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11/1/2021 17:51:12   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP


Warmest greetings and wondrous salutations to you, my esteemed friend!

I hereby cordially invite you to join me in celebration to honor the inauguration of my newest business venture, Charms for Children! It will be a wonderful evening filled with Magic and Merriment. I look forward to having you join my small party in the coming month of Melinäne, on the Eve of Proplom, at 6 o’clock sharp.

Most Sincerely Yours,
The Magician of Marvels, Mikae the Magnificent

P.S. -
Formal Dress is Required
Leave all Weapons at Home
Donations are Expected Appreciated!

Greetings, esteemed guests! Mikae the Magnificent is throwing a party for several of her closest friends, colleagues, potential business partners, and rivals - and YOU are invited! There’s only one complication… Mikae is found murdered during the event, and now YOU are the prime suspects! And the mansion has gone into lock-down mode, meaning that you will only be allowed out once the culprit is found.

Now, for how this is actually going to work: Anyone interesting in attending will need to submit a character biography containing the following:

Name - How the other characters should refer to you. Title included as desired.
Appearance - Including any key racial distinctions for non-humans, as well as your formal attire.
Relation to Mikae - This is the reason you would be invited to this party. It also should include hints towards a potential motive that your character might have for murdering your host.
Official Knowledge - Hard-known facts about your character, such as their job.
Public Rumor - What other people may have heard about your character; this could be the full truth, a stretched truth, or complete (but reasonable) fabrication.
Other Relevant Details - While magical and melee abilities are not a required part of this RP, feel free to list any key notes about your character’s abilities or their backstory here. Note that performing great feats of magic and brawling with your fellow guests will not be permitted, but minor spells may slip under the radar.

I will be reaching out to each person who joins this RP individually via PMs - either on the forums or through discord, if you are part of our RP server - to discuss what actual role your character will have had in the events prior to the official interactions beginning. Will you be the deadly murderer? A secret witness? A sly accomplice? An innocent bystander? We will work out those details together!

On activity: There is currently no set expectation for frequency of posts. However, if the entire group is waiting on someone who is unreachable or unresponsive, the murderer may just strike again...

I will keep a compilation of relevant information below, and update it as necessary. Once we have a good-sized party, we’ll finalize the remaining details and begin!

The Party Details:
The party is being held on Proplom’s Eve, a holiday dedicated to new beginnings. It takes place on the new moon of Melinäne, a month dedicated to magic itself. It is the third month of a thirteen-month year.

The Party Hosts
Mikae the Magnificent
Appearance: A short, plump woman nearing her early 30s, Mikae’s countenance is one of exuberance and delight. Her brilliantly green eyes stand out against her cocoa skin, but perfectly match her ever-present pointed and sparkling hat. Thick black curls tumble down to her waist, kept in place with her own products. Her perfectly white teeth contain, when she smiles, her “trademark imperfection” - a large gap between her front two teeth through which she whistles cheerfully to perform her magic. Her magic comes to her via traces of fairy ancestry, which can partially be to blame for her short stature. For her party, she’s clad in brilliant, glittering robes of emerald green. Gemstones of a matching shade are found within gold settings upon her wrists, ears, and neck.

Relation to Mikae: The magician herself!

Official Knowledge: Mikae graduated as the salutatorian from the Ylstrae Academy of Magic, from their famed Leonian Potions Program. Recently after graduation, she accepted an apprenticeship from Potion Master Thraven - a position typically offered to the valedictorian. Several patents are registered to her name from this time, her most famous being the Liquid Love, a derivative of her master’s work that put him on the radar, Liquid Luck. Upon completing her apprenticeship, she started an immensely successful line of simple potion remedies, Marvelous Mixtures, from cures of the common cold to creams that vanished acne in a blink. Recently, her career took a startling trajectory turn as she took a year off from directly overseeing the business to perform a touring magic show across the country with her familiar, Xelen. Her show magic specialties are that of flashiness and fireworks to go along with her fiery personality - and her newly announced line of children’s toys and products are all based around acts of the show.

Public Rumor: While her skill as a Potions Master cannot be denied, a few quiet murmurers suspect that Mikae is far more of a Charlatan than a Magician when it comes to her actual performances. More prevalent are the whispers that her success can be attributed much more directly to her potions than she would have you believe, especially as many of her business deals occur over tea and behind closed doors. Darker still are the seldom-heard mutterings that her new line of children’s products include traces of the Liquid Love that she was so famous for perfecting during her apprenticeship…

Other Relevant Details: None at this time.

