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Mundane ring misc item and other suggestions

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5/18/2022 4:05:04   

Mundane ring

Appearance: A simple looking grey ring.

Description: "Strange ... this seems to absorb magical energy"

Level Requirement: 50.

Price: 500 Gold.

Upkeep cost: Considering it takes away something that might be an advantage without giving something in return of equivalent value maybe this could break the mould and have 0 upkeep cost ?

Location: Yulgar's Intermediate Shop.

Things it does do:
Prevents weapons specials from happening on weapons with less then a 100% special chance.

Examples of things it does not do:
Does not give a damage boost like the normal 0% special chance weapons normally have (Use a standard 0% special chance weapon if you want that).
Does not effect weapons with a 100% special chance - outright or combined (examples include most tome's and bows).
Does not restore HP, MP or SP (Does one thing and one thing only).
Does not reduce or increased damage - incoming or outgoing - directly.

The idea of the item is simple - It converts a non 0% special weapon into a pseudo 0% special weapon so if you have a favorite weapon but it has a special and
it would be a better match for a full offensive armor if it did not then this gives that option ... more choice without messing with the balance to much however its
likely to not be best in slot at any given time - there are multiple other options that cover that.

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5/18/2022 18:01:11   

Squire variants of the paladin class and novice Variants of the necromancer class.

Re-Coloured armor art - less ornate / detailed / fancy compared to the full versions (more grey then gold in the case of paladin squire).

Available at level 40 with appropriately scaled down stats.

Unlike for the full versions, only has access to the the first 10 class skills once unlocked (which are scaled down to match the armor's level).

Going to need a level scaled down version of the first 10 class skill quests to make it possible if difficult for lower levels that want to get a start on paladin training.

Gives an early access taste of what the class can do without revealing everything.
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5/30/2022 8:48:32   

Considering how often I end up chain stunned in some form - probability suggests it shold not be happening as often as it does but reality laughs at that concept - so I just had the idea for a group of weapons that can attempt to return the favor on enemy NPCs, If in a somewhat unoriginal form:

Bellhammer series of weapons

Visually similar to the lighthammer in Robina's shop without the glow around the head of the hammer - adjust the color scheme to something similar to what was done for the elemental plate armors.

"This heavy hammer was used to ring the warning bells but it turns out it's a decent weapon. This one deals [element] damage"

Purchasable from Yuglars shop (Low to mid level versions) and Adders shop (high level versions).

Level range 10 to 135 versions are non guardian while level 136 to 150 are guardian only.

A special level 0 version that's a 50% stronger then the level 10 version (in between the level 10 version and the next tier, say Level 30) is available for tokens for anybody who wants it ASAP on a new character.

Naming follows the "Bellhammer of [elemental description]" naming series, so the fire version would be something like "Bellhammer of flames".

Given its a hammer it would be base damage heavy with a (similar to the omni knight blade) lower bonus to hit then average (it's heavy, so say 50% lower then average ?) .

Mastercraft effect is a chance to daze for a single turn when ever a hit is landed, with the probability to prevent an attack increasing with higher level variants (lowest level is something like 10%, highest level is something like 60%) but actual chance to cause a daze effect uses the standard formulas. Triggering the daze effect again before it expires (example: multi hit armor) resets the duration instead of increasing the "enemy cannot attack" chance.

No special attack but the head of the hammer can be clicked on to change it to a magic or ranged weapon (normal is melee) with the appropriate changes the stats.

Costs a bit more gold then average to account for technically having two mastercraft effects and maintaining the damage buff from having no special.

Not intended as a best in slot option but a fairly easy to access source of daze for characters if they want something a bit different from the meta AKA not the best but might have might prove to be useful sometimes.

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6/5/2022 5:10:36   

Luck based attack deflection

Additional effect added to the luck attribute which works like lucky strikes but reduces incoming incoming damage.

An attack deflection causes an attack that would normally hit to be deflected (shows the block / dodge animation as an indication that it happened) and has the damage reduced by 10%.

Higher luck increases the probability of a perfect block happening, something like 1% per 10 luck so 25% chance at 250 luck.

