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Up to Date Pure FO Mage Rating?

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1/8/2022 12:38:30   
musiliu adewunmi

I am lvl 134 guardian now, I want to request a rating for my character(link under avatar), and items I should have at 150

I found this equipment build, what would you change to get instead? (the full offensive mage guardian inventory)

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1/24/2023 1:15:34   
musiliu adewunmi

Hi, I wanted to ask is pure offensive mage still the meta build? Is it still the strongest?

I want to request the current up to date rating for my character, link under avatar
I want to request for lvl 150
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1/24/2023 11:23:46   
Primate Murder

It pretty much is, yeah.

Dex is no longer required for the accuracy of Magic attacks/spells, so I'd suggest switching it to Cha or End. Which one will you be going for?
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1/24/2023 15:57:04   
musiliu adewunmi

I think I will take CHA, unless you recommend one or the other? also considering I am f2p and don't spend z tokens, thanks

also, I heard something there's some current frostval armors I should be getting by spending 2000 z tokens for a portrait and then reselling the portrait for 1800 later, can you elaborate on this? I heard Angelic Robes is good

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1/24/2023 20:49:53   

Angelic Robes is much more Useful and I think best for

MAGES who go for CHA and LUK stats like mine.

Since some skills and buff requires sp and we have little HP pool, and with Purple Rain heavily nerfed.

Angelic robes will be much more helpful for refilling SP with Essence Orb.

For Healing Spells I go for Kiss of Amesha V and have Terror Shield for another resources of Heal with Angelic Robes you can heal more and take advantage of other healing resources.

Sadly i didn't have the pixel ether so I always rely with Essence of Carnage for Mana Restore.

The Misc from Nightmare Frostval is worth buying as well if your after with Heal Boosts.

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1/24/2023 22:57:38   
musiliu adewunmi

I decided CHA, but someone told me there are very few spellcasting armors, is pure mage spellcaster?

Also, isn't the stats the same as beastmage? What's the difference between that and pure mage, which one is stronger for f2p? Is it possible to run both at the same time since it's same stats?

I was also told beastmage would be stronger for a f2p guardian since there are more options than pure mage, is this true? Or can I still just play both?

For Primate Murder, could I get a rating for both pure mage and beastmage? Or give me the one you think is better for my situation. Thanks

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1/25/2023 0:42:31   
Primate Murder

There's no full elemental coverage for spellcaster lean armors, but FO mages can use most of the same armors warriors do - if at a slightly higher sp cost. Very few people actually play pure spellcaster builds.

Beastmages generally (though not always) prefer to train Dex instead of Luck, as it is still responsible for about a quarter of pet/guest accuracy. The main difference between pure and beast mages is that the former almost exclusively use boosters (Cha investment gives ~15% extra damage with double Poelala), while the latter tend to branch out and often favor tomes and FD leans to save on spell slots. If you don't have two UR GGBs for Poelala pet/guest, a pure mage has little reason to invest in Cha.

With all that said, AQ is a very forgiving game, and the community is endlessly innovative. I've seen players with 0 Mainstat use solely Cha, End, and Luck to beat some of the toughest challenges in the game, and others create characters build solely around spoons. In the end, it's not a question of what you can play, but rather - what do you want to?

Do you wish to blast your foes to pieces while yelling 'Unlimited Power!'? Outlast even the harshest of boss gauntlets with half your hp remaining, 'just in case'? Do you want your pets and guests to tear into the foe like it owes them money or stay in the background so as not to distract onlookers from your awesomeness?

Find a combination that speaks to you, that you'd find fun to play, and I'll do my best to create a comprehensive rating.
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1/25/2023 1:05:04   
musiliu adewunmi

I want to run INT/LUK/CHA

I decide I want a Full Offense beastmage with int,luk,cha, thanks for the rating (ignore my current lvl, I want rating for lvl 150)

Forgot to mention I'll only have about 750m gold at 150, so I might need priorities which to buy first, thanks

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1/25/2023 7:08:54   
Primate Murder

Let's see what I can do...


Pyromancer's Bloodblade and Thunder Lord's Staff remain exceptional weapons. Likewise, Sila's Staff remains handy at all levels.

Loremaster's Tome contains earth, light, and harm spells.

Knightmare Standard toggles to inflict Panic. You can use this to lower monster's damage, or pair it with Fae Wanderer to recover sp+mp.

MADM Arsenal toggles between sacrificing damage to boost MRM and sacrificing MRM to boost damage.