Barllak Bos
Appearance: Barllak is a solid nine feet tall and looks like she could bench press a truck; a feat she might actually be capable of as one of the few Minotaurs employed outside of physical labor. Her thick, coal black hide covers her bovine head and humanoid torso, and can also be seen peeking out around her ankles as no proper shoes fit over her massive cloven hooves. Dark horns curl up from her forehead, framing a short mane of thicker fur that reaches from her skull down the back of her neck. She is dressed this evening in a slimming suit jacket and pencil skirt, both of a darker, more-professional green color than that worn by her employer.

Relation to Mikae: Barllak has worked for Mikae for the past decade. First as a secretary in her burgeoning company, then as the Chief of Staff for Mikae’s home and mansion, Barllack goes about her duties with a strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail. While Mikae always presents a bubbly and cheerful face to her adoring fans, Barllack receives the brunt of Mikae’s temper when matters of either business or personal go wrong. Still, this close relationship means that Barllack likely knows more than anyone else about her employer’s business dealings…

Official Knowledge: Background checks into Barllak’s history show that she came from the city’s largest orphanage - and that Mikae is now one of the largest benefactors of the location.

Public Rumor: Thanks to her imposing stature, many suspect that Barllak actually fulfills the role of a bodyguard. Certainly, she is said to be quite strict with the staff that she hires to assist with her employers' many events, and equally rumored to be highly intimidating during the interview process that she personally sits in on for each and every person to work with Mikae’s household.

Other Relevant Details: As a minotaur, Barllak possess strength twice that of the average human and slightly increased speed, although she is also relatively clumsy as a result. Her eyesight is rather poor, but her sense of smell is second to none.

Stephen Tartal
Appearance: Stephen has the same dark skin, green eyes, and thick hair of his distant cousin - although his curls fall in short, tight ringlets. Unlike Mikae, he possess a tall and lanky frame, capping out at just shy of six feet and well under 150lbs. He wears a pair of thin-framed spectacles that magnify his eyes to a surprising degree. For the evening, he is dressed in a formal black suit, complete with dark green pocket square and glittering emerald cufflinks.

Relation to Mikae: A cousin through her mother’s marriage, Stephen wouldn’t consider himself close to Mikae. More of an employee than a family member, Stephen works for her as a butler and all-around handyman about her mansion. He’s quite pleased to be able to coast by on his cousins wealth without any serious duties or tasks to attend to. It is commonly believed that, while the bulk of Mikae’s direct wealth will be donated to various academies and orphanages, Stephen will be the one to inherit her business ventures.

Official Knowledge: Stephen has an accounting degree and is known to occasionally sit in on board meetings for Marvelous Mixtures’ to take notes when Mikae is not present. He is often seen serving as Mikae’s plus one and formal business events and dinners, although so are a far few others…

Public Rumor: Stephen officially lives out of the public eye and does his best to avoid reporters, but the occasional paparazzi photographer has caught him running errands for his cousin, the most common locations being the bank and the apothecary.

Other Relevant Details: Stephen knows the entire mansion inside and out - including any hidden doors, cupboards, and passageways that may or may not exist.

Appearance: Barely larger than an average house cat, Xelen is a miniature pegasus. Their mane, tail, and fur are all a shimmering gold - formed so perfectly and delicately that they are often mistaken for a statue when they remain completely still. Their wings, however, are reminiscent of a peacock’s - with startling turquoise and aqua feathers leading to a spectacular display of emerald eyes when they are fully spread.

Relation to Mikae: Xelen is Mikae’s familiar, bonded to her during her very first year at Ylstrae Academy. They have loved and served her with complete devotion for over 15 years.

Official Knowledge: Very little is spoken by magicians about their familiars, and even less is spoken by the familiars themselves. It is known that familiars in general serve to help their magicians remember the vast quantities of knowledge for their tasks, as well as serve as magical batteries when their magicians perform more complex feats of magic. Xelen is registered as an official partner on all of Mikae’s business ventures.

Public Rumor: Many people believe that Mikae and Xelen share a much closer bond than standard telepathy - able to convey emotions, feelings, and share images from across great distances. How else could the two work in such completely harmony during their performances?

