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Purple Rain Loop nerf idea

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10/6/2021 19:52:31   

So for a while now, the meta for most builds has involved the Purple Rain loop. Cast PR, spam QuickCast skills while using Essence Orb to buff yourself into high heaven and crippling your enemy into the ground. This is obviously not healthy for the game, as the existence of the strategy greatly narrows design space for encounters and bosses, as the staff always have to ask, "How can we make this challenging/interesting to those using the PR loop while not locking out those that don't abuse it?"

A nerf is obviously needed, and I'd like to put this suggestion out here while also possibly solving another problem. Endurance as a stat is pretty much only used by Backlash builds, because it's generally accepted that Luck is better in almost all other scenarios. If you're offensive, it gives added accuracy and Lucky Strikes, and if you're defensive, it gives you additional blocking and bonuses on all status rolls. And for both approaches, it gives you the first turn in a fight, reducing damage and allowing a safe setup for the PR Loop.

My proposed fix for both the PR Loop and END is simple: Place a global limit on the number of QuickCast Skills a player can use each turn, based on their Endurance. This will give both nerf the PR Loop by preventing players from spamming as many QC skills in the loop as their resources allow before resetting them, and give Endurance another use outside of Backlash builds. This will both open up design space again for developing encounters, and it will open up build variety for players.

AQ  Post #: 1
10/7/2021 5:34:04   

What specifically, "based on endurance", are you proposing?

I think endurance is a bit of an anomaly. While It's not necessary to having in the game currently, especially since the big trend seems to be dodging, and because you can also have multiple ways to stun, reduce your elemental defense, reduce monster offense, etc etc etc...

Yet if you have 250 end, you have so many HP that you kind of feel invincible, really.

It feels like the big drawback to having end is you probably gave up damage in the form of probably accuracy, and this can be offset with BTH enhancers, and most quick casts lend itself to damage buffs. So it feels a bit like a tank build might be able to have no drawbacks.

So interested to see what the idea is specifically.

I tend to think PR just needs to not reset SP...and reset everything else. Might "fix" it.
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10/7/2021 8:13:34   

Adventure quest currently use quick action and end turn action. Adding swift action into Adventure quest will improve the game balance.

Once player use x amount of swift actions for player turn y, swift action become end turn action for player turn y.

Maybe player start battle with 2 swift actions and gain z swift actions per player turn. Player can hold up to 4 swift actions.
Depending for player's endurance level, player can gain 1 to 2 swift actions per player turn.

Purple rain can only restore hp and mp.
Create yellow rain, which function similarly to purple rain. Yellow rain can only restore mp and sp.

Player can use restore once per battle.

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AQ  Post #: 3
10/7/2021 19:25:52   

The basis is that there's going to be a maximum number of QC skills you can use. Let's say that if you have 0 END, you can use 4 QC skills, and every ~60 points into END gives another one. So a player spends 1 action casting PR, then another action on say Shadowfeeder Pendant and Love Potion, and then tries to use PR again to get back the SP they spent on SF.

A player with maximum END could cast up to 8 skills. So, 1 for PR, 6 for buffs and attempted debuffs, and then closing the loop on PR.

And since using Essence Orb is a QC ability as well, this would also apply to the global limit, so an END focused player wouldn't be able to spam Essence Orb and only use the most expensive buffs they can before resetting the loop.

This will force players to think and choose carefully about which skills they would want to use in a given round. 0 END players will have an advantage in that their normal attacks/spells/skills will be more accurate and harder hitting, being less reliant on the QC buffs and debuffs. Whereas a 250 END player will have more freedom with spending their additional resources, giving them more flexibility.

If there is an additional issues from END providing too much HP, then the formula can be reworked to prevent battles from simply becoming grindfests. In fact, I'll say that based off of the HP from high END player builds and monsters, that the effect of END on max HP should be lowered regardless of whether or not an update to END like the one I'm suggesting is made.
AQ  Post #: 4
10/7/2021 21:56:34   
OG Ranger

You don't need to do all of that. Simply nerf EO so they can't sustain quick cast spam, remove stacking celerity, and make PR not first turn

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