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BM Warrior Seeking Mage Wisdom

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9/11/2021 14:30:01   
Macho Man

Character Link : link
Level & Status : Lv150 Guardian
Build : Was A Beastmaster Warrior, thinking about Beastmaster Mage??
Armor of Awe/UltraGuardian Element (If Applicable): Wind
Custom Weapon -

  • Element: -
  • Accuracy Lean: -
  • Special Rate: -

Level(s) of Items with Multiple Versions : Assume best
Alignment (Good/Evil or Chaos/Unity) : Pretty sure good
Notes : See below
Goals : Try to have a viable yet fun build
Z-Tokens (If Applicable): 20000+

Hey so I haven't had a char review done in years and I wanted to change my build. I'm not too sure what I want to try but I know that I'm done playing as a BMW. I have been collecting items just in case I ever wanted to swap into something else. I think I would like a Mage build with backlash as an option because I got the doomlight set earlier in the year. I also like how I can now use mp to use effects rather then having to use all of my sp in warrior builds.

I just don't know the strats that go into it and seeing as I've been a warrior for so many years, I don't know how to play mage at all. I think I have magic weapons but I'm not too sure. I organized all of my items based off of the elements that they align with. What should I use from my storage for a backlash beast mage build? Is it even feasible to have an inventory that can use spells/guests and backlash? Thank you!
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9/11/2021 17:22:56   

These are the two things I run with the most. Backlash using 250 int/char/end and a lucky beastmage.

You can use backlash within the beastmage build, but its WAY better as a seperate style maxing END. A regular beastmage likely isnt great training END.


Build-> 250 INT/CHAR/END You need the the END for backlash infliction, and HP's for damage. Charisma increases backlash damage. 300 Charisma maxes it. Anymore is a waste. INT for guest upkeep, healing spells, quick casts, etc

Spells-> Healing, quick casts,ancestral forbiddence, runic binding (sometimes carry both MP and SP versions), invincible star

Guests-Dread Fiend of Nulgath, Essence of Carnage.

Pets-Angra Linnorm, and there is a pet that gives 57 END...cant remember the name. Model 294 for darkness ele vuln (partners with dread fiend darkness backlash)

Miscs- Eye of Osiris, hollow dragon amulet, shattered horizon-> HEAL 50% of damage. So you recieve full damage, backlash based on that, then heal back half. The first two increase your magic bth by 13.33. Unbound revelation- toggles to two modes, both have END. Fire resist. Helm of frostval's past-ice resist plus bth.
Prime Chaos Orb- Best item in the game for many players. If you dont own it, you dont understand. Even more effective with backlashers and beast builds.


You have to decide between dext and luck, and IMO, the lucky beastmage is FAR more viable than lucky beastmaster and FAR better than a dex variety *IF* you have the gear for it. There are others who would disagree with this, so you'll have to figure it out, but here's my argument.

If you train luck,

Cons-> 1.Lose 12.5 BTH to your attacks and your pets/guests attacks.
2. Less blocking
3. There may be some other smaller cons

Advantages->1. First turn 90%+ of the time. This is even more helpful for Purple Rain Loop
2. Lucky Strike Damage-> If you're not going to use weapons/spells/etc that take advantage, then forget it.
Items that take advantage of lucky strikes:
Weapons- Zealot's Wrath;atrea dream rod;neo airenal's cunning;ancient mother's staff/independence daygur..indirectly
Spells-Arms of dragonguard-Gives guaranteed lucky strike on current and next pet turn, and on your next turn. Celerity's first turn adds to this.
Runic Binding- All Ele vuln = more damage obviously
Pets-All Protean and deathharrow cats pets on ele vuln toggles. There are others. Woolzard in the Void right *now*, for example.
Rhubzard Pet- Toggle mode to steal Luck.
Guests-Essence of Carnage on MP heal mode, will heal a LOT more on a lucky strike. Celerity-> Gain crit and attack. Full MP heal if damage high enough.
Rhubzard Guest-Toggle mode to steal Luck (on a celerity turn, if both the pet and guest win a successful luck steal, they take and give to you 334 Luck. Stats cap at 500, so for a turn you'll have 500 luck. Lucky strikes on this turn get crazy high, even for pets. Ever seen a Rhubzard pet hit for 800-1200 per hit?
Miscs- Waffle cone (char/luck), warlics oblivion sphere (Int/luck), clever disguise, prime chaos orb all have charisma, int, luck
Shields-Haunted and Eclipsed Dragonlord shields- The click that gives you a HP barrier gets lucky strikes for bigger barrier, and they also get bigger barrier from spell boosters so this can result in huge barriers
3. Every status infliction has a secondary luck roll, so it's handy

These things take advantage of luck in a variety of ways, so if you go with luck you'll need this stuff.

As for training dex, and taking advantage...its the same blocking stuff just that you lost luck's boosts. So blind, MRM increases, etc help.

Things that offset Luck's "cons"

1. Charisma- You can boost it to 500 in some circumstances, so this replaces dexterity's absence. Sol Neko-Has +5 bth to pets/guests built in. Has +50 Char/Luck toggles. Una Poca gracia or shieldcake charisma boost, 105/160 charisma. This becomes 4 turns of 118 of you cast una poca and use the boost on the shield. Mother's Growth or Pies shield is +50. Several miscs with 40-50...so you're there.

2. Variety of bth miscs, some named above in the backlash area though those dont help pets.guests, but Goggernaut helm does. Also, there is a DAW item (roots?) that can inflict entangled and is multiplied by earth resist...this can get to crazy levels...like 300+ dexterity lost on the monster. This will enable you to hit .Just need to get that first one landed lol

Most powerful items for the build in my opinion
1. PCO
2. Ancient Mother's staff
3. Independence daygur
4. Clever disguise
5. Shadowfeeder pendent
6. All ele vuln pets, guests, weapons, etc and anytbing that bleeds/burns (Sol Neko helper)

No reason to not use Sol Neko tbh

And one last recomendation-> Don't be afraid to use charisma weapons. Most take 20-30ish% damage hit, but their effects usually make up for it *and* remember I mentioned the charisma boosts??? 500 Charisma on a weapon using charisma for stats is plenty good.

Just my 14 cents

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