is a pretty great guest. In Rampant mode, it boosts the damage of your Melee attacks and has a chance to Backlash the monster.

Gandolphin is a qc Mana Shield. Great synergy with Dragonlord Will shields' skill.

Purple Rain is a staple of the current meta. It acts as a save point: cast it once to save your (and monster's) current hp/mp/sp, cast all your buffs and debuffs, then cast PR again. Resources return back to their prior state, but the effects remain. Great with stuff like SFP and DL's Will.


Angra Linnorm is the pet version of EoC.

Kindred pet stores charges for the Kindred sword.

If you feel like playing with Werepyre's Bleed skill, Scarab pet is a nice addition.


Essence Orb is one of the most op miscs in the game. It allows for qc conversion of hp into sp, which allows you to spam skills and effects every turn.

Pixel Ether from your Vault has great synergy wit Essence Orb.

Rejuvenating Necklace restores mp based on damage dealt. Between this and Pixel Ether, you should never lack for mp.

Shadowfeeder Pendant gives stackable qc celerity. Great synergy with EO and Purple Rain.

Love Potion (comes back in February) gives a stackable qc stun. Again, op synergy with EO and Purple Rain.

There's a number of great damage-boosting miscs, but I'd probably go with Eye of Osiris. It gives Str, Int and bth - what's not to like?

Bell Shell restores a bit of hp based on damage dealt.

Olympax Medal gives both a qc damage boost and a qc Imbue.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
AQ DF  Post #: 5
9/3/2021 16:18:50   

BTW, if you decide on hybrid....and I'm very glad Primate made the comment on END... Hybrids may do very well with END. Most of the game may view END as the worst stat in the game, and while I don't know that's necessarily the case, I will say you do just find with 0. And maybe thats why they feel that way, but having full END does have some very very very nice benefits.

One of the biggest is all that HP's, not being necessary to stay alive, could be viewed another way....
Since essence orb takes HP to supply SP, the extra HP means extra SP, really. And extra SP means more skills, quick casts, etc possibly without wasting time with the purple rain loop.

While it isn't needed in AQ, it is VERY underrated at the same time.
Post #: 6
9/6/2021 13:12:11   
master of chaos1

Thank you both for the great replies. I will get to work on leveling up to 105 so I can get the next tier in equipment then get my stats in order.

Also wondering if ultraguardian or armour or awe is better for my build? I always assumed UG but not sure.
Post #: 7
9/6/2021 14:03:32   
Primate Murder

Ultraguardian armor is FO, so it's a better choice.

You'll want Awe shield at 0 Dex, though.
AQ DF  Post #: 8
9/10/2021 14:46:19   
master of chaos1

I sadly don't have Pixel Ether. Also, where do I get the Tempest Armour? Can't seem to find a source. Thanks
Post #: 9
9/10/2021 23:35:07   
Primate Murder

Huh, for some reason your Shared Vault shows it.

Tempest armor comes from Warlic's Shop > Quests > War Between Shadows > Once Upon a Scheme.
AQ DF  Post #: 10
9/11/2021 10:26:40   
master of chaos1

Oh I see it now, I forgot what the shared vault was! Thanks for the help.
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10/7/2021 12:21:30   
master of chaos1

Alright, I got all of the items you listed. What items should I be picking up in URGGB from now on?
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