Other Relevant Details: Xelen whistles to get people’s attention and while helping Mikae perform magic, but can also communicate directly with people telepathically if they are within the same standard-sized room. They can fly in some extremely agile and dexterous patterns, which they used to their full advantage during the magic tours, but not for extended periods of time.

The Party Location
Upon Mikae’s unfortunate and predetermined death, the mansion enters a state of magical lock down. No great magics can be performed at this time, all empty rooms are locked off, and the mansion itself is sealed from the outside until such time as the culprit is discovered. There are several rooms that the guests will be able to explore and investigate. Details about each room will be given as the guests gain access to them, but the following rooms/locations are known to be accessible:

1. The Grand Entryway
2. The Formal Dining Room
3. The Ballroom
4. The Conservatory
5. The Servant’s Lounge
6. Mikae’s Office & Tearoom

The Party Attendees
Minetta Faye (written by Dragonknight315)
Miu Fabula (written by Chewy905)

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
11/1/2021 21:54:23   

Name: Minetta Faye
Gender: Female
Age: 29

Appearance - Standing around 5'9'', Minetta evokes an air of status but also practicality. Robes of pure black drape across her form. Numerous fire opals line her dress and jewelry, glinting like fire as it catches the light. Her small, pointed ears hang as the weight of her gold earrings tug her flesh. Her slender form and sharp golden eyes offer other hints of elvish ancestry, but for the most part, Minetta appears human.

At first glance, Minetta may appear to move with effortless grace, but in truth, every step is done with intent. Hints of reddish tones break through her pale makeup, a consequence of her time as a laborer. Minetta’s blood red hair reaches below her shoulders, held together in a tight ponytail with a gold band. Feathers adorn her hair, attached to a golden circlet. Around her neck are more fire opals strung together. Finally, an onyx signet ring sits on Minetta’s right hand, emblazoned with a raven, the symbol of the Telanor-Faye Trading Company.

Official Knowledge - The baron daughter of the Telanor-Faye Trading Company, Minetta comes from a place of high status. As an only child, Minetta received the full attention of her father, Obadiah Faye. When she was around 15, she caught a terrible affliction, leaving Minetta bedridden and near death for a month. Miracuously, she survived the illness but suffered some memory loss as the fever ravaged her body. After this event, Obadiah spoiled her, allowing Minetta to pursue her interests as she pleased. As fate would have it, Minetta took after her father in matters of business. She sought to refine the Trading Company at its fundamentals.

Compared to many of her peers, Minetta comes across as more down to earth. Willing to get her hands dirty, she spent a few years touring the company, practicing jobs across the chain of command. In particular, Minetta had a particular knack for accounting and supply-chain management. By the time of her father’s death, she had earned the respect and affection of those within the company.

The Telanor-Faye Headquarters is in a far away city known as Garskine. It dabbles in all sorts of odds and ends, but it is especially known for its acquisition of magical reagents. Since her inheritance of the company, Minetta has taken great lengths to expand this facet, searching for new materials and markets. Investors hold a positive view for Telanor-Faye with Minetta at its head.

Public Rumor - Compared to the laissez-faire nature of some trading capitals, Garskine has a more tightly regulated market. Most businesses are part of the Garskine Merchant’s Consortium, a sort of merchants guild that enforces safety regulations, weights and measures, and other fair practices within the area. Minetta’s father, Obadiah Faye, was well known as one of the leading members of the organization. After his death, it is assumed that she inherited his position.

To the uninitiated, the Merchant’s Consortium appears to be wholly beneficial to the area of Garskine. However, there are rumors that the Consortium has a more sinister element beneath the surface. Some claim that the Consortium enforces its will through force. Aspiring entrepreneurs may find their houses and wares robbed. Figures wearing blue robes with raven masks may appear in the streets announcing scandalous news, denouncing a business’s illegal practices. Bodies occasionally pop up in the streets with their necks slashed. The city’s guard claims that these crimes are just unrelated but unfortunate events; after all, any merchant city would attract ill intent. Others believe they are in on the conspiracy. As Minetta is an assumed member of the Consortium, there is some skepticism regarding her meteoric success. Is her fortune built upon a foundation of blood?

Those who have known Minetta since her childhood have noted her change in personality after her near-death experience. Many attribute this to the loss of some of her earliest memories. Some of the more extreme and ludicrous explanations claim that a demon had cursed the child.

