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=AQ= Classic: 2021 Talk Like a Pirate Day 2021 Event

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9/13/2021 12:27:44   

Talk Like A Pirate Day Event
Avast! Climb aboard the Red Betty and test ye pirate knowledge with Captain Rhubarb's Pirate Quiz! Ye be an Old Salt that really knows their stuff? Well ye could survive long enough to visit Rhubarb's Pirate Scholar Shop... but best be made of stern stuff if you wish to lay claim to these special rewards! Plus explore tons of other quests around Rhubarb's ship including a deep sea treasure hunt, blasting Floyd out of a cannon and much more!

RhubZard Void Takeover:
Avast! A zard has stumbled upon a certain pirate captain's laundry and has now taken on the persona of Captain Rhubzard - waiting in The Void to test the mettle of Lore's bravest champions!

Limited-Time Shop:
Call a special seafaring BURP mercenary Guest to their side with the Pyre Rat Contract. He will only fight if the price is right, but the sight of gold makes him fight harder than most!


Back-To-School Daily Prizes
Ends October 6th
Login daily for your chance to win 7 amazing rewards, 1 for every day of the week! Just by logging in and playing AQ you will qualify for 50 prizes being given away daily. The more characters you play with the better your chances of winning. As an added perk, all Guardians gain an extra 50% chance of winning! Here are the 7 Water variant prizes along with the day of the week they are being given away:

Sunday - Scroll Knight Helms
Monday - Dodgeball Z Spell
Tuesday - School Uniform Color-Custom Armor
Wednesday - Savage Schoolbook Pet
Thursday - Paperclip Pencil Bow
Friday - School Bell Bulwark
Saturday - Ruler Buster Blade

September 2021 Golden Giftboxes
Talk Like A Pirate Day
This is your final week before all Thursday the 12th prizes leave and we add 6 more amazing prizes to the Golden Giftboxes! A specially bred Fire version of the Hippocampus, this aquatic steed is a powerful offensive armor. Arcane Cutlasess are wielded by more magically adept pirates and amplify the power of your Darkness or Energy spells. The fiery Mimic Pet will not mimic your foes element but does include an extra powerful attack if you feed them your gold! Also find the Twisted Atrea Dream Glaive and Moglimus Decimus Guest!

Arms of Carnax
20K Z-Token Package Bonus

Wield the power of one of the greatest legendary foes in all of Lore! Become consumed by the power of the Carnax beast and unlock this weapon's ultimate power - transforming you into the incarnation of Carnax's Malice!

As an added bonus, receive 20% extra Z-Tokens on this package
- offer ends 9/17!

Blueberry Shieldcake
7500 Z-Token Package Bonus
A shield made of a layer of whipped cream, shortcake, and delicious fresh blueberries. It grows in size and power each turn, and you can cash in this power for a variety of buffs that leave your opponent with a case of sour grapes.


2021 Calendar In-Game Rewards
Unlock Draconic Chronomancer in-game bonus rewards in:
AdventureQuest 3D
AdventureQuest Worlds
The original AdventureQuest

Get the Collector's Edition of the 2021 Artix Calendar Poster and unlock the 12 x 18 bonus Draconic Chronomancer collector's print + an exclusive in-game pet.

Digi-tagged! -Digital X

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9/13/2021 14:27:33   
  Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

One of my favourite events of the year returns!

I doubt I'll remember the answer to the quiz questions correctly and may have to sneakily look them up...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
9/13/2021 14:41:28   

What are some must-haves from past TLAPD events?
Post #: 3
9/13/2021 15:27:44   


I doubt I'll remember the answer to the quiz questions correctly and may have to sneakily look them up...

There's no cheating on the High Seas, landlubber. Better prep by redirecting stat points into INT
AQ  Post #: 4
9/13/2021 15:29:46   
  Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

My char has no INT, he's going to fail every one :(
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
9/13/2021 15:32:33   

Best stay at home so you don't embarrass yourself in front of the Cap'n
AQ  Post #: 6
9/13/2021 15:39:41   

Digital X has 150 Luk and shall pass with flying colors. Captain Rhubarb's folly in creating a multiple-choice quiz will be the end of the Cap'n.
Post #: 7
9/13/2021 15:42:46   

May we know which GGB items are leaving this week?

