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Lukrecia's odds and ends

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12/20/2021 14:15:06   

Welcome to my gallery!

This is where I'll be posting bits and bobs related to AdventureQuest Worlds and my setting developed within: Blood Feud. Due to the forum's file upload system severly limiting the file size in comparison to what is stated in the rules, images embedded may be from external locations so please make sure to enable third-party image embed if you're visiting.
~ ~ ~
What is Blood Feud?

The land of Darkovia is in dire shape. While the former vampire queen Lady Safiria has been brought back from her after-afterlive with the help of her followers, she is yet to formally reclaim the throne from her cousin Lady Solani who is not quite eager to just give it back. Asides her however, there are more competitors laying claim to the throne: the obsessive and obscene Lady Lukrecia, and the manipulative, blind blueblood Lady Ophelia. Tensions are astray, resources few, and conflicts ever-present; the four queens now must rule Darkovia in a political stalemate with a throne for one.

What exactly I plan to do with all this I'm not sure but when the characters write themselves, something will come out of it.
~ ~ ~

Gallery tags:
Want to find something quick and easy? I'll be adding category tags under each post for easy searching without having to keep an updated index. Use Ctrl+F to search for them throughout the page. I will be updating this list of tags instead as we go forward.
- $BloodFeud - Anything related to Blood Feud.
- $4-koma - Four panel tongue-in-cheek comics that I usually doodle. Pronounced 'yonkoma' by the way.


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1/5/2022 3:24:13   

(picture soon)

Lady Safiria
(of Lilitu Nyx)

As tall and imposing as she is graceful and gorgeous, Safiria has inspired artists, poets, sculptors, and many more over her extensive reign over Darkovia. Her rule was challenged many times too, but remained absolute until her recent demise and reincarnation. Benevolent but strict - and arguably a bit of a control freak - her trust does not come lightly; her rewards for those who follow her are great but her punishment for those who do not is greater. Such was the fate of perhaps her most eager yet most rogue follower: Lukrecia. In fact, her recent betrayal leading to her death just added fuel to the fire, making her trust issues evolve into what one could call paranoia. Her short temper she is known for also does not help.

Even in her private life, despite being high-maintenace, Safiria never needed an army servants for her every wish. She prefers taking care of her needs by herself, whether it being her extensive collection of beauty products (she is also the author of the No-Mirrors Makeup Manual) or her peculiar taste in blood. That way, she also have nobody to get under her skin.

Looking aside her obvious shortcomings, those who befriend Safiria gain a powerful ally and those swearing their blades by her name will serve a Queen that will care for them.
AQW  Post #: 2
1/5/2022 4:35:53   

(picture soon)

Lady Solani
(of Cor Mortis)

Coming from Safiria's direct bloodline, she inherited her beauty and charm much the same, which gained her many a followers during the conquest for the vampire throne, but also frenzied her rivals. Solani is the first to ever rule the vampires of Darkovia since the fall into its eternal night Safiria brought upon it, and her plans for it are none the smaller: uniting the creatures of the night into co-existance and allyship against a greater foe. An admirable goal but one many does not rely on her specifically to carry out. Coming from a clan known for its assassinations of which she rose to the top under dubious circumstances, Solani has quite a few skeletons in her closet. If Ophelia is to be believed, much more than mere skeletons too. Her not-as-hidden-as-she-thinks-it-is romance with the lycan king Constantin, does not help her case either, especially in the eyes of her aunt Safiria.

Like her aunt, she cares deeply for her appearance although more from the 'bio' angle. Solani has a great interest and affinity in gardening and flowers, specifically poisonous ones, roses and Nightshades being her favourites. She also has some experience in the fields of alchemy too, and is known to have a keen sense for potions and especially poisons. Suffice to say, it does not help her image.