Relation to Mikae - By chance, Mikae and Minetta share common interests in business and in alchemy. Minetta is looking to expand the reach of the Telanor-Faye Trading Company. As such, she has reached out to the famous magician. After a sizable donation, Minetta has secured an invitation with the hopes of forging some kind of mutual arrangement. New reagents could allow for the production of more potent or never-before-seen potions. Minetta could use her clout and connections to get Mikae a foot in the door to an otherwise impenetrable market.

Other Relevant Details - Minetta is quite the polymath. She is fluent in several different languages and is an avid reader of history and philosophy. Minetta was first introduced to the arcane through her work. She specializes in potions, but she dabbles in some other fields, showing some minor talents in magic.


Minetta is not human. She is a Changeling, able to radically alter her biology to take on the physical form of another humanoid of roughly equal size. At first, Minetta can manifest this power at any time, but after the lockdown, the suppression of great magics causes her to revert to her base form, unable to change again.

Throughout her entire life, she has had a keen eye for an individual's unique mannerisms. Coupled with her unique biology and her gift of acting, she demonstrates an almost absolute control over her persona. She can go from expressions of pure joy to overflowing tears in seconds.

Her unique proximity to the criminal underworld grants Minetta some other talents. Minetta knows information that others would kill for. She is also highly acrobatic and skilled in lockpicking and dealing with traps.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 2
11/1/2021 22:59:45   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

Name: Miu Fabula
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Appearance: Miu is around 5 and a half feet tall, when you can get her to stop moving and measure. Her hair is brown, short, and always blowing around in her own personal windstorm, though it never seems to particularly bother her. Her matching brown eyes shine with excitement, and if one looks closely they can actually see incredibly small words racing through them. Her skin is well-tanned from too many days out looking for stories, and she is in constant motion in some way, be it a tapping foot or finger, or something more… raucous.

Miu has dressed for the occasion, donning earrings of small chimes, ringing softly and musically as they’re blown about by her storm alongside her matching princess-style necklace. Her slim form is clothed in a deep-crimson button-up-shirt, collar left unbuttoned and billowing in her wind, and a gray, older styled coat (habit à la française) over it, decorated with small silver swirls. She completes the look with a simple, nice pair of black pants.

Official Knowledge: Miu Fabula publishes her own newspaper, “Fabula’s Fabulous News”. This newspaper sits halfway between tabloid and actual news, with some stories being legitimate current events and others being rumors and scandals. The paper has been fairly popular, and she has a variety of workers that handle deliveries for her. As a result she tends to be rather well-known, for better or for worse. She also runs her own mail service, though no one has ever actually seen her handle any deliveries, and when asked she simply replies “It’s for special customers only.”

Public Rumor: Some of the stories Miu has published can be interpreted as not quite the truth, though she denies any accusations, claiming all of her news is legitimate. Though not proven, some believe that some of the scandals or surprising events that her more exciting stories cover were directly or indirectly caused by herself. Again, she has denied all accusations, but it does seem like her sales have risen at the most harrowing of times…

Relation to Mikae: Miu has gotten permission from Mikae herself to write an article on the inauguration of Charms for Children! She has arrived to cover the story and event, and hopefully snag an interview with the Magnificent Magician.

Other Relevant Details: Miu keeps her notebook on her at all times, and is fully aware of everything she has consciously written in it as long as the page the information is written on is intact and attached to the book. There is a slight delay between the writing of her information and her ability to access it. She writes with a magic quill that never runs out of ink, and can write with it either consciously or subconsciously. When writing subconsciously, Miu will write down everything she is seeing, thinking, and feeling, without actively realizing she is doing so. This can result in Miu writing things her eyes have seen that her conscious mind has not processed or noticed yet.

Additionally, Miu is surrounded by a small windstorm at all times (though she is exerting extra effort to keep it from blowing about stray objects), and is able to manipulate its air currents within 3 feet of her to an incredibly fine degree. She can generally use this as a second set of hands to lift small objects, but most often will be using it to write in her notebook while keeping her actual hands free. Though Miu is usually capable of using stronger gusts of wind to rush around at high speed, she is limiting herself to be courteous at the party, an action that is requiring an almost unprecedented amount of self-control.

Because of her position as a reporter and her history of gathering various stories, it is likely Miu will at least have surface level knowledge of most of the more esteemed guests at the event.

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11/7/2021 19:15:46   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

@Dragonknight315 - Minetta Faye has received her invitation to the party! Definitely curious to see how her business practices clash and collide with those of her hosts; although with such a wonderful donation, I am sure the negotiations will go smoothly!

