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Zork's Zorkggestions

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10/9/2021 22:44:15   
Zork Knight


Ship's Log
Nocturnal Music Box
Champion's Sabre
Sniping Rifle
Spellblade's Spellblade

Voracious Nosferatu
Wulfzerker Hides

Nightmare Guard

Morning Sun's Blessing
Werepyre's Hunger
Psychic Surgery


Soul Mate

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10/9/2021 22:52:11   
Zork Knight

Morning Sun's Blessing
Quick-cast SPell.
Basically a clone of Dragonslayer Aura, except it does Lesser Element Seeking vs. Undead, and Greater Element Seeking vs. Vampires. Against non-undead enemies, imbues with Light element for 1 turn.

Appearance: The silhouette of a sun rises over the player.
Description: When you cannot wait until dawn, recite this prayer and imbue your weapons with the undead-vanquishing Light of the Sun! Vampires are specially vulnerable to it.

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10/9/2021 22:55:35   
Zork Knight

Nightmare Guard
MC Darkness Shield. Toggles between two modes:

Terror: Attempts to inflict Panic when you block an attack.

Horror: Attempts to inflict Fear for 2 turns when you block an attack.

Appearance: An ornate black shield. Terror and Horror modes depict faces experiencing their respective emotions.
Description: Once your foe catches sight of the frightful images etched in the front of this shield, they're certain to cower before you! Good thing you only ever see the inside of the shield, huh?

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10/9/2021 23:13:46   
Zork Knight

Voracious Nosferatu
FO Darkness Armor, 3 or 4 hit attack. Comes with a toggle and a skill

Rend the Flesh: toggle, pays SP to attempt to inflict Bleed on all weapon attacks and specials.

Drink the Blood: status eater skill, costs no SP. If the enemy is Bleeding, removes the status, heals the player and grants them a STR boost for 3 turns, proportional to the power of the Bleed.

Appearance: Somewhere in-between a Vampbeast and a Werebat, a feral, monstrous vampire.
Description: When a vampire gives up on 'societal expectations' and commits to their thirst, their savagery can match and even surpass that of the werewolves!

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10/10/2021 15:27:59   
Zork Knight

Werepyre's Hunger
Quick-cast SPell.
Imbues your attacks with Darkness element. Your attacks also heal you for a % of the damage dealt.

Appearance: A black silhouette of a werepyre, howling, briefly appears over the player.
Description: Fill yourself with the Dark prowess and eternal craving of a werepyre, and feed off of your enemy's flesh and blood as you tear them apart!

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10/10/2021 15:55:17   
Zork Knight

Wulfzerker Hides
FO Ice Armor. Attack is 2 hits, -5 BtH lean. Has Initiative Boost and a toggle for further -15 BtH (for a total -20 BtH lean). While toggled, attack is 4 hits.

Appearance: A human barbarian wearing wolf hides, complete with a wolf-head cap.
Description: In contrast to their hardy bearly-dressed peers, wulfzerkers like to seize the initiative and trample all over their foes before they even have a chance to react. Do not mistake this for weakness, as their rage is every bit as fierce as a berzerker's.

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10/10/2021 16:18:17   
Zork Knight

Psionic Surgery
Quick-cast SPell.
Imbues your attacks with Energy element. Your attacks also attempt to inflict an Energy Burn on the enemy, which heals your SP equal to 1.125x the Burn damage (Psionic Link).

Appearance: A green silhouette of Carnax's face briefly appears over the player, similar to the one in the Taladosian shield.
Description: Turn your weapon into a psycho-surgical instrument imbued with Energy, allowing you to initiate a psionic transfusion between your enemy's life force and your spirit!

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10/28/2021 11:48:42   
Zork Knight

Ship's Log
Darkness (alternatively, Water for the 'ship'/tears pun) Tome weapon, comes with 3 spells plus mana regen.

Break your enemy's heart with this tale of sorrow and grieving, and watch as they try to choke back their tears!
Efficient Darkness spell. Pays damage to attempt to inflict Choke (or a renamed Cold, 'Melancholy') on the enemy.

Raise your mood and restore yourself with this sweet lovey-dovey chapter! There's nothing to Fear or Panic over.
Standard healing spell. Pays 'damage' to remove Afraid and Panicked from the player, if present.

Hurt and Comfort
Share this story of suffering and healing with your foe. They get the suffering, and you get the healing!
Standard Darkness spell. Takes a *0.5 damage penalty to restore HP equal to damage dealt, divide by MobRes.

Appearance: A book in pink and dark purples, with a heart in the cover.
Description: This obscure book of anonymous autorship contains stories of love and its effects, both good and bad, pain and joy. As far as you can tell, it has nothing to do with navigation.

