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=AQ= 2024 Cross-Game Golden GiftBox Extravangza Suggestion Thread

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1/2/2024 4:37:16   

It's tradition in February and/or other months we get items, monsters and characters from other AE games games ported to our beloved AQ and added to the GGBs. What AE property would you like to be crafted into a GGB item?

Due to the critical nature of the stat overhaul, it has been given top priority and is set to commence at the earliest availability on the calendar in February. This will however require rescheduling the cross-game GGBs to April August. We appreciate all of your continued suggestions, but kindly limit your suggestions to 3!


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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
1/2/2024 5:10:49   

Silly Frostval Hat 2011

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Post #: 2
1/2/2024 5:44:45   

Riadne, Human Arachnomancer
I'd love a spider themed class but just the scythe in the image looks amazing o_o

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Post #: 3
1/2/2024 6:45:30   

I have a fun suggestion for an armor :
Barber armor i think would be fun to shave monsters with it

Or a Wind/Energy Lust agree with Jyu Viole Grace.

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AQ  Post #: 4
1/2/2024 13:26:24   

We already have Lust (Fire) and Envy (Earth) for critical strike boost, I would like to see the rest of the elements covered with the rest of deadly sins. I think they were all from Dragonfable?
Post #: 5
1/2/2024 21:02:52   

Armor and/or Pet
Salek Sprayer can come back now!

The Fallen Mage
Pyroclastic Paladinslayer
Space Voyager Zorbak
Space Voyager Twilly
CyberPaladin 3000

Ultra Wind Orb (Cozy Fire, Greater Water clone)
Eye Focus
Moon + Mars Cape (-10% Harm resistance, END/CHA, if subrace is Werewolf/pyre deal +10% Harm damage)

Frostfang Dormius Blade
Jester's Staff
Cyber Void Light of Destiny
Caladblue Sword of DOOM
Kogane no Yumi
Paladin Cremator Greatsword
Cosmic Omen Breaker
Cosmic Omen Scythe

Super Slayin' Battle Twig
Fancy Raptor
Eternal Champion's Paragon Pet (dark clone of Underwyrmling)

Kitchen Sink
Ghostly Circlet
Eternal Cosmic Omen Dragon

Arch Lich's Blessed Scrolls
AQ AQW  Post #: 6
1/2/2024 21:55:14   

Wave Of Destruction Water / Earth mace
Akriloth's Oblivion Blade
Celestial Naval Cutlass Water / Light Cutlass
Elite Void Broadsword Pure Harm Melee
Digital DoomLord's Blade Energy Doom Knight's Blade

Chaos Dragon Slayer
Evergreen Rogue
Assassin Of Nulgath
Legendary Broodfiend of Nulgath
Deathblood Warrior
Devourer of Souls Could go nicely with the scythe we got
Doom Shadowscythe Mecha Suit
Doomdragon Mount
Draconic Doomknight Armor
Kezeroth the Worldsaver (Legend)
Granite Dracolich Armor

Stone Assassin Could work great as either an armor or an Earth guest.

DOOOOOOOM (also some other potential ideas)
AQ  Post #: 7
1/3/2024 11:08:48   

Don't mind, I'm just going to repost what I posted last year

Cinder Hacker
Cruel Axe of Midnight
Undead Assault Axe
Destiny Mace
Blinding Mace of Destiny
Necrotic Mace of Misery
Axe of the Ebilcorp Knight
Tracker Axe
Gibazilís Fury
Flame Void Blade
Lycan of Nulgath Sword
Vamp Blade of Nulgath
Vampire Blade of Nulgath
Vampiric M4trix of Nulgath
Royal Retribution of Brightfall
Gravelyn's Destiny Blade
Legion Overfiend Blade
Necrotic Sword of Doom
Celtic Hunter Blade
Corrupt Celtic Hunter Blade
Sword of Purity
Celestial Commanderís Sword
Serenityís Prowess
The Lost Knightís Blade
Crafter Chakram
Elemental Chakram
NOTruto Chakram
Frozen Fear Chakram
Champion Chakrams (There are many of them though if ever most likely only one will be picked as much as I would like them all)
Shatterglass Chakram
Crystalis Chakram
Sturdy Midgard Serpent Chakram
Dark Arcana Chakram
Legion Dark Arcana Dagger
Pirate Poniard
Blade of the Oculus
Crystal Dragon Edge
Frost Pumpkin Sword
Bloody Shadowreaper of Doom
Candy Corn Crusher
Pumpkinator Polearm
Jack O'Daggers
Great Energy Pumpkin
Pumpkin Carver
Deathknight Dagger
Shadowscythe Blade
Shadowscythe Templar Claymore
Dazzling Noon Promise (Dagger)
Dazzling Noon Promise (Sword)
Frostval On a Steeck
Frostval Barbarian Sword
Sword of Despair
Sea King's Wrath
Regal Energy Blade
Ringed Sword
Ripper of Vokun
Rune of Green Earth
Rune Sword of the Darkness
Serpentic Edge
Blade of Glorious Destiny
Blade of Glorious Victory
Blade of Havoc
Blade of the Chaotic Fleet
Blade of Rage and Fury
Blade of Immortality
Blade of Hail
Blade of the Neverborn
Blade of the Pumpking
Blade of the Dragonsworn
Blade of the Djinn King
Axe of Absolute Death
Diamondmarrow Mace
Bladehaven Ice Sword
Gift of the Wild
Chaotic Knight Blade
Not so nICE Axe
Howling Frost Set
Sabre of Serepthys
Legendary Magma Sword
Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
Swaying Cisor
HollowNight Pumpkin Blade
Titanís Crusher
Hikariís Sinned Accoutrements
Aurelian Sword
Starry Samuraiís Sword
Aurous Staff of Hope
Titan Gears