Newsletters says:

This is your final week before all Thursday the 12th prizes leave and we add 6 more amazing prizes to the Golden Giftboxes!

< Message edited by AnimalKing -- 9/14/2021 16:48:07 >
AQ  Post #: 8
9/13/2021 18:36:34   

Don't mind if I ask, why is the Atrea Dream Glaive twisted when there wasn't an original Atrea Dream Glaive to begin with, originally there was only an Atrea Dream Rod and Atrea Dream Dagger.

I got asked if rangers could have some love so created this version. There's no original range version, I chose to jump to the Twisted colour scheme since the others are still in the shop. ~Anim

< Message edited by AnimalKing -- 9/14/2021 16:38:14 >
AQ  Post #: 9
9/14/2021 10:32:00   

Because when they come out with it later on it will be Extra Twisted
Post #: 10
9/14/2021 11:14:34   

Are the Zfinity Gauntlets going away this week?

The gauntlets will leave in around a month.~Anim

< Message edited by AnimalKing -- 9/14/2021 16:44:41 >
Post #: 11
9/14/2021 14:10:21   
dr jo

Which poster provides new in game exclusive pet ? Struggling to find it
AQ  Post #: 12
9/14/2021 14:41:35   

I think its a calendar? But it says nothing about a pet on the heromart website.

< Message edited by SapphireCatalyst2021 -- 9/15/2021 11:14:35 >
Post #: 13
9/16/2021 11:19:31   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

Ahoy folks! We have a big week so this be lookin' like a Friday release. We will still try and get Rhubzard in The Void today!
AQ  Post #: 14
9/16/2021 19:12:33   

While we're on the clock of Void Releases, can we talk about making the Void rotations shorter? There's quite a lot of bosses now, alongside the fact that it can also get interrupted by events like this which makes the wait for certain bosses even that much scarcer. Ideally we should be able to pay Z-tokens to skip the rotation and fight specific bosses like you do with Gnuvian's Shapeshifting Quest or Elbeh's Shadow Monster Hunt or split the rotation lists so that we don't have to wait so absurdly long for bosses to come back.
AQ MQ  Post #: 15
9/16/2021 20:13:42   

Would it be possible to actually make the Hippocampus armor kind of... you know... good? +105 initiative effect on a UR GGB armor is a bit of a scam to be honest, but that's just me personally lol


Thank you for 1K subs! <3

AQ Epic  Post #: 16
9/16/2021 21:50:18   

The Surfboard was only there for its art to be fair. The Star Sabre of Hatred is probably the item with a bigger issue since there's literally a better version of it in the same shop (Switch Sabre of Power), and there's obviously also the Energy Bloodblades in the R shop.

That said, is it possible for the Hydrocampus armors to get revamped to be sort of like the H-Series Tempest Power Armour to some extent? I think the latter armor is extremely problematic, but it also stands as a F2P armor that is just a better version of the Hydrocampus armors.

Is it possible for the Void to return to Today's Events? It'll help out Adventurers who haven't had access to the Void for weeks.

On the topic of the Void, as PD says, the Void Rotation deserves some changes. As more Void Bosses are made, the rotation will just grow longer and longer, so this is not a sustainable way to deal with these releases. There is no recourse for players to access those items. Adventurers are especially hurt by this since the Void may not be in Today's Events when the Void Boss they wish to fight is here. I do not wish to sound ungrateful for the hard work the staff has put into answering our requests. The Void Rotation is a massive improvement to the past when these items would just go perma-rare, but it could be further improved.
Post #: 17
9/16/2021 22:16:51   

If anything Tempest Power Armor needs a nerf, and if adjusted would probably not be so problematic if it didn't get the Elecomp-to-damage (which to this day, we still won't really know if that's supposed to do that) effect in addition to celerity that is guaranteed (unlike other sources where you have to roll for it). On that note, there's been quite a lot of worrying power creep that's been going on (with no indication that the staff has been on-task to do any of the necessary balance/gameplay changes), along with the lack of truly permanent content. More than half the releases this year so far were dedicated to non-permanent content, and nearly a third of releases are dedicated to premium content. Some of us will probably suggest buffing Hippocamus and the Abysssal and Flaming versions, but this really doesn't look at the base problem that is happening right now with the increasing powercreep that is made worse by the increasingly unobtainable (and let's be real, Rares should be called unobtainable content, not rare content) and premium aspects of the game that have been dominant in the last few years, so much so that it has hampered the experience of everything else.