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10/30/2021 16:19:05   
Zork Knight

Nocturnal Music Box
Magic CHA-based Tome-like weapon, comes with 3 SPells plus SP regen.

Chiaro di Luna
A beautiful movement that evokes the light of the moon to strike your foes.
Efficient Light SPell, just damage.

Fast Eine Phantasie
A somber piece that'll strike Panic right into your foes' hearts.
Standard Darkness SPell, pays damage to inflict Panic.

Petite Sérénade
A jolly little tune to get the party going, granting Celerity to your companions!
SPell, gives your Pet and Guest Celerity. Spend a turn and 125% melee in SP for 2 turns of Pet/Guest Celerity (alternatively, if that's too good, spend 1 turn and 25% melee in SP for 1 turn of Pet/Guest Celerity, or deal damage pay 100% melee for Pet/Guest Celerity, etc.)

Draw InSPiration
Take a turn to rewind the music box and restore SP.
Regenerates 75% melee in SP.

Appearance: A small music box themed after a piano and the night (dark color, decorated with stars and moon, etc.)
Description: This precious little machine contains three catchy (and public domain) piano pieces that'll brighten or darken any night, perfect for all occasions!
Note: The spell names are references to Debussy's Clair de Lune, Beethoven's Sonata quasi una fantasia, and Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, with the languages swapped around

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11/6/2021 12:05:31   
Zork Knight

Champion's Sabre
Melee/'Ranged' ("Weapon Finesse") Light (alternatively, Earth) sword, neutral BtH lean, no special. All weapon attacks take a *3/4 damage penalty and restore SP equal to *1/3*9/8=*3/8 damage dealt. Click the guard to swap between Melee and Ranged damage.

Appearance: An ornate fencing sabre, silver decorated with gold.
Description: A testament to one's skill, this sporting blade won't hit as hard as an adventuring weapon, but it allows you to exhibit the full extent of your techniques as it replenishes your SP.

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11/7/2021 21:08:12   
Zork Knight

MC Energy Pet, toggles between two modes:

Damage mode: Attacks the enemy. Pays 50% damage + MC to attempt to inflict an Energy Burn on the enemy.
Healing mode: One hit of SP healing to the player.

Appearance: BioHaZard
Description: Harness the power of the atom through this tamed zard! You can either direct its unstable energies against your foes to leave nasty radiation burns, or soak yourself in them to charge your green gamma magic (SP).

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11/8/2021 18:32:45   
Zork Knight

Sniping Rifle
100-proc Ranged Fire (or maybe Harm?) gun, neutral BtH lean, no true special. Click on the weapon to 'take aim', skipping your turn. The next attack with the rifle becomes auto-hit, and whatever %melee is left is used to increase Lucky Strike chance.

Appearance: A rifle with a scope, decorated with wood.
Description: For those with time to kill, this firearm comes with a highly precise scope that lets you spend a turn taking aim to ensure you hit your target's weak spot, likely for massive damage.
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11/14/2021 16:32:25   
Zork Knight

Call/Summon Soul Mate
Wind Guest. Toggles between two modes: full damage and paying damage (plus MC if present) to attempt to Control the enemy for 1 turn (X% chance, resist with +20 bonus, CHA/LUK vs. CHA/LUK).*

*The Soul Mate imposes their will upon your foe through sheer pressure!

Appearance: A ghostly Naval Fan Club member. The damage attack is done with the sign, while the control attack is their 'breath' attack.
Description: Though this one's ship sank long ago, they still cling to their duty through dedication and a will strong enough to even impose it upon your foes! Funny, but they don't look like a sailor...

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11/15/2021 0:13:34   
Primate Murder

Ok, that's hilarious.

(though I'm not sure about those numbers on Control...)
AQ DF  Post #: 14
11/18/2021 13:37:43   
Zork Knight


Ok, that's hilarious.

(though I'm not sure about those numbers on Control...)

We have two pets (Carnation Doll and Psychedelic Dinosaur) that pay damage for control at a +20 Save, so upscaling it to Guest shouldn't be too difficult.

It's not supposed to be a 100% chance btw, guess that was unclear.

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11/18/2021 14:27:37   
Zork Knight

Spellblade's Spellblade
Melee Energy sword, neutral BtH lean, no special. Toggles between dealing full damage and taking a *3/4 damage penalty to restore MP equal to *1/3*3/2=*1/2 damage dealt.

Appearance: A longsword glowing so intensely blue it seems made of light ('white-hot', but blue), crackling with energy.
Description: Favored by those who master both melee combat and spellcasting, this enchanted sword can forsake some of its damage potential to replenish the magical reserves of its wielder.
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