Might add some more though
AQ  Post #: 8
1/3/2024 15:59:35   

Back with more staffs and all things spell-related!

Chaotic Lacerta Staff

Purely for @Heartfelt: Love Caster

Will add more as I go!

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AQ  Post #: 9
1/4/2024 0:17:57   

The Warp Guardian Set
Warp Guardian Set
Warp Guardian Striker, Warp guardian blade, along with a standalone gauntlet(can change the glow ball's color with any element shield)

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AQ AQW  Post #: 10
1/4/2024 8:05:27   
Martin The Protector

Berserker Champion
Beta Berserker
Alpha Pirate
Blood Ninja
Evolved Dragonlord
Ironhide Plate
Phoenix Plate
Evil Symbiote
An armor that can toggle between Rustbucket and ProtoSartorium

Star Sword
Balrog Blade
Fiendish Blood Blade
Infernal Dark BLade of Cruelty
Sun Sabre
Phoenix Blade
Oblivion Blade of Nulgath
Krom's Brutality
Krom's Conquest
Colt Revolver
Dragonhead Archon
Arcana's Disciple

Dark Wolf
Death Doll
Great Pumpkin Pet
Vorpal Bunny
Chuckles Skull
Oblivion Blade of Nulgath
Paragon Pet
AQ AQW  Post #: 11
1/4/2024 8:07:28   

Ultimate Brand of Glory (DF) https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=19537957
Ink Spire (DF) https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=22348458
Thorn Replica (DF) https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=22366441

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Post #: 12
1/4/2024 19:00:38   
Aura Knight

Advanced House Mechs from MQ

Literally anything from OS

Just hope they look at past suggestions if possible.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 13
1/4/2024 23:30:25   

Elemental DragonSlayer (AQW): Darkness armor that works like Communicant but vs Dragons
Elemental DragonSlayer Polearm (AQW): Shield and weapon separate. Shield = Like Communicant. Weapon = Ele-Seek/Damage boost vs Dragons

Mirror Vordred + Set
AQ AQW  Post #: 14
1/7/2024 2:31:16   

The return of all prior GGB items would be nice (possibly with "Legendary" slapped onto the existing ones, for good measure), and either have them stay for good or be rotated in-and-out on a set schedule. I only just discovered that some of the items I'd like for my newer characters were no longer there, despite them having been there for so long prior to them leaving.

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Post #: 15
1/7/2024 9:46:23   
Grace Xisthrith

I agree with Ninjaty to a point. I think if it were possible to return older GGBs, that would be awesome. Personally, I'm really hoping I get a chance to buy the status ward weapon and the ectomancer weapons.

The GGB shop is pretty big at this point however admittedly. Perhaps there could be an old GGB shop and a new GGB shop? I'm not sure if that would work. Some people I've chatted with have also suggested taking all the items that have 5% damage MCs, or glorified 5% damage MCs, and putting those in a different shop to make more space, now that they're a little outdated. Just some thoughts on the topic, although both ideas definitely have downsides
AQ  Post #: 16
1/8/2024 23:11:40   
Korriban Gaming

+1 to Ninjaty's point

Phoenix Blade
Krom's Conquest
Draconic Doomknight
Shadowflame Star Sword
Lost Starsword of Doom
Doom Dragon Scythe
Ultimate Twin Blades of Glory
Soul Ripper
Soul Mender
Cyberspace Dragon of Time
ArchFiend's Transcendence
ChronoOracle of Misfortune
Nova Phoenix's Lance
Ostara's Cull
Unnecessarily Ornate Useless Weapon Just For Show
The Threadcutter
Evolved Crimson Plate of Nulgath
Evolved Conqueror of Shadows


