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Forgotten Melody - OOC, Closed

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8/26/2022 1:28:46   

The Prophecy

The Songstress weeps, and in her tears
The blood of ageless, untold years

The Thief needs not but takes the same
Lets not the poor keep lit the flame

The Mystic, blade and spell in hand
Gives all and more, and meets her end

The Gift brings power, life and death
Bends the world with but one breath

The Rain comes swift, tainted, cursed
Let not its sickly nectar course

Lest the Songstressí tears fall free
And drown the world in misery

- An obscure prophecy, author unknown - Note that while this does tie into the story, it is not something any player characters are likely to know about at the start.

The Premise

Your gift made itself known to you at a young age. A powerful gift it is, granting you influence over the world around you. With it, you can bend reality and influence the natural world.

You donít know where this gift came from, but you have had it from a young age. When you learned of it, you learned not through some violent trauma, or chaotic revelation, but peacefully. Perhaps you were painting, and the strokes of your brush breathed life into your vision. Perhaps writing, and the world seemed to have a way of responding to the words you wrote. Or were you singing? With each note, a bird came to land on your shoulders, or the wind swirled around you as if to join in.

Regardless of how you learned of your gift, how you honed it and how you have used it has always been your decision. While the gift tends towards peace and harmony, it bends to the will of its wielder. Maybe you use it to bring yourself wealth, or perhaps for the benefit of those around you. The choice, as always, is yours, but with choices come consequences, and who can predict how the cards might fall?

Whatever your gift, somehow, it has brought you to the city of Virinia. Maybe your gift has brought you fame, and that fame led you here. Perhaps you heard of an opportunity and your gift lines up perfectly. Or possibly, you simply felt something pulling you here. Or maybe you have simply lived here all your life.

Either way, youíre here now, and this is where our story beginsÖ


My name is Krey and I will be your DM today. Itís beenÖ. a long time since Iíve been here. My last activity was back in 2015 and Iím looking to get something going here again. Iím excited to dig into this, as itís something of a revisiting of a character that I have played on and off since around 2005. Not that she will necessarily be present, but the lore built up around her is the basis for this RP, and Iím super excited to share it!

It is worth noting that the lore built up around this character will play into the story here, and will have an impact on all of your characters. What this means is, for the purposes of this RP, there may be some things that come to light about your characters that you didnít know; this should not impact their history or anything, and after this RP you are free to retcon anything you donít like.

All that to say, for my characters involved, this story is considered canon, though the names might change if I were to use them elsewhere. For everyone else, I would consider the events canon, but feel free to take or leave anything that comes up in terms of lore if there are pieces you donít like for your characterís overall narrative. Let me know if there are any questions around that!

Now on to what Iím looking for in terms of players!

I would love to get 3-5 players other than myself. There isnít really an ideal in terms of the story, thatís just the range I like to have to work with. Worth noting, the style of this RP is a grand quest. Expect travel, combat, mysteries, and downtime.

Iíll need a bio from each player. Bio needs to include character history (can be abridged, you can keep some secrets) and abilities. Abilities must outline the gift and how it manifests for your character. See the bio for my character, Aria, at the end of this post for an example.

Now in terms of rules.

Obviously standard forum rules apply. That goes without saying but I say it anyways just so that it has been said. My specific rules are as follows:

- The RP thread needs a post once per week, at minimum. Doesnít matter who makes it. One post per week, or I will take action to move the story along.
-- If I am not the most recent to post, I will post, regardless of what anyone is doing or waiting on, and do something to move the story.
-- If I am the most recent to post, I will edit a new section into my most recent post, and notify that I have done so in this OOC thread. From there, Iíll expect another post from someone in the next week. If this goes on for too long without activity, I will be forced to consider the RP dead.

- Nobody will be kicked.
-- Life happens. That said, if you are unable to post for a while, please at least do us the courtesy of letting us know. Either way, when you are able to rejoin us, it will be on you to catch up and fill in the space. Iím willing to work with you on this, so just reach out to me if you need some help with it.

- The gift is quite powerful. It can bend (not break) reality and influence the natural world (including plants, animals, etc.). Be respectful of this power in the spirit of good role playing. Further, each player character has the gift; this creates some checks that can be used to temper that power.
-- Threats that I control will be scaled as needed to make the story interesting, despite the gift. So donít be afraid to have fun with it, just be respectful.

- Donít feel the need to add fluff simply for the sake of length. Longer does not mean better. Likewise, try to add meaningful content to the story. Also, keep in mind that large monitors are fairly common now, and often scale text differently. Additionally, this forum does not limit the width of content. What is ten lines on your monitor might be triple that on another. Donít feel bad if a post looks ďshortĒ on your giant monitor, and keep this in mind when reading othersí posts. If the post provides meaningful content, it is a good post.
-- The forum rules discourage short posts, and I realize this. I am not saying to ignore the forum rules, simply calling out that a post that looks short on a large monitor looks much longer on a small monitor with large fonts. As a general rule, good typography dictates around 12 average-sized words per line; I would recommend using this as a guideline for determining how long a post actually is, regardless of the width of the browser.

Aria al'Rain
Female human

Aria grew up in an orphanage in the city of Virinia. She never knew her birth parents, and never connected with the caretakers in the orphanage or other children, so she grew up quite lonely. She took solace in the gift that had been with her since birth.

Sheíd had a sense of danger from a young age and insisted on learning to defend herself. She picked up her first sword at ten and spent long years honing her swordsmanship. Further still, she learned to blend the two, wrapping her blade in the power of her gift and using it both for offense and defense. This latter she withheld from her teachers, wary with whom she should share any aspect of her gift.