@Chewy905 - Miu is welcome to join the party! I'm sure with the right persuasion, Mikae would be delighted to sit down for an exclusive interview for Fabula's Fabulous news. I'm okay with the writing related magics counting as "minor magics" and thus still being accessible during the bulk of this RP, although note that her wind manipulation ability will likely be hampered some. Although this may help her in allowing her not to exert as much effort in containing it!
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11/19/2021 18:57:24   

Name: “Rat” Scalion

Appearance: Scalion is a short fellow, only reaching 5’4” when standing upright but close to a flat five when hunched over. He runs a bit on the thinner side, though it is awfully hard to tell with the long white coat he wears that skims across the floor when he’s skulking around. As per his nickname, Scalion’s face has some rat-like features, most noticeably three long whiskers that sprout from where a regular human would have a mustache, each reaching four inches in length. His nose and mouth are elongated, though only slightly beyond regular human proportions. Beyond that, his top incisors are enlarged, peeking out from his lips even when he closes his mouth. The last major feature is the excessive hair on the neck going down his shirt as well on the exposed portions of the back of his hands.

Oh, and tail. The three foot long tail can be hard to miss.

On the more mundane side of things, Scalion appears to be in his early thirties, with messy brown hair that falls below his ears. His traditional white coat is patched at the elbows and is forever wrinkly. Beneath it he wears plain trousers and a wool vest over a simple tunic. He does wear boots though they are a size too big, and on more than occasion he’s run straight out of them when in pursuit of one thing or another.

Relation to Mikae: He was an assistant of her some five or six odd years ago, specializing in potions manufacturing.

Official Knowledge: Scalion has no official home, though has several “dens” throughout the city in barely public places such as the sewers or a tree hollow. He is an odd sort to talk to, often mumbling to himself mid-conversation. That said, he has a penchant for little kind - though strange - acts such as cleaning the local barber’s window without payment (or asking permission).
There is also a cleverness to him. More than one local has had some ailment or problem of theirs solved by one of his unorthodox solutions. Nine times out of ten, Scalion does this without their knowledge beforehand.
Scalion is his official name, though he does enjoys being called by the moniker “Rat” Scalion.

Public Rumor: Obviously, Scalion is an odd individual. While this may be just an extension of his eccentricities, there is speculation that Scalion’s work with potions may have exposed him to dangerous ingredients which had adverse effects on his psyche. Others go further and believe some sort of accident is what led to Scalion leaving his assistant post.
Select others notice that Scalion does not currently have a job, though never seems to lack for want or be in need of charity. His constant scurrying through town has caused a stir in some circles, from running goods for less savory groups to actively spying on the local populace.
People are also unsure if Scalion a rat-adjacent humanoid race, a human who gained rat characteristics, or a rat who was turned into a human.

Other Relevant Details: Scalion is a sneaky little fellow, though he rarely means to be. His stature and movement just happen to not draw much attention, that’s all. He excels at climbing and clambering through tight spaces as well, skills he picked up ever since he became a bit of a centralized nomad.
His sense of smell is quite good, which is one part of what made him a good assistant for potion manufacturing. On average, Scalion is able to tell the ingredients of a potion just by taking a good whiff of it. He can also use this talent to identify the ingredients in most food and drinks.
On his person, Scalion keeps plenty of pouches with nuts, berries, crackers, and cheese. He will eat these at any given point of time. He also keeps chalk and some graphite-based writing utensils with him as well, with the inside of his cloak serving as a place for his various notes and scribbles. Scalion has no less than nine different newspaper or article clippings with him at any point in time. Whether or not he has read any of them is anyone’s guess.
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11/21/2021 2:19:59   

Hihi, it's me again. Even though Auric's stint in the ECs ended poorly, it's time for his reappearance... in his usual habitat, and he's bringing a +1 too!

Name: Auric, Mr. Au’Mydas


Auric is always a flashy dresser- even during intense and life-threatening moments. So when the time comes to dress even flashier, he spares no expense. For the event, he is wearing a sparkling golden suit jacket- one of his personal favorites-inlaid with jewels on the shoulders. Underneath, he sports a white silk dress shirt and matching pants. With well-groomer blonde hair, chiseled features, and steely blue eyes, he is known to be seen by many as quite handsome- especially to himself, as he takes great pride in his looks.
Relation to Mikae: Auric is a frequent donator to the orphanages and public outreach funds of Lore, and has often attended charity galas and balls as a special guest. As Mikae’s fame grew, she also began appearing as a VIP at these events, quickly overshadowing Auric and his new secretary with her presence and tricks. While Auric’s recent encounters with the witch were never long (as Mikae would often flutter between groups), they were seen to be cordial enough. Some, however, seem to wonder if losing the spotlight to Mikae struck a nerve with the famously pompous and vain Auric.

