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=AQ= AQ's 19th Anniversary

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10/11/2021 14:56:23   

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AQ's 19th Anniversary
October just keeps getting better and better as this month is also AQ's anniversary! So come join us in celebrating 19 years of BattlingOn! Make sure you stop by the Limited-Time Shop and grab all the Bronze Anniversary gear while they last. Also find the special 19th Birthday Cupcake Misc, plus the Soul Drinker Blade and more!


Back-To-School Daily Prizes - FINAL WEEK
Ends October 13th
Login daily for your chance to win 7 amazing rewards, 1 for every day of the week! Just by logging in and playing AQ you will qualify for 50 prizes being given away daily. The more characters you play with the better your chances of winning. As an added perk, all Guardians gain an extra 50% chance of winning! Here are the 7 Water variant prizes along with the day of the week they are being given away:

Sunday - Scroll Knight Helms
Monday - Dodgeball Z Spell
Tuesday - School Uniform Color-Custom Armor
Wednesday - Savage Schoolbook Pet
Thursday - Paperclip Pencil Bow
Friday - School Bell Bulwark
Saturday - Ruler Buster Blade

Mogloween 2021 Golden Giftboxes
Necromancer Riders
The Mogloween season continues with 8 sinister prizes being added this month! Necromancer Riders defend the Orcus Archive from the Shadowscythe, charging into battle with a cavalry of ghosts! With 4 different versions as well as color-custom armor, you don't want to get caught dead without one. Also find Necromancer Rider Lances and Faces. Plus Energetic versions of Savage Werewolf and Predatory Vampire Armors!

Zombie Hunter Set
50K Z-Token Package Bonus
Don't let those zombies chomp on your gray matter and instead offer them a lead salad courtesy of your boom stick! This powerful set features an armor, 3 weapons, shield and title. The undead will be rattling in fear with this set's amazing full-set bonus and undead trigger. Grab yours while they last as this package bonus will only be available for a limited time!

Arms of Carnax
20K Z-Token Package Bonus
Wield the power of one of the greatest legendary foes in all of Lore! Become consumed by the power of the Carnax beast and unlock this weapon's ultimate power - transforming you into the incarnation of Carnax's Malice!


2021 Calendar In-Game Rewards
Unlock Draconic Chronomancer in-game bonus rewards in:
AdventureQuest 3D
AdventureQuest Worlds
The original AdventureQuest

Get the Collector's Edition of the 2021 Artix Calendar Poster and unlock the 12 x 18 bonus Draconic Chronomancer collector's print + an exclusive in-game pet.

Tag! Moglin. //D.U.M

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AQ MQ  Post #: 1
10/11/2021 15:22:10   


Necromancer Riders defend the Orcus Archive from the Shadowscythe, charging into battle with a cavalry of ghosts! With 4 different versions as well as color-custom armor, you don't want to get caught dead without one.

Yes! Called it!

I'm honestly almost as excited for these as I am for the actual Necromancer class. Two of the equivalent Paladin Rider armors from last year were very powerful compression options for offensive beastmasters (which both of my main characters currently are), and these will likely be no different.
AQ  Post #: 2
10/11/2021 16:52:06   

Would it be too much of an ask to see if every time we get these seasonal items that we could also get the other seasonal variants of these items? At the very least for these kinds of filler releases we should give people the good graces to have the previous iterations of these. Particularly since of recent, that we've had a surplus of energy items and not many of the other elements. The very worry that AQ risks angering that small faction of players who heavily invest is unwarranted given the outsized demonstrated demand for items to return and/or get updated.

In general too many of the releases have been of this nature, leading us to equipment gaps. At least if we're going to continually have the minimum 50% unobtainable content floor we should at least have a grant to fill other badly needed spots. Yes, I know 2022 is going to nominally (and even then, I'm very pessimistic about this) focus more on sustainability and obtainable content, but even if this were to be carried out it wouldn't be easy to make this transition given the rest of the year after October and the good part of next year is usually a time filled with unobtainable content releases. Not to mention that we still have a Necromancer Class Finale, (possibly) War Between Shadows Epilogue, and the yet-to-be-concluded MC Saga. The Devourer Saga, which we had only 1 of this year seems to also be dead in the water unless other signs are given.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 3
10/12/2021 12:12:01   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

I missed adding this to the newsletter but... Infernocampus Armor and Gold-Hungry Infernal Mimic Golden Giftbox prizes will be leaving this week. All TLaPD items and Z-finity Gauntlets will be leaving the Limited-Time Shop.


Would it be too much of an ask to see if every time we get these seasonal items that we could also get the other seasonal variants of these items?

It would be much easier to just bring all variants back when a new version returns, but if it has been said an item is gone forever or I gave a return date, that is what I will continue to honor. Since the Savage Werewolf and Predatory Vampire Armors are getting some much needed updates, next year we'll release twisted versions of all the variants and original werewolf/vampire armors, then have them come back annually as seasonal prizes.

This week being AQ's 19th Anniversary we will be doing a giveaway for a Bronze Guardian Dragon Jr. pet! Our Artix Entertainment Social Media/Community Manager Rellik will be posting a giveaway on Twitter soon. Among all the prizes from our games, you will receive a single-use timed code for the pet that will remain active until November 1st. Similar to the Adventure Figure weapon you can redeem the code in-game through Ballyhoo. I do however have some codes for the pet you can redeem HERE right now!



Edit: Added info about items leaving the LTS this week.

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AQ  Post #: 4
10/12/2021 12:23:07   
Zork Knight

Since Twisted Versions have different artwork, are Midnight and Ethereal Savage Werewolf/Predatory Vampire colors never returning?

