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=AQ= Suggestions Thread 1

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11/23/2021 23:37:00   

The Question

This thread is for all players to post their suggestions into a AK-managed one (instead of individual player-managed).

Reason: some players may want to post one-off suggestions that may stick around for longer, as their old ones may get deleted.

1. This thread is experimental only, up until it reaches the maximum posts, or is removed by the AKs. There is no guarantee it will stay.

2. This is no different than player-managed suggestion threads, so bear in mind not all suggestions posted here will be implemented.

3. As always, keep your suggestions simple and easy to read. If it is going to be complex, I suggest you use your own player-managed thread.

However, this thread has some additional rules to differentiate it from player-managed ones.


1. You can only post 1 time per week.
- If you wish to post more than that, edit your post that you posted in that same week

2. Any posts that breaks rule-1 will be deleted.
- Your original post will be sent back to you via PM before being deleted.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
11/24/2021 2:36:54   

Okay, so first post. I'll continue to use my other thread for more complete suggestions, but I'll probably restrict my suggestions to gameplay things.

1. Account Manager Sort Expansion: Be able to sort the following categories:

Player Titles
Player Faces
House Items

These currently are not sortable in the account manager unlike other categories.

2. Be able to sell items and Vault from Account Manager. Generally this would be another nice interface to sell items in bulk. Selling items in game currently especially in bulk is currently a hassle. Simplifying the in-game process would be nice, or add this capability in the account manager. Also extensible to Vaulting items as well.

3. Charitable Gold Donation outside of contests. This would generally be nice to have as a gold sink generally. We do have the ability to donate Z-tokens to our fellow clans-men. Perhaps we could have feature where you can donate gold to your clan, and then someone in your clan shall receive that gold? This would also increase Paxia activity indirectly, or more directly depending on how donated gold can be used for other Paxia related events.

4. Fully accessible, non-obstructed item view. I already posted this as a suggestion as a way to address this issue with items with wonky hit boxes but this will get more attention here.

5. Access Cap information and other statistics in-game. You could probably display this as part of the expanded Battle Log from your house. We do have aq-char-info but having this in-game would be much more convenient.

6. Various other Gameplay suggestions

7. Estate Plots Notifications - These typically don't have features to tell you that either a plot is upgradeable, or under attack. Some visualization in the plot menu would be nice:

A red ring around the square for under attack
A green ring for if it's upgradeable.
A yellow ring for when it's being upgraded

8. Museums Auxillary Upgrade: An auxillary function that may provide useful, with some ideas:

1. Museums provide inventory space. Every level upgraded, you get 1 additional inventory space for every item category.
2. Museums provide gold every month. A function of 10,000,000 * Museum level ought to do that. So for example, if your museum is level 10, you'll have earned 100,000,000 gold at the end of the month.

9. View GGB Balance In-Game. A lot of first time players will be confused about this. They think they have to buy something IMMEDIATELY and don't remember that these get saved. Something in the shop manager ought to tell us about our balance in-game or they should inform us to check our account manager.

10. Sell directly from Vault. Would be especially helpful for Gold Storage Chests. Should automate the process of grabbing from vault and then selling it. The gold should go to the character initializing the sell from vault.

11. Purchase package from any character on the associated main account. This would be nice to have as a QoL change. If I say, bought a package on the 1st character but I need it on my 3rd character, currently I must buy it on the first character, and then vault it over to the 3rd character. Being able to buy items by checking if any of the characters on the main account has the package would be a great quality of life update to have.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 2
12/25/2021 12:45:08   

Item that allows quickcast self-harm that registers as a player or monster attack. Allows synergy with other items
Post #: 3
12/25/2021 14:20:17   
Mr. Roguish

I have been pondering for a long time about the how to increase the aesthetical consistency with armors (especially that of rogues to able to use daggers or other common weapons of that archetype instead of the usually big frame straining weapons that usually are the best).