Official Knowledge:

Although his boasting, self-absorbed and womanizing nature makes him come off as another spoiled member of high society, those who work with or under him report a different side of the man: while still possessing his at times unbearable attitude, he is reportedly an extremely benevolent employer, brilliant financier, and all-around kind soul. While still very proud of his looks and wealth, he is certainly a far cry from the other cruel and notably greedy members of the Au’Mydas clan- at least, on the surface. In a strange and unforeseen event, Auric participated in the most recent Elemental Championship- a battle between legendary fighters- for a reason yet unknown to many. In a stark contrast to his normal jovial and very indulgent self, he seems to refuse any discussion his family or connections. For the most part, to many, he seems in a world of his own- his mind often drifts between topics and he comes off as very forgetful. Despite this, he has been noted to be frightfully effective at certain things when he puts his mind to them (such as accumulating wealth and fighting).

Public Rumor:

As usual, despite his best efforts, Auric is still plagued by judgmental whispers and doubts of his true intentions. As a member of the Au’Mydas bloodline, a family known for their cruelty and relentless greed, everything he does can easily be viewed as part of a nefarious plot or attempt to further their own reputation- and his unintentional condescension and bombastic nature don’t exactly improve his public image. His bizarre choice to appear at the Championships (as well as a more full and violent display of his power) has also raised the interest of many, who fear that the Au’Mydas are now attempting to use even the Elemental Lords in their plots. Some of Auric’s new ventures- particularly a recent uptick in the funding of sorcerers and alchemists- are also quite suspicious investments from the banker. His ability to rapidly create false currency has also brought him under fire, with some believing his generous donations consist of counterfeits (although all fake currency created by his power possesses the Au’Mydas family crest on it somewhere)

Other Relevant Details:

While Auric’s counterfeit power has been known by the upper-crust for some time, the Elemental Championships was the first occasion it has been on full display to the public. At the party, the anti-magic measures have significantly decreased his abilities, but the potential to do some minor manipulation or creation is still present.


Name: Kalka Khuman, Kalka, Ms. K


Kalka may not have the air of sophistication that her finer counterparts have, but she certainly looks the part: she has a captivating slender figure that renders her both flexible and quick on her feet. Her brown hair, usually messily tied back into a long ponytail or bun, has been let down and flows down to her back. Her skin is naturally olive in color. While constantly refusing to indulge in outfits or ideas she deems too ‘girly’ (including wearing heels, makeup, or nail polish), she is still somewhat concerned with her appearance, and becomes flustered when she is complimented. Even dressed up, Kalka is still a surprisingly speedy and stealthy woman- she is able to quickly move around and towards people without them noticing, often sneaking up on her boss or those she seeks unexpectedly.
While she has a strong dislike of needless opulence, like many people, Kalka cannot resist the chance to dress up from time to time. Her finery consists of a sliver one-piece dress with short sleeves, as well as matching silver bangles. A black belt crosses her waist, and she completes the look with a set of black thigh boots. A silver stud in her right ear also adds to the glistening appearance of her attire, albeit unintentionally.

Relation to Mikae:

Kalka does not have any real relation to Mikae herself, nor does she care for the parties they would meet at- but as Auric’s retainer, she has probably brushed shoulders with Mikae and Stephen at other charity events and gatherings he has dragged her to. Unlike Auric, Kalka is fully aware of the rumors about Mikae’s potions and the real source of her income. Whether or not she can confirm them, however, is an entirely different matter…

Official Knowledge:

Before coming into contact with Auric Au’Mydas, Kalka was working as a registrar for the Elemental Championships. When the rich man walked into the office, expressing a desire to fight to the death, she became intrigued, although was also turned off by the man’s flirtatious and vain nature. Thinking he was going to be eliminated immediately, she jokingly accepted a deal to join Auric for dinner should he survive the battlefield.

