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RE: =Elemental Championships 2023= OOC & Tournament Signups

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7/23/2023 12:27:37   

Last detail that I forgot to specify within the racial description is that Evergreen performs photosynthesis like a tree for nourishment and doesn't breath like humans.
DF MQ  Post #: 51
7/23/2023 23:28:12   

Personnel File Number: A1009465

Confidential Released under the authority of the Director of the Executive Arm, ID: A000010
Due to some unforeseen inadequacies with this operative’s file, I’ve taken it upon myself to include some additional notes and annotations based on reports, recordings and other similar sources. These will be included under the sub-headings ‘D. Note’. ~Y

Full Name: Devon Loake

Gender: Male.
Elemental Classification (if available): Fire

Physical Description:
Time-locked Age (Physical): 39
Age (Actual): 169
Primary Race: Human
Secondary and Other Race(s): None
Height: 1.80 metres.
Weight: 81 kilograms
Blood Type: N/A
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Eye Colour: ‘Bottle Green’; #006A4E
Hair Colour: Brown
Skin Colour Classification: Type 2, ‘Fair’

D. Note: Operative is of a fairly standard build, with toned musculature as of their last operation. No identifying scars or markings. Medium hair, cut neatly—per regulations—and parted to the left.

Current Occupation: Administrative Agent—Standard, First Class
ID Number: A1009465
Arm: Executive—Public Safety and Order
Internal Job Level: Two
Duration (years): 12
Current Team: IFR-ADU468
Previous Team(s):
  • Redacted

    Prior Occupation:
    Prior Assignment(s): Special Operations, Team L9
    Duration (years): 127

    Administrative Agent's Overcoat:
    Administration—Customised. Size 48.
    Standard-issue Administration overcoat, customised against regulations to the operative's preferences. Relaxed-fit, double-breasted with belt, knee-length. Black resin buttons on the body and shoulder epaulettes. Composite weave focusing on heat dispersion, as well as fire, bullet, and rain resistance. Protection against slashing and stabbing is minimal. Ineffective against water-elemental magics. Brace made from a composite polymer on the right-arm, to aid with weapon recoil.

    Bullet resistance is effective for small-arms fire only. Ineffective against arrows and other antiquated projectiles.

    Administrative Agent's Uniform:
    Administration—Standard-issue, customised. Shirt size 40, trouser size: waist = 33, length = 34.
    White, pima-cotton dress shirt, regular fit. Charcoal, woollen slacks, tapered fit. Black, saffiano leather belt, rectangular gunmetal buckle. Black, silk necktie with narrow, navy stripes. Burgundy, cotton dress socks.

    Uniform has been customised to maintain the comfort of the wearer in warm/hot environments, along with improved fire resistance. Slacks and socks are bullet-resistant and relatively fireproof.

    Spec Ops Uniform Accessories—Gloves, Boots (deprecated):
    Military(S.O). Gloves—Customised, size L. Boots—Standard-issue, size 43

    Leather gloves, treated with fire and heat resistant enchantments. Black, tight/slim fit. Previously enchanted with additional reinforcement and protection, but these have completely faded with age.

    Leather mid-calf combat boots, treated with fire and heat resistant enchantments. Black, wide sole, alloy-toed. Protection enchantments have diminished with age. Upper layers reinforced with unknown fabrics and materials, preventing damage from blades and potentially low-calibre projectiles. Rubber-composite outsole minimises electrical shock hazards and slippage on slick surfaces, but has reduced effectiveness when such hazards are of a magical nature.

    Journeyman's Pocket Watch:
    Personal. Model: ‘The Motivated Voyager'. S/N: TOHP29061363
    Pocket watch, with ancillary features powered by an internal magitech powercell. Ancillary features: chronograph, moonphase viewport—synced to the local realm/planet's moon and/or sun—and a prototype temporal processor.

    Upon activation of the processor, the next five seconds will be lengthened to ten for the user, so long as they are attached to the watch's chain. Whether this is due to deceleration of the realm's temporal flow, or acceleration of the user's personal temporal field is unknown.
    Activation will consume the powercell and potentially freeze the watch's internal movement.
    Utilising any equipment or abilities—with the exception of Wall Walking—will end the temporal distortion.

    Spec Ops Viewing Lenses (superseded model):
    Military(S.O)—Standard-issue. Colour: #006A4E
    Spectacles made with a metal frame—material unknown, non-reactive alloy. Circular lenses, crafted from synthetic arcane crystal. Night vision, auto-tint, and thermal filters are activatable individually, via mental command. Blue-light, UV, and anti-hex coatings are present—the latter of which is capable of diminishing most forms of mental influence via eye contact.