Alchemical Unity (returns on Blarney) inflicts Blind based on damage dealt. Great synergy with Vamp's Evolved Form or any weapon-based skills. Until then, Nightbane Clawstaff gives you an earth guest that heals hp based on damage dealt.


Pyromancer Bloodmage is still great, and Paladin armor has several guests, toggles, and nukes even for Necromancers.

Archmage Apprentice is a spellcaster lean armor.

Haunted Dragonlord Armor comes with a wind skill that pays hp for increased damage and accuracy.

Cthonian Count (vampire variant) compresses earth/ice. Its Evolved Form can deal increased damage and heal you based on damage dealt. Great synergy with MADM Arsenal or Pyro Bloodblade.

Taladosian armor follows old standards, so its skill is incredibly powerful.

Necromancer is the single most powerful armor for beastmages, so I highly recommend you assume the title and level the class. It has Spellcaster lean, Int toggle and Haunting spell for a powerful darkness nuke. It also has qc mana regen, a skill to cure status effects, spells that consume fear/bleed to heal hp/mp, a strong fear infliction spell, a powerful harm nuke against mobs with Freedom, a status nuke, passive barriers, passive potency and resistance, more guests than any other armor in the game, and pretty much anything else you can think of.


Tiamoth's Fall is great for dodge builds. Once you get Bun-Bannerets and Alchemical Unity, you'd be dealing some pretty sweet damage even after your turn ends.

Celtic Wheel remains the best option for water.

MADM Barrier is another good dodge option.

Pies has Cha drive.

Eternal Champion's Defiance gives +20 Panic potency for Knightmare Standard. Switch to Mother's Growth Shield (Cha drive) on Mother's Day.

Umazen Aspis gives Paralysis potency for synergy with Queen's Corgi.

Paladin comes with an in-build shield.

Darkness doesn't really have any good shields. The best I can recommend is Twilight Set shield.


Destruction Burst is still a great nuke, and Sizzler Splosion is nice against high-mrm wind mobs. Purple Rain still works, even if it now requires a turn and has some small downsides.

If you're willing to buy and sell (at 90% sellback) old Frostval Paintings, Frostval '19 has Vidrir's Judgment - an autohit energy spell for synergy with Archmage Apprentice armor.

Glimpse of the Mountain has high chance of Petrifying the monster. Synergy with Haunted Dragonlord's armor skill. (use with Frost Effigy for an additional +20 to save). If monster is immune to petrification, use Vamp + Nightbane Clawstaff.

Santarctic Crusher is a very strong spell against ice mobs, though you'll need to finish the battle within 5 turns.

Necromancer gives you Deathless Dracolich guest (dark, inflicts burn), Ghost Ally (ice/energy, autohit and 1.5x guest damage), Ancestral Wraith (wind, 1.5x guest damage), Anima Manifestation (harm, 1.5x guest damage). Paladin gives Manifestation (light, toggles between booster mode and dealing 2x damage).

Sugar Gobbler (inflicts Petrify) returns on Mogloween.

Bun-Banneret (returns to the Void in ~1.5 months). Toggles to give you MRM. Great synergy with dodge items like Tiamoth's Fall.


Underwyrmling toggles to damage monster's sp, denying them the use of skills.

Fae Wanderer consumes Panic to heal sp/mp.

Spotter Drake gives Status Potency. Use pet version of Bun-Banneret when you're not trying to inflict anything.

Frost Effigy gives potency to all effects that stun and alter resistances (freeze, petrify, soul rend, thermal shock, etc).

Adept Protean inflicts earth EleVuln. Switch to Woolzard (toggles between sleep and elevuln, can enhance both modes for sp) when it returns to the Void in ~2 weeks.

Your Ghost Hound works nicely with Necromancer, as the armor has a strong fear-infliction skill.

Lepre-Chan is a f2p light booster.

Model 294 inflicts EleVuln to boost the damage of your D-Burst or necromancer nukes.


Essence Orb, Shadowfeeder and Grakma remain mainstays. Perhaps, Loaded Dice as well, if you intend on using Necromancer's fear-inflicting skill.

Rejuvenating Necklace helps in keeping up your mp.

Goggernaut Helm gives +10 bth to every attack on the field. Not the best misc to use with a dodge set-up (as it increases monster accuracy), but otherwise exceptional as it also gives bth to your pet and guest, and is not /2 for spells.

Love Potion (returns on Snugglefest) inflicts a qc, stacking Control. Unless the monster has Freedom, a careful use of Purple Rain and Essence Orb can leave them stunned for the entire duration of the battle.