To the shock of many, Auric did, in fact, make it out of the arena alive. While he did not make it to the finals, he had fulfilled his end of the deal. Shortly after the Championships, once he collected himself, Auric made do on his promise to have a fine dinner with the young bandit (who begrudgingly accepted)- during which he extended a job offer, fascinated by Kalka’s street smarts and blunt nature. Despite their entirely different personalities and backgrounds, Kalka and Auric have been inseparable ever since. Kalka is known to despise most trappings of high society and only attends events to keep an eye on her boss
and ensure he doesn’t get carried away- which, given Auric’s nature, happens quite often.

Public Rumor:

The main point of contention discussed among members of high society is what exactly the relationship is between Auric and Kalka. In Kalka’s case, this is primarily whether she is merely his personal assistant or something beyond that. There are some who believe she is merely seeking to take advantage of his bottomless wealth for her own desires.
More intriguing, however, is the idea that Kalka herself has her roots in the underworld. Her apparent dual duty as a bodyguard (though Auric is perfectly capable of defending himself) and highly abrasive personality suggest a rough life and a large amount of combat experience. With her evident knowledge of black-market trade and rumors known to circle only through whispers in back alleys, it only raises even further questions as to why a seemingly suspicious character like her is openly trusted by and in leagues with Auric.

Other Relevant Details: None at this time
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11/24/2021 13:33:07   

Name: Lysan Lerount, the Blue Flame

Appearance - A man of average height and just about thirty, Lysan more than makes up for it with his presence, despite preferring to stand by the side of the events, with a curious blue-eyed stare, leaning some of his weight on a beautiful cane of black wood and silver. Its metal top is shaped into a detailed carving of a wolf’s head, and its eyes are bright and shining and blue. Rumored to be a wand rather than a simple cane, the wolf’s eyes are said to light up when the man performs his magic, though for the most part they stay gentle as the sea. Lysan’s hair is long, slightly curled at the ends, and somewhat fluffy. It ends at his shoulders, and has a light blonde colour he inherits from his father. Another thing he does is a very thin and perfectly trimmed mustache. The man likes to wear gloves of that same sapphire colour, with a golden trim, and tall black boots. There tends to be a flower on his lapel, and which one it is changes on the occasion.

Relation to Mikae: Now, the ways of Lord Lerount before he became the face of soap are quite muffled, possibly by his own doing. But what he cannot and perhaps does not want to hide are extravagant and beautiful shows of pure and raw magic across the land to entertain the folks. On one such show, while cloaked in flame, his show of a dragon got overshadowed by a bright forest green mare that trampled his dragon to pieces - and since then, the two have been spotted every once in a while, even as far as going to events together, with their conversations containing much banter, and sometimes even bark.

The public remains to wonder: Are they rivals? Are they secret lovers? Are they just really good friends?

Official Knowledge:

After the untimely and somewhat mysterious deaths of his widely beloved and well known parents Rosalynn and Dandelion, the once wild and charming magician found himself in the position of the only heir of their well known brand and soap factory, The Dandy Lion and Rose’s Bee-autiful Bee-witching Soaps (TDLARBB). With such a heavy burden as well as dealing with the loss of both parents, the man did what few expected and straightened his somewhat unpredictable lifestyle. Now he’s the gallant Lord Lerount, choosing to go by his mother’s name rather than the La Vende from his father’s side (and rather hard to tolerate flower puns, one is enough) and rarely shows himself to the wide public, save for soap related commercials or meetings, and events lead by the few friends he managed to stay close to over his years. But whenever he does make his presence known, it is filled with soap bubbles, extravagant shows of blue-tinted pyromancy and a distant scent of lavender.

Public Rumor - The public eye was never easy on the rowdy child of such a pair of celebrities. A legend is tied to all that flowery soap - of a werewolf and a witch chasing a golden dragon to cure their blights of wolf-sickness and destructive fire magic. Whether this legend is true or just marketing, it remains the truth that Rosalynn had many curious burn-scars on her person, and Dandelion was the hairiest man in all of the land. And their son, with his long perfectly trimmed hair, wildfire magic and wolf cane - how long until he goes feral? What if he already has? He claims to be no werewolf with the silver plating of his cane, which no wolf should be able to hold. Those sudden deaths and that quick transformation from a problematic rebellious upstart into a straightened out president of a company, does that not seem a little bit suspicious? As well as the fact that he’s rarely seen in moonlight? (Even though he’s rarely seen in general? Details! Details!) What about that sense of smell he prides himself on? (Even though he literally manufactures perfumed soap?) And the flower on his lapel is NEVER wolfsbane! (Okay, why would you even do that? Those are poisonous to anyone, not just werewolves!)

