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12/25/2023 3:02:39   

1. I wish for a LUK drive Shield,we are still missing one!
2. A Darkness Panic eater Pet for damage to replace old Fae
AQ  Post #: 26
12/25/2023 4:01:28   

Rest in Peace Falerin. I am only here to wish, that AQ keeps continuing !
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 27
12/25/2023 14:21:38   

Wish list:
Stat revamp
+revamped defensive/warrior content

More challenge bosses (more difficult/puzzling the better)

Continued storyline development
AQ  Post #: 28
12/25/2023 14:28:35   
Bu Kek Siansu

  • Stat revamp.

  • Wind/Ice/Earth/Energy variant of Shieldcake.

  • A new Ally Assist that can turn the monster Demon
    like Zorbak Ally Assist that can turn the monster Undead.

  • +1


    ORIGINAL: Strange Doctor

    To be able to replace no-drop equipment (weapon, armor, shield) with other equipment that is actually useful

    Or to be able to purchase or "???" an additional active slot
    as the 9th active slot since many players are forced to use
    no-drop equipment which is mostly no use in battles?

  • Post #: 29
    12/25/2023 22:03:52   
    King Darxonic

    - Restore the cape removing feature when customizing your Guardian Armor.

    - The correct custom color showing up on your character pages for items with color customizations. (Again despite nobody being able to see others character page, it would still be a decent QOL change)

    - Additional Battle Menu customizations (i.e. Color customizations, templates etc.)

    - Being able to move your No-Drop from the #1 slot so other items can show on your character page (Despite flash not working and being unable to view character pages) and because it would be nice to use a useful armor as opposed to the no-drop when it's not that much of an improvement from any other armor.

    - For this upcoming stat revamp NOT to cripple any stats, to only enhance and make them all viable and flexible so everyone can be comfortable with a build of their choice.

    - Restore old Asgardian/Megingjord attack animation.

    - Revamp Reign and Shadow, ultimately leading to the Gatekeeper revamp because it's underpowered for a token item and would be really good at Level 143Z as opposed to 140Z.

    - Create a birthday incentive for active AQ players, wherever it be for Guardians/Adventurers. Every year on your actual birthday or your characters birthday, your character will receive 1,000 free Z-Tokens.

    If this would be applied, everyone could get Z-Tokens for the previous years they have played for the one time, and this could motivate folks to play longer.

    - Make the LTS shop one shop again, but maybe list the items in order of what will be going rare/leaving the shop first.

    If I happen to think of more, I'll edit this. I know all of these aren't possible, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

    < Message edited by King Darxonic -- 12/26/2023 2:57:14 >


    Black Naginashi/Darxonic stopping by to say "Hello!" to everyone!
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 30
    12/26/2023 0:53:50   
    Korriban Gaming

    I'm a bit too lazy to type out this idea concisely but I made a video of it just today.

    TLDR it's basically a revamp of the Top X leaderboard system and adding badges/achievements into the game similar to how AQW does it.

    See PM. ~Anim

    < Message edited by AnimalKing -- 12/27/2023 8:48:01 >
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 31
    12/28/2023 11:45:02   
    Aura Knight

    Been hoping account fusing could be a thing where we put 20 characters on one login.

    As for things in game, max gold cap increase and gold storage chest misc item having no level.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 32
    12/30/2023 19:50:26   
    Bu Kek Siansu


    account fusing could be a thing where we put 20 characters on one login



    gold storage chest misc item having no level

    ^+1 ( at level 0 ? ) for some ( good ) reasons.

    < Message edited by Bu Kek Siansu -- 1/24/2024 2:27:01 >
    Post #: 33
    12/31/2023 10:45:51   

    More uses for potions like the Chaos Cauldron shields. A+ on those by the way.

    New compression items that dont overlap with existing items.

    An update to Sila's Staff would be nice since the update to Winged Sapphire Staff, Luminous Whiff, Seraph Calamity, and Eye of the Underworld no longer give a spell boost.
    A higher spell boost and toggle between spell boost and some type of status would be good. A back button on the attack would be ok too.

    A LTS painting for rare items that have not returned - as an example I missed out on the Adventurer Figure and it hasn't been back in almost 4 years.

    A GGB painting for past items and a GGB painting for past crossover items.

    Every now and then add something useful to the common GBB shop.

