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Mananite's Maligned Miscellany

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11/27/2023 18:22:47   

There are many suggestion threads, but this one is mine.

Besides being a repository for items (and potentially bosses), this thread will also serve a purpose of showcasing what is possible if items were allowed to manipulate resources to a far greater extent than what is currently being done. Whether or not the items should be implemented is an entirely separate argument that's up for the developers to decide.
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11/27/2023 18:41:32   


An exercise in showing how to convert player actions into a guaranteed paralyze.

Mastercraft Harm pet. Deals 0.72x damage for Harm Auto-Hit. Toggles between healing and a costly Paralyze:
Heal Mode: Deals 0.2x damage. Attack has one hit. Heals the player's SP equal to 450% of damage dealt.
Note: Healing is scaled entiredly by weapon mainstat and Charisma in a 25/75 split (i.e. if there is only mainstat and no charisma, healing is reduced to 112.5% of damage dealt)
Paralysis Mode: Deals 0.05x damage. Attack has 5 hits. Inflicts a 1-turn Paralyze on both the player and the monster. Monster Paralyze has no save. To prevent abuse of the stun, the following measures are in place:
1. the toggle itself has a lengthy cooldown between uses (possibly 5 turns?)
2. If the player's Paralyze is somehow removed early (such as from Werepyre's Unstoppable passive), the player is completely locked out of doing anything (i.e. all they do is press skip turn).
3. The cooldown only advances while Zorbius is active.
NB: This toggle can still be used if enemy has Freedom. Yes you will lose your turn for no gain if toggled.

(Toggle to paralyze): Click for Zorbius to begin Zorbing! Such power will leave both you and your opponent awestruck.
(Toggle to heal): Click to have Zorbius focus on bolstering your spirit with your opponent's lifeforce.
(Toggling to paralyze): Stand back! I am beginning to Zorb!
(Toggling to heal): Zorbius will now bolster your spirit.
(Cooldown on paralyze): Zorbius must wait X turn(s) before Zorbing out again.
(On using paralyze attack): It's Zorbin' time.
(On Paralyze infliction): Your opponent got Zorbed all over, and can't act!
(Healing): Zorbius has bolstered your spirit with Y Zorbillion dollars!

Nerdy math on heal mode:
0.72x penalty for Harm Auto-Hit.
0.2x is to pay for healing (effectively deals 14.4% of a standard Pet's damage).
Normally heals 400% of damage dealt, but HP->SP conversion means it heals (400 * 1.125) = 450% of HP damage dealt as SP.
Mastercraft is used for partial Mainstat scaling. 3/4 of the healing coming from CHA is to help reduce potential abuse cases, as it's technically possible to push healing to large amounts by stacking boosters and EleVuln.

Nerdy math on paralysis:
Paralyze by itself is worth 140% melee (monster actions are worth 140% Melee).
Pet action is worth 40% Melee.
Player action is worth 100% Melee.
Auto-Hit (i.e. no save) Paralyze is worth (140 * 0.85)= 119% Melee.
Paralyze mode stuns player, adding 100% Melee of valuation to the Pet attack (140% Melee total).
Due to being an auto-inflict status, a 0.85x Auto-Hit penalty is applied to the Pet's total Melee % valuation, bringing it down to ([100 + 40] * 0.85) = 119% Melee, the exact amount needed for a guaranteed Paralyze.
Mastercraft is used to provide a small amount of damage to the attack itself (which itself already takes a 0.72x penalty for being Harm Auto-Hit).

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11/27/2023 22:07:00   

Vainglorious Vestment

An exercise in split costs and silly Spellcaster armours.

Spellcaster Fire armour.
NB: Resistance spread and MRM is to dev's discretion if implemented, but the idea is to have the maximum possible EleComp for Spellcaster, which is 1.76630 (as it uses Neutral EleComp).

Comes with two spells:
Scorching Ray: Efficient fire Spell. 125% Melee damage baseline. 6 hits. EleComp increases damage. Deals -60% damage. Each hits attempts to inflict a -(4.2*EleComp)% Choke for 5 turns. Each attempt is resisted separately with +0 Save Bonus, player INT/LUK (big brain makes big flame) vs. monster END/LUK (they have to be hardy enough to avoid getting seared too badly)
Wizard's Folly: Fire Spell. 6 hits. EleComp increases damage dealt. Costs 50% Melee in MP and 75% Melee in HP (261 MP and HP at 150).
NB: Animation is just six rays hitting the enemy for both spells (perhaps recoloured to reflect flavour?)