Queen's Crown summons a water guest that has high chance of paralyzing the monster, particularly with Umazen Aspis shield.

For the rest of the slot(s), there's way too many options, so I'm just going to provide a small list and let you choose for yourself which one you want:

- Frostgale's Remorse boosts the damage of your ice/wind attacks, and gives another +20 bonus to Corgi's paralysis infliction.

- Order of Terror and Horror increases all healing you take and gives +20 Panic Potency.

- Undead Knight Minion Helm inflicts Bleed (with -20 to save if used in Necro armor), which can then be eaten by Grasp Essence skill to recover mp.

- Clever Disguise (returns on April Fool's) skips your turn and pays some sp to give your pet and guest guaranteed celerity.

- Olympax Medal has a f2p Imbue skill. It doesn't work on spells, but if you join Nautica, your Taladosian armor skill can deal water damage!

- Celestial Phoenix Feather inflicts monster with EleVuln after each attack. Great if you want to stack the odds before casting D-Burst or Saering Fear or Blood Pyre.

- Sunburst Amulet inflicts a powerful, long-lasting burn without a hit check.

Finally, if you ever find yourself with a UR, your first priority would be to grab Prime Chaos Orb. It's one of the most broken miscs in the game, second only to Essence Orb, and it allows you to shuffle monster's resists. A few uses of the qc skill - and you can freely use elecomped armor skills against monsters of armor's own element.

Edit: As for gold, there's only a week remaining for the winter donation contest. People are going to be sniping for those leaderboard spots, and if you log in and win a battle every 24 hours (for tokens) and every 8 hours (for gold), there's a reasonable chance of you receiving some of those donations :)

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AQ DF  Post #: 9
1/25/2023 15:45:46   
musiliu adewunmi

Thanks for the rating!

Can you explain why Knightmare Standard would be better than Arctic Athame?

And would you recommend Mana Crystal Barrier instead of Paladin built in shield?

Also, could you go over my current equipment including the shared storage and list all the ones that are useless for my build and can safely sell?

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 10
1/26/2023 22:33:33   
Primate Murder


Can you explain why Knightmare Standard would be better than Arctic Athame?

Santarctic Crusher sacrifices half damage for a status nuke, so Arctic Athame's spell damage boost would also be halved. Knightmare Standard inflicts Panic, to be eaten by Fae Wanderer for mp, and that lets you cast Santarctic Crusher again sooner - which should, on average, be more useful.

If you're using a pure damage ice spell, Arctic Athame, of course, is much better.


And would you recommend Mana Crystal Barrier instead of Paladin built in shield?

Sure! (though you'll need to change your no-drop element or use compression to fit in all the elements)


Also, could you go over my current equipment including the shared storage and list all the ones that are useless for my build and can safely sell?

Outside of Father Time shield, your character page has no useful rares - so aside from that, feel free to sell everything I haven't mentioned above.

From your vault, sell Fairy Floss Spear, Fruitcake Zard, and Light Orb. Everything else is rare, so even if it doesn't fit your current build, I'd keep it. Just in case.
AQ DF  Post #: 11
1/26/2023 23:25:21   
musiliu adewunmi

Thanks, what do you think about Cerberus Ward shield, can it replace the Twilight Set shield? It has same resistance and better melee/magic defenses

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 12
1/26/2023 23:56:21   
Primate Murder

Sure, that works.
AQ DF  Post #: 13
1/28/2023 17:58:50   
musiliu adewunmi

I noticed there is no water spell, is there a reason? Is it because monsters weak to water are also weak to another element that's covered here?

Also, can you explain how olympax medal converts energy to water for taladosian armor? I don't understand that, it looks like the sp cost would be too much like 1000 sp cost for just one cast using the medal and the armor skill

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 14
1/28/2023 22:16:00   
Primate Murder

There are no outstanding water spells currently available. The best I can offer is Healing Branch tome: healing, mp restoring, DoT-curing, and efficient water spells.

The medal gives you two turns of Imbue. The skill + two casts of Taladosian stack up to a whooping 1,568 sp over two turns - which is more than your entire sp bar - but with Essence Orb you can afford it, and:

- 2x skill damage,

- 2.1 elecomp,

- 2 casts,

- 130% expected water resist of an energy mob

should equate to 1,092% melee. That should delete most of the monster's hp bar even before accounting for pet/guest damage and lucky strikes.

It is by no means the most efficient use of your sp, but with this set-up, you should be killing most energy monsters within 2-3 turns.

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AQ DF  Post #: 15
1/29/2023 7:17:33   

Here's water options, some of which you may have to wait until the season but make a list if need be.


