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Some ideas to discuss/support

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1/12/2022 19:54:11   
Bu Kek Siansu

Feel free to discuss/support some ideas from here.

Augment senses
Greater Bypass
Symphony of Silence

Amulet of Poelala
S.M.O.K.E Machine

I would like to see any of them as a Package/GGB item.
Otherwise, as a NON-Package/GGB item?

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1/13/2022 19:58:52   

Well, this is unexpected! Thank you for the kind words, as well as for taking the time to look through some of my older posts - some were created several years ago at this point!
AQ  Post #: 2
1/14/2022 8:50:55   

Ohhh Symphony of Silence sounds like a great spell against really annoying bosses with heavy status effects.
That spell would help everyone who does not oneshot everything anyway and play over time, hence vulnerable to effects over time.

Excellent suggestion!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
1/14/2022 9:37:43   

Tomb-Tome the earth/darkness tome all tome mages need.
AQ  Post #: 4
1/14/2022 18:14:04   

I really like the idea of the Augment Senses. We really do need something that can help pets and guests accuracy. It can be costly paying the upkeep for an overcharged pet and guest just for them to miss 1/2 of the hits on a dodgy mob/boss. Whether it’s compressed in an armor or spell or misc I think it’s a pretty good idea
AQ  Post #: 5
1/14/2022 18:59:02   

In the interests of this thread drawing attention to more than my own ideas (though I'm very grateful for the support!), I'm very interested in the items that @Dreiko Shadrak has been posting - they're extremely creative! I'm very fond of Ancient pox for its potential applications in preventing enemy resource regeneration. I also love the idea for Fractal of Torment - would be a major benefit to DoT status builds.
AQ  Post #: 6
1/15/2022 18:17:14   

As a healing enthusiast and inspiration for these items, I obviously have to support CH4OT1C!'s Warrior's Revival and Dryad's Staff of Restoration.

I'd also like to support Primate Murder's Vizalain Corruption Set and some parts of his Necromancer rework, which sadly cannot be implemented in its entirety. Specifically, I like the Undead Paladin guest, which would work incredibly well with my Moglin suggestion, and Leech Anima.

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1/18/2022 0:54:29   

I'd like to support these ideas from the front pages of the suggestion forum:

Dreiko's Guard's Gambit and Alchemical Exchanger

Zork's BioHaZard

Sapphire's Hypnotizing Locket, Lucky Horseshoe Hilted Silver Inlaid Sabre, and Gold Ticket plus the clone revamp below it
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1/18/2022 3:49:07   
Deaf of Destiny

I would love to see Icy's journal (Ice tome) in the game.

need more new pool in the void, i love primate's idea about Zhoom why not in the Void, by mean zhoom is basically boss and two phase. In the end of reward >> Call Zhoom (guest pet)
Post #: 9
1/18/2022 14:15:48   

As for Bosses/Challenge Fights, I think these would be awesome:


Kiretsu, Great Dragon of the Land
Tencho, Great Dragon of the Sun
Arashi, Great Dragon of the Skies


Titanium Dragon

Primate Murder's

Zhoom, The Bounty Hunter
Koschei the Deathless
The Faithful
AQ  Post #: 10
1/18/2022 15:49:58   

Oh boy, did I make that suggestion in 2013? lol

Hope you don't mind me pitching my own idea: Asura the Demigod. I just love the Lore behind the Asura and I don't think we have much of Hindu mythology in AQ. Gonna make some changes to that suggestion now that Spellcaster leans are a thing lol

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AQ AQW  Post #: 11
1/18/2022 18:12:49   

I'd like to give a shout-out to Primate Murder's suggestions for being consistently some of the best and most interesting ones on the subforum. They've also been helpful whenever I needed feedback for my own suggestions and really helped me understand the balancing of AdventureQuest's mechanics through DMs.

In particular, here are a few of their suggestions I like the most:

* Zweihander — I really like the idea of a weapon being unable to be used with a shield equipped and having a damage bonus to compensate. Not sure how the elecomp bonus would be calculated, especially with armors like Griffinrider, but it's an idea I think has some design space worth exploring more.

* Memento Mori Shield — A shield with an effect similar to the Paladin's Defiance? Yes please. Could be extremely powerful when paired with Celerity.

* Artillerist — Has a weapon skill that inflicts Daze and a spell skill comparable to Bloodmage in damage that also Dazes yourself. I could easily see this being a very strong alternative to Geomancer Bloodmage.

* Necrotic Artifact — I want this item for my Necromancer beastmage build and I want it yesterday. Only thing I'd change is to have the spell not be quick-cast, but otherwise it's really good.

And if I want to toot my own horn a bit, I've been active in the Suggestions subforum for a while and here are a couple of my favorite ideas I've done:

* Splendor of Yendor — I like Nethack, and considering what the titular "Burning Question" is, I'm going to guess that Cray likes it a lot too. Moral Compass mechanics are underutilized and my concept here would be an interesting way to bring them back.

* Paladin Slayer Set — I mostly just want to see Antipaladins become a thing in AQ. Here's how I would do it. Synergizes most with Backlash builds but the set's hopefully strong enough to be usable by Warriors in the more general sense.

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AQ  Post #: 12
1/18/2022 18:43:11   

I've just had a dive into some of the other suggestion threads - you guys have some fantastic ideas!

@battlesiege15: How could you shamelessly plug your own ideas! Over the years, I've always kept track of your suggestions because they're always so well put together. I've loved your Titanium Dragon suggestion since it was released (though I can't imagine how painful it would be to implement!). I'm also particularly fond of Titan Colossus (it's the only armour suggestion I know of that forces you into using an in-built shield) and Celestial Aura (it's such an interesting concept to remove tags). You always put a lot of thought into into your work, and your suggestions often play with tags. Trigger effects are pretty underused in this game (with a few notable exceptions), so I definitely agree with the idea of making them more interesting.

@Zennistrad: What I like about your suggestions is that you never know what you might get. One update might be a standalone item, and the next might be an entire class. As a mage, I really like your idea for Stormcaller sceptre (that once per battle wind boost is a nice contrast to the Arcane cutlasses). Black hole sun is also a really interesting to play with offensive and defensive effects tied to single elements. Whilst I'm not sure how useful it would be in a broader sense, I like the unique way it's designed.

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AQ  Post #: 13
1/19/2022 0:25:07   


. Black hole sun is also a really interesting to play with offensive and defensive effects tied to single elements. Whilst I'm not sure how useful it would be in a broader sense, I like the unique way it's designed.

Thanks! Admittedly, this one is entirely just a reference to the song of the same name and its lyrics, but it was fun to design.

I actually tend to be somewhat biased towards classes since they're by far the most mechanically expansive and complex "items" in AQ. I don't expect that any of my class suggestions will actually ever be implemented because of this, but coming up with ideas for them is a great way of obtaining a deeper understanding of AQ's gameplay balance and they're the most fun to design. I didn't mention any of them here because, as I said before, I don't expect that they'll actually be put into the game as I envisioned them.

(I have noticed that Cray's been sneaking in a few stealth Kingdom of Loathing references into various bits of flavor text since I posted the six class suggestions based on KoL's classes. Probably a coincidence but it makes me think sometimes.)
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