AQ DF AQW  Post #: 17
1/9/2024 23:33:16   

Carrying over from last year, my true crossover goal is to get the Oversoul "charge" mechanic (skill to gain 1 charge plus 1 extra charge per time the skill was used prior, plus a way to spend charges to get an effect). Charges would be uncapped in both limit and spending at a time (perhaps a soft cap on spendin; for example if each charge is worth 50% melee, value from charges spent can be 1:1 up to 8 charges/400% melee and then get ^0.75 for charges beyond that), and number of charges / charge gain rate would both reset to 0 at the end of each battle.

Chaos Drakath - To contrast the Chaos Armor and match the character in Oversoul, a defensive lean with no element that can charge up (gaining more charges with each use) and spend all charges for a 2-turn damage reduction shield (Take 10/X% damage, X is 11 + Charges spent; or an SP-based shield with a power of X, + X/10 per charge spent).

Cyber Void - A darkness armor with a skill that can charge up (gaining more charges with each use) then has an energy imbue/skill that spends all charges and deals like -60% damage, +5% per charge spent.

Hunter Berserker - FO Light armor with a skill that can charge up (gaining more charges with each use) then has a skill that spends all charges and functions as an attack with autohit that deals +5% damage per charge spent.

Time Gentleman - FD Energy armor, can charge up (gaining more charges with each use) and has a QC skill to spend charges on gaining permanent hypercritical, which "overflows" (once the LS rate hits 100%) into granting celerity or a LUK boost.

Void Champion - Dark armor, can charge up (gaining more charges with each use) and has a skill to spend all charges to permanently reduce enemy MRM by 3 + charges spent and give the player permanent eleEmpower of X% + X/3% per charge spent.

And while it's not explicitly an item or spell in the source material, having a spell/misc/tome that does the Oversoul energy charge mechanic would be cool - spend a turn to gain charges, and expend charges for an effect (damage, boost the next spell/attack performed, boost to all stats, etc). As a misc it could be a Soul Gem or a representation of the Chaos element (the only Oversoul element that isn't on AQ's wheel), and as an animation for the misc/spell/tome charge effect it can use the charge animation from the game.

I also support the suggestion for a Moglomancer/Master of Moglins armor, which is brought up elsewhere in this thread.

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Post #: 18
1/11/2024 14:40:59   
Deaf of Destiny

I think AQ needs time to put new ice tome, we've been waiting for many years.
I would like to add other tomes

List of Tome

Ice Wizard Tome (Ice)
Universeas Staff and Tome (Water)
Royal Mage Staff Tome (Light)
ShadowFlame SpellSword's Tome (Dark or Fire) 'Compression'
Enchanted SpellSword's Tome (Harm/void)
Cryomagus Tome (Ice)
Galactic Genesis Staff and Tome 'Rework' from Glacial Short Staff (Ice)
Deluge Prophecies (Water)
Chronomancer's Opus (Energy)
Post #: 19
1/11/2024 17:38:33   

I don't know if this has been suggested before, but... I'd love to see the skullcrusher mech featued in AQC! There soo are many reasons why it should be added: it's a posterboy for MechQuest, still featured on the mainpage... it makes an appearance in the main questline of DragonFable, also - you cannot miss it if you're trying to complete book one... and lastly there are other HeroMart items added to the golden giftbox shops like the moglotron so why not one of the OG's? It's among the best designs in all of AE history!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 20
1/11/2024 22:41:24   

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 21
1/12/2024 4:09:05   

A new version of Pyromancer Bloodmage and the Pyromancer Blade would be good.

A Moglomancer Armour would be good to have in AQ.

AQ  Post #: 22
1/12/2024 4:51:04   


A new version of Pyromancer Bloodmage and the Pyromancer Blade would be good.

I agree, a Spellcaster version of this armor so we could finally have a good Fire Spellcaster Lean armor instead of Dreamweaver armor
AQ  Post #: 23
1/12/2024 9:25:28   

SC lean made the Bloodmage armors less attractive, and I asked for them to get a mini revamp. ^If this isn't evidence enough, I don't know what else to say. But nobody listens to me. I agree, though. I think Dreamweaver needs updated as well. Do both if a new item isnt going to be done.
Post #: 24
1/15/2024 14:49:28   
Aura Knight



















These could work as armors or guests maybe some pets too.

AQ DF AQW  Post #: 25
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