Indeed, one could have every reason to not trust Solani. From being labeled a 'compulsive backstabber' to 'the second coming of the Night' her influence has been, to say the least, mixed. However the prospect of a final act of peace in the Lands of Darkness is too great for many to ignore.
AQW  Post #: 3
1/5/2022 5:19:03   

(picture soon)

Lady Lukrecia

Growing up as an apprentice to an alchemist at an edge town of Darkovia, it is rumored that the vampire queen Safiria herself helped guiding her home when she got lost in a forest one night, laying the groundwork for her obsession. She later went into servitude for the queen as a human but despite her impressive skill in blood magic, she was too rogue and bull-headed for the Queen's convenience. As such, Safiria had to send in her specialist, Carmilla to take care of her in the way she knew best. Alas, Carmilla's poisoned lips backfired however, accidentally killing Lukrecia as she she was turning, resulting in the blonde half-blood catastrophy we know today.

Lukrecia would later obtain the Shadow Rapier - a silver rapier collecting the soul of her fallen foes - and her power, her depravity, and her love for her beloved queen would grow exponencially from there. The halls of her castle are decorated with the image of Safiria, her courtyard filled with sculptures and bookshelves stacked with literature of her likeness. She has grown from a mere servant to a full-on peer dedicated on getting the object of her desire, whether that means being a friend or a foe of hers. No deed is too immoral. No price too large. No sacrifice too great.

With a blade of immense power, the blood of Carmilla flowing in her veins, disgusting obscenity, pervasive idiocy and just about having Lady Luck herself swept off her feet, Lukrecia has become a name dreaded between circles both kine and kindred... for all the wrong reasons.

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AQW  Post #: 4
1/5/2022 10:58:38   

(picture soon)

Lady Ophelia

Ophelia's vampiric beauty has just about vanished when she was mutilated. According to her, she was head of Cor Mortis before Solani overthrew her and disposed of her, taking her fangs and her sight, but not her will. Despite her best efforts, other clans also turned on her, forcing her to flee Darkovia altogether. For centuries she lived in exile in the Northlands, mastering a special breed of spellcasting combining her own frozen blood and the spirits she gathered to chill them. The result was nothing to be shy about.

Much like her past, her present is also wrapped in a mystery. Her residence is unknown to all, such like her interest. All is known is her cold, vengeful soul stopping at nothing to take Solani down... perhaps because that is all there is to know.
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1/15/2022 11:15:06   

Special Socks

There have been a poll in-game about which NPC should be in the up-and-coming Valentine's Day event. It was... uh... poorly executed, to say the least. Lukrecia gives Carmilla her two cents if the gloves would have come off, with the added possibility to choose any and all NPC from the game. And she ruins Juvania in the process.

What has been seen cannot be unseen, and now you have to suffer with me for eternity. Muhahahaha!

Tags: $BloodFeud, $4-koma

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1/16/2022 16:30:28   

Tie Breaker

What? I'm not that twisted, I have enough trouble with Google already without an account, not going to make one just for a poll.
Safiria managed to squeeze out a nanofiber sized lead of one vote in the end against Death. That puts her in the victory circle of Gravelyn and Sepulchure. Whether it is for the better or worse, we'll see.

Tags: $BloodFeud, $4-koma

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AQW  Post #: 7
2/3/2022 10:45:46   

Hero's Heartless Day

Sally got a plan... an evil, evil plan. If she won't be involved with so much dark and evil this Hearts' Day I'll be pretty disappointed. Come on AE, this thing writes itself.

Tags: $BloodFeud, $4-koma

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AQW  Post #: 8
6/11/2022 4:43:26   


No, Lu, come back, it read 'June' not 'Jan'... oh well. Yes, it's been a while I know. I got jaded and took a break from that Valentine's Day event... only to come back to an Ultra Boss Nulgath release. Funny how that goes, eh? I guess the more things stay the same the more- no, wait that's not it.

Tags: $BloodFeud, $4-koma

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AQW  Post #: 9
7/1/2022 8:38:58   

Cardinal Sin

The most dynamic pose I've drawn so far in that last panel, starting to really get the hand of the whole anatomy game here. I think it turned out pretty good. You could almost say I'm proud of it. Hah?

Tags: $BloodFeud, $4-koma

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