I had an epiphany and realized that the simplest solution that would also satisfy what I would like to achieve as well as what everyone I debated with alluded to. Ultimately the designs of the weapon are irrelevant toward their function and any class or build can use any weapon regardless of whether or not they would get the maximum benefit from it. I'm suggesting that past and future rogue armors like the Frostval Mercenary Garb get built in daggers, tantos, ninjatos, like how the almost exact replica StarSlayer does. Not that I care, but for some other people, maybe make the armor's weapon toggle-able like some armors' helms, like the Armor of AWE.

New lean (in contrast to Spellcaster lean)- Assassin lean:
• You receive offensive Armor Lean; Gain +5 to blocking (not already factored into armor stats) and deal *1.26 damage (the rest turned into additional damage that is taken from monster attacks)
Post #: 4
12/25/2021 16:26:59   
Dr Disrespect

An update to the Panic armor such that it can inflict the Panicked status and offers Panicked infliction potency.

Panic's axe can serve as a Panic eater.

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Post #: 5
1/5/2022 20:55:18   
Mr. Roguish

Kinda wanted to get this off my thread, since its intended to be rogue themed. But I still think it's too decent to just delete.

So ORIGINALLY I said: the idea behind this armor is to kind of appeal to the purest form of a beast master build imaginable where as your pets literally become your weapon creating a whole new play-style!
**HOWEVER IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION** that this idea has a lot in common with the Canine Warrior armor. I honestly didn't know this armor exists, however I am aware of the FSI regulations on updating armors so this could just be another separate armor OR the staff could use this as inspiration to update that armor instead. I'm fine with either or.

Name: Wolf Lord

«Mastercraft Mid-Defensive Light/Darkness.»

Element: Light/Darkness

Level: 148 (with weaker versions)
PowLvl: 148 MC


Defense Modifiers:
-----Melee: 56
-----Range: 32
-----Magic: 45
-----Fire: 69
-----Water: 69
-----Wind: 69
-----Ice: 69
-----Earth: 69
-----Energy: 96
-----Light: 42
-----Darkness: 42

Player sacrifices their turn and does nothing (Acts as a cost free spell that prevents weapon specials)

Immensely boosts the damage of canine pets and guests:
• Armor detects number of canine relevant equipment (pets, guests (active and non active), werewolf subrace)and applies damage and BtH boosts based on the number
• Each canine pet in inventory grants 1 "point" each towards the end boost; includes werewolf pets, Creptus, and razorclaw (max=8 points)
• Each inactive canine guest (spell) grants 1 "point" each; includes werewolf guests and chupacabra. (max= 8 points)
• An active canine guest counts as 1 "point"; includes werewolves, shadow wolf, and chupacabra
• Being a werewolf sub-race grants 1 "point"
• Having the Hunting Horn grants 1 "point"

# of specials 1 2 3 4 5-19
Modifier= +(#) : (#)*1.5 (#)*2 (#)*3 (#)*4 etc.
[Not really sure how to numerically balance this with making pets stronger, however, given all the versatile equipment you would have to sacrifice in order to get max points (19); each point should be significant, considering you're sacrificing damage that would be produced from a normal armor attack + weapon. Max points should easily put you on par with the bloodmage armors' armor skill spells in terms of damage.]

(Zero points)- * You're a lone wolf eh? Surely you won't survive for long.
(1-5 points)- ** Your pack is barely managing.
(6-12 points)- *** Your pack is strong, but not as strong as it could be!
(13-19 points)- **** *HOWLS*!!!!!!!!!!

• You receive Armor Lean x0.9.

• Against any canine enemies (Guard dogs, Shadow wolves, Werewolves, Wolf riders, Heckhounds, etc.), all boosts are nullified completely. This is to encourage the player to change armors (as if to prove your dominance over your pack, you have to fight by yourself to defend your position and respect.)

*Your pack stands back as your leadership is challenged!