    Post #: 34
    1/1/2024 14:47:32   

    1. (Legendary) Golden Axe having its special restored somehow, whether by toggle or variant.
    2. Retro house guards
    3. More retro items
    4. Retro quests (preferably with their static levels from back in the day, as opposed to the scaling quests we see today)
    5. Item trading between accounts / combining accounts linked by Artix account


    Been hoping account fusing could be a thing where we put 20 characters on one login.

    Post #: 35
    1/1/2024 23:37:11   

    AQ has its own story, releases, individuality, originality, yada yada yada... Consider encorporating the more popular releases from other AE games more frequently.

    It couldn't hurt at this point, the premise for the story/artwork already exists, and it potentially shines a brighter light on this aging game through regular cross-promotion.

    How about adapting one of the Chaos Lord (AQW) releases? How about a Titan (EpicDuel) void battle? How about creating the ShadowReapre of Doom (DF) in a Blade of Awe-style releaes?

    All for uniqueness... but these crossover nostalgia trips seem like such an easy thing to capitalize on. I'd like to see more than just "crossover GGBs."

    With that being said... Ivory Sepulchure Form.
    Post #: 36
    1/5/2024 23:47:25   

    I think I forgot to ask for more Lucretia potions and maybe a way to pay a larger sum to unlock them without quests.
    Post #: 37
    1/17/2024 3:55:43   

    Granddad Great sword...

    Except mage version!
    AQ  Post #: 38
    1/22/2024 10:02:10   

    Allow us to assign different faces to different armour slots!! There are soo many player faces yet you can only have one at a time?!? I'd like to see that change... and, make use of the blank potion slots!!! I'd love to see an alchemy mini-game implemented in AQ where we gather different ingredients from every monster we fight, it'd give the wild mountains another use where players fight random monsters in order to meld their droppings into all sorts of different elixirs and such.

    One last thing... I hope to see a technomancer class make it's way into AQ, along with a cyborg sub-race! Give mechanical items a new life!! A big chunk of z-token armours are mechanical yet they've outgrown their use... the decimator is really weak compared to what it was back in the day, same with the tinkerer, and cyber assassin also... even hundred dollar packages like protoparagon armours are really weak yet there's three of them... rather than revamping all these I'd make the technomancer class all about boosting and applying effects and debuffing the enemy, whilst generally empowering mechanical armours akin to the "B.L.I.T.Z.E.N." or "power core" items.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 39
    1/22/2024 20:59:35   

    More/updated waifu guests please! There are so many great characters that I would love to adventure alongside. Elizabeth, Sheila, Aelthai, Riona, Morgan, The Huntress, Pae, Karuna, Cenaria, Lady Akai, Nurse Botoxia, Kaley, Silence, Belladrith (YEAH WE'RE PULLING OUT THE REAL ARTIX DEEP CUTS TODAY), and the Nightmare Queen just to name a few!
    AQ AQW  Post #: 40
    2/3/2024 16:23:35   

    Might be a long shot, but...

    Color-custom weapons. I'm looking for a water-element weapon that matches my color-custom Archmage Apprentice Armor and the only one I've found is the Slayer's Lyfang. Which looks good, but it's also generally not the best magic weapon to use.

    I think for a lot of us FashionQuest players, color-custom weapons would do a good job of rounding out the ability to customize loadouts. I have no idea how it would work, to be fair, but it'd be nice to see.

    (Maybe do a revamp of the old Custom Weapon quest at the Guardian Tower?)
    AQ  Post #: 41
    3/7/2024 20:10:36   
    Bu Kek Siansu


    The ability to keep miscs equipped between battles for war purposes.

    +1 and farming Gold

    I hope the Max limit of Inventory / Shared Vault Slots will increase soon.

    < Message edited by Bu Kek Siansu -- 3/9/2024 17:00:49 >
    Post #: 42
    3/9/2024 11:51:00   

    In light of recent events, I'd like to see something for Akira Toriyama in the Memorial Shop.
    AQ  Post #: 43
    4/2/2024 22:37:00   
    The Holy Knight

    A lot of map locations which has stand alone quests updated to lvl 150 gear reward, I do enjoy hoping on to the world map and revisit some locations to replay some quests for fun such as drakel cube P quest.
    Post #: 44
    4/3/2024 1:44:36   

    Also, since I'm getting into FashionQuest again:

    More color-custom armors, or color-custom variants of existing armors.
    AQ  Post #: 45
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