From Grenwog: Trouble A-Poaches!:
Dryad Aqua Blast

Water spell, is overcharged, so has *4/3 MP cost and deals *29/24 (or 120.833...%) spell damage (or 241.66...% Melee damage), has a further +5% damage for MC bonus

Level 5 15 35 55 75 95 115 135 150
Type - - - - - - - - G
PowLvl 5 15 35 55 75 95 115 135 153

MPLvl 5 15 35 55 75 95 115 135 152
MPCost 67 101 178 268 369 482 608 745 871

Base 8 15 30 48 69 93 120 150 179
Rand 17 28 58 94 136 184 238 298 358
Stat 133 199 331 463 595 727 859 991 1109.8
BtH 1 3 8 13 18 23 28 33 38

MCPrice 35 47 178 1226 9682 77859 627513 5059007 24205166
MCSell 17 23 89 613 4841 38929 313756 2529503 12102583


From Season of Consequences: Entropy: Deren Asunder. Grand Erosion. Kam says:

Water spell, 4-hits, 1/3 base lean and -10 inaccurate lean. Is overcharged, but pays the damage gained from this and MC (so 30% of spell damage, or 60% Melee) to attempt Water EleVuln on the foe. 60% Melee becomes 120% with a 50% save, have it last 3 turns and we get 40% per turn, x(85/75) due to the inaccurate lean and we get 45.33...%, then /1.4 since it affects the player's whole side of the field and we get ~32.38% Melee per turn. So the spell attempts to inflict a +(32.38 x Hits / 4)% Water DmgTkn EleVuln for 3 turns, 50% save, inflicts with INT/LUK vs mob's STR/LUK (standing firm in the face of the watery onslaught).

Level 5 15 35 55 75 95 115 135 150
Type - - - - - - - - G
PowLvl 5 15 35 55 75 95 115 135 153

MPLvl 5 15 35 55 75 95 115 135 152
MPCost 70 106 187 281 387 506 638 782 915

Base 11 19 39 63 91 123 159 199 239
Rand 11 20 40 64 92 124 160 200 238
Stat 133 199 331 463 595 727 859 991 1109.8
BtH 1 3 8 13 18 23 28 33 38

MCPrice 35 47 178 1226 9682 77859 627513 5059007 24205166
MCSell 17 23 89 613 4841 38929 313756 2529503 12102583

Grand erosion is good with subsequent casts, as the elevuln starts to help


Whirl Tide

«Accurate Water spell. Mastercraft; gains +4 BTH.»

Location: Spell Scroll Quest
Element: Water
Type G G G G G G G G
Level 5 15 25 35 45 55 65 75 85 95 105 115 125 135 135 150
PowLvl 5 MC 18 MC 25 MC 38 MC 45 MC 58 MC 65 MC 78 MC 85 MC 98 MC 105 MC 118 MC 125 MC 135 MC 138 MC 153 MC
MPLvl 5 17 25 37 45 57 65 77 85 97 105 117 125 135 137 152

Price 35 47 81 178 451 1226 3428 9682 27439 77859 221019 627513 1781722 5059007 5059007 24205166
Sell 17 23 40 89 225 613 1714 4841 13719 38929 110509 313756 890861 2529503 2529503 12102583

MPCost 50 92 104 146 166 212 238 285 318 371 408 466 506 559 569 653
Hits: 9
Type: Magic
Element: Water
Damage 1-2 3-5 3-6 5-9 6-10 8-13 9-15 11-19 12-21 15-25 16-27 19-32 21-35 23-39 24-40 28-46
Stat% 13.80 26.15 27.5 38.5 41.2 50.75 54.9 63.83 68.60 77.53 82.3 91.23 96 102.85 104.93 115.2
BTH 11 15 16 20 21 24 26 29 31 34 36 39 41 43 44 48

Whirl Tide is nice because it's 9 hits
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1/29/2023 21:44:35   
musiliu adewunmi

For the Umazen Aspis, what is your argument against the claim that most bosses have Freedom and can't be paralyzed so it's "useless" and not as good a shield as something like Evolved Protector Shield?

For my setup why would you recommend that instead of evolved protector shield?

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 17
1/29/2023 23:53:31   
Primate Murder

That bosses usually come after 4-6 regular fights where Umazen Aspis will be a lot more useful? And that most modern bosses have phases where they can - and should - be stunned? Still, the choice is up to you.

Mind, if you don't want to use Umazen, Mystic Father Time would be a lot more useful than Protector.
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