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
10/12/2021 13:44:07   

Since the Ice Guardian Dragon Jr pet is being re-skinned for the giveaway, I'm hoping it can get a few tweaks. It's extremely underpowered and worse than other freeze pets. Only once per battle chance, and a +20 save makes it terrible.

I'd be happy if it could just be a clone of the Fu Dog pet. Would be a quick and easy fix.

Excited to see what the other bronze items will do and the Necro rider armours.
Post #: 6
10/12/2021 14:21:24   
dr jo

New pets sound interesting
AQ  Post #: 7
10/12/2021 14:47:11   
Dreiko Shadrack


New pets sound interesting

The pet is a direct copy of the ice dragon jr from the frostval past set, except it does soul rend instead of freeze.

It's also only once per battle and the monster gets a +20 bonus to its save (making it much easier to resist).

It's generally considered one of the single worst pets ever made.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
10/12/2021 15:31:14   

Each year the AQ Bday misc tends to not be too shabby.

I'm hoping for another status infliction penalty save helper for the character, maybe one thats a universal DoT helper like maybe all bleeds and burns. Or I'd be happy with a bleed inflict like terror misc does fear inflict. Not enough bleed inflict in the game, and bleed is kind of Mogloweeny...
Post #: 9
10/13/2021 3:26:11   

I agree with Broccoli here. We do not have many great pets that are around permanently. Most are either Seasonal or straight-up Permarare. The Mimic Pets have been available permanently so far, so I do not see the reason that this new variant must go rare.

This is especially so given the discussions we've been having about variants of PVF and SWF returning in the future. If we're endeavoring to bring back items, it seems a bit odd to me to also make items leave, especially one with no precedent of leaving.
Post #: 10
10/13/2021 6:42:59   

I can't use the codes for Ballyhoo, are they only for the first ones too type them?
Post #: 11
10/13/2021 6:50:04   

The codes are single-use only, unfortunately. Don't worry. The pet is nothing game-breaking. If anything, it's very, very weak, so you're not missing much.
Post #: 12
10/13/2021 13:23:57   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

Since I've had a few requests for the Mimic to stay, I can leave the Mimic Pet and only the Infernocampus Armor will leave this week. Kam is going to look into the GD Jr pets and see where they can be improved.

Here are another 20 codes for the Bronze Guardian Dragon Jr. Pet that can be redeem here: https://portal.battleon.com/account/prizecode.asp

AQ  Post #: 13
10/13/2021 15:09:36   

is there a chance that players who have already redeemed the pet, can't redeem new codes? It seems very unfair that people who have already gotten the pet, can then redeem more codes, and hog them to themselves. It needs to be changed from per character to account wide.
Post #: 14
10/13/2021 15:19:44   
Macho Man

Yeah I hope people can't get multiples of it, just missed Hollow's comment by 7min and all are gone. Even if the pet is bad I wouldn't mind a bronze guardian dragon!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
10/13/2021 17:01:37   

Thanks, Hollow for listening to our requests that Infernal Mimic stays and for looking into the Guardian Dragon Jr. pets.

I will admit to wanting the codes to be temporary but with unlimited uses like Adventurer Figure's, but I will also admit that I missed the pets, so this wish is quite selfish.
Post #: 16
10/13/2021 17:45:45   

Yeah, why not make the Guardian Dragon Jr. code unlimited? It's a weak pet, but it would be great to keep it as a souvenir or collector's item
AQ  Post #: 17
10/13/2021 19:30:12   
Heroes of the Scape

Just a note. According to Heromart the collectors edition of the 2021 calendar is sold out.
AQ  Post #: 18
10/13/2021 21:59:28   
OG Ranger

Thank you Hollow for listening to player suggestions. I personally don't care for the mimic but it's nice to see cooperation.
AQ  Post #: 19
10/14/2021 0:50:43   

Missed the codes again as it was out of my time zone. Hope we can have a perm code to redeem for a limited time so that we can enjoy the pet.
AQ  Post #: 20
10/14/2021 6:54:50   
Sphinx Jevoha

Hello :)

Will the new GGBs be out today? I'm guessing the Necromancer riders will be 2x FO and 2x FD, with 2 elements (maybe dark + ice, or dark + wind), similar to the flamethrower/biohazard tank armors.

And is it just me, or do they look cooler than the Frostwyrm armors?
AQ  Post #: 21
10/14/2021 10:51:17   

I would guess dark/ice and dark/fire.

I wasnt playing regularly when Paladin came out. I was there to get the skills to 20 but didnt really test it, and play much. And the Paladin riders I dont even remember. Went back and looked at the info subs...regret missing it ...so excited about this weeks release

< Message edited by SapphireCatalyst2021 -- 10/14/2021 12:49:36 >
Post #: 22
10/14/2021 13:11:56   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

The Necro riding armors are pretty complex... and there are 4 versions, so this is looking like a Friday release folks!

Don't worry if you've missed out on the Bronze GD Jr. Pet, the Twitter contest will include a timed code for the pet that you will receive just for entering. This is more like early access while waiting for the contest to begin... which I am not running, so I do not have an exact start time. Here are another 10 codes. If the contest hasn't started by the time the release is ready Friday, I'll post another 10.


AQ  Post #: 23
10/14/2021 13:35:07   

Just got home after a tiring working day, and got super lucky to see Hollow's message!
Finally got that pet :)
As always, thank you Hollow and all AQ staff! I started in 2006 and that's an unbelievable 15 years of great fun!
AQ  Post #: 24
10/14/2021 13:44:59   

code not found :/
Post #: 25
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