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12/3/2023 0:59:31   

Please state your wish/es for Adventure Quest 2024!!! We never know Artix might look on this thread and consider our wishes for the benefit of everybody.


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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 1
12/3/2023 1:34:53   
Primate Murder

Stat revamp.

Dracomancer revamp.
AQ DF  Post #: 2
12/3/2023 6:47:23   
Strange Doctor

To be able to replace no-drop equipment (weapon, armor, shield) with other equipment that is actually useful

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Post #: 3
12/3/2023 8:43:41   

My wish is they should have the tagging for all the items that are Rare, Ultra Rare, and PermaRare! The color coding for them can be distinguished and seen in the character page.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 4
12/3/2023 18:33:32   

Color customizing Armor of Awe again
AQ AQW  Post #: 5
12/3/2023 19:36:18   

Void revamp
Stat revamp
Crossover Part 1 and Part 2
Post #: 6
12/4/2023 1:09:35   

An SP variant of Moonwalkers grace or a DEX booster token package similar to arcane amp/buffalots
AQ  Post #: 7
12/4/2023 9:02:13   

Stat revamp
Update of guardian nodrop to include bow, wand and tome.
Post #: 8
12/4/2023 9:06:13   

For sure the stat revamp, but being able to change the non drop equipment would be so good for the quality of life of the game
Post #: 9
12/4/2023 10:58:06   

1. Stat Revamp
A. Pet/Guest BTH fix
B. Hopefully we'll see guest lucky strikes (not the "double-dipped' ferocious trikes idea; CHA already going to be double dipping via cost)
C. See what/how Ranger takes shape

2. Celerity's Change (guaranteed)
A. Bard of War will be interesting. It can be potentially ruined by adding resource costs, so while I'm looking forward to it, I just hope this armor isn't ruined

3. New(er) ideas for Mage Item Support
A. Continue making Weapons with compressed spells (not gatekept ideas, either)
B. Continue making Weapons that give spells effects (similar vein as seraph calamity)
C. Spell Imbue Creation (I call them Spell Scrolls for differentiation)

4. I want to see a full-court press and a FOCUS on class revamps.
A. No good reason once the stat revamp is finished to drag feet on this
B. I'd even do 1 tier 1 class/month until done, then begin the tier 2's. Let's actually make progress

5. Reign Plate and Shadow MAstercraft revamps (and the hybrid token armor mirror these)

6. Overhaul stat training costs and redo the gold curve at lower levels
A. Make stat training cost about 75% lower than now. This should help lower levels afford stat training more easily. We should be inviting new players to stay, not run them off via ridiculous things
B. Make the stat trainers in the estate 100% free. (You paid tokens to have them)
C. Figure out a new average gold gaining curve where top levels is the same, but low levels is more. Ballyhoo shouldnt be the main staple to get gold, it should just be extra. Playing the actual game should provide enough gold by itself.

7. Redo CPT to be able to edit anything so we can get real , practical results when testing a variety of things. Be able to edit his resists, MRM, attack element, level, and stats.

Post #: 10
12/6/2023 18:57:07   
ming shuen

Story A proper in-game story guide / timeline, to help guide players on quest play order. There are so many interconnected Sagas that navigating them is frankly very challenging, so much so that I think some players just gave up on it, and focuses entirely on collecting equipment / fighting monsters. Doing something about this, would unlock a world of content for players to explore, rejuveniate the game and greatly improve player experience.

Z-Token Purchases If y'all could update the $50 Package Items, such as Mace of Custosilvia, Horn of Tera'suul, etc, as well as bring back several older token packages, I would definitely purchase them. In addition, could you make Titles and Faces transferable to other characters via the vault? I usually make purchases on one character to keep track of what I buy, but then. . . other characters could not access the faces and titles, which is quite daunting. Fixing this would be a massive quality of life improvement.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
12/9/2023 0:17:58   

I'm going to add 1 more thing to mine.
I would like a panic eater pet that eats it for more damage, to replace what we lost with the change to Fae's.
Post #: 12
12/9/2023 3:00:11   

Stat revamp followed by Amoria cost/round and THEN other guest updates.

