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Armors or items that can convert melee damage to magic

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9/18/2021 3:42:41   

Are there any special armors or items (aside from Quadforce) that would allow mages with 0 str to use melee weapons?

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AQ  Post #: 1
9/18/2021 7:56:44   

Well, there's Werepyre, which changes your weapon to use STR and INT instead of STR and DEX, but you're pretty much always going to be better off going as a Vampire when you're a mage with 0 STR. There are also the Werepyre weapons which will use STR and INT even outside the armors.

The only other item I know of which can convert a mage into a warrior is the Astramorph device, but it's not max level and is over a decade old, so it's well out of current standards.

Why exactly are you looking to use melee weapons as a mage, may I ask?
AQ  Post #: 2
9/18/2021 9:09:58   

I am trying to makea build with 0 str that can still make use of the Serrated Sacragon Spur (though it's proving to be quite difficult so far)
AQ  Post #: 3
9/18/2021 11:18:13   


What build do you want to use? And what other gear do you have?

The best way to use melee weapons with no strength is Werepyre.

The following is from a Werepyre question I asked weeks back, and Legendary Ash put the following:

((Base accuracy + MainstatBtH + LukBtH)+Equipment BtH-Enemy Blocking)(Weapon base + Mainstat damage + Luk damage) = Neutral lean melee%

250 Str/Dex/Luk
((.5 + 500/200*.15 + 250/200*.05)-.02875)(50+250/200*38.5+250/200*11.5) = 102.234% melee <--Pure Warrior

250 Str/Luk
((.5 + 250/200*.15 + 250/200*.05)-.02875)(50+250/200*38.5+250/200*11.5) = 81.141% melee <---Lucky Warrior

250 Int/Dex/Luk
((.5 + 500/200*.15 + 250/200*.05)-.02875)(.75(50+250/200*38.5)+250/200*11.5) = 79.942% melee <--Pure Mage

250 Int/Luk
((.5 + 250/200*.15 + 250/200*.05)-.02875)(.75(50+250/200*38.5)+250/200*11.5) = 63.447% melee <---Lucky Mage

250 Str/Int/Luk with Hybrid stat toggled either Melee or Magic weapons
((.5 + 500/200*.15 + 250/200*.05)-.02875)(50+250/200*38.5+250/200*11.5) = 102.234% melee <---Werepyre with Hybrid on

250 (Str or Int)/Luk with Hybrid stat toggled either Melee or Magic weapons
((.5 + 250/200*.15 + 250/200*.05)-.02875)(50+125/200*38.5+250/200*11.5) = 63.785% melee <---Werepyre with "only" STR *OR* INT

Since dex does not contribute to bth, it doesnt contribute to average damage on hybrid stats. You *can* use a melee weapon with 0 STR in werepyre, and with Luk, get the *same* average damage as a Mage using magic weapons with INT/LUK.

You just have to decide if you want to supplement the damage loss (from 102% to 63% melee) with Charisma and use pets/guests, or become more defensive and be a tank and get a ton of HP's.

If you're running a beastwarrior, you may already be used to lower damage and supplementing with pets/guests, and the damage decrease isn't too far off from what you already do.

BUt these questions IMO always revolve around what gear do you have or are able to get. For example, if someone can readily get the quick cast buffalot/arcane amp/una poca token packages, this can offset some playstyles deficiencies. They offset to the point it might be worth it to try it, but for others who cant do it, maybe sticking to more traditional stuff works better.

I always say try stuff, even if someone tells you "you're better off......."

Just because someone says so, maybe they just do so just because, or maybe they DID try it. I say go for it and see ;-)

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9/19/2021 2:08:59   

I too, always try to find new, fun ways to play the game. Thus, unorthodox builds are just up my alley

I remember seeing you mention how a cha build using werepyre and magic weapons is extremely strong. Could you link said character page and the strategy you use?
AQ  Post #: 5
9/19/2021 7:35:50   

I actually change frequently, and am going back and forth from beast hybrid and hybrid w/ luck using werepyre, but I do own several pay to play items.

What I am doing currently is playing a "Darkness resistance focused PCO style", meaning every battle I PCO the monster to get a favorable darkness resistance, and every item I have either boosts darkness damage, or overall damage..and stack it. And nearly all my weapons are darkness, for different effects. Working crazy good.