Her late teen and young adult years were spent honing her gift and her swordsmanship. She would occasionally sing for coin in the local taverns, though she maintained firm control over the mystic aspects of her gift, taking care not to reveal her power as she did so. She would also work with the city guard when not performing, personally invested in ensuring order in the city in which she lived.



Aria is a talented swordswoman, trained in the use of a single longsword.


The Gift: Ariaís voice resonates in the world around her, allowing her to bend reality and influence nature. While the specifics of what she can do are highly flexible, her favorites include weaving air currents around her blade and body to interfere with incoming attacks and bolster her own and wrapping herself in a blanket of warmth and protection from the elements during the long, cold Virinian winters.

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9/18/2022 19:45:41   

Well, this ended up a bit longer than I intended! It'll be a fun change to play a character not intended to be combat-ready, but she's got a personality on her. Let me know if there's anything that concerns you or feels too out of place!

Agnes Olwyn
Human, Witch

Agnes hails from the deep forests to the South of Virinia, from the heart of the ancient woods where the trees grow so tall that entire ecosystems live beneath their canopies. She seldom speaks of the years she spent there - a wandering child welcomed and mothered by a hidden village, then the mother herself of countless other wandering children. That burden (and blessing) now falls to others, as Agnes in her later years found keeping the rambunctious children out of her stock of herbs an exhausting annoyance at best. Still, her herblore and skills at folk medicine are second to none - and many once were found knocking at the door of her hut to ask her advice over a cup of tea.

It was such a skill that brought her to Virinia - a traveling party of the guardsmen passed near the hidden village, one of their number near death, suffering from a grievous wound and half-mad with the infection and fever brought with it. Agnes bargained with the group - some say for supplies, some say a promise of safety, some say for the manís first born - and swore in turn that the man would reach the city alive should their end of the bargain be fulfilled. She traveled with them to reach the city, sitting with the injured soldier the whole while. None knows through what method she healed him, but when they arrived scant days later his eyes were clear, his fever gone, and his wound well on the mend beyond even the hopes of the local doctors. Indeed, beyond even their believabilityÖ

None quite know why Agnes chose to settle in the city rather than return home afterwards. Some say she was promised a hefty reward, an annual income as a gift to stay and cure other such impossible injuries. Others suspect blackmail - why else would a woman so wild remain in the city but out of fear what the remaining knights might do to her home now they know the powers that lurk at its heart? Indeed, many a man from that initial journey has had their fair share of accidents in the years since - although, of course, that is part and parcel for guards in such a busy town as Virnia.

Whatever the reason, Agnes now lives in a squashed hovel on the edges of the city. Seldom an evening goes by without her hosting a visitor of some sort - a guard with an injury from training, a mother seeking cures to an ailment, a scholar about to drop dead from exhaustion but desperate for one more hour of studying. The witch takes no coin for her services, but often bargains favors in many other ways - and several of the poorer children find themselves brave enough to knock upon her door and ask a bite to eat in exchange for running one of her numerous errands. She spends many evenings carding wool by the fire, many more knitting the spun thread, as she regales the gaggle with legends of times past - each with a lesson tucked between words. The stories are occasionally punctuated by the immense jack-o-lantern that sits beside her hearth, its toothy grin widening slightly as it chortles at the gasps from the listeners.



Agnes is an older woman now, bones easily chilled by winterís cold, and moves slowly as her joints creak of age. Some of this is, indeed, played up for show when she has visitors - but it is no lie that she is less agile than she once was. She keeps at her sides at all times a broom, and uses it much like another woman her age might use a cane.

While termed a witch, the majority of Agnesí skills come from knowledge. She keeps a wide host of plants in her hovel, and window boxes filled with carefully tended herbs that none quite dare to pinch. She knows how to cure aches and pains, how to stave off fevers, how to set a broken bone and stitch a gaping wound. She cannot cure a broken heart or a lost babyís breath in such a way, but it hasnít stopped people bringing those ails to her all the same.

The Gift: Agneís hands brew the most fantastic of potions - theoretically with the aid of the correct ingredients, but in actuality with nothing more than the force of her will. The elixirs bring great courage and fearlessness, the tonics heal the injured from the brink of death, the teas bring calm of mind and clarity of thought - or perhaps, a hint of persuasion to those thoughts, for those she asks to drink. She cannot fully take control of any mind, but imbibing in her mixtures does bind the drinker somewhat to the witch, and even the steam that arises from her kettle or her cauldron can have similar effect. Speaking ofÖ

Her Cauldron: The jack-o-Lantern serves as her brewing cauldron when Agnes must travel away from her hut. Jack has served as thus since her youngest days of brewing the simplest of remedies for cough, and over time and exposure to her brewing has gained a form of limited sentience of his own. His croaking voice adds details to the stories he bore witness to, and occasionally gives would-be-thieves the fright for their lives when they stumble upon his berth. But his power is tied to that of his creator - and such words only spill from his mouth when Agnes is within the room.

Also, couldn't resist throwing in the poem that partially inspired her!

The witch of the hut, moves slow, moves slow, as she sweeps around the room.
In every corner flies away the dust by the tips of her trusty broom.

The witch of the hut, she hums, she hums, as her chores she moves along.
And by her sides the pumpkins grin as they croak in time to her song.

The witch of the hut, moves slow, moves slow, as the autumn leaves drift 'round.
They settle about the forest floor with scant a whisper of sound.

The witch of the hut, she grins, she grins, as the kettle's put on for tea.
She always brings out three sets of cups - for her, and you, and me.

The witch of the hut, moves slow, moves slows, as night falls about her home.
And though there's naught but wind and dust she never drinks alone.

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10/2/2023 22:17:07   

At the request of the owner, this RP is being locked. If the owner wishes to revive it, please contact RP forum staff. ~Starflame13
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