Graced by the blessings under moonLIGHT, wolves recognize you as an aspect of their nobility! You control all of dog kind but something about thunder unsettles you; I wonder why?
Post #: 6
1/8/2022 1:17:53   

item effect that changes background. similar to how underbeast attack can change background to underground.
Post #: 7
3/11/2022 20:07:49   

I would like one turn warning before monster may perform an attack that use monster mp.
This rule is needed since monster may perform an attack that use monster mp (starting on monster turn x), where x is turn 1 or later.

Armour that contain at least 5 skills must be placed in armour slot 3 or armour slot 4, otherwise player cannot use that armour skills or armour passive bonus.
Armour that contain at least 11 skills must be placed in armour slot 4, otherwise player cannot use that armour skills or armour passive bonus.
The point of this rule is to encourage players to use a large range of armours.

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AQ  Post #: 8
5/13/2022 21:38:55   

I think it would be helpful if the information on items in the inventory was more complete. I like the added tabs in shops with additional information on the items to buy, but then when you go to inventory a lot of that information is missing, including item description and type/damage info. The missing information makes it hard to make coherent decisions about what to keep/sell/vault unless you have an extremely good memory.
Post #: 9
5/27/2022 7:45:55   
Bannished Rogue

Unaligned no drop armors:

I don't think there is enough feasibility to have unaligned no drop armor and suggesting a higher base MRM for armor and shield.

If I had to come up with differences between the mighty, deft, and mystic variants, it would be as follows:

Mighty armors- Elemental modifier percentage decreases by 2% to each specific element hit by a maximum of 10 times per element for a total of an additional -20% to any and potentially all elemental modifiers

Deft armors- +8 Melee, +6 Ranged, +8 Magic to item's base MRM

Mystic armors- Same effect as Serenia's blessing (shield)

Ultraguardian shield- +8 MRM boost to item's base MRM

Shield of Awe- Elemental modifier percentage decreases by 1% to each specific element hit by a maximum of 4 times per element for a total of an additional -4% to any and potentially all elemental modifiers

If not or otherwise, my only suggestion is just the buff of MRM to each armor and shield.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 10
6/6/2022 2:30:05   

A few new misc ideas I thought of:

Continuous rewards for donation contests. Typically, people stop donating more after they feel "safe" enough to retain a certain range of ranks on the leaderboards, and then they stop. However, we could encourage a system of donating everything you can possibly do by have a system of continuous rewards. For example, every 10,000 tokens or 1 billion gold donated, you'll get an additional reward. I don't have a particularly good idea of what this said reward would be but done right this would improve donation competitiveness, participation, and circulation.

Organize Inventory Button on Homepage. Now that the LTS shop is removed there needs to be a button that lets you organize your equipment from the Home Battleon Page. Currently the fastest way to organize is to go to the Guardian Tower and then click one of the shops.

Account Management: View Gold from Character List. Z-tokens are already displayed, gold should be there too.

EDIT: Seems like I suggested something before that I already suggested in an older post.

Part 2:

"Quick Buy" Shop View. I actually feel like the current Shop UI doesn't quite do justice on making a better shopping experience. On the one hand, filtering items and not scrolling down is a great change. On the other hand, scattering the items into different view panes can create additional challenges.

The old Shopping UI was good in the respect that you could instantly see everything that was available in the shop in an expandable list view. In the new UI, you'd have to check the icons above, and hope you're not color-blind or for some reason, miss an entire category of items that might be available to you. Ideally, this new "quick buy" UI would combine what was great about the previous shop UI, but also incorporate the good elements of the new UI. Perhaps when I have the time, I'll create some sort of sandbox to show this concept...

Free Access to Lucretia Potions: Right now, you have to pay every time you want to use these. The fee is minimal, but it can add up over time. I suggest that once you unlock it, you could have another unlocked ability to permanently access the buff without future payment. IE, perhaps pay 5000 Z-tokens for being able to have forever future access to this without cost.

@mods: Am I allowed to double post in this thread? I see that in the other suggestion threads double posts aren't disallowed but it's still worth asking for before I might think about putting this in its own post because the first new updated idea would have a lot of technical elements that could probably be its own thing.