Flavour text:
(Scorching Ray): Blast a series of white-hot rays at your enemy! The heat will numb their nerves, reducing damage dealt! X MP.
(Wizard's Folly): Tap into the ruinous magics that unmade the vestment's former owner. Such power comes at a cost, and take a portion of your lifeforce to properly channel. X MP, Y HP.

Nerdy math on Scorching Ray:
Efficient spells are a 125% Melee damage baseline for a 50% Melee cost.
Paying 60% of that creates 75% Melee worth of Choke.
As flavour, each hit attempts to inflict separately, leaving each hit with 12.5% Melee to play with.
EleComp to damage also means EleComp to status.

Nerdy math on Wizard's Folly:
Standard spell, 125% Melee cost.
As flavour, cost is split to 50% Melee in MP and 75% Melee in HP.

Flavour text:
Scorched robes once worn by a prodigious wizard that sought to dominate Abaddon to prove themselves worthy. They were struck down for their folly, and their tale was forgotten throughout the realms. Trace amounts of Abaddon's flames still flicker within, but beware the cost of trying to tap into this power...
NB: Yes this is just an AQ-fied version of Gale, recontextualizing the broad strokes of his story in the context of the Tyrannies.

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12/7/2023 20:41:33   

Idol of Delirium

An exercise in loopholes and using bonuses for something that isn't damage.

"Neutral" Misc.
Increases damage, gives LUK, and provides Omni Status Potence (+20, +50, 10 at 150 respectively)
MC compresses a quickcast effect. Usable only once per battle. Does the following:
Gives monster Celerity
Inflicts a Power: 1.6 Harm Poison for the rest of the battle with no save.
Costs ~19.15% Melee in HP.

Nerdy math on Poison valuation:
Poison being inflicted has a total power of 160% Melee.
No save statuses are valued 1:1 from Melee to Power
Permanent effects have a 10 turn assumed duration -> 160/10 -> 16% Melee per turn -> Power: 1.6.
Harm Poison that auto-inflicts without a save receives a 0.9x (Always-Useful) and 0.85x (Auto-Hit) penalty to its power.
Therefore, 160% Melee worth of Harm Poison that auto-inflicts costs 160/.85/.9 ~=209.15% Melee (rounded down).

Nerdy math on cost:
Normally such an effect would pay the entire cost listed (209.15%), but sharp-eyed people might notice that the once per battle bonus isn't applied to Poison power (which would've brought it up to 210% worth of Poison) on top of providing mob Celerity (which is worth 140% Melee) without any real benefit.
Added together, this is 190% Melee to play with, which is instead used to reduce the cost of the Poison by 190% Melee, leaving the final cost to be 19.15% (give or take; math is weird and it's been rounded to two places).

Assumptions for Status Potence:
As established by the development team regarding Potence:
1. If an item gives Potence that doesn't affect a status it comes with built-in (or doesn't have a status tied to it), it gets full valuation.
2. If an item gives Potence that does affect a status it comes with built-in (think Doomlight shield), the value is halved.
This distinction is how I'm justifying this item comes with the full 10 Omni Potence; taking the requirements literally, Potence is only halved if whatever is being provided affects a status it comes with. However, the Poison that comes with this item doesn't have a save, and therefore cannot be affected by Potence, thus retaining full valuation.

NB: The 160% Melee worth of Poison wasn't arbitrarily chosen; this misc was designed specifically for a certain interaction, and will definitely never be added into the game in its current form.
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12/28/2023 19:32:16   

The Honkening
An exercise in following bird trends and a showcase of the dangers of not only overcooking with flavour, but the arbitrarity of status potence

MC Water/Wind set. Three and a halfish pieces.

MC Water/Wind "20-Proc" Horn... thing. (NB: It's a goose call)
MC is used to compress two elements.
Special Info: 6 hits. Comes with a Panic eater, eating up to 300% Melee worth of Panic to increase damage dealt by up to 200%.
Note: Rather than be a traditional "chance on attack" special, the special can instead be activated at-will by clicking on the weapon. After being used, it cannot be used again for 5 turns. Weapon must remain equipped for cooldown to decrease.

Appearance: A goose call.
Special Animation: Tactical waterfowl bomb (the bird is the bomb).

MC FO Water/Wind armour. Some blocking. Toggles between the two elements.
NB: Resistance and MRM spread will be identical to Grenwog Rider, only elementally-shifted.
EleComp at 150 will be ~1.84976.
MC is 20 Panic Potence.
Pays at least 6 MRM* for toggles
Nightmare Unleashed: Locks armour attacks to [Primary Element]. EleComp increases damage (assumes [Primary element]).
Deadly Rave: Pays 50% Melee in SP (196 at 150) for the following effects:
* Auto-Hit with no damage penalty.
* +30% Melee in damage.
* Applies a constant -18 BtH Lean to the enemy.
This toggle also comes with a Panic eater, eating up to 50% Melee in Panic to offset resource cost. Requires at least 20% Melee before it eats anything.
* Not entirely sure if having two mutually exclusive elelocks counts as "one" effect. If it doesn't count, then pays 6 instead.