Alternatively, if the rate is excessive, then the amount deflected could remain at 10% but each point in luck increases the probability by 0.04% (or 0.2% chance per 5 points and 10% chance at 250 luck)

Operation Examples:

1) Enemy NPC attacks but PC blocks the attack - attack deflection is not triggered as the attack was blocked.

2) Enemy NPC attacks for 100 damage and the PC fails to block the attack but the block / dodge animation is displayed - damage of the attack is reduced to 90 before resistances as attack deflection was triggered

3) Enemy NPC attacks for 100 damage and the PC fails to block the attack - damage calculated as normal, attack deflection did not trigger
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6/9/2022 1:15:59   

Continuing on with the theme from the previous post:

Endurance impacts maximum MP.

The idea here is endurance is a representation of both physical and mental fortitude.

No change to how much it increases health or resistance to status effects.

What I suggestion is endurance increases maximum MP - but significantly less then intelligence - to the point where its almost possible (something like within 50% of) to get an 11th
spell cast out of a full MP bar if the character has maximum intelligence and maximum endurance (which is not going to be optimal for damage output or speed).

Something like 5% to 10% of the increase provided by increasing intelligence - more of a bonus then the main reason to increase it.

Current balance expects approximately 10 spell casts if I'm not mistaken - this change makes that 11th cast closer if the character has a way to regenerate MP.

Endurance is typically not a popular choice as one of the three attributes to increase so gives it a bit more value.
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6/9/2022 3:59:50   

Summoner Class.

Has the same requirements as necromancer and is the same class tier - while necromancer is focused on undead and darkness, summoner is element neutral and focused on pets and guests.

Like necromancer and Paladin the armor is L70, Skill level 0 is vs L70, Skill level 1 is vs L72, etc.

Class story line is along the lines of befriending creatures (these become the summons / guests), learning how to work together (booster skills) and self improvement (semi/passive skills).

Stat rolls use all attributes depending on whats trying to be done and fights are the typical two and heal or pre boss & post heal.

For example, the requirement to get the earth summon / guest requires the PC to demonstrate how tough they are (endurance roll) and the energy summon / guest will only join you if demonstrate
how fast you are (dexterity roll).

Has 20 Levels worth of skills - roughly split up like: 6 are pet and guest boosters, 8 Are pet and Guest summon / Call skills, 6 are active / more direct skills.

> Summon / Call skills from the armor are cheaper if class is 'Summoner' and cheaper again if in the Summoner armor (-10% / -20% cost).
> Summon / Call skills from the armor are more expensive if class is not 'Summoner' and more expensive again if not in the Summoner armor (+10% / +20% cost).
> Summon variants use the guest slot and use MP for upkeep, Call variants use the pet slot and use SP for upkeep.
> Each summon / call skill covers a single element with the adventure version being just damage and the guardian version having a chance to cause an effects like daze as the bonus.

> The top tier booster skill coverts summoner class pet damage to harm while active - this is partically expensive to maintain and has the reduced damage as expected of that sort
> of conversion - intended to keep the class summons useful if facing something with high overall elemental resists not as the main source of damage.

> Top tier active skill is Attack command - 8 Hits, 1 of each element, with each summon / guest attacking one after another with the cost split between MP and SP equally.

> Boost skills use a both MP and SP to be maintained and cover things like a damage boost, Accuracy boost and and Effect chance boost (Effect boost is limited to guests and pets)
> & Shifting to a defensive lean (Default is no lean, at 50% trained option to go mid defensive and 100% trained mid or full defensive lean.

> All skills are available to both adventurers and guardians but guardians have access to stronger variants of the armor and superior versions of skills.

Defenses are Magic highest, Melee and Ranged equal.

All resistances are equal, and increase with class level (Something like -20% at class rank 20 and starts at 100% for all for the standard class armor, superior version peaks at
-35% to all and exclusive to guardians but also has a higher level requirement) and the armor has a starting non offensive / defensive lean.

Note: resistances are off 100% resistance so the standard -20% resistance is 80% actual not healed by 20% in case its unclear.

The resistances make it always useful but never the best choice in any given encounter - has resistance to all elements but pretty much any other armor will beat it somewhere.

Visual appearance is something along the lines of a hooded pirate with a metal breastplate, Leather boots, gloves & belt and colored & trimmed fabric used elsewhere.

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