Rorshach here. Refer to rule 1 the first post. As long as it is 1 week apart, it is fine to 'double post' only for this thread.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 11
6/27/2022 21:17:16   
Bannished Rogue

Customizable weapons:

Suggesting the implementation of more parts with a wider variety of weapon specials:

• Defense boost like Belmiah's Splendor
• -BtH like Shadow Mistress Katana
• Bleed
• Chi Shield
• Poison
• Spiritual Seed
• Fragile
• Choke

Also there should probably be 100 proc weapon variants

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 12
7/17/2022 4:16:08   

@Rorshach: I thought you meant posting *any* time but thanks again for the clarification!

Other various QOL changes I have thought of since:

1. Refresh shop button: This would be a nice addition so that you can get/transfer items from your vault without having to re-open the shop or load another shop. There's already a hack with this via transferring small amounts of tokens or just passing items around your inventory, but a button that would just reload it would be nice. Also could be useful for debugging or handling shop loading errors when necessary.

2. Estate Building Preview: It would be nice to be able to hover over an estate building and get a bird's eye view. When estates are attacked, usually you have to click around to see which building it is because the under attack indicator doesn't tell you which building it is, which can be tedious to deal with if you also have multiple copies of that building. I imagine it would be some kind of tooltip that just shows the following:

* Under Attack Status
* Building Level
* Basic Yield info

Basically, what you already see when you click into the building.

3. Persist wave send option: I think this is something a lot of people have been asking for. It's well known that (until this is actually worked on) that sending half armies is much better than full armies. Being able to exhaust at half-level or just manually send half easily would be nice. THis should be easily doable as all it would need is to persist the option that you send instead of resetting it like it does now.

4. Load Shops optionally: For farming, this would be nice to have. It could simply be a locally stored menu option like it is with all the other settings. This would not only benefit players whom want to farm faster, but also it would be better for the game's resources as you won't have to hit that endpoint as often. I can't imagine at least for some players whom farm intensely, they request this data hundreds of times a day, perhaps even thousands of times.

5. Preview Enemy Attacks/Skills: This might be useful for helping players strategize fights. Sometimes enemies are somewhat unpredictable in that their listed element is not the same element they attack with. Also their skills sometimes also use a different element.Allowing players to be able to see this information before a fight begins could be very helpful. This might be challenging and not provide much value but it could be useful in certain situations. Also for debugging purposes.

6. Show more stats in shop preview for weapons: This is a little empty of a section right now. It only shows the weapon type and the damage range. Ideally it would show more statistics like:
* Proc Rates
* BTH Lean
* Weapon Skills/Cost
* MasterCraft status
* Weapon "Type". IE, Bow, Axe, Dagger, etc.
* Item Last Updated / Created. Especially useful stat to note when players want to know if an item has been recently updated or not.
* Trigger Types (if applicable)

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AQ MQ  Post #: 13
8/5/2022 6:36:14   

Would it be possible for Z-Token Weapons like Sinmaw's Maul to count as set weapons for their respective Champion of Sinmaw set?
With the weapons being recently updated to remove their special in favour of increased damage, if given the set treatment, it'd let you switch between champion and creature form without taking a weapon slot.
It's nothing vital, or even really important, but feel it would be a pretty nifty bonus for those who decide to get the matching weapon and champion armour for sets like Airenal, Akriloth, and Tera'suul.
AQ AQW  Post #: 14
8/13/2022 12:44:33   

The Question


Would it be possible for Z-Token Weapons like Sinmaw's Maul to count as set weapons for their respective Champion of Sinmaw set?
With the weapons being recently updated to remove their special in favour of increased damage, if given the set treatment, it'd let you switch between champion and creature form without taking a weapon slot.
It's nothing vital, or even really important, but feel it would be a pretty nifty bonus for those who decide to get the matching weapon and champion armour for sets like Airenal, Akriloth, and Tera'suul.

They're 2 different sets of items altogether.

1 being the actual Sinmaw.

The other is "Champion" of Sinmaw.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 15
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