Appearance: Flawfish, but instead of a fish head it's a goose head. Also it wears an appropriately coloured hakama (blue if Water, whatever shade of grey/white is used for Wind) to preserve some of the cursed horror.

MC Water/Wind Shield. Flat blocking.
MC is to compress two elements.
Pays at least 3 MRM* for skill(s) compression:
Raging Storm: Efficient Spell-type [Shield Element] skill. 125% Melee baseline damage. Follows weapon damage type. Cost is split between HP and SP (~44 HP ant ~49 SP at 150 respectively). Magic pays an additional 25% Melee in MP (~131 at 150). 8 hits. EleComp increases damage dealt. Deals -60% damage. Each hit attempts to inflict a ~-(2.36*[EleComp]*[MonsterRes])% Panic. Recover with -20 Save Bonus, player Mainstat/LUK vs. monster CHA/LUK (they have to resist bawking at the absurdity of the attack).
Full Set Bonus: When used with the weapon and armour, Panic is instead ~-(5.51*[math])%.
* See musings on armour.

Appearance: It's a pretzel. (NB: look it gets the water and wind res by being too well-crafted to get soggy and too rigid to get blown away)
Skill Animation: A portal to the water(fowl) realm opens beneath the enemy, and a flock of feathered fiends fly ferociously out, incidentally getting the enemy caught in the migration.

Nerdy math on Panic:
By default, it is a perfectly normal 75% Melee Panic split over 8 hits with a -20 save. With each hit applying 1/8th of the Panic, this means each hit is 9.375% Melee. A -20 to save means on average it will last ~3.33 turns. The skill itself also has a neutral BtH lean, making the Panic be valued at (9.375 / 3.33 / 1.4 / 0.85 * (85/85) ~=2.36% damage dealt. Due to EleComp being applied to damage, EleComp is also applied as a final multiplier to the status. Resistance scaling is also there because I can, and nothing says something can't have EleComp to status and be resistance-scaled.

A 3-piece set bonus is worth 10% Melee. Using the established standards that 5% Melee=-20 to save if it only affects the save, the FSB is applied to save in full, creating -40 to save. Rather than making the panic a -60 to save (which all but guarantees it'll basically never come off), the panic is instead increased to a +20 save, with the -40 bringing the save back down to -20. A +20 to save makes the expected duration ~8/7 turns, which maths out to (9.375 / 8/7 / 1.4 / 0.85 * (85/85) ~=5.51% damage dealt, a well over twofold increase in efficacy for a paltry 10% Melee.

Alternatively, the rules could be handwaved a bit as it shouldn't be getting full valuation on the FSB, as it technically involves a piece that gives potence that affects it. In this scenario, it would be +0 save with -20 coming from FSB, lowering the Panic efficacy to (9.375 / 2 / 1.4 / 0.85 * (85/85) ~=3.94% damage dealt, which is still well over a 50% boost in efficacy.

NB: Any seeming references to much more prominent and dangerously named waterfowl are purely intentional, and not the result of coincidence.
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2/1/2024 20:10:43   

Dragon Knight Revamp
An exercise in trying to make one of the worst MC sets good while foolishly attempted to keep to its original "theme"

Current issues with Dragon Knight: Yes.
Solution to these issues: Yes.
Design intent: Turn this walking warcrime into a functional dodge-based Fire/Earth FD Burn set as the inaugural "first" FD set with Warrior Lean.

Changed so that it only requires one cast, but rolls twice to Form Shift to Dragon (just like the other racial tags). If one save fails, they are "only" Form Shifted to Dragonkin.

MC Fire/Earth pet. MC goes to eleseek. Toggles between two modes:
Damage mode: Full damage.
Parry mode: Deals -50% damage. After blocking a hit, attempts to inflict a Power: 1.67 [Element] Burn for 4 turns, capped at 4 hits. [Element] = Earth or Fire, whichever the monster is weaker to. This has +0 Save Bonus, player CHA/LUK vs. monster DEX/LUK.