Another rumor has it that his cane is not only a wand, but houses a familiar - a spectral morpho butterfly. Nobody has ever seen her, and Lysan has never spoken a word. It is not known whether Rosalynn had a familiar of her own.

Other Relevant Details - Lysan is a pyromancer, and as such has a high affinity for fire magic. His specialty are blue, intensely hot flames that the man rarely lets loose. In spaces that do not take well for flames, he reserves to nothing, or a simple small flame for light or to light a torch. He appears to have high control of his fire, so Mikae has no charred couches to fear.

Sense of smell - claiming to be able to tell what flower or chemical has been added to a perfume, Lysan is able to tell smells and stenches apart with decent accuracy and better than an untrained human.

He loves to sing, but is really bad at it. It sounds like someone stepped on an dog’s tail. Or like a really out of tune violin.

He dislikes loud noises and likes to keep by the side of the events.

He might or might not have a secret beekeeping hobby. You have no idea how hard that is for a pyromancer. Trust me, the bees can tell.
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Name / Title
Muireann Ó Braonáin (Wren)



Wren stands just shy of six feet tall. She is so skinny you can almost see her bones; she reminds one of a ghost in the wraith-like way she moves and the pale green-blue tint of her hair when she’s sleep-deprived, which is almost translucent. Normally, her hair is a brilliant, fiery red, thick and coarse in texture. Her eyes are a very clear sea-blue, the exact shade and pattern of ocean water across sand; her irises are so huge you almost can’t see the whites of her eyes.

She speaks with the distinctive lilt of an Irish brogue, though her voice also holds a strange undercurrent - almost like the whispering of the sea and the crashing of waves. Her teeth are uneven and her mouth is a bit too wide for her face. She has brought an assortment of lovely gowns with her on her travels, as well as somewhat whimsical pantsuits in light, fluttery fabrics and delicate pastels. She is very pale and often looks tired or dehydrated. She also has the faint scent of perfume about her at all times - usually something gently fruity, musky, or woody, but always with the hint of salt. She prefers to go barefoot when allowed.

Relation to Mikae
Wren is attending the party as a well-known entertainer, as her reputation precedes her.

Official Knowledge
Wren is a trouper and performer by trade. She sings in a high, clear, echoing voice, plays the lyre as sweetly as any fingers have ever touched an instrument, and dances light, fast jigs with intricate footwork. She is also an amateur juggler, wears vividly painted masquerade masks to scare the children, and is a contortionist and illusionist. She is known publicly as simply Wren, sometimes the Songbird, sometimes the Mimicker, but never as her true name, which she keeps well-hidden - should anyone chance to discover her true identity. She mingles often with high society and has a flirtatious side that comes out when she has imbibed too many delicious beverages.

Public Rumor
She’s so good at twisting herself into knots, there are those that question if she has true bones. (She does not have true bones. She is a mermaid.)

There are also rumors she is, in fact, a shapeshifter. This, perhaps, stems from common myths surrounding selkies. (She is, in fact, a shapeshifter. She is also a selkie. Unfortunately, her shapeshifting only allows her to shapeshift into a seal, a mermaid, or a human, and the former two are rather useless on land. She does have limited ability to change her human appearance - hair color, eye color, skin color - when she is not too tired. But she is always tired when she is too far from the sea.)

Also, some believe the songs she sings are not, in fact, her own, but written by some greater mystical entity. It is said that her singing and her beauty will either give one strength and wisdom, or drive one mad with fear or sorrow. (In fact, while her singing is indeed enchanting, she has never attempted to use it as true magic, and doesn’t even know if it would work as such. Besides, she would never presume to do so in another person’s home - that would be simply rude. Her songs are, indeed, not her own, but the ancient music of her people.)

Other Relevant Details
Wren’s main reason for never sharing her true name isn’t actually that people would immediately link Muireann to the Irish mermaid and uncover her identity. They’ve already mostly figured her out, anyway. Really, she just hates it when people mispronounce her name, and Muireann Ó Braonáin is pretty mis-pronounceable. Also, Wren really, really loves children. (She’s quite good with them, in fact, even when she’s scaring them with her hand-painted and hand-carved masks. They especially love her “magic trick” of changing her hair color. Once she made it the most obnoxious color of yellow-green. Everyone gagged.)
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