I buff and purple rain with buffalot and arcane amp, since it gets me 210 more stats, and I either use Terror misc for 40/40 int/str or unbound revelation for 50 str/int/end. I'm pushing over 400 stat in both str and int...resulting in huge damage. Pretty much nukes no matter weapon attacks or spells.

I train luck, and do arms of dragonguard crit .

Weapons: eclipsed dragonlord insight (MP heal), eclipsed dragonlord might (SP heal), atrea dream rod (lucky strike damage), arcane cutlass of abyss (spell casting boost;werepyre gets +50% to spells in beast form), Silver Olympic axe (Nocturu clan, so darkness) for general all around damage.

Other miscs is zfinity gauntlet power, time, and space, and silver olympic medal for darkness empower.. Of course essence orb, shadowfeeder.

Guests-essence of carnage for MP heal, boosted spells. But usually use Necromoglin that boosts darkness. I think full boost using mainstat + charisma is 68%, but here with th quick cast boosts and no charisma I can get it to 67% since I'm guessing the formula is 75/25 mainstat/charisma. So who cares about the 1%.

Pets Poelala mostly, dunamis, porcelhino for bleed, model 294 for ele vuln to darkness, other stuff for effects.

I have just finished trying 250 int/charisma/end on werepyre using all backlash. doomlight shield, dread fiend guest, frostwyrm misc, angra linnorm, and using magic weapons. It's nice too.

Tried 250 str/int/charisma just the other day for a little bit. This build should boost charisma and use charisma weapons, as they override any and all type-switching. It even says it in the werepyre info subs. Charisma weapons because they are magic, get the 33% boost, but then only use charisma for stats. It turned out nice.
The same works for tempest. The melee conversion uses charisma for stats, and hits for melee damage. So it does huge damage. Its the only "mage" variant that can use tempest.

I am undecided on if I will stay in any one thing, but I do know element-focused PCO style is the way to go because you can find an element or two or three and get everything aligned and find the best synergies and just stack it...work great.

In Sol Neko on my beast mage I switch to, I use earth and fire. Necromancer/here I use darkness. I now need to try water with the new water charisma weapon, and use double rhubzards. 334 luck boost on a celerity turn is legit. Might try a 250 int/char/dex beastmage, but just use water on everything, and and essentially get a 4th maxed out stat in luck using double rhubzards since you can spam clever disguise (hugely powerful misc)

Think about this? With quick casts to int/str/charisma, you can train three of them to only 150, boost them to 255 each, and you still have 300 to use. Maybe train something else to 250, maybe end. Leaving 50 for something else, maybe just put it on something you already trained. (prob INT, boost MP) Then quadforce to boost dex. Then use dual rhubzards to boost luck. You could have a character with a 250+ stats to every stat....in moments.

Just throwing some ideas at you. I get bored and try stuff too.

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9/19/2021 13:39:46   

Interesting. What kind of cha weapons do you use to make the most out of the extra boost?
AQ  Post #: 7
9/19/2021 14:02:50   

Well, I think I own all of them. The new one in the LTS is the first I believe that does not take a damage penalty.

Independence Daygur-Fire July 4 seasonal item
Ancient Mother's Staff-Earth Mother's Day Seasonal Item

These two, while wielded, for every pet and guest landed hit, added 5.63% (or something close) to ele vuln to fire/earth. Each take -20% damage penalty for the effect, and have a 20% proc special. The effect by itself isn't all that great on the surface, but when you are in Sol Neko, and have and use Clever disguise, spam clicking with a fire/earth guest and pet, especially if one or both *also* inflict ele vuln, starts to become powerful. I will send you a PM of a vid I made showcasing it here shortly.

Fresh Ateraceae-Light rare? GGB +15% pets/guests damage when held, 20% special. Takes -20% damage penalty

Havarti Blade- Light GGB Common or rare. -27% damage penalty, but 50% rate on attacks to give pets/guests celerity

Moglin Fan- I think its on the arena, difficult quest. Ranom elements, so Gets X1.21 increased damage, but that's then decreased by 33% which I think ends up overall around -19%?? It's been a while since I looked at it. Toggles. Toggle 1-> 1 round control Toggle 2-> 2 round prismatic burn

And now Cephalolass- Water- No damage penalty, uses charisma for stats, 2 skills. One damaging, one with offbalance + ele vuln.

I havnt tested with Werepyre nor Tempest, but likely the best weapon for both that uses Charisma.

This is likely a seasonal item also, possibly rare. I dont know why these weapons are almost always exclusives...seasonals, ggb, guardian questing, etc. Shame.

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