MC Fire/Earth Misc. Reduces Fire/Earth damage, and provides blocking (0.5x damage taken and +10 blocking at 150). SP upkeep. Comes with a toggle:
Toggle: Instead of paying SP for the blocking, you can instead pay weapon damage for it. This alternative only activates upon performing a weapon-based attack in the armour, and is modified by hits/attempts. (EG: 4 hit armour but only land 3, SP cost for the blocking is reduced by 75%).
NB: I have no idea what even counts for misc standards, and I'm pretty sure nobody actually does. This might be lacking an MC it might not be; blame the lack of documentation.

MC Melee/Ranged/Ranged/Magic Earth/Fire 20-Proc/20-Proc/100-Proc/100-Proc Sword/Lance/Bow/Wand. Elements are a separate item (i.e. 8 total weapons). MC goes into a toggle:
Toggle: Pays 25% weapon damage and Melee in SP (50% total) for all weapon-based attacks to attempt to inflict a Power: (2.5*[Hits]/[Attempts]) [Element] Burn for 4 turns. This has +0 Save Bonus, player Mainstat/LUK vs. monster DEX/LUK.
Note: Wand instead only activates with Spells, and pays 12.5% Spell damage and 25% Melee in MP for the Burn.
NB: If this is too many weapons for one set, make Fire the base (keep in line with the original), and make Earth the "bonus" set (think Eclipsed Dragonlord).

MC Fire/Earth shield. Flat blocking (but has high natural MRM). Has three variants:
"Base" variant will have MC to toggle between the two.
"Bonus" variants (think Eclipsed Dragonlord to Haunted Dragonlord) will either Fire or Earth base shield (two items), and MC goes into a toggle that pays 10% Melee in SP to be "true" double compression (think Lost Talon/Mountain's Talon).

MC FD Fire/Earth armour. Flat blocking (but has maximum natural MRM). Does various things:
Dragon's Rage (Toggle): Pays 35% Melee in SP. While toggled, all outgoing damage is equivalent to FO (1.25x).
Dragon's Breath: Fire/Earth Spell-type Skill. 1 hit. Seeks between both elements. Only usable if Dragon's Rage is not toggled. EleComp increases skill damage. Deals -70% damage and attempts to inflict a permanent Power: (2*[EleComp]) [Element] Burn. This has +0 Save Bonus, player Mainstat/LUK vs. monster DEX/LUK.
Dragon Rush: Fire/Earth Weaponskill. 4 hits. Seeks between both elements. Only usable if Dragon's Rage is toggled. EleComp reduces SP cost. Deals -70% damage and attempts to inflict a permanent Power: 2 [Element] Burn. This has +0 Save Bonus, player Mainstat/LUK vs. monster DEX/LUK.
NB: Breath will use the old misc animation, while Rush will use the old FSB attack animation. If both resistances are equal, defaults to Fire.
Set Bonus: Dragon Knight Bow/Wand deal increased damage with Dragon's Rage toggled, and Dragon Rush can still be used without being interrupted by 100-Proc.

Full Set Bonus
4-piece FSB (any weapon/armour/any shield/misc). Provides the following:
Shield protects against both elements at once (becomes a -26/-26 Fire/Earth shield) regardless of what shield is being used.
Weapons will eleseek between Fire and Earth.

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3/13/2024 1:47:33   

Frostgale Revamp
AKA why am I adding yet another FO Ice armour?????

Current issues with Frostgale: It's nominally designed as a Freeze/Paralyze set, but it doesn't actually cater to the effects beside feeding MC, which functionally makes both these statuses nonexistent, due to stunning monsters being the single most expensive effects in terms of raw Melee% cost. Additionally the implementation of the armour's elelock shoots it in the foot, removing any interactions with weapon effects, making it substantially weaker than it could be.
Solution: Make number go up for Freezes in order to make them actually matter.
Design intent: See solution.

Functions the same as it does currently (toggle between Ice/Wind damage), but change the potence toggle from Freeze (NB: This is Freeze specifically, not Freeze-like)/Paralyze potence into Omni Stun potence (affects all effects that would make the monster lose their turn).