    Colour matches operator’s eye colour for compatibility purposes. Lens durability is comparable to standard glass spectacles. Filters have been noted to cause eye fatigue and strain when in use for periods exceeding five seconds.

    Combat Prowess/Physical Ability:
    Incredibly proficient with a wide variety of both melee and ranged weaponry, as well as unarmed combat. Specialty lies with short swords and throwing weapons. Exceptional marksmanship.

    Physical strength exceeds that seen from humans of similar height and weight. Foot speed recorded within the 90th percentile within the Administrative Arm. Reaction speeds within the 98th percentile.

    Gunblade Falcata:
    Blade: Military(S.O)—Customised. Firearm component: Administration—Customised.
    Blade-Firearm hybrid weapon. Material unknown. A Special Operations falcata with a miniature projectile accelerator grafted along three-quarters of the spine. Trigger fixed into the grip at the corner of the guard. Ammunition loaded individually via top port.
    Has two firing modes:
  • A standard firing pin mechanism
  • A snaplock firing mechanism with a magitech battery serving as a ‘flint', capable of one shot before a new battery is required.

    Runework etched into the blade is responsible for reducing weight to a manageable level. Stiff, with no flex. Unreactive and capable of blocking arcane projectiles. Blade is notably sharp compared to most conventional bladed weapons, but not magically so. Tip of the blade is exceptionally sharp compared to the rest, being able to leave large gashes, marks, and even lodge into the hardest metals.

    Slugs launched via the firing pin mechanism have limited velocity, range and penetration capabilities, comparable to arrows fired from (archaic) crossbows. Recoil generated upon discharge makes it prohibitively difficult to fire while swinging. Proper bracing and technique is required to prevent severe injuries to the wielder—broken bones and dislocated limbs have been suffered by testers.

    Utilising the snaplock mechanism results in a 0.5 second delay from the trigger pull, but drastically improves speed and penetration capabilities, at the cost of range—the bullet disintegrates 4-5 feet after leaving the barrel. Heavily armoured infantry are likely to be beyond the its kill potential—save a directly aimed shot to the head—though the projectile may still pierce and potentially rupture the material it strikes.
    Recoil generated from the snaplock is greater than the firing pin, capable of sending the user—and potentially, the target, if they are impaled on the blade—backwards.

    Length (blade): 50.7 centimetres
    Length (full): 64.2 centimetres
    Weight: 1.2 kilograms
    Reload time: 5-7 seconds.
    Rounds carried: 7
    Batteries carried: 1—mounted in weapon.

    D. Note: I have launched an investigation into the creation of this weapon to ascertain who was responsible for approving this substantial misallocation of funds. Department budget is not to be spent on individual side-projects without approval from the Director.

    Skills and Abilities:
    Wall Walking (deprecated):
    The ability to walk on walls. Arcane in nature and a standard skill of Military S.O units, the personal orientation and ‘ground' of the user is ‘rewritten' to the surface that their feet are on. This effect ends when both feet are removed off said surface for more than one second.

    Despite the simplicity of the name, the skill also allows the user to traverse ceilings. Whilst sprinting is impossible, a slower run is not. Can be used on virtually any solid surface, so long as 75% of the sole of one foot remains in contact with said surface

    Spec Ops Veiling + Enhancements (deprecated):
    Prevents detection of the user through arcane means; ie non-physical mental probes or proximity scans. Cameras and other electronic devices are also unable to visually detect the cloaked user.

    Bleeding is considerably reduced when wounded—with total blood loss reduced by up to 50% compared to non-augmented humans. Stamina and reaction times exceed non-augmented human capabilities. Stronger bones and increased muscle density, though strength remains comparable to a human male.

    ‘Turn the Tide’:
    Improves physical ability, based on both physical condition and personal perception of the situation. Agility and reaction times increase further, in a similar manner to an adrenal response, without mental side-effects. Small surges of increased strength have been observed, though duration has been limited to 2-3 seconds.

    D. Note: There have been reports and observations that this reported ‘ability’ was centred on the operative’s squadmates, as opposed to themselves. As the operative no longer has any squadmates and already has exceptional physical capabilities, I am excising this. If this ability performed differently initially or existed, then I presume it has deteriorated, like most of the asset’s original skills acquired from the Military.

    Lexicon Contracts:
    None signed.
  • AQW Epic  Post #: 52
    7/23/2023 23:42:28   

    @Riprose123 - that addition is acceptable. With balancing closed, you must live with any other omissions.

    @Kooroo - Squeaking in at the final hour there, literally! Appreciate all the changes made, and that you reached out to me to clarify additional tweaks before making them given the time remaining.

    Keep in mind that if Devon is using the falcata significantly in physical combat, the odds of him damaging the barrel to the point where shots are impacted (or even after extreme damage risking explosion) is likely. With that, Approved!
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 53
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