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some balance and mechanic changes

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2/11/2022 5:54:45   

this game should start to hear players' suggestions. Active players knows what game needs.

I have these suggestions, based on my PvP experience:

- Revitalization cannot be comboed with Critical Heal anymore. 1690 Heal is insane
- Assault Bot first attak ignores 15% defense (or resistance) like Botanical Bog. (3 turns cooldown). The second erase 100% of all debuffs on user, like Malf, Smoke, poison.
- Hammer Greande effect reduction from 3 to 2 turns.
- New rule of who start first can use only basic ataks shouldn't exist. This is just to benefit STR builds (which start by last), and SUPP builds (which start first and can use Aux as always). And of course, is annoying. People should be able to use any skill at first, to make game more dynamic and strategic.
- Mini Rex back to PvP, to counter all fast builds, supp and Str. No more warmup. Ive seen 2400 HP teams at 2v2, combined with Ofensive and OP cores. Mini Rex should counter them.
- Minor Curse effect redution from 3 to 2 turns. This make Dark Omen good again.
- Cyber is a bad class, is pointless to turn cyber, because almost every class is better. Tech mage bolt deal more damage than Plasma Grenade, Tactical Grenade is as good as Plasma. And cyber has no str and Supp builds. My changes: - Kernel Panic deal 10% damage of primary, same as Cripple Strike of Tlm; -DNA improvement increase 1% of highest stats, and reduce 1% of deflect chance, up to 15% more stats and 15% less deflect chance. So supp and str should be back to pvp. (note: Dna improvement needs 42 base Dex at max level, so people have to sacrifice supp to have less deflect chances, which is fair for me).

And by last, reduce Crit/Block/Deflect and all luck chances by half, or change this logic. Ive seen 24 Tech defleting more than 150 tech. And 30 Dex blocking 42 dex. So Supp/Str build with low stats can deflect as much as a high stats? My idea: Def/Block/Crit should be not relative to enemy's Dex/Tech/Supp, but a fixed value. MY idea: Each stat poit increase Defl/Block/Crit by 0,1%. 24 dex= 2,4%. And can deflect as well.
50+94 tech (144 tech) = 14,4%
80+80 tech (160 tech) = 16%

50+8+4+4 dex (66 dex) = 6,6% block chance
60+8+4+4+28 (102 dex) = 10,2%

150+94 dex (244 dex) = 24,4% chance

125+4+4+5+94 suppport (232 supp) = 23,2% crit chance

And to every +10 HP added, Def/Block/Crit is reduced in 0,1%. For example, a 2000 (2,4% defl chance) Str versus a 900 tank (24,4% def chance). It seems the tank gonna deflect more, but the tank need to do 3 ataks to take 800 HP of the Str, while the Str need to do 1 atak to take half of the Tank HP. So the Str has 2,4% * 3 = 6,2% chance that one of the Tank attak gonna be deflected. This is unfair isn't?

So, a 45+94+4+2 (145 tech = 14,5% deflect) Focus 5 Tech Mage with 1450 HP, would have 1450-750= 700 HP added, 7% less deflect chance, so 7,5% chance to deflect. We need things to counter high HP, and thats a good one.

Another example: 42+8+4+4 (5,8% block) Str merc, with 2.000 HP (1250 HP added and 12,5% less block chance). His block chance would be 0%.

Supp mage with 232 supp (23,2% crit) with 1300 HP (550 HP added and 5,5% less crit chance = 17,7%)

So this mechanic gonna make sure a 24 tech wont deflect a 240 tech. And if that happens, the 24 tech gonna have 750 and not an infinite hp build.

Cores changes:
- Titan's Shroud, reduction from 30% Block/Def to 15%.
- Aim Assist (Gun/Aux) reduction from 15% to 7,5%.
- Hunter's Mark reduction from 20% to 10%.

With these changes:

- Shadow arts gonna be much more useful, adding 10% guaranted block chance
- 165+8+4+4+8+94 Supp mages with 750HP would have ~28% crit chance, which is FAIR. But ive seen 1400 HP ones with 120+4+4+5+94 Supp criting more than them, because the current logic doesnt make sense
- Luck gonna be very less common, adding more strategy and merit to the battles.
- This gonna be a very good nerf to the Supp teams. They always win because of criticals. But with around 18% crit chance, they wont be able to crit everytime.


Another changes i have:
- Seasonals should be available for the entire year. I never understand why we have monthly rares in a PvP game. This doesnt make sense. This doesnt increase the profits of the game. It is good only to create an hierarchy in the PvP, where only who have the seasonal cores can win, but new players cannot.
- No more legendary stats. I think it's too late for this change, but this is the most important one. Since 2014/15, i dont remember, this come destroying the game. Today we're in the golden times if compared to 2017/2018, when we had 40 Players only, no Doubled PvP rewards, not a single 2v2 Match. Rank up during this game was terrible. But before too late than never. Make new players have a chance against Experienced players, but with Legendary Boost, they become invincible.
Note: Ranks is not the problem here, i mean about the Stats, +40 Gun dmg, +30 dmg. Ranks (the number). The number should be a proof of the experience of the player.
I think due to the Legendary Stats we lost around 500 daily players, since 2014. If Legend Stats never existed, we could have 500 players at the same time.

Thats all

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