Weapons (Including Frostwalker's Secret)
MC Melee/Ranged/Ranged/Magic Ice 20-Proc/20 Proc/100 Proc with 20-Proc True Proc/20-Proc Mace/Spear/Bow/Staff. Mace has -3 BtH lean and 1/3 base lean, Spear has +3 BtH lean and 2/3 random lean, Bow and Staff is neutral for BtH and base/random lean. MC compresses a toggle:
Toggle: After attacking (Me/Ra)/casting and Ice Spell (Ma), attempt to Freeze for 1 turn. This has +0 Save Bonus, player Mainstat/LUK vs. monster END/LUK. See below for functionality:
* Melee deals -50% damage and pays ~33.31% Melee in SP. If a weapon proc occurs, only pays ~8.31% Melee in SP.
* Ranged deals -50% damage and pays ~44.77% Melee in SP. If a weapon proc occurs, only pays ~19.77% Melee in SP.
* Frostwalker's Secret deals -50% damage and pays ~41.54% Melee in SP. If a weapon proc occurs, only pays ~16.54% Melee in SP.
* Magic makes Ice Spells deal -25% damage and cost an additional ~41.54% Melee in MP.
* Freeze rate is scaled by ([Hits]/[Attempts]) (Me/Ra/Frostwalker's Secret) or ([IceHits]/[Attempts]) (Ma).
* All resource costs are divided by monster Ice resistance.
If the monster has Freedom or Boss Boost, instead deals -15% weapon damage (Me/Ra/Frostwalker)/-7.5% Spell damage (Ma), and instead heal 11.25% Melee in SP per hit capped at 4 hits (Me/Ra)/(22.5*[IceHits]/[Attempts])% Melee in MP (Ma).
NB: Basically the weapons will have a 100% chance to attempt to Freeze if all hits connects, paying a bunch of damage+resources for this. The Boss toggle is to help give a bit of resource kickback by paying something that's nominally "free" in the presence of damage caps. The Magic checking ice hits vs all hits is due to a known oversight where effects that function like this currently (Mystic Communicant) erroneously only checks [ElementHits]/[ElementAttempts]. This revamp's functionality assumes it gets fixed. If not, then it will instead be ([IceHits]/[IceAttempts]) for calculations.

MC Ice Shield. Ranged > Melee = Ranged blocking.
MC: Passively removes all Stun-like effects on the player. First use is free, subsequent uses costs 100% Melee in SP. Shield must be equipped when the effect is inflicted for this to activate.
NB: Stun resistance is functionally worthless with the wide availability of unstoppable-like effects, exacerbated by the existence of END's Style Bonus. The relative worthlessness is made worse given the timeframe of the set's release, as the Werepyre revamp was in the same time, which introduced Unstoppable.

MC Neutral Ice armour. Ranged > Melee = Magic blocking. Does various things:
Toggle 1: Pays SP to increase outgoing damage to FO (1.25x).
* NB: FD->FO is worth 35% Melee, but there's no precedent for Neutral->FO.
Toggle 2: Locks normal attacks (not specials or spells) to Ice. EleComp increases normal attack damage.
Full Set Bonus (Weapon/armour/shield): Changes functionality of the Elelock toggle while weapons are toggled to Freeze:
* No longer pays any damage for their effect (IE Me/Ra will do full damage, while Ice Spells casted with Ma will deal full damage).
* Overall cost of Freeze is reduced by 10% Melee.
* EleComp is instead funneled into reducing the overall cost of the Freeze (Think Bloodzerker/Wingweaver).
Bonus: Frostwalker's Secret will also do 1.25x damage if FO toggle is enabled, and receive the damage boost from the elelock if that is toggled.
NB: MC is used for the FO toggle, as Elelocks are "free" effects.

MC Ice Pet. Toggles between two modes:
Damage Mode:Two hits. Neutral BtH lean. Attacks deal -7.5% damage. After attacking, provides +(10*[Hits]/[Attempts]) Omni Stun potence. Potence is scaled entirely by CHA; without any CHA, no effect is provided. Usual outlevel formula applies.
NB: The current MC of potence is currently overpowered in two ways:
* Potence is valued at 20 per 5% Melee, while the pet somehow values it at 10 potence per 1% Melee, as Pet MCs are only worth 2% Melee.
* Potence additionally should've been halved to +10, as it also affected a status it could inflict by itself.
* Both these issues also apply to Fu-Dog.
Freeze Mode: One hit. -3 BtH Lean. Pays all damage+MC (42% Melee) and attempts to Freeze for 1 turn. This has +14 Save Bonus, player CHA/LUK vs. monster END/LUK.
NB: -3 lean and +14 to save more or less makes a 100% chance to attempt Freeze be valued at 42%, which is how much a Pet can output factoring in MC.

Mistral Gear
Wind-shifted copies of weapons/shield. Instead of Freeze, weapons attempt Paralyze:
* Melee pays 25% weapon damage and ~32.4% Melee in SP at base.
* Ranged pays 25% weapon damage and ~36.6% Melee in SP at base.
* Magic makes Wind Spells deal -12.5% damage and ~34.5% Melee in MP at base.
* All resource costs are divided by monster Wind resistance.
NB: Could've made them Wind Freeze, but having a "cheaper" stun alternative is much more interesting for flavour. Also because I think the weapons are already extremely strong, and would rather not introduce straight clones.

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