Kidding Ianthe does good work but hey february is snugglefest with an Amoria-quest in it. So worth mentioning!
AQ  Post #: 13
12/9/2023 14:54:39   

I would like to see:

-The stat revamp finished.
-More classes being revamped, as that used to be one of the main ways people were drawn to the game.
-The GGB Common shop have a lot more items, as the rare and ultra rare shops are inundated with items, when it is commonly the reverse.
-The older mastercraft sets be updated.
-The Devourer Saga update more.

Those are the main items I would like to see, as they are big selling points of the game.
Post #: 14
12/9/2023 22:43:44   

OMG!!! Why is it almost everyone saying "Stat Revamp"? I thought the stats now are good and stable already like you don't need DEX for BtH of your attacks but why it seems majority are saying otherwise. Am I the only one here missing the link regarding stats?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 15
12/9/2023 23:14:46   

Yes you are.

There is a phase 2 upcoming.

All of the stats will be receiving new "style bonuses" . Some suggestions were made, but it remains tio be seen what will happen.

Likely, the one huge change and quite contentious one is to CHA. Guests upkeeps will be increasing, and likely, drastically for anyone who does not train it. The proposed style bonus for CHA is an upkeep discount , and that discount may still not reduce upkeeps down to current amounts. Pet and guest BTH formulas will get dex removed. Pet is likely to get some hodge-podge thing where it gets highest of mainstat, and guest who knows..I think maybe CHA only.

Anyway we may see several brand new mechanics/ideas. For example, "Warrior lean" I think will happen. That will boost melee damage up to 100% melee from 80% melee if using melee weapons in a FD armor. (Same damage as rangers with bows)

We'll see
Post #: 16
12/10/2023 0:18:11   

@Sapphire Whaaaaattt? DEX is still needed for BtH of Pets and Guests???
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 17
12/10/2023 11:05:42   

Adding to my list, something I forgot:

-An update to all Guardian no-drop gear, from the Guardian Tower.

It just seems to be under performing, compared to adventurer no-drop gear.
Post #: 18
12/11/2023 0:06:03   

1.) Would like to see all of the miss fixit quests up dated with level 150 gear.

2.) Level 150 gear for the Knight class, unless this is something that is in the works.

3.) Would like to see a continuation of the centaur story line as the way the quest ends indicates we will see the king for the centaurs.

4.) Would love to see the martial arts class get up dated.

5.) Level 150 dragon form armors.

6.) More stone and wood resources or other things to put on our estates. I have 5-6 spots left and nothing to put on them.

7.) Some more music for when we battle. The two we have are nice, I just think 3-6 more and have them rotate between each one so we are not hearing the same one again.

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AQ  Post #: 19
12/11/2023 6:14:50   


AQ AQW  Post #: 20
12/15/2023 8:49:49   

More spells like Ancestral Forbiddance and Nature's Reclamation. The latter in particularly I'm a big fan of because I think background changing spells are really cool.
Post #: 21
12/17/2023 20:26:10   

I've been off and on throughout the years, but I'm glad to see the game still keep going!

As a long time fan, I would kindly ask for Dracomancer to get it's much needed update. IDK if it's planned but it would be cool to see :)
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 22
12/19/2023 11:02:46   
Cinimo D

Personally would like and appreciate past item codes having level 150 versions, really want to use my Ancient Doom Knight in level 150 battles. Or having them level scale would be nice too.

Also I think it would be cool to have a system similar to AQW's IoDA where you're able to get a past rare item of your choice whether it's through getting a certain amount of golden giftboxes (ultra giftboxes I assume) then redeeming them for any rare on account management, unlocking a certain golden giftbox shop and choosing the item through account management, or through a Z-Token package. There's so many past rare items that would be fun to use, but I understand people wanting their rare items to essentially stay rare. I know they can always be recolored and released which would be cool too, but there's so many from past Frostval's, to wars, etc. I'm not sure which one would be more convenient/useful for the future and I'm sure it would take a lot of work, but it's just a wish!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 23
12/24/2023 20:23:03   

Class armor that can be used at level 150 would be nice. For a mage like, I'd like the next tier to wizard class.

Separate skill and spell inventory. I never understood why skills are occupying spells slots.

Museum having a function?
AQ  Post #: 24
12/25/2023 2:38:28   

I want a function to lock the battle menu to a theme after I have picked one. I am constantly accidentally changing it.

A button to just trade all resources in trade huts would be nice, too. Trade all 16K or 15,942 or whatever all at once.

The ability to keep miscs equipped between battles for war purposes.

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Post #: 25
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