That is somewhat related to why Star Sabre of Hatred is seen as unjustifiable as where it is. When it was first released, it was more or less considered top-of-the-line as MC's, especially with damage boosters were pretty valuable. Now they're pretty much the norm, with more MC's and flavor effects being added that increasingly stretch the limits of the balance engine that was probably ill-conceived to handle such designs. Which is also another thing that needs major evaluation but probably will see no change happening for the forseeable future due to the current docket of obligations that prevents direction in anything meaningful and necessary.

I don't want to sound ungrateful either but really, there's a lot of elements in the game that really need addressing (The Void amongst many other things). I don't think I can really paper it over when I say the state of the game is actually getting progressively *worse*, and the few recent events that have happened lately have brought ourselves to one of the lowest points community-wise and game-wise in a while. Meanwhile the few who do seem to have the greatest influence show no interest in the long-term sustainability of the game and only see things in an egoistic and zero-sum manner without thinking how much of what they do affects the ability to do things in the future. If this keeps going on in the future I'll probably summarize all my gripes with the state of the game at the end of the year, which I increasingly am drafting right now because it doesn't look like any meaningful change is actually in sight or budget.

< Message edited by PD -- 9/16/2021 22:26:37 >
AQ MQ  Post #: 18
9/16/2021 22:26:34   
OG Ranger

You are right. That armor is terrible for a UR slot. It barely makes rare.
AQ  Post #: 19
9/17/2021 14:39:42   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

Arrrr Talk Like a Pirate Day Event is live!

The 'campus armor had already been updated to add %50 damage boost on initiative, now they are also 2-hit armors. As far as The Void... we're planning on overhauling that next year.
AQ  Post #: 20
9/17/2021 14:49:53   

As always, thank you for listening to our requests. We do it because we love the game.

The Void's returned to Today's Events, and Yay more Cha weapons! Is replacing the water fountain with Golden Captain Rhubarb something new, or am I just being smooth-brained?
Post #: 21
9/17/2021 16:37:13   

VERY happy about the release. Picked up the new cutlasses (need the wind to complete all variants) and I always love charisma weapons. They're always so underrated.

This means I have a fire, water, earth, light, and a darkness weapon that uses charisma for lucky strike. Keep them coming!

Very nice staff!

Looks like some player suggestions incoming!

Now....about the red server cap............ ;-) When? :-/
Post #: 22
9/17/2021 18:28:57   

Looks like there's a bug with the Captain Cruise Anchor where when the battle freezes because your weapon is turned into undefined after you activate the weapon special.

In other news, it is welcome that we might see some Void updates in the future. I really hope it'll happen, because so far this year the pace of all necessary changes has been going at a snail's pace.

EDIT: Looks like the Anchor bug has been fixed.

PS: If we ever see a Reality Gauntlet, some fun ideas: (though this will probably never happen)

1. Change the background and implements one of those 9999 environmental turn effects like you see in the Champion Packages.
2. Allow you for the battle to turn your no-drops (Weapon/Armor/Shield) into a temp item of your choice, or imbue an element of your choice.
3. Change the element of your opponent's attacks. Might be too hard to code though.
4. Change/Reduce opponent stats permanently for the battle. IE ShadowWalker of Time's Hourglass.
5. Stat increases of your choice.
6. Effect potency of your choice.

< Message edited by PD -- 9/17/2021 19:00:16 >
AQ MQ  Post #: 23
9/17/2021 22:45:49   

Nice ideas, i add one more.

Reality gauntlet - clicking on misc turns you into Thanos form.

Is this new armor called infernocampus rider are worth picking up?
Post #: 24
9/18/2021 10:36:41   

Captain Cruise Anchor ability is quite interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing more like it.
Post #: 25
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